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  1. Hi community :) I'm thinking to apply to Economics PhDs Specializing in Macro / Monetary Economics and maybe Environmental Economics to start in the fall of 2022. However, I don't know if my profile is strong enough to get into a good program - let me know what you think ! Interdisciplinary bachelor's degree with a major in economics. 7.5/10 Dutch GPA (the grading conversion is quite weird, it's about a B) and 216/180 ECTS (lots of extra politics courses). MSc Economics, specializing in Macro & Monetary, 8/10 Dutch GPA (~ A-). Grades in general 8 or higher, except for Econometrics (7), Microeconomics(6.5). Good thesis, 8.5. MSc BGSE, not Economics, content-wise mostly applied Econometrics, 8.4/10 GPA (conversion is also weird here, think it's about an B+/A-). I believe my LORs are pretty strong: My thesis advisor (leading monetary operations at a Central Bank), a well-ranked Econometrics professor (several papers with Gali, Gertler), and could get some more probably from my future bosses. GRE: in September Work (in 2021/ spring 2022) : Trainee at the ECB in Forecasting and Policy Modelling, RA for high-ranked Finance professor I'm worried about a) a lack of math and microeconomics classes - I only have one foundational math class in undergrad (7 Dutch grading) and two foundational Microeconomics classes (graded 6.5 and 7.5) - For math, is this something I can make up with the GRE score ? - Should I try to take additional classes somewhere b) not having an Economics undergrad (hence the missing math and micro classes) - Is this something I should ask LOR writers to highlight - Can it be positive or are school risk-averse? Let me know what you think - I guess it's an unusual profile so any feedback will be massively helpful.
  2. ----Edited----------------------------- Hi, people. I'm a Korean student in Top 3 university in my country. I just finished my undergrad and will now proceed to grad school of the same institution. I've noticed that in this forum, people say grades in Ph.D micro, and metric courses are strong signals in the admission process. But I wonder, are they the same thing as graduate micro, and metric classes, which are based on Mas-collel, and green textbook? The grad classes are in master programs, so I'm afraid they are not the same thing as the Ph.D micro, and metric that people here are talking about? I'm asking this because I already have A+ in grad micro and metric but I'm not sure they are the ones with strong signaling value. Thanks in advance :)
  3. Type of Undergrad: Economics Degree with Honours at Australian Uni, Top 200 World QS Rankings GPA: Distinction (High Distinction for Econ Classes), First Class Honours (University Medal for first in class) GRE: 167Q / 159V/ 5.0W Econ Courses Undergrad: Economics 1 (HD, 85/100), Economics 2 (HD, 86/100), Intermediate Micro (D, 83/100), Intermediate Macro (HD, 87/100), Introductory Econometrics (D, 82/100), Mathematics for Economics (HD, 92/100), Game Theory (HD, 95/100), Public Economics (HD, 90/100), Global Economy (HD, 85/100), Applied Microeconometrics (D, 83/100) Econ Courses Honours: Advanced Econometrics (HD, 85/100), Advanced Micro (D, 83/100), Advanced Macro (HD, 86/100), Economic Policy (HD, 85/100) Research Experience: Honours thesis, policy research team in top government department after graduation Teaching Experience: Tutor for Economics 2, Introductory Econometrics LOR: Thesis supervisor and professor for one of the advanced classes, secondary thesis supervisor, honours coordinator and professor for one of the advanced classes Goals: European masters programs as pathway to US PhD. LSE, Oxford, UCL, Cambridge, BGSE, TSE, Bocconi, CEMFI Comments: I clearly don’t have the signalling factor of actual math classes, but at my uni and most in Australia they don’t offer them as part of an econ degree and instead teach you the math required as part of the econ classes, in particular the math for econ class. This is why I am looking at a masters first to improve my chances at US programs. I have researched the type of math needed for these courses and we covered all the important topics, especially in the honours classes. I am worried that my subject list doesn’t signal this and it will be assumed I don’t have a strong enough math background. Also I am considering re-taking the GRE. I did the at-home test due to COVID and my whiteboard marker ran out halfway through, meaning for the second quant section I couldn’t do any working on paper, all in my head. I am confident I could get it higher but not sure it is worth the investment if 167 is good enough. Will 167 exclude me from any potential scholarships or is my profile not competitive enough for that anyway? I’d appreciate any comments on my profile or suggestions for other programs to apply to :)
  4. Sorry if this is a kind of trivial question: is there any particular benefit to having a math professor writing one of your LOR? I have two strong letters from economics professors that I know I'm going to use. I have a math professor who keeps really good records of his classes over time, and has told me he will place me in the top few percent of several of the classes I've had with him over the course of 1-2 decades of teaching those classes. On the other hand, there is another economics professor who would probably give me a more effusive/supportive letter but with less specifics about where I've fallen in his classes. Does this matter at all, 2 economists and 1 math professor vs. 3 economists? Any advantage to having a math professor to signal your strength in the area? I'm a math major too with a 3.9 for what that's worth.
