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Thread: Want to advertise here?

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    Want to advertise here?

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    You want free advertising at a high-traffic, established site? Yeah, of course you do.

    TestMagic may be offering paid advertisements in the future, but for now, you may post a link to your site here, as long as you do the following:
    1. First, you MUST link to TestMagic from the site you are promoting, and you MUST show this link in the post that you make. Posts that do not follow this rule will not be approved. Furthermore, links will be checked periodically to make sure that they are still there. And the links must be in good location--no more than three directories deep, and no more than three clicks away from your homepage. In a word--don't try any tricks. We're webmasters, too. Posts at TestMagic are spidered regularly, and any post here will help your site.
    2. Second, your post MUST meet the approval of Erin and TestMagic staff. We will approve most sites (even those of our competitors), but will reject those we do not like (offensive, etc.).
    NOTE: Existing posts that do not meet these guidelines will be deleted within 30 days.
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