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  1. Hi, I'm Mahfuz from Bangladesh. I'm working a faculty member for more than 2 years in a reputed public university here in Bangladesh. I also have 3 years experience of working as a Software Engineer in a Private Software Company. I am interested in pursuing PhD from abroad specially from US or Canada. Currently I am working with Natural Language Processing. In my PhD I am interested to work with Natural Language Processing or Machine Learning or Data Science or something related to this topics. Here is my detailed profile: B. Sc. (Engineering) from Computer Science and Engineering Shahjalal University of Science and Technology Sylhet, Bangladesh CGPA: 3.81 (with Honours) Position in Batch: 2nd GRE Score: 309 (Verbal: 143, Quant: 166, AW: 3) TOEFL Score: 82 (Reading: 20, Listening: 17, Speaking: 22, Writing: 23) Publication: 2 Journal in International Journal of Computer Applications (IJCA) 2 Conference paper in IEEE conference. Please help me to select University for PhD. I'm highly ambitious to get into higher ranked university. Suggest me some mid and safe university also. Thanks in advance.
  2. I'm currently a senior year student in the EE department at aBangladeshi University, and I'm 2 months away from graduation. I'm consideringapplying to US universities for graduate studies. I expect to graduate with aCGPA of about 3.8 (junior and senior year: 3.93). I am a bit confused as towhat to choose for my Graduate research field. My research experience includes two different fields. First, I participated in an International Competition,developing a Machine Learning system (software) for classifying the origin ofmedia recordings. Second, for my undergraduate research I've worked onnanophotonics, in particular, the enhancement of light trapping in novel solarcells via metal nanoparticles with computational methods. Now, while applying for graduate schools I'm confused as towhich line of research would be better for me. I'm highly enthusiastic about modern (quantum) physics ingeneral, so I am naturally drawn towards nanophotonics/solid state/ quantumelectronics. But, I'm unsure about the future of these fields and the kind ofjobs that these fields entail, and the chances of even getting a job. On the other hand, I am a good programmer, and I feel likeDeep Learning/ Machine Learning programs would be a safe and good choice,because of the possibility of a lot of application of these fields in the nearfuture. I do enjoy working on these also, but I have never before thought aboutgoing into these fields. So, could anyone who knows about the implications of workingon any these areas discuss the kind of work that I would be doing and putforward any suggestions as to which might be a better choice. Any suggestion ingeneral is welcome. Thanks a lot for your time.
  3. I got admits in Universitat des Saarlandes for a master's in CS, Uni-Potsdam for a master's in Cognitive System and Uni-Stuttgart for a master's in CS. Which should I attend, depending on its education and career aspects? 1- Universitat des Saarlandes (Computer Science) 2- University of Stuttgart (Computer Science) 3- University of Potsdam (Cognitive Systems) Which one to attend for winter 2015/16 intake? Need your suggestion! Thanks :)
  4. Dear Urch people, I have been admitted to TUM as well as well as Saarland University for MSc in Informatics (CS) for the Summer semester 2015. I am facing a problem that I don't know which to choose between these two. I understand that this kind of question has been asked before. But I would like to make this post also a reference for the most updated as of 2015. Please kindly help us make the decisions based on reasons and rationality. Some facts about me: 0.1 I'd like to focus my study in the field of Artificial Intelligence and I plan to pursue a PhD. 0.2 I'm more research oriented. I would like to work in Academia afterward if possible. 0.3 Naturally, I prefer a quiet and solitude life style. I party sometimes though but I love quiet and nature when I think. I still can't decide whether I should choose Saarland University or TUM for CS, since SAARLAND U: 1.1 Saarland is reputable for research in CS, they have got research institutes Max Planck and DFKI (for A.I.). 1.2They have gotten more research funding 3:1 compared to TUM. 1.3 Cost of living is definitely lower and more friendly to students. 1.4 According to DAAD site, CHE ranks Saarland U as better an overall experience than TUM for CS with the score: 1.3 for Saarland and 1.7 for TUM (lower score is better here). https://www.daad.de/deutschland/studiena...type=1&d=4 TUM: 2.1 On the other hand TUM is more reputable internationally. In this regard, would it give me a foundation for more choices of where I pursue my PhD including grants wise? 2.2 Beautiful city 2.3 As said I normally prefer a quiet study-life. But if TUM is actually better in term of contents and experience, I would not mind. If you could cogently persuade me in either way, I would very much appreciate it. Any additional info would be most welcome! Thank you.