  5. Infant and baby CPR has its specifics, which you’ll need to master during a training course. Doing cardiopulmonary resuscitation on a newborn or a toddler is challenging and high quality certification programs highlight these skills separately from other topics. Looking for infant and baby CPR classes near me? American CPR Institute has you covered. Our CPR online classes and certification opportunities take a look at the techniques that are suitable for use on infants and older children. We also pay attention to other age-specific techniques that may have to be performed in order to address an emergency.
  6. Hypothetically, if I were to begin a PhD programme without taking the graduate school classes, would I be able to independently learn the information to perform good research? I.e. to learn the relevant information using online material available from other universities? Or would the lack of classes be a hurdle in achieving the relevant technical knowledge of the frontier of research and so translate to poorer quality research?
  7. Test Scores (GMAT/GRE): I am currently studying for the GMAT. I’m scoring on practice tests around 645 with minimal studying, but I am shooting for at least a 720. Undegrad GPA: Finance, Grand Valley State University. 2.89 (major GPA is 3.2) Graduate GPA: Finance, University of Michigan (Dearborn) currently have a 3.7 but I have only taken 2 classes at this point. I plan to take some OB classes while I am doing my Masters. Research Experience: I am doing graduate research this fall, but it is mainly market research. I plan to contact professors after my fall semester to assist with their research. Teaching Experience: None Work Experience: 3 years in the financial industry (1 in sales, 2 in operations) Concentration Applying to: OB/Management Number of programs planned to apply to: ~15 Dream Schools: University of Michigan, Purdue, Indiana University, George Washington Other schools currently considering: MSU, Wayne State University, Virginia Tech. I have a list of about 40 schools so far, so I need to narrow it down. I will be applying for Fall 2021. Other Questions: What other opportunities should I pursue while in my Master’s to be more competitive? What made you want to pursue a PhD? I have always loved research, but never considered a PhD an option in my field until about a year ago. I have had a few bosses at this point and it always interested me I how the employees’ demeanor completely changed with the management style. I have also gone through a large merger, and am interested in employee satisfaction after a merger/acquisition. This has lead me to my main research interest in leadership and mergers/acquisitions within the financial industry. Questions or concerns you have about your profile? My undergrad GPA and my lack of math classes (I have not taken calculus classes in my undergrad, but was able to use rudimentary skills in my finance classes from my high school calculus). Only brief research experience (so far). Any additional specific questions you may have: I am mainly trying to get into Purdue/Indiana University (this is most likely where my fiancé will be to do his IMG waiver in Infectious Disease). For anyone with experience at those two schools, what do they weigh most heavily in the application? Thank you!
  8. Hi everybody :):) does anyone know where/if it is possible to attend FPGEE classes for the test preparation? I mean both online and live classes in US. Many thanks!
  9. I'm an undergraduate who will be taking the PhD micro sequence at my school (top-30 US econ) beginning in the fall. My school uses MWG; I've purchased the book, as well as used copies of Sundaram and Simon and Blume for reference. Any advice you would have as I go through these difficult classes? For reference, some relevant classes I've taken include Intermediate Micro, Calculus I-III, Linear Algebra (Proof-based), Mathematical Probability Theory, Mathematical Statistics, Analysis I, and Topology (all As).
  10. Hi, I didn’t do well in my undergraduate Linear Algebra II class and got a B- - mainly because I bombed my final exam. Anyways, I just graduated and am now working as an RA, and have the opportunity to take post-bacc classes at a local university (different form the university I attended). Should I retake Linear Algebra, or should I just leave it and take other classes like stochastic processes or the statistics version of Linear regressions? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks! :)
  11. Thanks for you guys’ opinion! Undergrad: Agricultural Econ in China; GPA:3.91/4.00 One Year Exchange Program in a Top 5 Econ program in the US GPA:4.00/4.00 Grad: Master in a Top 5 University in the US. GPA:3.90/4.00 RA: currently doing a one year RA in one of the Top 2 econ programs. Proposed Research Interest: Macro and Labor GRE: 165V 170Q 3.5 AW. Really worried about my writing part not sure if it’s sending a really bad signal. Maths Classes: Haven’t taken many maths classes. But have taken: Real analysis1&2, intro to Proof, Optimization, linear algebra, Calculus, Probability Theory. Got A in all of them. Econ classes: Have taken the PhD level Macro sequence:(A B+ A-). But this program is reknowned for having hard cores. Plus I get a strong letter from one of the professors in the core sequence (ranking top5 in the final exam but got an A- somehow). Grad electives(two A’s). For all the other undergrad level econ classes, I mostly got A’s. Letter: One from a full professor in a Top 5 econ program teaching the macro core sequence and the chair of the department. Have taken two classes from him and confirmed I have a strong letter. One from my current boss/thesis instructor. An assistant professor. But this letter should be really strong. Have a work in progress (not in paper form yet but working on to get the algorithm sorted out) coauthored with him. This is listed on my CV not sure if it's going to help or not. One from an assistant professor from whom I have taken a second year phd level labor class. Confirmed by my boss (they know each other pretty well) that I should get a strong letter. To be honest, i’m Not sure if I can get into one of the top 10’s.... But I didn’t apply to many programs beyond the top 10.
