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  1. Hello everybody, I'm currently doing my Master in Economics at the University of Zurich and want to pursue a PhD after my Master studies. Among other options I plan to apply for PhD-Programms in the UK. As far as I know the best Options for that are LSE, UCL, Oxbridge and Warwick. I know that LBS, Imperial College and Kings College also offer PhDs in Economics and all of them are good Universities but I haven't heard anything about their Economics PhDs. I was therefore wondering what their quality and reputation is like (for instance compared to PhD programs at Essex, Nottingham or Edinburgh). About my background, I'm particularly interested in Applied Microeconomics and Public Economics and plan to stay in academia after the PhD. Thanks for your help!
  2. Hey, Everyone, I am looking for admission in medical college one of my friend suggested me to take admission in All Saints University Saint Vincent. Can anyone give me reviews about this university or suggest to me other universities?
  3. Hi I am an undergraduate senior. Because I decided to apply for a PhD not long ago, I wonder what I should be doing now to improve my chance of going to a solid program. I don't think I am well prepared given my profile. Type of undegrad: formerly US news Top 20, later transferred to US news Top 10 (Econ dept ranked top 20) GPA: 4.0 at previous college, 3.925 in the current college (2 A-s) Math: Calc I and Calc II (A), Linear Algebra (A-), Multicalc (A+), Real Analysis (this coming fall), Probability and Stats (at previous college, A), Probability in current college (Currently taking, didn't do well, expecting a B+ or A-). (Meanwhile, I am planning to take Math stats and dynamic programming in my last semester) Econ: Intro Micro (A), Intro Macro (A), Metrics (A), Intermediate Micro (A), Intermediate Micro II (Math based, A), Intermediate Macro (A), graduate policy analysis course (A), graduate special topic research capstone course (A). (Will take graduate metrics, micro and time series this fall.) Research experience: produced a paper in the research capstone course, attended a few conferences. Just started working as a RA this summer and probably would extend this job to the end of next semester. Will right an honor thesis this senior fall. So in general I feel like I didn't prepare myself well for applying to PhD yet. I wonder if working one or two years as an RA would give me enough time to take important math and stats class and enrich my background. Or should I go for a master? Thank you!
  4. Aug 2018 SAT--apparently a repeat of the Oct 2017 International SAT, so some people had seen the test already. College Board has not said that it will invalidate all scores; currently, College Board is saying that it will invalidate only the scores of those they determine cheated. I've heard a bunch of anecdotal comments about people who knew people who had seen the test before, even one person who announced at the end of the test that it was 'easy' and he'd 'taken that test before'. (The proctor asked him to stay behind!) A lot of my students are asking me if College Board will invalidate all scores. I find that difficult to imagine--too many plans (and lives, even) could be affected, disrupted, or even ruined. For example, a student has friends whose only chance to take the SAT (with little pressure) occurred in August--they are very high-achieving students planning to apply to top-ten universities, and their application plans are not allowing for a retake of the SAT Reasoning Test.
  5. A nation should require all of its students to study the same national curriculum until they enter college. Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the recommendation and explain your reasoning for the position you take. In developing and supporting your position, describe specific circumstances in which adopting the recommendation would or would not be advantageous and explain how these examples shape your position. Response : Curriculum of a school provides the base what education will be provided to a student in that particular school. It is necessary for a country to have same curriculum in schools for better future of a student and nation. When a nation have same curriculum in their schools, it will build a sense of equality in all the students when they enter college. Keeping curriculum same in schools across a nation, it is like making sure that every student is getting same education with no differentiation, with no sense of injustice or inequality based on their social or financial status. This feeling that they have been provided same education in their school as other students or college, ultimately helps in boosting confidence of a person when they enter the college. This also gives a fair chance to all the students for appearing for any higher course after school. It has been found in a survey that when a country has same curriculum across all the schools, youngsters feel more secure in regards to equal chances provided, which if not the case, many a time lead youngsters to wrong path, ultimately harming the country's growth. When same curriculum exists across the country, it also help student to catch up early in the new school if they happen to migrate from one city to another. It is evident countries where curriculum are different in schools, students who change city due to parents jobs or some other reason, are forced to study in class less that they were studying in the old school to catch up with the new school education. This ultimately waste a student's year, using which in near future they could have added some value for the country's progress and their own growth. When a curriculum is different in the school across the country, it keeps a competitive surroundings for a students, as they know they have to pull their socks early to compete with other students who are provided better education as part of their curriculum, ultimately motivating student with less better curriculum, to work hard to achieve higher goals. For a nation to grow it is necessary to have same curriculum for all the students until they enter the college, to make them feel more confident and secure about their future.
