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  1. Hi everyone, I'm an Indian woman aiming for PhDs in Public/Social Policy or International Development. I'm unsure of where to start looking for universities in USA or UK because I cannot figure out where I'd be a strong candidate. Profile as below: Undergrad in economics, 1st rank from a top Indian university Masters in development studies from a top UK university but an overall Merit (about 60-65%), not the highest grade. Working for 2 years now as an RA with young profs/economists from the USA. Have also held internships with large non profits and government in India. GRE 165 quant, 160 verbal. Also completed some additional math coursework in linear algebra, vector calculus and real analysis from Harvard Extension. Have a co-authored publication in a local journal on labour / gender. My dream programs would be Stanford's Economics of Education or MIT Urban Planning PhD's International Development focus (my research is education and labour in cities). But wondering if I'd be a a more realistic strong candidate at NYU Wagner or Duke Sanford? Could anyone help with what universities I should be looking at? Thank you
  2. Hello! I finished undergrad quite recently, and am looking to get a sense of how strong my profile might be. I don't think I will do a PhD immediately, and I would strongly consider doing a predoc as well. Type of Undergrad: B.A. Economics and Mathematics (joint major). Top 10 US News ranking. GPA: 3.92. Major GPA: 3.94 GRE: Not taken yet P - Pass on Pass/Fail grading scale. Econ courses: Intro macro/micro (A/A); Advanced Micro (A); Intermediate Macro (A); Mathematical Game Theory (A); Trade and Development (A); Development Economics (P); Econometrics (P); Spatial Economics (P); Note: I got written commendations for both Development Economics and Econometrics that state I was among the top students in the class for both. Also would have gotten an A in Spatial Economics. Math courses: Calc III (A); Linear Algebra (A); Real Analysis I (A); Vector Analysis (A); Complexity Science (A); Stochastic Processes (A-); Intro to Probability and Statistics (A-). LOR's: (1) Asst Prof at Top 10 US News, 9 month part-time research and finished top of their class (2) Full-time summer RA for Asst Prof at Top 20 US News; (3) Unsure who to ask Research experience: Lots of RA jobs throughout undergrad. I realize I have some holes to fill (figuring out who would be my last rec letter, taking the GRE). Still, wondering whether people might have insights as to what kinds of schools might be attainable with this baseline. Further, if anyone had any advice for things I should consider doing (for instance doing an RAship and take more math classes or something). Thank you in advance!!
  3. Hello all, I just read the other, older thread about how to find a dissertation topic, but just thought of starting a new one with my specific question. I have often read that the best way to go about a research project is by thinking about a research question first, and then finding the relevant datasets to empirically answer the question. However, I guess this is pretty difficult in development economics/international agricultural development that I am aiming to specialize in. Furthermore, I reckon that being assigned to work on a particular project as an RA, it would be much easier to think about a research question within the contours of the project's survey data set. Do you think this reverse approach is the more feasible and efficient one during PhD although it will be limiting in terms of the area of the research question itself - in general for Econ PhD, and specifically for development economics? If you think of a particular research question for which you want to conduct a small experiment, which might possibly cost a lot, are external funds easily available? Is writing external grants even encouraged during a doctoral program? Look forward to hearing your responses. I am starting PhD in Ag/Applied Econ this Fall. Thanks!
  4. Now, please don't get me wrong, this is all out of curiosity. I get that agricultural economics had a different start point, in that it initially developed after a bunch of agronomists/agricultural scientists started using economic theories in their work. And, now, these departments in land-grant universities get huge government funding, so there are nice funding opportunities for students. But it seems that a lot of agricultural economics departments now deal more with research topics marginally related to agriculture, like environment, natural resources, and international development. I am curious that if I am interested in, let's say, international agricultural development and the related topics (smallholder farmer issues, technology transfer and adoption, agricultural cooperatives, gender in agriculture, etc.), why would it be better to do a PhD in an agricultural economics department, compared to an economics department or even a nice public policy department like at HKS? I think the same could be said to a certain extent for traditional agricultural topics (agricultural and commodity price analysis and forecasting, agricultural markets, agribusiness and farm management, etc.). Am I missing something?
