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  1. ISSUE ESSAY WRITING #6 Creativity should be used as the only true measure of intelligence What does come to your mind when you hear the word ‘CREATIVITY’? the art of curating ideas, inventing new ways out etc. The talent of creativity is one of the most underrated and neglected criterions of human intelligence in today’s generation. In this fast-pacing life of humans, people generally consider Intelligence Quotient (IQ) to be the most suitable criteria to measure one’s intelligence. And in doing so, they are forgetting to include the art of creativity which plays a crucial role in making us who we are as Humans. IQ might score us on how smart are we in learning, grasping and understanding things but it fails to inculcate the creative talent that is present inside the human brain. Creativity helps a person to grow out the best version of themselves. For a fact, two people may have the same IQ but they may not have the same creativity. It’s a subjective field where everyone has its own individuality and can do wonders with their art of creativity. Most of the top MNCs candidates look for this hidden talent in disguise at the time of hiring as it would help their organization not only grow but stand out different amongst the crowd. Such capable candidates with creative acumen are in huge demand currently and thus should be considered as one of the most important criterions to measure intelligence. Intelligence is not only restricted that how a person uses his/her brain to process and work out problems in difficult scenarios or to solve the situation but it is also about a person can deal with the idea of bringing out unique ways to solve the situation. The biggest example of creativity rising at its peak is the emergence of new startups in this golden era of digitization. The founder of these startups like PayTM, WhatsApp, Zomato, Uber, etc. who are now big MNCs came up with their new idea of helping the public in the most innovative way thereby making everyone lives easier. The idea of making banking online friendly and safe, the idea of getting our food delivered at our doorstep, the idea of hiring a cab within moments rather than waiting for a taxi are all such great inventions which has made our lives much easier and approachable. These ideas are nothing but the art of creativity which is being instilled in every human being. One just needs to find it and embrace the disguised talent of creativity. Rather than underestimating the talent of creativity, one should welcome it and consider this to be one of most important criterions to measure intelligence as it is rightly said for a fact that intelligence is not only a measure of how one smart is but how one can use their creativity to come out a best version of themselves at last.
  2. Topics: To understand the most important characteristics of a society, one must study its major cities. A society can consist of many large and small cities as well as rural areas. Each area has its own distinct character. As characteristics of areas differ widely, one can miss the most important characteristics of a society by just studying major cities. The major cities play different role in a society. A city can be the capital of the country, a city can be the capital of the state or a city can have a port that serves as a business hub. Among the vast different characters of these cities, it is very difficult to find out the most important ones which is also common. Even if someone completes this difficult task, he missed out the rural areas completely which varies widely from cities. It is possible that all the citizens of the major cities have a very busy and dynamic life, while rural people lead a very simple life. In this case, dynamic life style is one of the most important characteristics of the major cities but not for the rural areas, thus not the most important characteristic of the society. There can be other difficulties in this study. There can always be a lot people staying in a major city and they aren't permanent resident of the city. Their behavior can differ from the permanent residents or even from themself when they are staying in their own city. For example, people go to Las Vegas for gambling or having fun. Although they spend a lot of money without any care in Las Vegas, this is not their normal character. Similarly, people can behave differently from their normal state in capital or historic cities or cities that are famous amongst tourist. However, there can be a lot of similarity between cities and rural areas. For example, the citizens of major cities start their day with a cup of tea or coffe while reading a newspaper and the people of rural areas also start their day with a similar fashion. But this need to be confirmed by studying both areas. The citizens of major cities may eat a lot of junk food. On the other hand, rural people may strictly follow a healthy diet. There is no way to tell this without studying both sides. People can behave differently in city and rural area. There can also be a character that is common to all major cities, but not in rural area. Nonetheless, there can be character which is common both to rural areas and major cities. So, to understand the most important characteristics of a society, one must study both major cities and rural areas.
