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  1. I'm an Indian and currently pursuing MBA. I'm interested in doing Ph.D. in the area of finance and is expected to apply this year. I have done my engineering in the area of IT. By the time I will send my application I will have almost two years of RA Experience, at least one conference presentation, one published paper in a peer-reviewed international journal (Second Author). I'm also expecting a GRE score of 330+. The thing that I'm worried about is my not so good academics. I was in top 30% of the batch by the end of the first year MBA and my Graduation GPA is 8/10. I'm also thinking of writing CFA Level 1, but I will only be able to give exam in December and results will come by the end of January. My not so good academics is bothering me a lot. I have seen the profile of students in the top 25 programs and generally found people with very good academics. There is no way for me to retake courses and improve acads. I would be very thankful if one can give suggestions on improving my profile and how to deal with acad problem??
  2. Test Scores: GMAT & GRE had very similar scores. 95+% on verbal and 50% on quantitative..Undegrad GPA: 3.65 (FINANCE) Graduate GPA: 3.25 (MBA) Research Experience: ~6months, strategy. Teaching Experience: None. Work Experience: 1 year in Finance Concentration Applying to: Strategy, Strategic Management Number of programs planned to apply to: 20 Dream Schools: Anything top 50 Other Questions: Any resources to hunt down programs that are in the rank 50-100 range that might be more applicable to my situation? Full-time only. What made you want to pursue a PhD? For my entire life, academia has always been a passion for me. Due to one circumstance or another, I've never been able to fully focus my efforts on my studies. While doing my Undergrad & Masters degrees I've needed to work ~50 hours a week in order to avoid overwhelming debt. The idea of being able to dedicate the entirety of my time to research & a PhD program sounds like an absolute dream for me. Questions or concerns you have about your profile? I don't feel competitive as an applicant, I'd like to know if I have a shot at a top 100 program. I want it to be clear that I'm not aiming for top 20. Additional comments: 5 glowing letters of rec. from previous professors, 1 is from my current research advisor. Age: 23
  3. Undergraduate Econ degree from top 10 bad gpa 3.1 high iq - think 180 This is my plan bachelor in math ma in financial economics basically all the necessary prerequisites: grad level micro/macro/econometrics, multivariable cal, linear algebra 1-2, diff equat, ode, topology, prob stats(multi calculus) Who out there got into the ivy leagues?
  4. After 2-3 years of lurking, I'm finally applying to PhD programs and I'm super excited! First off, I want to thank this community and especially its active members. Honestly, I had no idea where to start when I first decided I wanted to apply to PhD programs in the US, and thanks to this forum, I feel I was really able to improve my profile over the past years. Test Scores GRE: 333/340. Q167 (92%), V166(97%), AW 5.5 (98%) TOEFL: 120/120 Undergrad GPA Two bachelor degrees in unrelated fields (Law/Public Administration) from a European University, GPA 7/10 and 8/10 ~ 3.0/4.0 and 4.0/4.0 (according to Stanford's converter) Graduate GPA Master of Science in HRM from a top European business school, GPA 9/10 ~ 4.0/4.0 (graduated summa cum laude), including a semester exchange at a top 10 US business school Research experience 1) Part-time RA in behavioral health economics in a social/behavioral science dept in Europe, resulted in a paper that's now under review 2) Part-time RA at an economic research organization, resulted in a published research report (non peer-reviewed) 3) Part-time RA at an economics dept in Europe, resulted in an honor's thesis that was nominated for an award in organizational psych (supervisor is one of my letter writers) 4) RA at a top 10 US business school - one of the schools I'm applying to - with a very well-known prof in decision-making (one of my letter writers), 10h/week for one semester 5) RA at a top 10 US psychology department - one of the schools I'm applying to - with a very well-known prof in decision-making (also one of my letter writers), full-time for one summer 6) Currently a full-time RA at a marketing dept in a top European business school for this academic year, has so far resulted in a conference submission that's under review Teaching Experience Full-time TA for a year, tutored courses in social/behavioral science (including Psych) and qualitative research methods Applying to: 9 schools, 12 programs. Organizational Behavior @ HBS & Stanford GSB Decision-making / Behavioral Science @ UCLA Anderson, UChicago Booth, Wharton, Carnegie Mellon Management @ Berkeley Haas & UCSD Rady Psych & Marketing @ Penn Social Psych @ Harvard, Stanford & Cornell Dream schools: All of the above! I'm specifically targeting faculty members that I really admire for their work. I'm mostly worried about my undergrad degrees being too unrelated to the disciplines I'm applying to (especially for the Psych programs, although I know that that's not the main expertise of the people in this forum), my undergrad GPA, and lack of quant/stats courses. As I'm only applying to dream schools, I'm still wondering whether I should add two schools as a back-up where I feel I have a stronger chance of getting in. These two European schools are also very strong, but I feel slightly less affinity with the faculty members. Hope everyone's had a great Thanksgiving and is back on track with their research! :)