  5. The system kept freezing and I lost almost 5 minutes on one of my two quant sections. I ended up with a 161Q, 164V. Im only applying to top cs programs, and a 161 in quantitive probably hurts my chances. I now have no time to retake it before applications are due. The folks at the test center were sympathetic, and admitted something was wrong and filed a report, but that was it. I'm going to call ETS tomorrow, but doubt there is much they'll do. What should I do, has anyone else experienced this, and with my scores, is it even worth applying and spending the money on applications?
  6. I am applying for Masters in Science (MS) in Computer Science for Fall 2015. While going through the online application form, I came to know that under the "Recommendations" section, I have to provide names and emails of three recommendation providers. I just wanted to know whether it is mandatory to submit letter of recommendation electronically in addition to mailing them along with all the necessary documents or will just sending them by mail be enough ? Thank you.
  7. Hello! I'm interested in applying to MS CS/HCI courses in USA cuz Design + Code keeps me happyhttp://www.edulix.com/forum/images/smilies/icon_smile.gif GRE- 310 | Q-161, V-149, AWA-3.5 TOEFL- Yet to take (expecting >100) UG 7.33/10 | Toppers Grade- 8.6/10 | Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli, Maharashtra(Govt. + Autonomous) Work Exp. Would complete 2 yrs this Sept '14 working in Infosys Ltd. as a System's Engineer. Client- Goldman Sachs Internship/Research Junior Research Fellow at the HPC Lab, IIT Bombay for 2.5 months. I was primarily involved in parallelizing code to optimize performance. MS/PhD No PhD. Interested in joining industry immediately after MS. Universities(Draft) -Carnegie Mellon (MS HCI) -GaTech (MS HCI) -Cornell University (MPS) -UMich Ann Arbor (MSI HCI) -Virginia Tech (MS HCI) -University of Maryand, College Park (MS HCI) -Depaul University(MS HCI) -Rochester Institute of Technology (MS HCI) -University of Indiana, Bloomington (MS HCI) -IUPUI (MS HCI) Why HCI? -Brainstorming on design problems, Design of Interfaces, Prototyping, Information Visualization/Architecture, UI/UX interests me -A perfect amalgamation of Design + Code is what I'm looking for while deciding my MS courses Please correct/provide more inputs if my notion of HCI is vague. Also, feel free to extend my list to add relevant CS/HCI universities suitable to my profile. Advise appreciated http://www.edulix.com/forum/images/smilies/icon_smile.gif
  8. Hi, My name is Satabdi. I have been accepted into the Masters Programme for Computer Science at both Saarland University and University of Freiburg. Which program would you advise? Thanks for all the replies. Yours Sincerely, Satabdi Ganguly
  9. Hello Friends, I did my schooling in India. I want to apply for a masters in Bioinformatics in the US or Canada. Please evaluate my profile and let me know whether i am eligible for a good/above average course. Please suggest some universities as well if possible. 10th----92% 12-------84% B.Tech(Biotechnology)----7.41/10 (70%) GRE----320 TOEFL(iBt)----113 Work Experience----2 years in an IT firm Recommendation Letter-----1 Is my GRE score good enough to get me a scholarship? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi guys, I've been in this website a lot, but this is my first post. Right now, I'm very interested in doing a PhD in Algorithmic Game Theory, especially which can be applied to Economics problems. I did several research and found an interesting fundamental book for this field, Algorithmic Game Theory, written by 4 professors : 3 is in the US. These are described as follows. - Tim Roughgarden : Stanford University - Eva Tardos : Cornell University - Vijay Vazirani : Georgia Institute of Technology Now my problem is since I wanted to apply them in economics problem, I should find a university where it has great faculty both in CS and Economics. I have considered 3 programs from these universities - Computational and Mathematical Engineering : Stanford University (I have looked in a CS curriculum and it's kinda strict to the CS courses, so I'm looking in this one instead. Also, it has great economics faculties) - Computer Science : Cornell University (This one is not as strict as one in Stanford) - Algorithms, Combinatorics, and Optimization : Georgia Institute of Technology (I found this one the most interesting, both in subjects and professor, but it's Economics was not well considered by outsiders) I would like to ask for opinions from you guys about which one I should considered the most in order to achieve my goal. My goal resides in both academia and industry, but more in academia. I plan to be both a teacher and a consultant for government sectors. Any feedback and comment will be very grateful!!! Best Regards, Donn
