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  1. Hi everyone, I'm a junior in Economics from Peking Univ, China. From some RA work and communication with marketing faculties, I find consumer behavior especially attractive to me and I want to apply for marketing phd in the US next fall. However, I'm a bit worried about my profile so I'm here for some advice. Test Scores (GRE): V152+Q170+AW4.5 (I'll retake to try to reach 160 in V) Undegrad GPA: 3.85/4.0 Research Experience: a 6-month RA experience with an assistant prof in management (phd in social psych at UC Berkeley) (the project focuses on social emotions such as awe and envy), participated in idea generation, lab experiment running and data analysis in R and Mplus; currently working with an associate prof in marketing (phd in marketing at UChicago Booth and worked as AP in UFlorida for 5 years) Teaching Experience: None Work Experience: None Other information: As I mentioned above, I major in econ so I used to think that I was interested in behavioral econ. However, after some exposure to social psych, I find myself prefer doing research using experimental methods. Now I'm working on a supervised independent project (which will be my writing sample if everything goes on well) on gift giving and decision in dyads. As for psych training, I've only taken introductory social psych. Also, I'm participating in 1st year cb course and reading group to read and discuss articles from top journals jcr and jmr. My main questions are whether i should take more psych courses to strengthen my background and whether I might be a strong applicant for cb phd next year? Concentration Applying to: CB Number of programs planned to apply to: about 15 Dream Schools: haven't started selecting schools If anyone can leave some opinion, I'll be extremely grateful!
  2. Hi all. I’m planning to apply to Marketing CB PhD programs in the US (and one in Canada) and I’m a bit worried that I might come up short. How does my profile stack up? Test Scores (GMAT/GRE): GRE: 163/80% (Q), 166/97% (V), 5/92% (AW) I’ve yet to take the TOEFL (will do so very soon) but I’m not worried about it. Undegrad GPA: BBA in Marketing (4 year, honors) at a top Asian university. GPA = 3.6, converted to 4.0 scale. Got rather average scores in math and stats (mostly Bs), but I got straight As in all Marketing courses, if that’s of any use. And my GPA has improved continuously, year after year. Graduate GPA: N/A Research Experience: I didn’t have prior research experience during my undergrad, because I didn’t think about being an academic until my final year. After graduating last year, I have been working with a marketing professor and their PhD student as an RA, and we co-authored an empirical paper where I’m third author. Did mostly literature review and theoretical development. It’s yet to be published though. Teaching Experience: TA to help grade assignments for an introductory marketing course. (Also have informal 1-1 tutoring experience, which I doubt would help my case.) Work Experience: Business/consumer insight analyst in a large MNC, first as a (full time) intern, then as a (part time) assistant, for the past 3 years. Concentration Applying to: Marketing, Consumer Behavior/Psychology Number of programs planned to apply to: 15+ (mostly rather reputable schools). While this may appear unselective, I’ve already whittled them down from 2x choices, by looking up each faculty member and their research interests to determine fit. Dream Schools: UBC Sauder (accepting “outstanding applicants with Bachelor degrees”), Kellogg, Fuqua, Anderson, Gies, Yale SOM, etc. LoR: I haven’t asked, but I’m hopeful that I will get one from my prof, one from their PhD student, and one from the prof who taught me CB (and gave me an A+). Other Questions: What made you want to pursue a PhD? Two factors: one was an inspiring CB course during undergrad, and the other one was my work experience as a consumer analyst. I enjoyed the RA experience and now have a taste of the rigors of academic life and writing. I’m particularly interested in nonconscious/priming, cross-cultural behavior and product aesthetics/design and would love to conduct research on them. Questions or concerns you have about your profile? - My GPA. Not terrible, but is it good enough? - My quant score (80%). Would that be a sore point for CB? - Math/stats. Besides the introductory courses during undergrad, I had some basic exposure to SPSS and data collection while working on the paper as an RA. But I fear this may not be sufficient. - No psych background/courses at all Any additional specific questions you may have: - Do I have to write a research proposal at this stage? (A full one, as opposed to “Briefly outline your research interests” in SoP.) While I don’t see it explicitly called for in most application websites, I’ve been advised that it’s nevertheless useful to submit to the adcom. Thoughts? - Being a professor is my ultimate goal. While I’m 100% committed to applying for PhD programs, I’ve been thinking about a Plan B should I get rejected to all of my choices. I was thinking of doing a MSc/MA in Psychology first (conversion), which would fill the gaps in my psych knowledge and research/writing experience, and then apply for PhDs in Psych/Marketing. Is this a good fallback plan in your opinion? Is it wise to apply for masters at the same time as PhDs?