  6. What do you do if you love econ, are passionate about teaching and research, can't think of doing anything else with your life, but can't get into a good program? My undergrad GPA is average (3.5) and GRE is not stellar (163Q, 158V) . I start a one-year masters soon but I'm sure I'm not going to finish top of the class there as well. Also, I'm not an American citizen. I'm sure I can get good recos and probably manage to get somewhere in top 50-70. But is there a point? A lot of people tell me there isn't. Do these places produce any good research at all? Does someone from a college that's ranked 50 have any shot at getting a decent academic job? What about industry? Will I be screwed if I hold a PhD from a college not well known, considering that I won't be able to get a job as a professor easily and I'll be over-qualified for most jobs in industry? Will I at least be able work at a community college or something somewhere in the USA (keep in mind I'm not American)?
  7. Hi everyone, Like I mentioned in the title, I'm a college senior with a major in marketing and I want to pursue a Ph.D in this field. I completed a honors thesis project recently, focusing on computer-mediated communications and marketing implications for firms. And this is the research topic I want to continue exploring with my Ph.D But I know the path is never that easy. I recently had my profile reviewed by a very well-known professor in CB and that person shared that the school's doctoral program wants students with prior research experience (working with professors or working in a lab). He suggested looking into a good research-based master's program to be a better candidate for Ph.D. program in the future - which sounds extremely reasonable. So I want to seek advice from the URCH community on what master's programs out there that are suitable for enhancing my research experience and equip with quantitative skills to conduct research as a doctoral student. It's hard for me as a newbie to figure out which school has a research-focused program, rather than just taking classes. And how to evaluate how well-known a professor is in his or her field? I am exploring MS in Information Sciences (human-computer interaction, web search behavior, computer-mediated communications, social networks) but I am wondering how well it will translate into a Ph.D in Marketing. What do you guys think about Michigan, UNC Chapel Hill, and Indiana University for this option? Sorry for the long post. And thank you in advance for your response.
  8. I am hoping to borrow some of your knowledge about various programs. My options are: Accepted: Caltech, University of Arizona Wait List: UChicago, UCLA, Boston College I like micro theory but if I were to do empirical work I'd prefer randomized controlled trials/field experiments. My main question is if my preference ordering is wrong: UChicago > Caltech >= UCLA > Boston College > UArizona From what I understand UCLA is similarly ranked with Caltech but I doubt I will get the funding to go to UCLA. I also debating whether I should tell BC to take me off the waitlist. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  9. Test Scores: 167 Quant (92%) / 162 Verbal (91%) / 3.5 Writing (42%) Undegrad GPA: 3.67 Major in Finance, Cum Laude, Honors College, pretty involved on campus, I've done about 4 math classes in college with Calc I and then 3 levels of statistics (1 of those was at the graduate level) Graduate GPA: 3.63 Finance, with a concentration in Financial and Risk Management, done as a dual degree so I got my Masters of Science in Finance at the same time as I got my Bachelor's Research Experience: I did a thesis for my masters which focused on machine learning compared to technical analysis, it was fun but nothing groundbreaking Teaching Experience: I did R program workshops and excel workshops so I had to pick up on some minor teaching experience, but nothing major Work Experience: I had an internship with a newspaper (highschool), a courthouse, one with a wealth management firm, and then for about 3 years while I was in school I worked at a computer lab on campus helping out with basic software support Concentration Applying to: Finance Schools applying to: Imperial College University of Mannheim Columbia University of Reading URI Drexel Newcastle University NYU If you guys have any advice at all for me about whether I should be aiming for lower schools or anything like that, please let me know! I'm very stressed and would love any and all advice
  10. Hi,I was looking at accounting phd programs but could not find a comprehensive list the universities that offer phd in accounting. byuaccounting provides a ranking of accounting programs but it doesnt give any information regarding to gmat requirement.Here is my basic profile:Gmat: 690Master(MBA) gpa: 4.00(over 4) Undergrad gpa: 2.80 (over 4)Age: 38 (working in an asset management industry)Worked for a couple of years in a research institution in US, but dont have any publications in accredited journals.not a us citizenFirst Choices: University of Texas , AustinUniversity of Texas ,HoustonTexas at Arlington, University of, College of Business Administration Arlington, TX UConnTexas TechUniversity of ArizonaArizona StateLouisiana Tech University, College of Business Ruston, LA Mississippi State University, College of Business Mississippi State, MS Do you think my basic resume gives me a good shot to get into any of these schools? I am wide open on any suggestions on where else would be a good place for me to apply?Any help would be huge!! Thanks
  11. Hi, Would anyone be willing to grade my GRE essay using the GRE rubric? I would like some constructive feedback on what to improve. This was my first practice essay and writing isn't my strong suit so no need to tell me that my essay isn't the best. I would love if you would be willing to let me know of any pros and cons I didn't think about in regards to answering the prompt. The prompt and my essay response is below. Looking forward to your feedback! Prompt: A nation should require all of its students to study the same national curriculum until they enter college. Write a response in which you discuss your views on the policy and explain your reasoning for the position you take. In developing and supporting your position, you should consider the possible consequences of implementing the policy and explain how these consequences shape your position. Having a basis of an education is a statement that everyone argues. As a nation, students should not be required to have a universal curriculum until they enter college. Individuality is a characteristic that is highly valued in American society. Why should education be treated any differently? Having the same curriculum across the nation does