  11. Hi, I am 2011 undergrad passout in computer science a reputed college in Bangalore. I have my GRE scheduled in mid-october. But I am not confident enough to get good scores in verbal section of the test, in turn would get a low total score. My incomplete profile:- - GRE: [yet to take] - Toefl: 102 - Computer Science graduate (8.2/10) - 2 years of work experience in a startup building Recommendation Systems(data mining/ML). - contributed to the company IP(got filed in US). - No publications/journals. - Interests: Data Mining, Information Retrieval, Machine Learning. I want to get admission in top universities and eyeing for these:- - USC - UCLA - UCSD - Georgia Tech - What GRE score would be preferable for admission for these universities? - As my test is in october, If I score low, taking retest wont help me as I would miss deadlines for these universities. What if I apply for universities for Spring/Fall 2015 next year ? My concern is I would have 3+ years of work experience while applying. Would this work experience(+3) affect my getting into good universities? - Can you please suggest me what to do. If I score low, should I wait one more year or go on with low ranked universities like SUNY(Buffalo). Thanking You Sravan
  12. Hello All, This is Rajashekar, did computer science and engineering from Jawaharl Nehru Technological University, kakinada University college(JNTUCEK). Could you please evaluate my profile with hereunder info: GRE 309 Quant-162 (84%), verbal-145 (24%), awa 3 (14%) TOEFL 100 BTech 69% (79% topper) JNTU, Kakinada University college Class XII 95% Class X 85% Work experience: 3+ years in Tata Consultancy Services as C/C++/Unix developer and Linux Kernel Integration R&D Engineer Achievements: 1. Worked as consultant and onsite coordinator at client location, Espoo, Finland for Nokia Siemens Networks as SW R&D Engineer. 2. Worked on Telecommunication ATCA servers 3. Worked on Board Support Package Integration and Board Bringup using Windriver 4. Worked on virtualization on Base Station Servers to make them as cloud servers and provide cloud based services. 5. I have worked on kernel and device drivers. Presentation: One National level paper National Science Olympiad certificate. I would like to pursue my graduation in computer systems and cloud computing. I am planning to apply for 10 universities Please suggest amb/mod/safe universities from my list of universities: University of California, Davis University of California, Irvine University of California, Riverside University of California, Santa Barbara University of California, Santa Cruz University of Southern California San Diego State University San Jose State University Santa Clara University San Francisco State University Purdue University-West Lafayette University of Massachusetts-Amherst University of Utah Salt Lake City, UT Texas A&M University-College Station Northeastern University Boston, MA University at Buffalo—SUNY University of Kansas University of Texas-Dallas University of Texas-Arlington Texas Tech University California State University, Sacramento California State University, Chico California State University, Fresno California State University, Northridge California State University, Long Beach California State University, Fullerton Please let me know if you need further info and let me know your valuable suggestion. Thanking you all beforehand for your precious time and efforts. Awaiting valuable response -br Rajashekar Kasi
  13. Uiversity of Chicago is a highly reputed university , but is its CS program valued.. Program is of 1 year and the placements are quiet good , but i am unsure of the research going on.. Will i be able to go for PHD after the 1 year program,, ..Please let me know..