  3. I followed gregmat's structure for both the argument and the issue essay. I feel confident about the argument essay, as greg himself mentions, it is easily do able based on the structure and I'm pretty much convinced with the way I wrote it too, but the Issue essay seems to be a little tougher and ambiguous. Would be great if any one of you could review and suggest any tips/improvements! TIA. Issue essay question: The best way for a society to prepare its young people for leadership in government, industry, or other fields is by instilling in them a sense of cooperation, not competition. Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the claim. In developing and supporting your position, be sure to address the most compelling reasons and/or examples that could be used to challenge your position. Essay (written during a timed mock): A perfect leader is someone who not only has in depth knowledge about his team/organization/industry but also has the ability to get things done diligently. A leader is the one who is considered to be the best in the lot and hence the position, and to justify that, he has to possess a strong sense of cooperation, without giving up on the competition, in the right spirit. In my opinion, I think the statement's support towards cooperation is very much valid with respect to the scenario considered -- preparing young people for leadership. I'd like to support the same by calling forth two topics along with examples and hypothetical instances. The history has seen numerous leaders who have rose up to supreme authority by virtue of their competitive spirit, likewise, history has also witnessed these leaders falling apart in short time. What could possibly be the reason? Lack of cooperation? Yes -- if not the only reason, a major reason. Once someone rises to the top, the most important aspect would be to stay there and to be able to do that, that person has to be able to work 'with' his/her team and this directly translates to being cooperative at all times. I'd like to state an example to support the same. The Indian cricket team's best player of all times is Sachin Tendulkar, undoubtedly. And when he went up the ladder breaking through all the competition as the best cricket player of his time, people cheered his talent and competitive spirit. Soon, he was offered the captaincy of the Indian cricket team by the selectors and the coach without any second thoughts. But he failed miserably, as a player and as a leader. Why was that so? Many claim that he wasn't capable of working 'with' his teammates and always focused on being the best in the lot. He was a start individually, but lacked cooperation with his teammates. This example asserts that cooperation plays a formidable role in determining a leader's potential and success in any domain. Secondly, is competition bad for a young leader? Of course, young people need to have the competitive spirit in order to progress and accomplish their goals. But for people who aspire to be leaders, competition could be a bane. For instance, let's assume that a Manager has a fantastic team and always gets the work done on time. But slowly, the management comes to the realization that there is a start performer in his team who is getting most of the work done. In this case, if the manager holds a competitive spirit in the wrong sense, he might not like his teammate burgeoning. This leads to a lot of mix ups. Instead, if he is a person who has faith in cooperation, he would rather prefer walking up to his amazing teammate and have an open conversation about his success and learn and work together, and ultimately increasing his abilities and the team's standards. The statement strongly supports cooperation over competition, which might not hold water in all cases, but very well does in this case, where the focus is on the society trying to prepare its young people for leadership in various fields. In conclusion, I strongly support the claim that the statement makes and the above analysis provides the basis to my support.
  4. Nations should pass laws to preserve any remaining wilderness areas in their natural state, even if these areas could be developed for economic gain. Write a response in which you discuss your views on the policy and explain your reasoning for the position you take. In developing and supporting your position, you should consider the possible consequences of implementing the policy and explain how these consequences shape your position. A country ought to preserve its forest areas because forests are one of the most crucial resources of oxygen, ores and herbs; however, the economic conditions of a country can not be neglected. Many a time, to stabilize the economy, the government has to use some areas of the jungle. Firstly, it is very important to have at least 33% area for the forest in any country to have a stable ecosystem because according to World Health Organization (WHO), 33% forests are enough to replenish the oxygen into the environment. So, the government should make the rules and regulations for the preservation of wilderness areas of the country. Having good control over these areas help in the reduction of the extinction of the species. On the other hand, wilderness areas also provide the raw material for various businesses. For example, cotton for clothes, wood for furniture, and paper. After having such benefits from jungles, the government should work upon the implementation of the laws for saving forests. However, we cannot ignore the fact that without a good economical conditions a government cannot run the country. So in order to improve the economy, the Government has to utilize some areas of the Jungle. Because if there is not a good economical condition of a country then there is no sense of having a rich wilderness area. By doing this, the government is opening doors for various mines and oil refineries because according to ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Company, India) there are plenty of resources of crude oil in various wilderness area across the globe. But, we can not forget the fact that if we want a healthy life then at least the 33 % area of the land must be preserved for the jungle. So, A government must make a policy for the country in which it should allocate as much as land possible to the forests and if it requires some area for the economic development of the country then they only utilize the area which is needed and which should not decrease the forest area of the country lesser than 33%. If these policies were implemented successfully then there would be an equilibrium in the ecosystem as well as the government can utilize only some portion of the land which will help to leverage its economy. Finally, after analysing each factor the conclusion could be that the government should preserve the remaining forests and in an emergency, if required they should use some forest area.