  5. My most up to date profile: Type of Undergrad: B.A. Economics with Honors (Top 5 Econ research University) Undergrad GPA: 3.29 overall, 3.55 Econ Type of Grad:N/A Grad GPA: N/A GRE: N/A (studying currently) Math Courses: Multivariable Calculus (P - took on pass/fail for fear of bad grade), Linear Algebra and Differential Equations ©, Stats ©, Stats retake under different course name (A-) Econ Courses (undergrad-level): Macro (C+), Micro(B+), Metrics (A-), Independent Research Seminar (A), Honors Thesis (A), Case Studies in Economic Development (A-), Poverty and Impact Evaluation (A-), Intro Econ (A) Other Courses: Computing with Data (Basically an R class) Taken After Undergrad: Real Analysis & Linear Algebra I (A-), Real Analysis, Convexity, and Optimization (A-) Letters of Recommendation: Thesis advisor (very prominent development economist), current job (another very prominent development economist) , 3rd letter probably one of the co-authors I work closely with, up and coming well-known AP's. Research Experience: Currently a full time RA at a top econ department with a top tenured faculty member. Doing a two year term (1.5 years will be completed when I submit apps). Previously full time RA for 1 year at a top policy department (working on economics research for an economist professor); Two independent development papers written, one published in an undergraduate journal and other was a thesis with potential to get published in a minor journal; undergrad RA position with a prominent economist 1 semester; undergrad RA position with a PhD candidate in econ department 1 semester; undergrad RA position with a top Poli Sci professor 1 semester; co-author with prominent economist on two-pager policy brief. Teaching Experience: N/A Research Interests: Development, Poverty, Inequality, Environment Concerns: Obviously my math grades. Also what GRE threshold I should shoot for as a non-negotiable. Other: Interned at a prestigious development organization on less analytical things, completed many niche Global Poverty and Inequality courses and did very well.Coding skills: Stata, R, LaTex, ArcGIS, QGIS Applying to: Some top 10, mostly top 20, maybe top 30 and master's if necessary
  6. I have been admitted at the following unis: U Illinois UC U Arizona U New Mexico I also have really good chances with Colorado Boulder and Wyoming. I want to go into environmental and development economics. UIUC is definitely the best ranked uni in economics and it has a pretty good placement, while all the others are much more specialized in environmental and development econ, but seem to not fare just as well with placement (except Colorado). I'm thinking probably UIUC would give me the best chance to actually teach at any of those unis after the PhD and that a higher ranked uni is better in general for reputation, but on the other side those other unis do have a strong emphasis on the branches I like the most. Which one should I accept? Thanks to anyone willing to help! :)
  7. Hi all! I got fully-funded Ph.D. offers from the University of Georgia (Ag and Applied Econ), Virginia Tech (Ag and Applied Econ), and University of Florida (Applied Econ) for Fall 2020. I also applied to Purdue, UIUC and Michigan State but haven't heard from them so far. So out of the three acceptances, which would you recommend me to accept, given my interests in international agricultural development, development economics, and impact evaluation? Many of you may see these programs as substandard (at least when compared to Berkeley, UMD, Davis, Cornell, etc.), but given what life circumstances I have come through, I would still take these offers as a tremendous achievement. Some factors in deciding (if they help at all): - Virginia Tech Ph.D. is STEM, so being an international student, this would be a big factor while deciding. - Virginia Tech's program seemingly is more "diverse" applied (food, health econ, etc.) compared to the "ag-heavy" applied at other universities, if that makes sense. I think I appreciate the diversity and the flexibility of such "diverse" applied programs. - From the profiles of current PhD students in these programs, UGA comparatively seems to have a lot of students who did their undergrad in top-ranked Asian universities (Chinese and Korean particularly), hinting the appeal of the program, and the talent in it. - Among the three universities, I only know the professor I will be working with at Florida. They don't have a tenure yet, but did their Ph.D. at a top 5 Ag Econ department. Look forward to hearing your thoughts. Thanks, SSh
  8. Undergraduate: Top 15 US state uni GRE: Q168/V157/AW 4.0 (will be taking 2nd gre in late Dec) GPA: 3.6 Major: Econ&International Studies Minor: Development econ, Math Math: Cal1(AP), Cal2(A-), Calc3(B-), Linear Algebra (A), Probability Theory(B), Real Analysis(B) Econ: intermediate Micro(A), intermediate Macro(A), Econometrics (A) Research Experience: internship at abroad think tank, internship at aid agency I'm interested in international development. Not interested in getting ph.d I think I'll apply to LSE econ, LSE int development, UW-Madison econ for sure. I'm still pending my decision on USC applied econ, Uni of Sussex dev studies, Tuft for econ... Do you think programs at Cambridge or Oxford would be a far reach for me? Open to any suggestion or advice on my school choice! Thanks
  9. Posting for a friend. If you are someone who is interested in development work in the long term, especially at an organization like the WB (though if that's not representative then think other dev organizations) then the following questions: 1. Is a PhD the right path, or is an MPA/ID better? What career can you have in development without a PhD? 2. If a PhD is the right path, what kind of PhD? Obviously an econ PhD is good, but can a public policy PhD/polisci PhD also achieve the same path? I know econ has more option value in areas beyond dev, but assume the focus is only on dev. 3. If a PhD in econ is the right path, what is the lower bound on program ranking that is worthwhile? Assume you have no interest at all in a TT research position and are certainly going for a development job.