  14. After much deliberation I chose UCSD over UCLA for a PhD in CS. But now I am feeling regretful... just wondering if someone out there can make me feel any better by giving some reasons why UCSD's CS PhD is better than UCLA's... Also, I have thought of applying again next year in hopes of getting readmitted to UCLA, or another higher ranked school. My stats: GPA: 3.66, double math and cs major (but 3.89 for last 2 years of a 3 year program, and 3.94 CS GPA) Have a previous degree from a liberal arts college Interned at Harvard, MIT, NASA Have published papers in biology, physics, philosophy, and wrote ACT math questions for a well regarded published prep-book need to retake the GRE but I know I can get 5.5 writing, 166 verbal, hopefully 170 math But so far people have told me that I probably wouldn't get into a much higher ranked school than UCSD.
  15. Need help from you guys in suggesting me colleges: GRE 325-155v,170q,3.5awa TOEFL score not received yet, didn't do good Undergrad scores are good Have 5 years of work experience on data warehousing, for last 3 years working in US. So thinking for data warehousing/mining or similar subjects. And alternately thinking of applying for MS/PHD-finance program also, which 'd be somewhat computer science-finance interdisciplinary. suggestions??
  16. Hi, I recently gave my AGRE and have just received my scores which are 610 with a 20 percentile. I know that these scores are not worth reporting but I made a gamble while filling up the form and have reported the scores to the following universities: Indiana University - Bloomington Northeastern University SUNY Buffalo University of Utah Does anyone have any idea on how it'll impact my chances with these universities? I have an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering and had given the test to improve my chances of admission. So will they consider the fact that I tried or will they straightaway reject my application looking at my AGRE scores? Thanks, Expressions
  17. please evaluate my profile: masters in computer science: from st xavier's college kolkata(autonomous),calcutta university->72.42%(highest was 81.5%) bachelors in computer science honours calcutta university->68.25%(marks are usually low) class XII(ISc)->82% class X(ICSE)->80% papers:submitted one,awaiting acceptance on a modified version of merge sort with a best case of O(n) projects: i) uncharted terrain navigation using swarm intelligence...lead the group ii)distributed programming software for a system of homogeneously connected nodes or machines iii)buffer overflow protection where stack protection is not feasible. recommendations:from head of the department of computer science at st. xavier's college from two professors from our dean of science who has published numerous books on computer science and electronics i want to apply to the following: michigan state university university of illinois urbana champaign purdue university university of washington... please inform me whether i am aiming too high and what are my chances of getting in.
  18. hi all, i have completed B.tech from Pune university. CGPA - 9.54/10 2 inetrns - IBM, Nvidia work ex - 2 years Morgan stanley no research paper GRE - 320 TOEFL - 113 I am applying for MS comp sci in some top universities like - standford, UIUC, UCB, UCLA, texas austin and wisconsin -madison. What are the chances of getting admission in any of these universities? Please suggest good universities for my profile. Thanks in advance!!