  5. Dear all, I am trying to figure out the best master degree option for placing me to top level UK or US top 40 US phd econ and I am VERY interested in staying in Barcelona for my master. Any advice or comment would be really appreciated (Especially current or old BGSE students!). My concern is whether I can really handle advanced track or not. I've done my bsc economics in the UK and took as many theory courses as possible and did quite well on them. However, my university is not a stellar one, around top 15, hence, my econ courses may not be as rigorous & challenging as top univ like Oxbridge or LSE. Moreover, BGSE standard track seems to be the same level as most of British msc economics: LSE msc economics, 1st year Oxford Mphil and UCL msc econ. Advanced track looks like equivalent to UCL, LSE MRes courses or 2nd year Oxford (I might be completely wrong though). Hence, rather than doing advanced track straightaway, I might start with standard and stay one extra year for UPF MRes (called delayed(?) entry phd track) for advance level and make phd applications while I am on MRes. Do any of you think my scenario is convincing? or should I force myself to advanced track as it is far better option.
  6. Dear all, I am trying to figure out the best master degree option for placing me to top level UK or top 40 US and I am VERY interested in staying in Barcelona for my master. Any advice or comment would be really appreciated (Especially current or old BGSE students!). My concern is whether I can really handle advanced track or not. I've done my bsc economics in the UK and took as many theory courses as possible and did quite well on them. However, my university is not a stellar one, around top 15, hence, my econ courses may not be as rigorous & challenging as top univ like Oxbridge or LSE. Moreover, BGSE standard track seems to be almost the same level as the most British msc economics: LSE msc economics, 1st year Oxford Mphil and UCL msc econ (I may be completely wrong though) and advanced track is more like LSE, UCL MRes level and 2nd year Oxford. Hence, rather than taking advanced track straightaway, I might choose to study standard and apply for MRes at BGSE (so called delayed(?) track) to stay one more year for advanced track and make phd applications while I am doing advanced ones. Do any of you think my scenario convincing? or should I force myself to the advanced track? as it is far better option.
  7. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: Top 30 School in Econ in the U.S. Undergrad GPA: 3.94 GRE: 156V, 164Q, 4.5AW TOEFL: 112/120 Math Courses: Calculus I-III (A+,A+,B+); Linear Algebra (A); Differential Equation (A); Elementary Stats (A+); Mathematical Statistics and Probability (B+) ; Real Analysis (A) Econ Courses: Intermediate Micro, Macro (A+), Other electives (A) Letters of Recommendation: Two of them are from development economists. One of them I worked as an RA for the last year. One of them, I worked as an RA over the summer in 2017 and she also advised on my empirical research paper. One of them is from a lecturer of my intermediate micro class. Research Experience: A empirical research paper in development with one of my recommenders. I also worked as an RA for two faculty members for the last year. Research Interests: Development Economics Concerns: GRE Applying to: Schools in the range of top 10 to top 50. I am applying to almost 20 schools. Thank you very much.
  8. Hi, I have this doubt. I got a good score in Q section of GRE (170) but my scores for Verbal and AW are not good (152V, 3.0AW). However I got a 28 and 27 in Reading and Writing sections, respectively when I took the TOEFL. Should I re-take the GRE? I am applying to top 20 and top 10 schools. Thank you for your help.
  9. I'm currently applying to a couple of PhD programs, however, due to personal circumstances I'm not able to apply to top schools (eg. Stanford, Yale, MIT, Harvard, Chicago). I know that most of the top departments are populated with graduates of these programs so I was wondering what people would recommend doing to be positioned for the job market following the PhD. I'm interested in academia (though not necessarily at a top school realistically) or central banking if that doesn't work out. I'd really like to make sure I'm aware of how to make myself an attractive candidate from the beginning so that I don't waste precious time. For some context, I've been told that I would have been competitive for the top schools I listed, had I been able to relocate (I had a high GPA at a prestigious undergrad, a perfect GRE, a pending publication, multiple research awards and work experience at investment banks and research houses). However, it's just not on the table - as such, I need to be more conscious of the path I take. I'm considering two programs - one isn't that great overall (maybe top 50 globally?) but the speciality I'm applying to is extremely strong (top 10 globally). My second choice program is much better overall (about top 15 globally according to some sources), but not nearly as strong in my specialty.