  12. School: non-ranked state school, but does have a phd program. Major-math; BA with an emphasis in statistics, minor in economics. (overall gpa 3.89) Math classes: Calc sequence, linear algebra, intro to proofs, analysis, probability, mathematical statistics, will take more classes next semester (3.85) Econ classes: intermediate micro and macro, introductory econometrics (4.0) I am currently taking two econ grad/phd classes: Advanced Micro and Advanced Econometrics. Teaching Experience I tutor at my university econ and math, conduct review sessions for a professor in econ Teach at an online private school math Programming/computer skills: Know stata extremely well, have programmed/worked with R, Python, and LaTeX. LOR: all from professors, at least two will be fairly to extremely strong. Research: Two working papers (I am a coautthor for both) that I will submit in the next couple months. Working on own research on felons and subsidies as well. No publications yet. Abnormal part of my application: I am 18-I graduated high school a year early and am finishing my undergrad in two years. I am not sure if this will give me a chance at some top schools (differentiating myself) or if it will seriously hurt me. I am taking the GRE next friday, under the assumption I get 170 and around 165, what are my chances for places ranging from Northwestern, NYU, Columbia, UCLA, Boston, UC Davis? Any other advice?
  13. Hi, I graduated with a double major in poli-sci and economics, from a top 10 econ school, with a 3.7 GPA, with honors in Poli Sci (unfortunately however, because of a blunder i had one year when i was a bit overworked my econ gpa is only 3.3). I then went to work at a bank for two years, but now am going to apply to a Econ PHD, but I'm unsure my application is strong enough for the top econ schools. Unfortunately, since I only realized that i wanted to do a phd, at around my last year in college, i only managed to do calc 1-3 and linear algebra (with about a A- on these classes), and couldnt do Real Analysis. I understand that i need two academic recommendation letters, but i'm not sure they are very strong - one would be from an associate professor who i had lots of classes with, and the other from a professor i had a few classes with (including econometrics). The third would come from a director at the bank i work with. I understand some people recommend that undergrads full time r.a. for a while, but that is not an option for me, as i am a foreigner, and i think it would be complicated to get a visa to merely R.A. for a while. I do have some research examples, but only my honors thesis was published - and that was for political science (well, actually one other work i made for the bank was published, but that's it). As such, i'm thinking of also applying to some econ masters programs as backup... Do you have any advice? which masters programs are good? I heard European programs are good - and this would not be an issue as I speak german, french, portuguese and spanish as well. Do you guys think my profile has a shot at some of the top schools for PHD, or is my strategy to aim for some Masters programs good?
  14. Undergrad: Large State School around 50th nationally GPA: 3.8 Major/Minor: Econ Major, Stat and Math minor GRE:167Q/160V Econ Classes: International Monetary Economics: A Environmental Economics: A Intermediate Micro: A Intermediate Macro: A Econometrics: A Time Series Econometrics: A Game Theory: A Math Classes: Calc 1: B+ Calc 2: A Calc 3: A- Intro to Proofs: A Intro to Analysis: A Linear Algebra w/ Proofs: B+ Stat Classes: Statistical Inference: A Applied Experimental Designs: B+ Applied Regression Analysis: A Mathematical Statistics I: A Mathematical Statistics II: A- Last Set of Classes that I'm taking in the fall: Senior Thesis Econ of Education Differential Equations Real Analysis Coding Experience: R (strong), RATS (used for one class, I think this program is awful), LaTeX (learning this for a nice looking thesis) Other Experience: Did Literature Review for a Professor one semester on a research topic he was exploring. With the same Professor, did a one-on-one class where he taught me discrete choice and how to code the models Tutored Intermediate Micro for 2 years. Interned at Porsche Cars North America last fall where I used some techniques I learned in Time Series to forecast car sales. Personal Info: During my Junior year I developed Crohn's Disease, it has been very hard for me. However, I recently found a treatment that looks like is getting me back to "normal." For this reason I am graduating in 4 and 1/2 years, which is not what I originally planned. Thesis: Writing my thesis on transportation demand estimation (using the famous Train discrete choice book). My adviser says that its the most ambitious senior thesis hes ever seen, however I don't go to an amazing school so I'll take that with a grain of salt LORs: One really strong letter from a professor I've worked with a while. One from My Intro to Analysis professor, and one from my thesis adviser. (I think the two economist letters should be pretty good Goals: My adviser seems to think that anything below 30 I should be really strong for, and have a decent chance 15-25. What do you guys think? Thanks for reading!