not benefit a student. If anything, it is crippling them. Each person has a different way of learning and processing information. If we were to implement this national curriculum, it would be a huge disservice to students who are intellectually more advance, and the same could be said for students who are not as intellectual advanced. They would not be getting challenged in their courses or they may not be able to comprehend the material being taught. In addition, they are not getting exposure to the other possibilities. This national curriculum would fail in encompassing all of other areas of interests such as music, art, and theater that education should be exposing them to make them a happier, more successful being in society. On the contrary, having a national curriculum would aid in the fact that everyone would have the same common knowledge when they enter college. The education system would be standardized, and when the time did come to go to college, everyone would be on an equal playing field. A universal education curriculum should not be implemented for students.
  12. I just took the ACT for the first time in June and I scored a twenty-two(22). I am so disappointed because I actually did study and my parents hired a tutor. I studied using Barron's, the real ACT guide, and Princeton Review. I even studied a day before the test. I constantly scored a 27-28 on the practice tests, yet I did horrible on real exam. I guess anxiety took over my ability to perform well on the test. Also, I did not have a timer and I found myself running out of time on some sections. How should I study over the summer to improve my score and what books other than I mentioned should I buy to study? I have a good gpa(3.8 unweighted as a junior) and I don't want my ACT scores to weight me down from getting into a good college.
  13. 4. A nation should require all of its students to study the same national curriculum until they enter college. Different students have different personalities which could not be fully developed through studying the same national curriculum until they enter college. A student may develop his or her features learning various curriculums. Among students, there are two kinds of them. One is the rich and the other is the poor. Rich students may have excellent academic background which could provide them a better start when they enter college. Otherwise, the students who is rich may possess average academic background that will not be a strengthen edge for them when they enter college. Even among rich students are there many existing differences. If the nation requires students all to take the same national curriculum until they enter college, the rich students with great academic background may assume it is a waste of time which does no good in building their characteristics. On the other hand, the one who possesses average or even poor academic background will never get a chance to catch the student with fantastic background if he studies the same curriculum with the other, which not enables him to develop his strengths. Besides that, poor students who are not interested in any curriculum may not gain a chance to figure out their favorites which will help build their personalities if everyone studies the same national curriculum due to its lake of diversity. Also, the poor student who has already found his interest on a particular field may lose the chance to focus on building it which might largely shape his characteristic when all students study the same national curriculum until they enter college. Until the time when students enter college, it is too late for those poor ones who lose the chance to focus on their interest to catch with the rich kids. In order to avoid the occurrence of educational unfairness, it is best to build students personalities through studying different curriculum until they enter college. Creativity always comes out of studying different curriculum. A nation should be diversity which could stimulate something creative to thrive. In other word, the prosperous prospect of nations in turn cultivates the development of creativity because it can present a nation`s strength and power in various ways. Of course, the diversity in education could provide nations with open-minded and creative people who are the hard core in a nation`s prosperity. On the other hand, creativity in a nation could make more different curriculums. In advertisement education, for instance, the curriculums are getting more and more both in numbers and fields, such as mass media study, digital media study, cross-cultural communication study and so on. The ones who own creative thinking can always bring more difference to the world. The diversity who is brought about by the different curriculum could promote a nation`s international competence. The uniformed education that require all students take the same classes may succeed anyway because diversity may bring too much things to students eyes so that it offers them no attention on one particular field, which may end up being no competition at all. But the spread attention by the diversity may consist competitors in every fields which would leave no blind spot. In additional, it would in total increase the competence for nations. On the other hand, the uniformed education provides students with fast way to promote their competence in one field which could add more edge in competence in that field internationally. Otherwise, this one field concentrated promotion could bring no difference in individuals and also would limit the nation`s development. To put in a nutshell, it is better for a nation to execute diversity education in order to promote its international competence. Finally, different curriculums would provide our nation more diversities which would escalate a nation`s international competence. According to experience, the uniform education always ends up in failure duo to lacking of diversity. Otherwise, when people`s minds open too wide thanks to diversity, it would be no competition at all. Competitors in every field should be upgraded so that the total competence of the nation would increase. The way to do so is educating people with uniform curriculums which could be more focusing on issues and quickly enhance the total competence. On the other hand, a total enhancing competence is undifferentiated among individuals. This kind of upgrading would be on the same field which could not upgrade a nation`s total competence internationally. In order to gain internationally competence among other nations, a nation must build diversity education which could unequivocally improve individual`s competence. All in all, it would be better if a nation require all of its students to study different curriculum until they enter colledge.
