Effective immediately--you may post ONLY items for sale that relate to this forum. That usually means books for studying. No off-topic stuff. I'm also going to try to cut down on spam by requiring members to have 100 posts before they can post here.

I'm trying to make this section more helpful for people.

The title of your post must specify the name of the test or area first and second, either:
  • the location from which you will sell or ship your physical goods
  • that you are selling non-physical goods, for example, an electronic copy that you will somehow transmit via the Internet or some other non-physical conveyance or access to a course
For example:
  • GMAT - Belgium: Official Guide for GMAT Review
  • NAPLEX (softcopy): various study materials
  • GMAT (access): Kaplan GMAT course
Posts that do not follow these guidelines may be edited or trashed, depending on time constraints, post count and helpfulness of the seller, etc.