  5. Prompt: Technology, while apparently aimed to simplify our lives, only makes our lives more complicated. Due to the progession of technology, many people fall victim to paying any the price to keep up with this machinery. This price is not just in the form of dollar bills, but also in time spent with loved ones. People think they know what technology costs up front, but are blind to the underlying costs that creep in after the purchase. One issue with technology is the boom of social media apps. This causes people to become distracted with their phones when they should be present with the people they are currently sharing experiences. Sons and daughters sitting around the dinner table with parents may not share a word with one another because they are too focused on the drama unfolding on a screen. Students have trouble focusing in school because they cannot look away from their notification of celebrity news. Even while driving many adults refuse to wait until they arrive at their destination before they check a sports update. Relationships become weaker when people do not communicate, and technology is the cause of this lack of communication. Another drain to people is the fact that these instruments are constantly updating. There are always new features being designed and some folks prioritize having the updates before anyone else. This established a sense of pride and arrogance in those who can afford to keep buying the new equipment every time it is released. Phones, televisions, watches, refridgerators, home security, and many other devices are all constantly growing and changing the way people operate their lives. Communities once so close become at odds with one another in competition over who posseses the greatest technology, and who possesed it first. However, technology was intended to make our lives easier. A brother moving to Germany to pursue his dreams of being employed by an German orchestra can still keep in touch with his family and friends back in America. A mother having difficulty cooking for a picky child can use Google to find dishes that will please the whole family. Yet, technology takes away from people sharing moments together and causes jealousy and anxiety. While some parts of life are easier with it, the most important aspects of our life are destroyed by it. Since the creation of the microchip, the cell phone, and the computer, society has been hungry for more. Technology deceives us by wearing the sheepskin of making everyday life easier. The true character of technology is that it separates us from the people we love, while we are least expecting it. There are many costs that people are willing to pay to keep up with technology that result in harm they never knew.
  6. Dear Friends and GRE Experts, I am preparing for GRE and this is my 6th attempt to write a GRE essay (different topics each time). This is an issue topic given on official GRE website. I would request you to have a look on the essay and grade it upon convenience and availability of time. Thank You. Sincerely, NickyGRE. Actual GRE Issue Prompt: As people rely more and more on technology to solve problems, the ability of humans to think for themselves will surely deteriorate. Discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the statement and explain your reasoning for the position you take. In developing and supporting your position, you should consider ways in which the statement might or might not hold true and explain how these considerations shape your position. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In this issue, the author presents a very interesting present-world scenario in which the ease of technology engenders concern of lack of natural human capability of thinking and logical rasoning. Although there are few possible exceptions to the issue presented, I agree with the statement in general. The supportive examples are described in following paragraphs. As an analogy, industrial revolution took place in around 1850. The work of human workers and human labour was delegated to machines. The majority of hand-woven cloths were gradually started being made by automated machines and as a result, the human skills and proficiency in woving clothes got deteriorated. Today, despite the fact that some clothes are still woven by hand, it is really hard to find a skillful worker in that profession. Same holds true for manufacturing pottery, writing books with calligraphy and so on and so forth. Similarly, the 20th and 21st centuries witnessed some break-through technological innovations, starting right from the invention of first computer, the 