  3. Test Scores (GMAT/GRE): 161Q - 164V last taken in 2018. I hope to improve next summer with 165+ for each. Undegrad GPA: 3.71 - Marketing Top 20 Public University Graduate GPA: 3.65 - Analytics - Top 5 Program Research Experience: 2 papers accepted to conference, 1 in process of publication to top 10 journal. Teaching Experience: TA for Regression Analysis (grad) Work Experience: Sales 3+ years Concentration Applying to: Consumer Behavior Number of programs planned to apply to: 10-15 Dream Schools: Maryland, Duke - Fuqua, UChicago Other Questions: What made you want to pursue a PhD? I fortunately had a few great professors at my b-school who encouraged me to pursue a PhD. I am passionate about research (which I am aware is a given for most if not all candidates), but I also would like to be the mentor for future students, like the ones I had. My research interests are rooted in how marketing and society connect, as well as sustainability and technology. Questions or concerns you have about your profile? I am aware that the MSc in Analytics aligns more closely with the quant track, but I did not have a strong background in mathematics from my undergraduate degree and I felt that it was necessary to bolster my quantitative background. I haven't done as much research yet on the research interests of top-20 programs, but I felt that the three above were strong in CB. Is there any chance based on my profile? Would you have any suggestions for programs that align with macro marketing?
  4. Hi Everyone, I always find the discussions here quite productive and helpful. I am planning to apply to Ph.D. programs in Business Administration this application cycle for admission in Fall 2020. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing from California State University, and an MBA from the same school. My graduate research focused on Consumer Behavior, specifically looking at the effect of personality factors in people's decision to participate or not in the Sharing Economy. But my thesis chair had his PhD in Org Behavior (I just clicked with him and decided to do my graduate thesis under his supervision, even though he wasn't technically in the Marketing department but in Management). Anyway, now that I have been out of school for 2+ years and have been running a non-profit as the principal officer and manage a team of 25, I have realized my primary interest lies, broadly speaking, in the psychological factors within the workplace and how they affect the company and the surrounding community (Micro and Macro OB, I suppose). I also have found that it's much easier for me to read and understand an Org Behavior Journal paper than a Consumer Behavior ones. I find myself genuinely lost at many methodology sections of CB papers, involving FMRI, etc. So, I am planning to apply to about 10-12 Org Behavior programs, and 8-9 CB programs (where I have research fit). But, I am wondering if schools would just disqualify my application based on a lack of academic research background in Org Behavior. A professor at an UC school, that I met recently, said that the schools may think that I am "confused," and may disqualify me, while others have said that the schools aren't really that concerned with the topics of previous research, as they are in seeing whether you know how to research. Would really appreciate your opinion and advice on this. Has anyone been in the same situation? Also, is OB supposed to be less mathematically challenging than a CB program?
  5. Hi all, I'm wondering whether it would be possible for a PhD student to switch between Quant, CB and Strategy? I'm planning to apply to CB track, as my profile is not quant-heavy enough for Quant and I have research experience in Psychology. However, recently I've become interested in some quant methods such as Machine Learning, structural models... If I get admitted to a program, would it be feasible for me to switch to Quant or Strategy?