  10. I have received an offer for both programs and need to make a decision until next week for the CEMFI offer (cannot be further extended). I already have a MRes in Economics from another university, my main research interests are development, labor, IO and applied micro. Not yet sure I am interested in becoming a tenured professor, I am mainly considering academic positions at international organizations and think tanks (e.g. World Bank Development Research Group). CEMFI (Doctoral track, 5-6 years) - fully funded, generally well endowed - not necessarily the best place for development, but they have good people in different fields, might be able to broaden my horizons and be less specialised, also research interests can change over time - better overall education (more comparable to some US programs), supervision and preparation for the academic job market, professors care a lot about their PhD students - small department, can be both good and bad, as explained above - can tailor the curriculum to my interests, elective classes on topics that I haven't studied before - very good academic placements (in Europe) - very close knit community, both among students and with respect to professors - access to data through the bank of spain, but not much data on developing countries - quality of life in Madrid may be better - locational advantage for me personally (my boyfriend is Spanish, we have many friends there and would be closer to his family) Oxford (DPhil PRS, 4-5 years) - no funding for the first year, not secured for the following years, would have to teach/RA substantially or pay out of own pocket if not offered scholarship subsequently (only around 40% of students are fully funded); in short: it's a pain... - chaotic and I quote "medieval" structures, no cohesive economics department, very dispersed - less thorough coursework, more direct access to research stage - you can be both very independent or very proactive and close to your supervisors as a PhD student - 3-4 professors that work on exactly my topics of interest and are interested in supervising me - data I would need for my current research ideas is available - great for development if I am 100% sure I want to specialise in this area, many seminars/events in this field etc. and other students with the same interests - connections to World Bank/placements in policy-related research sphere, overall prestige/brand name - small city, but special kind of atmosphere, lots of activities for students, did I mention Harry Potter already - my boyfriend won't be able to come with me and find a job, brexit?! I know in the end nobody else can make this decision for me and it mostly depends on my personal preferences and goals, but given this information, I would still be happy to have your advice, as I am having a hard time deciding... Thanks!
  11. Hi there! I was hoping to get your thoughts on my profile, which schools / programs might make sense to apply to, and if there's things I could be doing in the next year to strengthen my application. Undegrad: Non-HYP Ivy 2016 grad Major: Economics with High Honors (3.86) Econ Coursework: Econometrics, Micro, Macro, Intro, Development, Finance, Social Entrepreneurship: A's Adv. Econometrics, Adv. Micro, Adv. Macro, Finance II: A - 's Math Coursework: Multivariable Calc (A in highschool), Linear Algebra (Non-Recorded Grade), Differential Equations (A) Research Experience Research assistant for development economics professor Senior honors thesis - won award for best thesis in the department Teaching Experience STATA TA for development economics senior seminar Other Experience Management Consulting - 2+ years Non-Profit Externship for 4 months researching impact of various projects in developing country Research Interest Applied Microeconomics, Development Economics, and Market Design Particularly sustainable business and financial solutions to development and poverty concerns Questions: 1) What schools should I be aiming to apply to? Are there certain programs that would make more sense given my interests - I've had professors mention the PEG program at HKS and am wondering if the political-econ or business-econ mix might make sense given my more applied interests. 2) Should I find an online course for real-analysis to take during the summer of 2019?
  12. Hi all I am an undergrad (engineering + eco) from India with 2 years work experience in the risk side of a European bank. I recently applied for master's in economics so as to follow it up with a PhD (preferably in development econ, but still flexible). From general opinion, the best PhD options are in US and that is what I'm aiming for. Now, I have been admitted to two programs: 1. International Trade, Finance & Development at BGSE (with 25% fee waiver) - 1 year 2. MA Economics at Duke University (no scholarship) - 2 years Since I want to do a PhD and my undergrad math grades aren't exactly stellar, my main concerns are two-fold: improve mathematical abilities & obtain better recommendations. In the current scenario, the faculty & placements from both the places seem similar (top 5 of the class in top-25 PhD), however there is a gargantuan difference in the cost of the two programs. Comparing this with the difference in ranking (Duke~20, BGSE~35), and the fact that one is in Europe and the other in US, it seems quite a confusing option. So, if anyone can provide some advice/opinions for the two programs, I'd be extremely thankful. Cheers
  13. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: Top 30 School in Econ in the U.S. Undergrad GPA: 3.94 GRE: 156V, 164Q, 4.5AW TOEFL: 112/120 Math Courses: Calculus I-III (A+,A+,B+); Linear Algebra (A); Differential Equation (A); Elementary Stats (A+); Mathematical Statistics and Probability (B+) ; Real Analysis (A) Econ Courses: Intermediate Micro, Macro (A+), Other electives (A) Letters of Recommendation: Two of them are from development economists. One of them I worked as an RA for the last year. One of them, I worked as an RA over the summer in 2017 and she also advised on my empirical research paper. One of them is from a lecturer of my intermediate micro class. Research Experience: A empirical research paper in development with one of my recommenders. I also worked as an RA for two faculty members for the last year. Research Interests: Development Economics Concerns: GRE Applying to: Schools in the range of top 10 to top 50. I am applying to almost 20 schools. Thank you very much.