  15. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Distance learning and online computer classes should replace classroom learning Use specific reasons and examples to support your answers. The technology is emerging with a boost these days, especially in the field of education. Due to all these improvement in the technology there has always been a great debate going on about replacing the classroom learning by distance learning and online computer learning. I believe that replacing the classroom learning with all the digital means of learning is a good idea. There are two main reasons why I prefer to learn through the digital means like computers or mobile phones. First of all, learning using a mobile phone or any other electronic device makes it easier for the students to gain knowledge as it has a lot of study materials available online. In the earlier times these types of facilities were not available so students had to go to schools or colleges to study. The major advantage is that due to all these technological enhancements student can learn sitting at home which reduces the cost of transportation. To cite an example, if students needs to attend the classes every day then they have to travel from their residence to where the classes are held and it costs money and fuel for travelling. It also saves time of travelling and the students can utilize that time in doing something creative or learning something new. In addition to that, as technology is at its hype the classroom learning can be replaced by digital learning and the reason behind it is that if there are online computer classes a student can access the class from where ever he/she wants. If a student misses a class he/she can attend it in his free time as it is recorded with the help of the new technology. To exemplify, if a student is stuck somewhere or he/she is not feeling well then, they can access the lectures later on whenever they are available. Classes can take place even in the extreme weather conditions as students do not need to travel all the way to attend the classes. Ultimately, in many aspects the distance learning and online computer classes are better than the classroom learning, as they reduce pollution and cost of transportation for the students and the students can utilize their time in a better way.
  16. Hello, I'm a freshman at University College London, taking Social Sciences with Quantitative Methods. The degree itself lasts for 3 years. The time for us to pick our classes is coming soon, and I'd like some advice on what math courses you guys think are appropriate for someone aiming for a Top 10 Econ PhD school.
  17. I've seen posts where people advise taking real analysis and grad micro together because they have overlap and you can study for both simultaneously. Is this true? Independently, is there any other pair of classes which have a large overlap and if taken together, would make each other easier?
  18. Undergrad: Large State School around 50th nationally GPA: 3.8 Major/Minor: Econ Major, Stat and Math minor GRE:167Q/160V Econ Classes: International Monetary Economics: A Environmental Economics: A Intermediate Micro: A Intermediate Macro: A Econometrics: A Time Series Econometrics: A Game Theory: A Math Classes: Calc 1: B+ Calc 2: A Calc 3: A- Intro to Proofs: A Intro to Analysis: A Linear Algebra w/ Proofs: B+ Stat Classes: Statistical Inference: A Applied Experimental Designs: B+ Applied Regression Analysis: A Mathematical Statistics I: A Mathematical Statistics II: A- Last Set of Classes that I'm taking in the fall: Senior Thesis Some Upper level Econ Class Differential Equations Real Analysis Coding Experience: R (strong), RATS (used for one class, I think this program is awful), MATLAB and LaTeX (trying to learn these now for help with my thesis) Other Experience: Did Literature Review for a Professor one semester on a research topic he was exploring. With the same Professor, did a one-on-one class where he taught me discrete choice and how to code the models Tutored Intermediate Micro for 2 years. Interned at Porsche Cars North America last fall where I used some techniques I learned in Time Series to forecast car sales. Personal Info: During my Junior year I developed Crohn's Disease, it has been very hard for me. However, I recently found a treatment that looks like is getting me back to "normal." For this reason I am graduating in 4 and 1/2 years, which is not what I originally planned. Thesis: Writing this fall using either discrete choice demand estimation or the Green and Porter (1984) model to examine collusion. (Also want to use this as an opportunity to potentially meet a new letter of rec writer) LORs: One really strong letter from a professor I've worked with a while. Other than that I'm trying to branch out this fall beyond professors I've had for classes. Goals: Fed RA (preferably in IO, but I would consider other positions) or PhD program between 20-40. Thanks for reading!