  6. Dear all, I am going to study consumer behavior. I got offers, positive news, or waiting list from the following schools. I checked their websites and Who went Where; I consulted 2 people in this area (I don't know many ppl in this area). So, I have some basic ideas about these schools. But, since this is such a big decision, I don't see it's a bad idea to collect more opinions or suggestions (especially for someone who is not familiar with US and its schools). Could you please do me a favor by ranking the following schools (e.g., A>B=C>D...), in terms of, say, placements (is there any other important factor that should also be taken into consideration?)? Your help would be greatly appreciated. U of Connecticut U of Utah U of Iowa U at Buffalo—​SUNY Iowa State University U of Massachusetts—​Amherst U of Kentucky U of Tennessee
  7. Thank you for evaluating my application. I am an international student studying at a top 5 US School (US News and World Report). I am currently a junior, I expect to apply by fall. Expected to receive a BA in Experimental Psychology and MA in Psychology (through selective BA/MA program). Test Scores (GMAT/GRE): 167 V 165 Q Undegrad GPA: Major: 3.96; Overall: 3.82 - Top 5 US School known for hard grading and grade deflation Graduate GPA: N/A (will begin graduate coursework in senior year to receive MA) Research Experience: I would have worked in 3 labs (cognitive, social neuroscience, evolutionary psych) for about 2.5 years each on average at time of application. Longest research experience would be 3 years (resulting in a conference presentation). 3 publications in undergraduate research forums (peer-reviewed, double-blind), 1 in a professional conference, and 2 to come in peer-reviewed, professional journals. Also would have worked at behavioral division at the Business School of the university for 2.5 years by the time I apply. However, I'd like my recommendation to come from the other 3 projects, just because I was more involved in those projects, they resulted in publication. I also expect my honors thesis (finished a year earlier than usual) to be published. Also worked at target dream school's communication and business schools for the last summer and going back this summer. Teaching Experience: Worked for NGO advocating diversity in science by going on visits to science fairs etc. at low-income neighborhoods but nothing in a classroom setting. Work Experience: N/A Concentration Applying to: Some are CB (marketing), some are OB (micro) Number of programs planned to apply to: 15 Dream Schools: Stanford, Harvard, Booth, Kellog
  8. Hi I'm a slightly older candidate (late 20s here) I work in market research for a small firm and I have a masters degree in statistics from a non-US school. I've recently taken a huge liking to behavioral research. I took some psychology electives during my undergraduate so I though they were enough to do a masters in Psychology, they were not so when I applied to a couple of programs at some reputable schools last year i got rejected. I have recently gotten an admit from a quantitative methods program at a top school in the US for their spring term, it's oddly one of the very few schools that actually have a spring cohort. Anyway the program isn't housed under the business school but you have 3 free electives and you're free to do your research under any professor at another school as long as they'll take you. I really want to go into consumer behavior and I'm excited at this opportunity. though i'm really worried that the investment might not pay off. if i manage to be a research assistanship with a behavioral research would that make up for it being a quantitative degree? Also how hard is it to get an assistanship with a professor outside your school? also for PhDs in consumer behavior does the school name play a role? and on a more general note Is it possible to get into consumer behavior after doing a second quant-related masters? I'm really confused and I have to pay the deposit soon if anyone KNOWLEDGABLE on the subject has any input please help me
  9. Hi, as a fourth-year undergraduate student, I am quite anxious of my application for PhD Program on Marketing (CB track). Please help evaluate my competence. My profile stats are as follows. 1. Standardized Tests: GRE: Verbal 164 (94%); Quantitative 168 (95%); Analytical Writing 4 (56%). TOEFL: Reading (29) Listening (30) Speaking (24) Writing (29) Total (112/120) 2. Undergraduate School: Bachelor of Science on Economics; Bachelor of Science on Psychology GPA: (Economics) 3.95/4.00 (top 5%); (Psychology) 4.00/4.00 assessed by WES Tsinghua University, China (Top 2 University in China) Exchange Student on Economics GPA: (Economics) 3.84/4.00 University of Mannheim, Germany 3. Graduate GPA: null, I am currently a fourth-year undergraduate student. 4. Research Experience: a) Independent Research as Term paper for the PhD Course Consumer Behavior Research I: Judgment and Decision-Making. Accepted by SPSP Annual Conference Undergraduate Poster Session. Proceeding as my Honor Thesis. b) Summer Research Assistant at Top10 U.S. Business School for 11 weeks, assisting with one part of Job Market Thesis. Designed Four surveys with data from MTurk. c) Research Assistant on Psychology for one semester. d) Research Assistant on OB for one semester. This research has been published at JAP but I had no authorship as RA. e) Training Editor for Journal of Marketing Science (Leading Scholar Journal in Chinese). 5. Teaching Experience: TA-ed One-Week EMBA Overseas Session at New York City 6. Work Experience: one irrelevant summer internship 7. Concentration Applying to: Consumer Behavior 8. Number of programs planned to apply to: over 20 9. Dream Schools: Any PhD program that gives me an offer. 10. What made you want to pursue a PhD? I simply want to be a professor rather than anything else. Research is inherently fascinating for me while industry is tedious and depressing for me. Questions or concerns you have about your profile? 1. What are my chances of getting into the Top 20 programs? 2. I have learned quite much courses (44 ETC) on economic theories, econometrics, statistics and industrial organization as an exchange student at one of the leading Econ institutions in Germany. But now I am determined on CB research. Do you think these Econ courses (typically for quant track) will destroy my application? 3. If I fail to get enrolled in any Ph.D. program this year, what research master programs on Econ or Psycho do you recommend for me to pursue my academic goal? 4. Do you think it is a better idea to get a Master Degree first if I wish to become a competitive Job Market Candidate in five to seven years? Best Regards and Many Thanks.