  19. I had been browsing this forum and PhD admission pages in Bschools for quite some time. This is the first time I am posting though. I would greatly appreciate your input on my profile. My main concern is with deciding "how wide should I apply". Education : Bachelors in Production Engineering - 82 % (2nd rank in the university) - 3rd tier Indian University Masters in Manufacturing - 8.75 / 10 (3rd in the class) - from an IIT (top notch Indian University) Scored above 99.5 percentile (with an All India Rank of 12) at GATE (all India level competitive exam for entry into Indian grad schools in engineering) Research experience : Worked in a respected (American multi national) industrial research outfit for 7 years in the areas of manufacturing process planning & control, new product development, Graph theory and formal methods. 2 Int. Journal Papers; 3 Int. Conf Papers; 2 Patent Filings; 8 Intellectual Prop awards for trade secrets (not filed as patents for business reasons of the company) Recommendations : One from my thesis adviser at IIT. Two from my research lab managers at the industrial research lab - both have PhDs and active researchers, though in Industry. One of them have a PhD from Northwestern in IE/OR, editorial board member for a few manufacturing journals. Test Scores : One big hole - have not given the GRE yet. Scheduled for mid November. Currently testing at the mock test (at the start of the prep) 162 Q and 154 V. But I am confident of getting to at least 165 (790) Q 160 V and 5 A Research interests: I am pretty strong at certain computer science aspects such as algorithms, graph theory and formal methods / modeling. So I would like to pick the operations problems that has a strong comp. sci. overlap / interdisciplinary. And, I really do want to be a professor - to get into academic research had always been my career goal from my masters time. Schools Targeting (or may be dreaming of:) ): HBS, INSEAD, MIT, Stanford, Wharton, London Business School, CMU Tepper, Kellogs Cornell, U Mich Ross and UT Dallas. Another point to note is my age : 31 - pretty bad, I guess ! Now, I would like your candid feedback on : - Do I really stand a chance at these schools? If not , which others should I realistically target? - Is my plan to get two recos from Industrial R&D guys OK? - I understand that the publications count as my research experience. What about the patent filings and IP awards, do they count as well? Thanks
  20. Hi all, I've been searching these forums for a bit to find info about getting into masters programs in CS/compling/language technologies. After reading some posts (many containing very useful comments), I've decided that I still need to post my own info and ask for direct advice. What I've done University of Chicago 2009, BA linguistics, general honors in the College Overall exit GPA: 3.34, major exit GPA: 3.33 No publications in any field Work/research experience in University of Chicago Phonology Laboratory, McNeill Gesture Laboratory (Dept. of Psychology) General GRE score (2nd attempt) of Q: 800 (94%), V: 760 (99%), W: 4.0 (45%) Two web programming classes (CMSC 10100/10200), 'A's in both One CS intro. course (CMSC 15100), 'P' (had to take it pass/fail because I was doing sort of badly due to some motivational problems, which are no longer an issue) One discrete math course in the CS department (CMSC 27100), 'W' (had to withdraw due to, again, some motivational problems) 'Intro to Programming for Linguists' course (like an intro to NLP with Python) (professor is a potential recommender), 'A' What I'm doing I'm now looking to do a computational linguistics/language technologies/cs (w/specialization in NLP/CL) masters program somewhere. Unfortunately, I don't have much of a formal background in computer science (nor was I able to take my school's only compling course). Despite my lack of formal CS background, I do have some programming chops, much of which I've developed on my own, and I'm working on some personal projects right now to continue that development. I think I could definitely include some of my current projects with a grad school application where appropriate. I'm also studying for the GRE subject test in CS for the middle of November, which I think I can get a decent score on (I don't really have a full impression yet of how well I'll do, though, because I haven't tried a full-length practice exam, but I'm working through some resources I've dug up, like the Titanium Bits guide.). What I'm hoping for One of my biggest targets is to get into Carnegie Mellon's Language Technologies Institute for their Masters in Language Technologies program. The program looks absolutely amazing, and I think I'd really like it. Question is, can I get in, given my lack of background in CS/research? I think I can get rather good recommendations, at least where being