'Eniac'. Today, the computers are used just not to solve complex mathematical and astronomical problems, but also to simulate human brain and its thinking process. In past two decades, the cutting edge developmment in the field of artifical intelligence and machine learning has proved that the days are not far away when computers, just like every other business they are employed into, would also think on behalf of their creators or mankind in general. Computers would employ logical reasoning and arrive to a conclusion for every given problem they would encounter. This of course, will have a detrimental effect on humans as humans would prefer more and more intellectual burden to be given to the computers and they (humans), instead of taking any iniciative to apply their own brains, would simply live a dull life. However, there is one unavoidable compulsion that stays even after unbelievable technological innovations is that, there is always a demand for the creator himself. In other words, there is always someone required to develop these technologies, to innovate new and more complex arithmetic algorithms that can be dumped into computers and to remove possible errors in algorithms already fed into them. This would also give lucrative professional scope to possible computer engineers given that most of other humans will tend to avoid such intellectual burden. Hence, this field of developing new technology to make computers think more logically would indeed demand more intellectual contribution from humans and in that way, it would prevent the situation that entire humankind gets badly affected by lack of the ability to think. In conclusion, except for such few exceptions, as people rely more and more on technological innovations to solve their daily problems and think on their behalf, the ability of humans will gradually deteriorate in general. We, as a responsible and aware individuals, must act consciously to indulge overselves into bare minimum intellectual tasks to avoid such scenario at individual level. Above is response typed in actual test conditions: 487 words
  7. This is my first attempt to write an essay on issue topic. I did it under 28 minutes but since it is my first time i know i have a done a lot of mistakes. I tried to submit my essay to essay rater and it did give me very nice result. gmatawa.com gave me 6/6 and mbacrystalball.com 5.3 but i clearly know my essay is too short for a good score and it should also have a lot of flaws so i want a human eye to point that out for me. Thanks in advance. :) My essay question: Schools should be responsible only for teaching academic skills and not for teaching ethical and social values. Answer: The presented issue is a contentious one. I believe that schools should indeed teach ethical and social values alongside academic skills because we live in a society and it is necessary for student to be aware of the fact beside academic skills we should have social skills and we do have social responsiblities. Furthermore, only excelling in academic and oblivious to ethical and moral values may lead to misuse of the knowledge. Firstly, since prehistoric era we human have been living in a society. Each individual contribute to society and benefit from it. An individual who have good social values would certainly be able to fit in and prosper from the society. He will be well known to his responsibilities and can contribute to the society using his academic knowledge which would in long term benefit himself. secondly, we have seen a number of times the atrocities resulting from unethical actions and misuse of great knowledge. For example, the chemical attack on World War 2 and also the well known atomic bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. These horrifying incidents could have been prevented if the people invloved had a good ethical scruples. It is true that schools are actually responsible for teaching academic skills and focusing on ethical and social values will definitely divide the time slots may some time result in paucity of academic skills provided to a student. However, this trade off is fair considering the negative consequences that would result in the absence of it. In conclusion, I personally believe that schools should be teaching academic, social and ethical values because a student with social, ethical, academic values will be a a great asset to the society have a higher probability of succeeding in life than the ones who simply have a great deal of academic skills but lacks the efficient way of delivering it to the society and use it for his greater well-being and prosperity.