  14. rmauzy

    College Essay

    Hi, I am writing an essay for college admissions, and any feedback would be great! Prompt: There may be personal information that you want considered as part of your admissions application. Write an essay describing that information. You might include exceptional hardships, challenges, or opportunities that have shaped or impacted your abilities or academic credentials, personal responsibilities, exceptional achievements or talents, educational goals, or ways in which you might contribute to an institution committed to creating a diverse learning environment. At the age of sixteen I was diagnosed with a skin condition known as psoriasis. Up until that point, I did not have a “wooden leg”; something we blame that is keeping us from being successful in life and our goals, whether big or small. Psoriasis is my wooden leg and whether I like it or not, I have to find a way to deal with it and not let it affect my life. Psoriasis is a non-contagious skin condition where the immune system mistakes the skin cells as pathogens and attacks its own cells. The effects are red, scaly, itchy patches on the skin that most commonly appear on the elbows, knees, scalp and hands. Stress, the weather, and other factors can cause a flare-up of these symptoms. The first flare-up occurred in the winter of junior year. I began sporting red, irritating patches of skin on my elbows, knees, and hands that greatly impaired my ability to concentrate on school. I began wearing jackets to cover up my elbows and hide my hands in fear of being judged for my differences. The stress of the upcoming SAT didn’t help and only caused it to spread to other parts of my body. I could barely bear to look down when writing because the red patches all over my hands only made me feel worse. After months of oatmeal baths and topical ointments that made no difference, I had long retreated inside myself, becoming quiet and reserved. I would walk around school with my big jacket on just wanting to get back home so I wouldn’t feel so out of place and cut-off from everyone else. Fear of the future is what scared me more than anything else. Fear that I would have to bear these hideous itchy patches on my skin for the rest of my life and that they might define me. But help soon came in the form of my Robotics teacher. He noticed the red patches on my hands and informed me that his wife has psoriasis as well. He told me “Everyone has a wooden leg. This is yours and you have to learn to live with it.” For some people, it may take a lot more than a few wise words to change how they feel, but personally, these words hit home. Over the next few days, I pondered these words in my head, and the more I thought about them the clearer they became. I no longer felt as if I was alone with my problems, and knowing that other people were going through the same situation I am gave me hope but was also troublesome. To have this skin condition is irritating, agonizing, unfortunate, and hard to live with. Shortly after this, I began taking the medication Enbrel. It suppresses the immune system and lowers the number of flare-ups. Since being prescribed Enbrel, I am blessed to say my skin has cleared up almost 100% and I am much more able to focus on school. Knowing that psoriasis is a genetic lifelong condition, I am aware that it will come back with a vengeance; but this time I will be ready for it. I have accepted that this is me and I’m determined to not let it slow me down. Despite having psoriasis, I’m comfortable in my own skin.
