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I wonder if you will still grade my essay considering that there has been a lack of activity in this thread, but I'll try anyways. Note: I can type twice as quickly as I write so I gave myself 20 minutes instead of 25 minutes.

There are myriads of markers mankind uses to measure each individual. Since the typical person can only look at these ethereal points, they never truly understand when they achieve success. There is no definite point known as "success;" therefore, many people will reach it without being conscious of it.

Probably, the ultimate indicator of the ignorance of accomplishment is the driving ambition that remains after one has succeeded. While there is inherently no accomplishment without the intial drive towards it, many people drive straight foward without truly knowing the euphoria of their milestone. Despite succeeding, ambition and avarice compels people to go even further.

This is accentuated by the numerous billionaires who know nothing of moderation. The bolsterous Donald Trump continues to amass more fortune despite his current saavy status. Martha Stuart creates more household products despite owning numerous brandnames. The people only attempt to gain more riches since they have not realized a true sense of accomplishment. Their vain attempts to bolster their pockets is irrefuteable testament of this.

Ultimately, the ambiguity of success largely attributes to its impalpability. Many people do not experience it due to insatiable ambition or the lack of appreciation of their current status.


I do realize that this essay is quite short. My attempts to make it sound overly pedantic probably yielded this result.