  10. Test Scores: GRE 163 Verbal (92%), 161 Quant (79%), 4.5 Writing (82%) Undegrad GPA: 3.82, Top 5% Graduate GPA: n/a Research Experience: completed senior honors thesis, 2.5 years as research assistant Teaching Experience: none Work Experience: 1 year internship in communications, 1 year as analyst at market research firm Concentration Applying to: Consumer Behavior Number of programs planned to apply to: around 10 Dream Schools: Stanford, UChicago, UPenn What tier of schools should I be looking at? Are my scores too low for top schools? What makes an applicant stand out?
  11. Hi everyone! Hoping for a little feedback on my profile. Undergrad: B.B.A. in Marketing from the University of Georgia (overall GPA 3.4; Major GPA 3.72) Grad: M.S. in Marketing with a certificate in Brand and Customer Management from GSU (Grad in Dec 2014 - Current GPA 3.89) Recommendations: I have at least 4-5 professors who are active in research and well known in academia GMAT: Got a 620 last year but hoping for a anywhere between a 680-700 this year Research Experience: Merit Scholarship - Grad Research Assistant position for a full year (all of 2014) during my masters - more of a sales concentration Citizenship: U.S. (saw another poster mention this so I am too) I am hoping to get a PhD in Marketing (CB) and have a couple research topics (interpersonal relationships, household size, and direct marketing related) in mind that I intend to put in my statement of purpose (which I am having a couple friends and professors review for me). My fear is I will not get as good of a GMAT score as I am hoping. Your evaluations will be GREATLY appreciated. My top picks are UT Austin, George Washington, UCLA, BU, and USC (California). Any feedback on my profile and program recommendations will be greatly appreciated!
  12. Hi everyone! Hoping for a little feedback on my profile. Undergrad: B.B.A. in Marketing from the University of Georgia (overall GPA 3.4; Major GPA 3.72) Grad: M.S. in Marketing with a certificate in Brand and Customer Management from GSU (Grad in Dec 2014 - Current GPA 3.89) Recommendations: I have at least 4-5 professors who are active in research and well known in academia GMAT: Got a 620 last year but hoping for a anywhere between a 680-700 this year Research Experience: Merit Scholarship - Grad Research Assistant position for a full year (all of 2014) during my masters - more of a sales concentration Citizenship: U.S. (saw another poster mention this so I am too) I am hoping to get a PhD in CB and have a couple research topics (interpersonal relationships, household size, and direct marketing related) in mind that I intend to put in my statement of purpose (which I am having a couple friends and professors review for me). My fear is I will not get as good of a GMAT score as I am hoping. Your evaluations will be GREATLY appreciated. My top picks are UT Austin, George Washington, UCLA, BU, and USC (California). Any feedback on my profile and program recommendations will be greatly appreciated!
  13. Hi guys... I am interested in applying for business phd in marketing (CB) in future and just hoped to see if I can get some advice on choosing a masters program to apply for. I have relevant research experience in CB but to boost my profile (low undergraduate gpa), I'm considering doing masters first. I'm looking at LSE's MSc programs and am wondering which MSc program will be most beneficial... It seems MSc in Social Research Methods, MSc in Social and Cultural Psychology, MSc in Organizational and Social Psychology (and mayyyyyybe Msc in Health, Community, and Development) are potential matches.... And I'm leaning towards Social Research Methods because 1) I really feel like I've had good exposure to social and cultural psychology already and 2) I haven't learned these data analysis techniques, etc. that I'll learn through the Social Research Methods program. Alternatively, I'm also considering Organizational and Social Psychology since I don't know anything about org psych and think it'll be interesting... I think I'm pretty sure that I want to do Consumer Behavior rather than Organizational Behavior though, so I'm not sure if doing this program will be helpful. Curriculum wise, w/ Social Research Methods, students take 3 courses on research methods (quantitative analysis, qualitative research methods, fundamentals of social science research design) plus one elective (in psychology, etc) + dissertation, and w/ the other psychology MSc, students take two psychology classes plus one research methods class + dissertation... Would really appreciate your advice.... thank you!