  10. I am planning to apply this winter for admission in Fall 2018 to a finance PhD program. Education Undergraduate degree from highly ranked state school (finance), cum laude (3.7). First year (single variable) calculus; have since taken introductory real analysis, matrix algebra, and multivariate calculus. Received 3.7s in intro to analysis and matrix algebra (last quarter as a non-matriculated student), and am currently enrolled in real analysis and multivariate calculus courses (so the grades will not be on my transcripts unless I am allowed to provide supplemental transcripts after the application period closes). Law degree from same school (T30), top 30% (3.6) GMAT 780, Q51. Since graduating law school, have worked in a position utilising both legal and business skills. In a role equivalent to associate corporate counsel at a large non-profit organization. I know my lack of formal math courses will hurt me, although I think my GMAT score and enrollment in math courses will help mitigate that somewhat. I also was able to audit a second year finance PhD course, and although I didn't get a letter from the professor (I didn't know him before the quarter, one of my recommenders did), I did reference the course and prof's name in my personal statement (at the advice of a recommender), and I think he liked me well enough and saw enough of my work that if they call him, he will have good things to say. Letters: Good. All are relatively well published in asset pricing, which is what I focus on in my personal statement. No Eugene Fama, but no undergraduate English professor either. Research Experience: Not a ton on the business side. I have recently published two articles (recently) in decently ranked law journals, and wrote a chapter in our state bar association's business law handbook for practitioners. Work Experience: I've worked for about 4 years out of law school. I am in an advisory role within a large organization (a cross between in-house counsel and something more integrated in the finance operation) I applied to most of the T25 schools in the US, but I really have no idea what the criteria are. What are my chances at the top 10 schools? Top 25? Top 40?
  11. Hello. My profile is: Under GPA : 3.46/4.5 (WES version converted to the US Standard 3.26/4.0) - Top 10 school in Korea, Business Administration) Grad GPA : Currently 4.0/4.0 (I can maintain around 4.0) - Master of Accountancy in top 40-50 business school in the US Work Experience - Accounting Department at one of the global companies in Korea (5 years) GMAT : 730 (Q50, V38) Reserarch Experience : Nothing, Planning on applying for RA at Master program I am currently studying at Math Background : Business Math in Undergraduate (Grade : B) Statistics Background : Nothing, Planning on taking SAS course during winter Letter or Recommendation : Planning on getting 1 from accounting research professors and 2 from accounting lecturer Research Interest : Financial Accounting, Earnings Management Target schools : around top 20-50 Schools (Arizona State University, Boston College, UC Irvine, and so on) 1. I would like to apply for some programs this year even though I know I am not that competitive right now and do not have enough time. Is it an acceptable idea to apply this year without research experience and math background? 2. If I apply next year after adding a research experience and statistics background a little bit, as mentioned above, will I be more competitive? 3. Please evaluate my profile and feel free to give me any advice. Thank you very much.