  19. Hello, I'm looking for advice about applying to schools in Europe for a MSc in economics. I have a BS engineering degree from a flagship US university and only took introductory courses in economics in undergrad. For math classes, I've taken the calculus series, differential equations, and numerical methods and linear algebra (combined in 1 class). From my research, it seems like a lot of the reputable schools require a BS in economics or that you've taken a lot of econ classes. Some universities states that they welcome students with extensive quantitative background as long as they have "sufficient" economics background. I've emailed some of those school and have only received vague answers along the line of "we're not able to assess your qualification unless you apply and pay the application fee." Unfortunately, I can't afford to spend 100 euros at every school I'm interested in. My question is: 1. What is generally considered a sufficient background in economics for European schools. I know that every school is going to have different requirements, but I'm just looking for some ideas of specific classes (intermediate micro, macro, econometrics?) 2. If I'm not qualified to apply this cycle, should I take classes at a local university (pros: cheap, no rent; con: not a lot of prestige) or do a formal graduate diploma/pre-master program such as Birkbeck's (pros: prestige, con: expensive tuition & cost of living in London)? Also, does anyone have any experience with University of London's online graduate diploma? They claimed its curriculum is designed by LSE, but I haven't found much information about it. Any advice from someone with experience in this situation is greatly appreciated.
  20. Hi, I am trying to decide on which undergrad math courses to take for PhD econ. I have three classes in mind: probability, stat inference, and stochastic op research. Ideally, I would take all, but I'd need to drop one. I've been thinking that probability is the most important one out of them, but it's with a notoriously bad professor. So, my heart tells me that i should drop probability, but I am not sure how important it is to have probability on the list of classes I took in undergrad. Any advice/opinion on this? Thanks in advance!
  21. Looking for advice as I try to finish up my SOP and begin applying. My goals are to land at a mid level research university where I can teach maybe 1 class a semester. Female applicant if that makes a difference. undergrad: 3.78 accounting and finance honors in each but no research cpa licensed gmat 750 q48 v45 Classes: elementary calculus, econometrics, business statistics, lots of finance classes using regression and modeling CAPM stuff self study: mit single and multi variable calculus LORs: 1 confirmed from a professor not heavy into research but has a few published articles super enthusiastic so hopefully a great letter, 1 from a lecturer who has took some phd level classes, last waiting on a reply from a research heavy professor if he agrees it would be an ok letter not great otherwise it will be from a former professor who did research in another field but stepped down from tenure to pursue teaching full time but who knows me very well. Im interested in financial and managerial stuff so wanting to find a school with a little of both. Topics of interest include earnings management and financial disclosure. List of schools are: penn state indiana pittsburg florida cornell osu? mich state need some more suggestions for schools since I want to apply broadly but I'm having trouble deciding on more. Thanks
  22. Hi, I am currently enrolled in the last year of a BBA, with a major in Economics and Mathematics in Canada. I am interested in applying to the LSE Msc in Economics. As I have done a BBA, some classes I took are completely useless for such a master (Human ressources management/IT). Yet I also had two full years with classes such as Stochastic processes, applied mathematics (calculus/linear algebra), econometrics, macro/micro, and have been a Teaching Assistant in Operational Research/Statistics for one year and have a cumulative GPA of 3.9/4. I was thus wonderring if I should candidate to the 2-year LSE Msc in economics, with the one year preparation courses, or if I should try my shot directly for the one-year Master program. What is your advice?
  23. Hi All! Requesting a PhD Profile Eval. Thanks! Undergrad: Top 5 GPA: 3.7 Majors: Math (mostly applied), Neuroscience Econ-Related Math Classes: A's in multivariable ,linear algebra,prob,stats,real analysis, (+ more applied classes usually not mentioned with reference to econ programs) Econ classes: intermediate micro and macro from a lower ranked school Currently RA for T10 econ phd professor Rec Letters: 1 economist from top school, 1 less known economists, 1 work supervisor (biostatics) Background: My undergrad was in math and neuroscience. I did a summer internship with an economist after undergrad and liked it, but had already accepted an offer to work at a biostatistics firm starting later that year. I worked there for about 1.5 years (stayed longer than I had to because I got really involved in a particular project). Published a paper from my time there, albeit not about econ. Now I've worked for over a year with a professor from a top school and we will hopefully publish or submit a paper for publication very soon (hoping before app deadlines) What do you guys think? What rank schools should should I apply to? Will my unusual background hurt me? Also, what are your thoughts on applying to a top business school applied econ program (eg: booth, wharton)?
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