  14. Newbie poster here. Two and a half years out of my undergrad, I feel slightly undereducated and am looking to further my education. Early stages here, but I'm wondering if I should set my sights on some kind of MBA or if an MS/PhD is worth looking into. I've reached out to former professors for advice to no avail (?!). Anyway I'm in a bit over my head with all the acronyms, abbrev., and so forth on this forum, so go easy on me, dear reader. Here are my stats: Undergrad: University of Wisconsin, BBA in marketing and international business. 3.83 overall GPA. Spring 2011. Haven't yet taken GMAT or GRE but I test well. Since finishing school, I've been working in entertainment (TV production) and, at present, tech (a start-up digital agency; I design and manage mobile web projects and the people who build them). My passion in school was branding because of the way it merged sociology and psych with marketing. For the past year I've been absorbing pretty much anything in that vein that I can get my hands on (Social Psych coursera classes, How We Decide, Nudge, The Social Animal, a bunch of published papers) and have generally become very interested in studying/working in the intersection between behavioral econ, marketing, and social psychology. An MBA doesn't appeal to me tons because I lack an employer who would pay for it and already took a boatload of business classes while getting my undergrad anyway. If I had to take managerial accounting again I don't know what I'd do. Some also say that MBA programs are just forums for business networking--that's not what I'm looking for. I want to dig in. Then again, I feel I lack the research experience and academic background (esp. quantitative--I took basic stats and business-kid Calc at Wisconsin) to get in to a PhD or Master's program. Any advice for a motivated but confused 24 year old? Thanks to any kind soul who made it to the bottom of this.
  15. Hi, I'm a French applicant, 24 yo, currently studying sociology in the UK. My research interests have gradually shifted from macro OB and sociology to social/cognitive psychology and consumer behavior... Therefore my current interests are especially emotional decision-making, numerical cognition, categorization. I should apply this year to a few elite business schools, before applying more widely for the 2015 intake. Reaches: Kellogg's, Booth, INSEAD, Ross, Stern Targets: Rotman, USC, Yale SOM, HEC, Texas-McCombs, RSM Rotterdam, Tillburg, maybe UBC. Safety: ESSEC, some T50 US schools (Arizona State-Carey, U.Florida...). Education: - French Ecole normale supérieure de Cachan (one of the very top research school in France). Admitted after competitive entrance exam, 4th nation-wide. B.A equivalent in Economics and Business, 13/20, middle of the pack. M.A in Business Economics, specialization in marketing, actually a prep course to the "Agrégation", the highest French teaching certificate (high-school/college level) in Economics and Business, 4th nation-wide (one more time!). 12,7/20 but big grade deflation. Actually, 1/3 of the program was about marketing... Full fellowship + stipend for 4 years of undergrad and graduate studies. - in the meantime, Bachelor and 1st year of master in Law, University of Rennes. Bachelor: 11/20 ; Maitrise: 13/20 (top 10 or 15%) - currently, MPhil in Sociology, U. of Cambridge (still funded by the Ecole normale supérieure). Test scores: - GRE: 164Q, 162V, 4.0AW. Taken with very little preparation, to be retaken, aiming at 167Q/164V. - TOEFL (if this requirement is not waived): 105. Research experience: - close to nonexistent. Master's thesis during my masters in Law (but supervised at the Ecole normale supérieure de Cachan), dealing with Antitrust Law and Economics. Grade equivalent to A+. MPhil disseration to be completed this year. No relevant work experience LORs: - reasonably strong letters from professors in my previous schools, including one marketing professor. However they are relatively unknown people, with little experience in writing US-style LORs. It is still too early for me to be recommended by my Cambridge professors for this year's applications - I just arrived one month ago. To sum up: Pros: academic background + grades. Cons: recommendations (unknown people), poor research experience, sociology MPhil somewhat inconsistent with my current interests. Neutral: GRE. Do I have a decent shot at T10 programs? US T20 ? Where should I apply? Thank you very much!