  12. Hello, everyone, I’d like your opinions on which schools I should apply for. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: Top 70 State University, Top 15 Econ Department, Dual degrees in Math and Econ Undergrad GPA: 3.31 Master in Economics Type of Grad: Top 40 State University, Top 15 Econ Department Grad GPA: 3.71 GRE: 153V, 167Q, 3.0AWMath Courses: Calculus I-III (B, B, A); Linear Algebra and Differential Equations (B+); Intro to Analysis/Proofs (A-); Applied Linear Algebra (B+); Master level Financial Mathematics (C+), Stochastic Process (A), Master level Honors Analysis I(B-, A(retake)), Master level Honors Analysis(B-, B(retake, I know it is a very bad signal..)); Master level Theory of Statistics (A, A-); Econ Courses (grad-level): Master level microeconomic theory (B, C), Master level microeconomic theory(A, at my master's program), Master level macroeconomic theory(AB), master level Econometrics I-III (A, AB, currently taking), Math for Economists(A), PhD level microeconomic theory(currently taking, highly likely to get an A), PhD level macroeconomic theory(currently taking, highly likely to get an A) Econ Courses (undergrad-level): Principles of Micro, Principles of Macro, Int. Micro, Int. Macro, Financial Economics, Economic Development, Money and Banking, International Economics, Advanced Quantitative Analysis of the Macroeconomy, Econometrics. Other Courses: Some CS major courses Letters of Recommendation: 1) Research advisor, tenured AP at the department, Top 5 Econ Ph.D. Solid Letter. 2) Micro theory instructor, AP at the department, Top 5 Econ Ph.D. Solid letter based on course grade. 3) Titled professor at the department, Top 5 Econ Ph.D. Not the best student in his class, but he said my writing sample is impressive. Will be a solid letter. 4) Distinguished Chair of the department, Top 5 Econ Ph.D. My applied econometrics paper advisor. Told me my paper is well-written but not the best among the whole class. 5) Distinguished Chair of the department, Top 5 Econ Ph.D. Supervising my co-authored writing sample with another student in my cohort. Not sure how strong the letter would be. He said it will be based on the final product I submitted to him. Teaching Experience: None Research Interests: Econometric theory, micro theory, macro(Yes I have broad interests in all these of areas) I have a co-authored writing sample on proposing a new estimator of discrete choice dynamic panel data model with fixed effect. It turned out to be not a big deal, but at least it was a very good research experience for me. SOP: Mainly focused on my development of writing sample. Concerns: 1)Low undergrad GPA and low GPA on math courses.. 2) Don't have very strong letters... Other: N\A Applying to: Yale, Caltech, UCLA, UMN, Cornell, BU, BC, PSU, MSU, UC Davis, USC, U of Washington, Iowa State, Rice, UCSC, NCSU, Notre Dame, Stonybrook. Please give me comments on this list.. Do I need to apply more/lower ranked schools? Any help will be appreciated!
  13. Hi guys! Could you please evaluate my profile for phd in accounting and recommend some schools based on my profile? Test Scores : GMAT 750 (Q51, AWA 6.0) Undegrad GPA: 3.6 Top Korean Business School - Econ : full year scholarship Graduate GPA: 3.8 (Top US 10-15 School)- Masters in Accounting : merit based scholarship as an international student Research Experience: no Teaching Experience: no Work Experience: Big 4 Manager in NY (Financial Institution Assurance) CPA/CFA Good LOR from professors / Head Partners Course taken: econometrics/ college math/ economic statistics + number of advanced accounting classes (accounting for M&A, valuation, FS analysis, etc) Concentration Applying to: Ph.d in accounting Number of programs planned to apply to: 10 Dream Schools: Stanford/USC/Havard/MIT/Chicago Research interest: The relation between accounting information and stock returns/Earnings management/accounting information in corporate financial statements affects security prices/Capital Market The role of analysts and auditors as information intermediaries
  14. Hi guys. I need some advice for applying Ph.D. this year. This is my brief profile. My profile is quite different from others as I have two undergrads. I have no idea my plan is reasonable. It would be wonderful if you cast some advice. ------------------------ Under: Type of Undergrad: Top 5 school in my country (One of East Asia) Major: Economics, minored Political Science GPA: 3.95/4.00 1: Intermediate Micro (I), (II), Intermediate Macro (I), (II), Statistics, Intro to Economics, Mathematical Econ etc. all A. 2: Calculus I - B (This is only B in my transcript) And then, I transferred to a U.S. University Type of Undergrad: Top 3 public university. (Econ Top 15) Major: Double Majored in Mathematics and Economics. GPA: 3.76/4.00 (Econ 3.74/ Math 3.87) 1: Intermediate Micro – B (This is super critical. That was my first semester in U.S. school and I was in trouble in the new environment and had language problem), Intermediate Macro – A, Intermediate Econometrics - A, Labor – A- 2: Calculus (A+, A-), Analysis(A), Differential Equation (B+), Mathematical Stats (A), Linear Algebra (A), Abstract Algebra (A-) Numerical (A-), Nonlinear (A-) [This is from other summer school, but] Real Analysis – A+ ---------------------------- Graduate: Type of Grad: One of a Top econ departments in UK GPA: In progress Currently taking Ph.D- level Micro, Macro, Metric and one elective course. ----------------------------- GRE: 155V/167Q/3.5W Research Experience 1. Two independent researches from the two undergrads respectively. 2. One senior Thesis. Currently preparing a master thesis. 3. Doing RA at the Lab in grad school. Professor is really famous. 4. Doing another RA for the professor at Oxford. He is not very well-known LOR (1) From professor at the university in my country. He graduated Upen but not well known. However, he is kinda of my supporter, so he always writes strong letter for me. (2) From professor supervised my senior thesis. Graduated from Berkeley, he is not mature scholar, but rising star in his field. So, quite well known in his field. Also, he knows me quite well so will write strong letter (3) From a professor in current school. He is also not well known, but he usually writes a strong letter for students TA Experience: Calculus, Macroeconomics for a year. Field of Interest: Macro, RBC, Monetary, International Applying: Thinking of only applying few school, as prepare for the next year round doing RA: Berkeley Columbia, Upenn, UCLA, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Concerns: Relatively low GRE. Also, low GPA at the second undergrad school, diluting my performance. One bright point is after I screwed up the first semester, my CGPA was strictly increased. Current grad school has a very good reputation and known for landing many students at least in Top 15, but I don’t know that will help my profile.