involved in linguistics/research is concerned. One would be from my former boss at the UChicago Phonology Laboratory (also my professor in some ling classes). Another would be from one of my former ling professors who also directs the Chicago Language Modeling Lab. My third recommendation, perhaps not as strong as the other two due to its lack of ties to either the CS or ling departments, would be from a senior researcher in a psych lab that works with gesture, where I worked for half a year. Anyway, in addition to CMU's LTI, I've tentatively been looking at Georgetown (MS in compling), UW Seattle (professional MS in compling--don't really want a professional program, though), Columbia (MS in CS allows for heavy specialization in NLP/CL), Stanford (MS in CS with specialization in NLP/CL) and USC as possibilities as well. I realize that some of these schools explicitly offer degrees in computational linguistics and others don't, while still allowing for specialization in computational linguistics through masters programs in CS. I still have a rather long list of schools to plow through in order to determine whether or not they offer programs of interest to me (NYU, Ohio State, SUNY Buffalo, UCLA, Berkeley, UIUC, UMD, UMich Ann Arbor, UMN, UPenn, UT Austin, Utah). I should mention that I am more interested in masters programs with thesis options and opportunities for research than just course-based programs, as I still haven't ruled out the possibility of doing a Ph.D. in CS/compling after my masters studies. Advice I suppose, then, that I'm seeking general commentary/advice/criticism/suggestions on my choice of programs/institutions, any programs/institutions I seem to be unaware of, and my chances of getting into the aforementioned programs/institutions. All helpful comments are most welcome! I'll add, finally, that suggestions for MS programs in CS without an NLP/CL focus are also welcome, as I'd potentially consider doing something like that, with a view to doing a Ph.D. in CS/compling afterwards (though I'm currently assuming that getting into a compling program would probably be more realistic than getting into a pure CS program for someone with my profile). Alright, thanks a bunch for reading this far, and sorry for the tl;dr-type post! Best, Stefan
  21. Hi, I am a final undergraduate student of computer science and wish to apply for a PhD in US in Fall 2013 in the field of Data Mining/Machine Learning. Cummulative GPA: 8.76/10 GRE : 316 (Q:164, V:152, AWA: 4) TOEFL: 111 (R-27, L-28, S-28, W-28) Done three research internships. International Publications: 2 journal papers, 2 conference papers and 1 poster. (Excluding 1 journal paper and 1 conference paper under review). I have good letters of recommendations and a decent resume (which includes good performances in high school and International Maths Olympiad) Though my GRE score is quite less, I believe that I have a nice research background and so I am trying for a university in top 20-25. I have made a list of universities: 1. MIT 2. Stanford 3. UIUC 4. University of Texas, Austin 5 University of San Diego 6. UCLA 7. Columbia University 8. UCI 9. USC 10 Brown university I want to filter this list into 7 and then add 2 safe universities. Can someone please comment on my selections and suggest changes?
  22. Hi, May I start by saying that, this site has been a continuous source of inspiration for me and helped to shape my decision in pursuing higher studies in US. I want thank all of the people involved with this forum for that. I would request the members to kindly review my following profile and suggest a few universities where I can most probably get full funding. My GRE score is, Q-156, V-153, AWA-3.5, M.S in Computer Science CGPA is 3.90/4 and B.S 2.99/4 , I have 2 publications in IEEE conferences (ICMLC'11, ICITA'11). I will sit for the TOEFL score next month. I have 4 years experience in the field of software development and I've also worked as a TA during my MS study. I have sent my GRE score to the following universities for PhD in computer science. 1. CMU 2. MSU 3. City College CUNY 4. SUNY Stony Brook Please comment about my selections. I’m targeting Spring’13. Also, suggest a few universities where I can be able to get full funding. Thanks in advance. Naved
  23. Hi. I want to apply for an American University for MS in Computer Science in the Spring 2013 Batch. I want to know the universities which offer the course for the Spring Batch along with their rankings. Thanks and Regards.
  24. Hi. I want to apply for an American University for MS in Computer Science in the Spring 2013 Batch. I want to know the universities which offer the course for the Spring Batch along with their rankings. I have just started working on it. How do I proceed for getting more information? Thanks.
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