  8. Hi all, Can anyone please evaluate my essay and give a general idea on how much I would be able to score? To understand the most important characteristics of a society, one must study its major cities. Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the statement and explain your reasoning for the position you take. In developing and supporting your position, you should consider ways in which the statement might or might not hold true and explain how these considerations shape your position.? The characteristics of a society are based on cultural and personal values when taken as a whole creates a uniqueness among the people belonging to the said society. In my opinion , I believe that although studying the major cities is important to get a general idea of the characteristics of a society it doesn't provide the most important characteristics. The population of Major cities are relatively less compared to the rural and semi suburban areas of a country. Therefore judging the characteristics of a society based on the populous of just Major cities which are not representative of the whole society can be erroneous. For example countries like India have Major cities like Mumbai and New Delhi where people live sophisticated and busy life styles. People in these cities work hard and are sometimes unable to even celebrate festivals like Diwali because they do not have the time. However this does not mean that the Indians do not celebrate Diwali anymore. On the contrary many people celebrate it for days quite extravagantly in Suburban areas of the country. In addition many oriental societies are known to spend time with elderly people and care for them even taking them into their homes. Most parents when they get old spend the last years of their lives with their children. However in most major cities elderly parents are sent to elders homes instead since most people do not have the time to take care of them due to their busy schedules. However, this does not mean that it is a characteristic of the said society. Additionally in Major cities the crime rates and thefts are high but this is not representative of the society as a whole and it certainly is not a characteristic of that society. However, the fact that the study of major cities will give a general idea of the characteristics of a community can be partly true. This can be due to the fact that Major cities are where people of all religious and ethnic backgrounds reside. In other words they are cultural melting points of a society. Therefore it can be said that some important characteristics of a society can be understood by observing the city populous. In conclusion while I believe that studying major cities can give a general Idea of the characteristics of a society it does not give us an idea about most of the important characteristics of a society. Thanks a lot
  9. Kindly give feedback on below essay Issue task: In any field those in power should step down after five years Reason : The easiest path to success for any enterprises is revitalization through new leadership. More the experience more the banality. The success of any enterprise is contingent upon the leader and his views. In any field the leaders should step down after five years giving way for the new leadership for enterprise success. The leaders in the same enterprise for more than 5 years lead to want of new ideas, new innovations as they continue to base their ideas on those ideas they put into reality years back. Enterprises which are not growing will vanish one day. Barack Obama in his first term of presidency, implemented many ideas like health care. It continued in his second term too. Although there was no problem with the health care there are better ideas out there which can make health care cheaper and forthcoming to all citizens of America. The new idea may cut the tax rates completely for medicines. Some part of the tax collected may be specially reserved to pay the medical cost of those who are in need, instead of having insurance. Implementing this idea will certainly costs less than the existing health care. As the leaders get more experienced, the surrounding and the leader become languid. With only quotidian work the enterprises become stagnant. The company Mozart Inc 's revenue has been declining year by year. Hence the board members of the company changed their leadership recently owing to no growth in the industry. Now the new leader, Joy is much more enthusiastic in his work as the company is new for him. Also the employees have started working hard under the direction of Joy. Subsequently the revenue of the company has increased by two fold in the same quarter.A change is needed once in a while whether it is a small startup or a big corporation so that the company grows in new direction. With the same leader in place for years the venality of the leader grows. The force under him becomes unhappy causing them to abandon the enterprise.No workforce and no money for the enterprise will make the enterprise doomed. In India, the chief of political party Congress, Sonia Gandhi became so corrupt that ultimately the citizens of India chose NDA over Congress in their 2014 election. The congress was in power for 10 years and now it is counting its last day. If the leadership was changed in India then, the citizens would not have had days without no hope. There is always an exception in everything whether it is the existing leadership or new leadership. The new leader of an enterprise might be naive and could make the enterprise utter flop. Hence sometimes experienced leaders know what is best for the enterprise and can take it a way forward. In any field there are leaders with more than 5 years experience and there are leaders who are young to the organization. The success of the organization depends on how the leader takes the organization forward. Revitalization might be required if the enterprise is stagnant, giving way for the new bud to grow up and take care of the organization and the cycle continues.