  15. Hello! I’d like your opinions on which schools I should be aiming for with my profile. For personal reasons, I’m aiming for top 20 - top 50 near large metropolitan areas. Thanks! Type of Undergrad: Top 25 undergrad, Top 40 econ dept. Major: Economics/Mathematics, minor in finance Undergrad GPA: 3.5 (major), 3.3 (cum). GRE: 160Q, 165V (retaking soon to improve quant) Econ Courses: Intermediate Micro (A), Intermediate Macro (A-), Econometrics (B+), Advanced Econometrics (B), Economic Consulting and Applied Econometrics (A) [now considered masters level], Mathematical Methods in Economics (B-) [some real analysis, topology, linear-algebra based optimization], Directed Research(A) Math Courses: Calc 1,2,3 (B,A,C) [community college didn’t have +/-], Linear Algebra and Linear Differential Equations (B), Probability Theory (B-), Mathematical Statistics (A) [proof-based] Other courses: Matlab (B-) Potential LOR: 1) Research advisor/adv. econometrics professor. Policy PhD from Harvard, was a student of famous economists at MIT and other schools 2) Research advisor/Intro Econometrics professor. Econ PhD from top 10 econ dept. 3) Mathematical Statistics professor. Applied Math PhD top 50 or Int. Macro Professor Econ PhD top 40 (both of these profs went to the same school) Research Experience: two independent research papers, knowledge of Stata/Matlab/Python Interests: applied microeconomics (welfare, political econ, public econ, development), environmental econ Other: International internship (business-related), self-taught SE asian language (read/write/speak) The finance minor made me realize that I’m not interested in that field and dropped my GPA a little. During my final year of college there were also some extenuating circumstances that can explain for some of the B’s/B-’s. The C in multi-variable calc can also be explained. (I’ve had a difficult life) Some target schools: University of Washington, University of Texas - Austin, University of Maryland - College Park (who state affirmative action for my ethnicity), Georgetown, Rice, University of Colorado—Boulder, Brown, Johns Hopkins I’d also like to know if there are any good UK schools near metropolitan areas in my range. I’m considering Master’s programs as well but the cost is a limiting factor.
  16. I am interested in micro theory (I know that it is harder to get a job in this field), but typically I feel departments outside the top 10 will not place well if you are a theorist. Thus the department, which wants to place as well as possible, will be hesitant to admit a student who expresses a particular interest in theory if the department is lower ranked (outside the top 20 for instance). Do you guys think that this kind of reasoning enters the minds of adcoms? If so, is it better to not mention theory interests? What if your letters may mention this? On the other hand, perhaps these schools are less likely to get theory students, and have theory faculty that may wish that there were more in the program.