  15. The story is that this Princeton undergraduate wrote an opinion piece for her school newspaper that got rejected for its indecorousness. This has been floating around Princeton's community, on the internet, and on college admissions websites like college confidential. I think it's an interesting read, although it opens to a lot of controversy. The author definitely paints a different view of what we presume to be an idyllic prestigious college environment. It speaks for itself. Princeton’s Brats Need a Vegas Makeover | Jessie Ye http://jessieye.files.wordpress.com/2011/12/pb1700323.jpg?w=130&h=250
  16. Question : People attend colleges or universities for many different reasons (for example, new experiences, career preparation, increased knowledge). Why do you think people attend colleges? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. Answer : There are many reasons why people attend colleges or universities. Since colleges and universities are primarily educational institutions, it is easily concluded that most people who decide to attend colleges or universities do so because they want to gain new knowledge and learn skills that are useful for their life in the future. Another reason is because they want to make friends and socialize with other people, learn to manage their life and time, and have new experience. Mastering the most up-to-date knowledge and skills is essential to face the future. The world is changing so rapidly and the rapid advancement of science and technology poses new challenges and influences the way of people’s life. Those who cannot respond accordingly to the challenges will lag behind. Therefore, people need to equip themselves with the most up-to-date knowledge and skills to prepare for the future. Colleges and universities can help people do so. To those who like to learn, colleges and universities give many opportunities to fulfill their desire. Besides the reason to gain new knowledge, most people who decide to attend colleges or universities also want to make friends and socialize with other people. By nature, humans are social beings who cannot live alone and thus need other people to interact with. When someone grows up and has finished his/her high school, his/her world becomes wider and his/her necessities are not so simple as before. Consequently, the wider one’s world is, the more people he/she needs to interact with. Colleges and universities can serve as the right places in which students can meet and mingle with other people in order to enhance their understanding and broaden their connections. Another common reason to attend colleges or universities is because they offer new experience. For example, learning process in universities is different from that in high schools. The former is basically meant to prepare the students to enter the professional world, while the latter is meant to equip the students with basic knowledge and skills to lead a decent life. Subsequently, the former insists self-reliance, while the latter is typically dominated by the teachers. By adapting themselves to the learning process in universities, students are building their own self-reliance and obtaining new experiences. Moreover, most colleges and universities also provide extracurricular activities that help the students develop their talents and potentials. In short, most people attend colleges or universities to prepare for the better future. Accordingly, most colleges and universities provide many opportunities for their students to achieve their goals and fulfill their personal interests.
  17. Hello everyone! Below is my admissions essay to UW for the prompt:Tell us a story from your life, describing an experience that either demonstrates your character or helped to shape it. I would love criticism on how to improve sentence variety, flow, ideas, vocab, etc. Any idea you have on what you believe would make this essay better is welcome :) My feelings that day were equivalent to abandoning a best friend in the middle of the Sahara. He was utterly helpless, and nothing I could do would save him. The person in question was my foster brother, and also the one person I have been closest too. The likelihood that I will ever speak to him again is low, but he has influenced me more than anyone else ever will. James was my brother's first best friend, and would always ride the bus home with us in a futile attempt to avoid his aunt. Although my brother and James were nearly inseparable, they did get in fights pretty often considering their stubbornness. After these constant bouts, James would vent to me. One day he told me all about his parents. His father was currently in jail, while his unemployed mother lived a couple hours away with his four half-siblings. Because of his parents, James had been living on the streets before his aunt agreed to take him in. Although his childhood was heartbreaking, I immediately gained respect for how strong James was. My problems were trivial. James helped me to realize just how fortunate my life is. When his aunt lost custody of him, my family stepped in. We aspired to legally adopt James, but we were only able to take him in as a foster child. He adapted to our home with ease, and I connected to him in a way I never could have with my blood brother. The two of us would sit in my room and talk for hours about life, people, and the future. Then his persona changed entirely. My poor father had to endure countless meetings involving his truancy. Because of his absences, we were deemed unfit to keep him; regardless of the fact that he was fed, clothed, safe, and loved in our home. Custody now belonged to his birth mother. I remember that last drive down to the slums of Olympia vividly, it was the last day I ever saw James. When we pulled into the deteriorating house's driveway, his mother was already outside. She beckoned us to follow her to the top level of the house. I noticed the dust and grime caked onto the floor. James' older sister was feeding her mother's baby as she sat on a couch crammed beside the kitchen. This was where we were leaving my best friend, my little brother. His mother broke down into sobs once the door closed. She was remarkably grateful that we had kept him safe and promised she would do the same. Months later my brother finally contacted James. He had just been released from juvenile detention and was living on the streets with his friends. His own mother, the person whom the court decided was a better suited caregiver than my family, had forbidden James to live in her home anymore. My immediate reaction was rage. I could not believe she would give her own child a death sentence by making him live on the street. Once I calmed down I realized it wasn't entirely her fault. His childhood influenced his recent decisions. He was simply going back to what he knew. Living with James for those few months taught me that I do have the ability to influence people. It may be too late for my brother, but there are plenty of children that will suffer the same fate if no one steps in. Volunteering at Housing Hope is just what I needed to make a difference. Before meeting James I never thought I would be able to change anyone's life, but seeing the children at Housing Hope grow is proof that I am. Because of James, I now recognize myself as a leader.
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