  16. Hi all! New to Urch and in a strange situation. (aren't we all? :) ) anyway, until i get the hang of writing a decent post i hope y'all will bear with me :) Here's all about me - Educational Qual - BSc. (3 year bachelor's Degree) in Microbiology (University of Mumbai, India) MSc. in Health Sciences (University of Pune, India) MS in Biotechnology (Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA) Nationality (I wish it didn't matter but I'm afraid it does): Indian Years of Work Experience: 5+ Industry: Biotech/Pharma After my MS I worked at a medical device company in upstate NY for a couple years before moving back to India. I work for a biotech company here and in several ways its a dream job (considering the fact that my family owns the company), but I'm yearning to get back to school as I've realized nothing really makes me as happy as working in research. I'm not saying life in research is cake-walk; just that I'm ready to take on the pain and labor for the fulfillment it'll provide. Big words ha. I have no formal background in psychology; however I've taken a couple Marketing, OB and Econ courses while at Hopkins. I've also taken statistics courses during my MSc, and have done field-based research and lab-based research. Most my marketing knowledge is self taught from reading and experience. My field of interest for my PhD research is CB/Social Psych/Marketing. While I know that my completely unrelated background could swing either ways of being an advantage or a disadvantage in terms of admissions, what I'm really looking for help in, is to find that starting point. Do I need a Masters degree in a related subject? I'm yet to take the GRE/GMAT (I've learnt that most schools accept either these days) but I scored well when I took it 5 years ago (1440/1600) and I'm not worried about test scores really. Are writing to current students/professors and campus visits of any use/encouraged/discouraged these days? I've been looking at schools and labs/ professors and I've shortlisted a few. Definitely top notch people in the field, although I'm not sure if I should list them here at this point. Starting from the ground up and aiming at the stars, I suppose! :) Looking forward to feedback/critiques! Cheers, lwl
  17. Hi, Nationality- Indian I am trying for an phd in marketing. my profile is Undergrad- 74% (Engg- Electrical and Electronics- Anna University) Grad- MBA- MArketing - 3.7 GMAT-770 do i have an chance in top tier colleges??should i take quant or CB - since i am good at both( scored first in statistical research and consumer behavior oriented subjects in class of 60) What colleges should i apply to?? Can anyone give me list of colleges good at quant and list for CB?? How can i improve my profile? should i try writing papers or taking new courses?? if papers- in what journals??(quant or CB) Please give me tips on how i should improve my profile to get into top 10 colleges??
  18. Hi, I am trying for an phd in marketing. my profile is Undergrad- 3.5 (Engg- Electrical and Electronics) Grad- MBA- MArketing - 3.7 GMAT-770 do i have an chance in top tier colleges? should i take quant or CB - since i am good at both( scored first in statistical research and consumer behavior oriented subjects in class of 60). what colleges should i apply to? can anyone give me list of colleges good at quant and list for CB?? How can i improve my CV? should i try writing papers or taking new courses?? if papers- in what journals??(quant or CB) Please give me tips on how i should improve cv to get into top 10 colleges???
  19. Hi, I'd appreciate the wisdom of the board to determine what I can do to make my application more competitive. I'm finishing the second year of an Econ PhD and have been smitten with consumer behavior and want to switch tracks. My lack of psych courses will pose a problem--I'd do much better getting into a quant marketing program. GGPA (top 20 econ): 3.7 (Economics) Relevant courses: Behavioral DM, Experimental Econ UGPA: 3.5 (Economics) Relevant courses: Mostly math and econ GRE: 790Q, 660V Research Interests: JDM, self-control, affect and DM I realize my SOP will be crucial to convince faculty I know what I'm getting myself into. I've been sneaking into the CB and marketing seminars for the past year and have been reading JCR. What else can I do to make my application more competitive? Should I be taking psych courses? RAing for profs? What programs should I look into? There's also a chance I could work with marketing faculty at my current institution--those I've talked to recent have been receptive. Thanks! Best of luck to you all.
  20. Hello everyone, I'm a long time lurker, first time poster. My goal is to get into a PhD program in Marketing for Fall 2012. I'm from Canada, and will be starting my MSc in Marketing in the Fall 2011 (one year program, encouraged to apply this December). Here is my profile: PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: Business, specializing in Marketing from Top 3 Canadian University Undergrad GPA: 3.5 Type of Grad: Canadian Marketing MSc from program with reputation of sending students to top 10 and top 25 in the US and all schools in Canada Grad GPA: Starting September 2011, applying for PhD Dec 2011 GMAT: 710 (Q44 V41 AWA5.5) Relevant Courses: graduate level courses targeted towards Marketing and Research (starting in September); UNDERGRAD: Consumer Behaviour, Advertising, Marketing Management, Into Anthro, Intro Psych, Intro Socio, Statistics, Marketing Research, Internet Marketing Other Courses: Business curriculum and 6 economics courses Letters of Recommendation: From Graduate program, I've been told I will have strong letters from professors. Research Experience: Graduate program will include research course, and research project/paper Teaching Experience: In my Undergrad: 2 years as a TA for Marketing courses in first year and upper years Research Interests: Consumer Behavior. I was wondering which schools I could realistically target. My main concern is my GMAT (it's borderline?). Would Kellogg be too much of a stretch? What are some US schools that are safely within my range? If there are any glaring holes in my profile, please let me know so I can do my best to address them before December. Thanks for all your help.
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