  17. I am an EU-based applicant who just graduated masters and is currently taking a gap year. I already secured an offer from UCL (which I deferred to work at a private job) and was wondering whether I can apply for either LSE or top-ranked schools in the U.S in the meantime. Given UCL's high focus on labor and applied micro (which is also my research interest) I will be very happy to study at UCL anyway - so unless I have a reasonable chance of entering top 10 (or 15 to be broad) - I won't bother writing the applications. The problem is, (i) my undergraduate record is bad with lack of math preparations (although I couldn't have taken more modules since UK has quite rigid course structure), and (ii) my grad record is reasonably 'solid' but not really that stellar. While my primary source of advice should be definitely my professors, I would still gladly welcome any further inputs from this forum (which I have benefited so much for the past few years) Many thanks in advance. Undergraduate Type of Undergrad: One of the top schools in UK Major: Economics and some really really irrelevant subject in Humanities GPA: High 2.1 (missed first by a margin). I will only list courses that are relevant to economics. 1: Intermediate Micro, Intermediate Econometrics, Statistics - either A to A+ 2.1: Public Micro, Mathematics (Calculus + Linear Algebra) - either B+ to A- 2.2: Intermediate Macro - roughly B Graduate Type of Grad: One of the top departments in UK (not LSE though, if that helps) Major: Economics GPA: Distinction, with Distinction in all modules except one (7 out of 8) - That only single course had abnormally low average compared to the rest of the course - 80%-Early 80% (70% is the threshold for distinction) in some advanced optional modules - 3rd highest score in preliminary math & stats course GRE: 168V 170Q 5.5 AWA Research Experience (aside from dissertation) : RA for 1 year at my home country's governmental research institution. Joint project with international organizations. During the year I also took real analysis course at a local university, which may explain why math & stats results got better. (I do have a prize from the national Math Olympiads, so I wasn't initially detached from math that much) LOR: Does have some options... (i) Dissertation Supervisor - Does know me well and has an international reputation in applied metrics. Solid first option. (ii) Since I have distinction in almost all modules I can secure grade-based LORs relatively easily, but won't be really strong besides their name values. (iii) Econ department tutor from undergrad - but this again is grade-based one that anyone can write. (iv) My RA supervisor was the head of the research department for the central bank (from home country.) - he can tell something about my work ethics but he's not in the academia... TA Experience: None Any help will be greatly appreciated. Please let me know if (i) if I was being too specific or (ii) do you need any further info. to further gauge my profile.
  18. Hi All! Requesting a PhD Profile Eval. Thanks! Undergrad: Top 5 GPA: 3.7 Majors: Math (mostly applied), Neuroscience Econ-Related Math Classes: A's in multivariable ,linear algebra,prob,stats,real analysis, (+ more applied classes usually not mentioned with reference to econ programs) Econ classes: intermediate micro and macro from a lower ranked school Currently RA for T10 econ phd professor Rec Letters: 1 economist from top school, 1 less known economists, 1 work supervisor (biostatics) Background: My undergrad was in math and neuroscience. I did a summer internship with an economist after undergrad and liked it, but had already accepted an offer to work at a biostatistics firm starting later that year. I worked there for about 1.5 years (stayed longer than I had to because I got really involved in a particular project). Published a paper from my time there, albeit not about econ. Now I've worked for over a year with a professor from a top school and we will hopefully publish or submit a paper for publication very soon (hoping before app deadlines) What do you guys think? What rank schools should should I apply to? Will my unusual background hurt me? Also, what are your thoughts on applying to a top business school applied econ program (eg: booth, wharton)?
  19. Test Scores (GMAT/GRE): GMAT 720 Q50, V38. Undegrad GPA: South East Asia, Electronics Engineering, 7.5/10 ( top 7 in the department) Graduate GPA: Master in Statistics, GPA: 3.7 ( most A in all courses), and current enrolled on First year PhD course work in Economics Research Experience: 2 year undergrad, 3 year graduate+ Thesis Teaching Experience: GRE teacher, undergrad Statistics in US Work Experience: 5 year but not related to Marketing Concentration Applying to: Quantitative (Modeling Analytics) or Strategy Marketing Number of programs planned to apply to: 12 Dream Schools: U of Florida, U of Wisconsin-Madison, U of Indiana, U of Pitsburgh, Arizona State, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas A&M+Austin other School: Houston, Rice, Missouri, Rochester, Rutger, Connecticut, Purdue, Michigan State. Other Questions: What made you want to pursue a PhD? becoming Professor in Marketing, clear-cut goal of research Questions or concerns you have about your profile? is my profile good enough to apply for my dream schools listed Any additional specific questions you may have: Please comments and evaluate my chance to get into top 50 or 60 PhD program in Marketing. I will not apply for top 20 ( Ivy's, Chicago, Newyork...) thank you very much!!
  20. Could ya'll help me with a list of universities to apply to? Top 50 programs in Finance.
  21. hi all! i'm new here and would just like to know if any of you had some advice for me. i'm currently finishing up my second year of undergrad at california state university, long beach. i'm aspiring to get into a top 50 econ ph.d program. (a UC would be nice). i have a cumulative gpa of 3.54/4.00 and my major gpa for econ is 3.75/4.00. (yes it's low, i slacked my freshman year with a 3.28/4.00). but i've been getting pretty good grades since then (4.00 last semester and hopefully this one also). i have AP credit for calc I and currently have an A in Calc II. i plan to take Calc III and intro to linear algebra next semester. if any of you have some advice on steps and courses to take please do tell! thanks!:orange:
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