  10. TOPIC: A nation should require all of its students to study the same national curriculum until they enter college. I agree with the fact that a nation should require all its students to study the same national curriculum until they enter college. The major reason is that a common curriculum provides a fair basis for students to be evaluated and a reliable guide for teachers to plan lessons. One example of a nation having the same national curriculum is the Common Core curriculum implemented in the United States. Previously, education in the United States was a state issue, and different states used different educational standards and emphasized different topics. From the student’s perspective, this lead to some states having lower or higher standards than others in different skills, and lead to students being unfairly biased to do well in certain subjects simply because they were living in a certain state. When it comes time for them to take the SAT, a standard test taken by almost all high school students to get into college, they would be unequally prepared, which leads to a geographic bias for good performance on the SAT. Having a non-uniform national curriculum also forms a bias in the way students learn, and has an unfair influence on the jobs they decide to pursue, and the way they live their life. For a start, this situation leads to a bias on the college majors and professions they would choose to pursue. If they came from a state that limited their exposure to computer science classes, for example, they would tend to not pick a computer science major in college. In the local workforce, there would be a dearth of software engineers. This imbalance may adversely affect the economy. So, we could see that having a non-uniform national curriculum forms a bias in the way students learn, and has an unfair influence on the jobs they decide to pursue, and the way they live their life. From a teacher’s point of view, having a unified curriculum such as the Common Core makes educating students a more efficient process. The common core standards provide a clear metric to evaluate teacher (and student) performance across all states in the country. Having a common curriculum also takes a great deal of uncertainty out of lesson planning, and teachers would be able to devote more time to the teaching students rather than thinking of which lessons they’d like to learn. Also, extracurricular help would be easier and less costly to access. For one thing, practice workbooks would be able to be used nationwide, mass produced, and lowering costs. Also, in person tutoring would be more readily available. For example, out of state tutors can help students online, since they are using the same curriculum. In conclusion, implementing unified education standards such as the Common Core across a country is beneficial for both students and teachers. For students, it makes standardized exams a fairer basis for comparing academic performance, and eliminates geographic performance bias. For teachers, it makes lesson planning a more efficient and unambiguous process, and additional resources more accessible. A unified education standard would have long-lasting impacts on the education and future success of the next generation.
  11. I am going to sit for the test in just a few more days. Currently, I am keeping myself busy with Manhattan practice tests. Here is an essay I did today on my practice test. Any comments, critics, or evaluations will be very much appreciated! I could help read and evaluate your essay, too, if you want. Thanks in advance! _________________________________________________________________________________ Governments should invest as much in the arts as they do in the military. Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the recommendation and explain your reasoning for the position you take. In developing and supporting your position, describe specific circumstances in which adopting the recommendation would or would not be advantageous and explain how these examples shape your position. Government all over the world has been investing a huge amount of money in the national military for ever. In the status quo, many people believe that other aspects of civilization such as arts are just as important for the society and therefore the government should invest in them as much as they do in military. While arts is admittedly one of the important aspects of great civilization and a government investment in it is a good idea, proposing that the government should invest as much in arts as they do in the military is quite unnecessary. First and foremost, investment in military is an investment in the whole population's security and well-being. It is one utilitarian function that will benefit everyone in the whole nation regardless of their gender, belief, or interest. At the other hand, an investment in arts, though useful, will only benefits certain parts of the society who love to create or enjoy these arts in the very first place. Admittedly, there area big section of the population who either love to create or enjoy arts. Nonetheless, it is justified for the government to prioritize aspects that will be more useful for the whole society when using the money that comes from the whole nation's pocket to begin with. If the government choose to adopt the recommendation, there will be parts of society that will feel as though most of their tax money is unfairly being used in an area that does not benefits them, and thus they will think that the government has misplaced their trust in prioritizing the society's needs. Not only that military is an investment that will benefits every single person in the nation, the need of security it protects is one basic and primary need that should come before other things such as arts and other secondary needs. The hierarchy of the rights and necessity of human surely puts security before arts because the society will only think of arts and entertainment as their needs once their security is fulfilled in the first place. Without the ability to feel secure and free from dangers, no society will even be able to think about creating or enjoying arts in their free time. For instance, if the recommendation is being put into place in a nation that still feel that their life is in a certain kind of danger and threat from other nation, even though the investment provided for arts is humongous, not many people will really be able to take advantage of this investment because they feel as though they could not think about entertainment while their heads are full of worries of their families' safety. Another thing to be noted is that by default, military funding is a huge one due to the default expensiveness of the things being needed to protect a country. By contrast, the money needed to create and ensure arts are being enjoyed does not have to come in such great expenses. Of course, some aspects of art making is expensive, but we surely can not compare the price or the research for military defense to the creation of an album or even a theater production. The arts and creativity of a nation still could be supported by the government to a far extend without needing the equalize the money invested in it to the ones in the military. Sure, investment in arts by the government is surely beneficial to develop the nation's civilization and moral. However, to invest as much money in arts as the government currently do in military is quite unnecessary and unjustifiable in the eyes of many people. In conclusion, I think that that the government should still invest a fair amount of money in the development of arts in the country but there is no need to make it to the equal amount of money they invest in the nation's military.
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