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Found 11 results

  1. My younger brother is still in college and pursuing a degree in Computer Science. i wanted to know which additional course should he do so as to add a weightage to his degree.
  2. Hi, I'm Mahfuz from Bangladesh. I'm working a faculty member for more than 2 years in a reputed public university here in Bangladesh. I also have 3 years experience of working as a Software Engineer in a Private Software Company. I am interested in pursuing PhD from abroad specially from US or Canada. Currently I am working with Natural Language Processing. In my PhD I am interested to work with Natural Language Processing or Machine Learning or Data Science or something related to this topics. Here is my detailed profile: B. Sc. (Engineering) from Computer Science and Engineering Shahjalal University of Science and Technology Sylhet, Bangladesh CGPA: 3.81 (with Honours) Position in Batch: 2nd GRE Score: 309 (Verbal: 143, Quant: 166, AW: 3) TOEFL Score: 82 (Reading: 20, Listening: 17, Speaking: 22, Writing: 23) Publication: 2 Journal in International Journal of Computer Applications (IJCA) 2 Conference paper in IEEE conference. Please help me to select University for PhD. I'm highly ambitious to get into higher ranked university. Suggest me some mid and safe university also. Thanks in advance.
  3. Dear friends, i am an MS aspirant and want to do my masters in Software engineering.I shortlisted a few universities for my course.I came across Carnegie Mellon University Application requirements website and i was shocked to see that they admit students on minimum of 290 score(more information can be found at Application Components for Software Engineering-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University) my GRE score is 321.As far as i have learned CMU is best in the field of computer's considering the researches and the placements they offer. so as a result I am bit confused, would it be wise to take admission in CMU?? Thanks all for your time
  4. Hi, I have secured 309 (q - 156, v - 153, awa - 3.5) in gre and 99 in toefl (r - 22, l - 23, s - 26, w - 28). I have 1.5 years of experience in IT field. I have a cgpa of 7.99, 10th - 89%, 12th - 80%. I am planning to apply for fall 2013. Please evaluate my shortlisted universities for Masters in Computer Engineering. Also please include any other universities which u might think is worth adding to this below list. University of Washington Ohio State University University of Florida Duke University North Carolina State University University of Colorado Boulder University of California Irvine Iowa State University University of Utah NY Polytechnic University University of Minnesota Twin Cities Virginia Tech University of Virginia University of Rochestor
  5. I am a Computer Scince student in his 8th semester. I am currently pursuing a 6 month training. Since my undergraduate GPA is not good I want to give the April Computer Science GRE. However I am overwhelmed by the amount of stuff to be read (I am very bad at theoretical computers) and have been procrastinating for around 15 days. Any advice regarding a study plan and whether I have enough time left will be very appreciated. Thanks in advance
  6. I have a gre score of 1380(800/580)..toefl 113 3.8 approx gpa (computer engineering) from mumbai university..2 internships.. 1 yr work ex. How much will computer gre help me in improving my profile (or is it really needed since i am a computer eng) to get into gtech, texas at austin,ucla etc?
  7. ms in computer science with major in information security or Masters in information security? I suppose computer science would build a over all knowledge base and Information Security would be more specific.. for job or even research point of view does it make sense to be more specific or be more open?
  8. I have a gre score of 1380(800/580)..toefl 113 3.8 approx gpa (computer engineering) from mumbai university..2 internships.. 1 yr work ex. How much will computer gre help me in improving my profile (or is it really needed since i am a computer eng) to get into gtech, texas at austin,ucla etc?
  9. Major: Computer Engineering Goal: MS or PhD in field related to Robotics GPA: 3.77 Major GPA: 3.84 GRE: 1370 (790Q / 580V) 1 Summer Internship (good internship, working directly with engineers) Research in Computer Vision, including robot project Senior Design Project: Snake Robot Any suggestions? Where would you apply if you were me? I've already applied to GA Tech, VA Tech, and UPenn I probably need some safer schools to add. THANKS!
  10. Hi everyone, I am a Computer Engineering major. GPA: 3.8 GRE: 1370 (790Q, 580V, AWA awaiting) Good internship and research..... Where do you guys think that I would have a chance getting in for MS? Also.... do you think that I should re-take the GRE? on my powerprep a week before I got a 1490..... So needless to say I was very disappointed with my results..... could be nerves. I would like to go to places in the range of GA Tech, VA Tech, Michigan, etc... Thanks!!!
  11. hey all, i just finshed writing my GRE .. got 1370 (verbal - 600, quant - 770 ). my cgpa is 7.52/10 (guess thats 3.09/4, ) , i calculated it like this (my cgpa/ class toppers cgpa)*4. my Xth class score is 93.6% , 12th(PUC) class score is 72.5%. I am currently pursuing my final year b.tech at NITK Surathkal( formerlyy KREC). i am planning for MS, but people are scaring me that the chances of getting a good job soon after MS is very flimsy, So am considering to apply for Phd instead of MS(as the chances of getting a tuition fee waiver is good and has a job guarantee) i am planning to apply for 1. UCLA 2. Georgia inst tech 3. University of wisconsin, madison 4. UT, Austin 5. University of South California 6. Stony Brook 7. UIUC 8. CMU perhaps am really banking on my college reputation and the fact that u get admits in colleges where ur seniors have received admits in the previous years.
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