  14. Hello everyone! This message should be of interest to any potential applicants for PhD programs in Economics and students specifically interested in doctoral research in the fields of labor economics and development economics in the U.S. The State University of New York (Binghamton)'s Department of Economics is accepting applications for its doctoral program in Economics for next fall, Fall 2017. The State University of New York at Binghamton (Binghamton University) is one of four Ph.D. granting institutions in the SUNY system. Binghamton University is one of top research institutions in upstate New York and ranked #86 in the national university rankings by U.S. News and World Report in 2016. The Economics Department has 25 faculty members, a very active Ph.D. program and a dynamic weekly research seminar. The PhD program offers fields in development economics, labor economics and econometrics and is especially excited to grow its student body in its new field of development economics. It invites strong applicants who are interested in pursuing research related to fields in development, labor and applied microeconomics. The adcom is looking for applicants with strong preparation in mathematics and economics. Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis. To apply, visit: https://www.binghamton.edu/grad-school/admissions/apply/
  15. Hi! I've been admitted in these programs and have to decide which to study during the next course. As I've got a scholarship from my government (developing country), all the costs are covered and the price doesn't have to be taken into account to make the final decision. The fact is that I'd like to pursue a career into an international organization related to Development Economics and ITFD seems to be more oriented to this field and has placed lots of students in relevant institutions. On the other side, Warwick is a good faculty but I'm not sure about its recognition in this field and how it supports its students to get a position there. What do you think is the best choice? Which one will allow me to reach my aim more easily?? Thank you so much. It's very important for me. Hope your opinions.
  16. What jobs/roles would you suggest as a first job for an undergrad looking to make a career out of development related work. The eventual goal is to either work in organizations such as the World Bank or to join politics or a government arm in a country and influence the policies for the nation. I know that a lot of people get their PhDs before entering organizations such as the WB but I would like to get some experience before going to grad school. Right now, I have the Fed as one of my choices. Do you guys have any other suggestions?
  17. Hello, I've been accepted to Oxford's MSc Economics for Development program and am very tempted to take the offer over my other pure economics admissions (Canadian schools--UBC, Toronto, Queen's). The problem is that I don't know whether the program is economically rigourous enough for admission to good PhD programs (in Canada or USA) or if it is well regarded. I know that the 2 year MPhil is generally highly regarded, but the one year MSc is split between the development and economics departments at Oxford---we'd take year long courses in micro, macro, and econometrics as well as courses in related development fields (poverty, inequality, health, environment, etc.). I don't know whether a PhD program would view thee other courses as being insufficiently theoretical or empirically based. I know the program does place graduates into Oxford's own DPhil program, but I believe you can enter the DPhil straight from BA so that's not a great indicator. I worry about schools (e.g. in Canada) that require economics Master's for admission to PhDs---would they view this as more of a development degree than an economics degree? Moreover, would the lack of courses in other areas of economics (labour, public, IO, etc.) hurt me in my preparation?
  18. Dear all, I would like to do a PhD in the US and am most interested in International Political Economy, Comparative Political Economy, and topics in development. After one week of research, my impression is that (judging among others from courses, current graduates, and faculty) both MIT and Harvard are generally strong in International and Comparative Political Economy, and Harvard also in Political Economy of Development. Though I have some vague ideas myself, are there people who have some insight into how the Political Science PhDs in Princeton, Yale, Columbia, and Berkeley compare in the subject area of IPE, and also CPE, or whether there are other schools/programmes I have missed out? Which programs are less advisable if one is not particularly fond of too much formal modeling? I would be very thankful for any advice!
  19. Title: Human Rights and the Environment: Synergies and Challenges Period: 21-23 November 2013 Summary: The European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation (EIUC) is organising a seminar, with the patronage and collaboration of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the European Union (EU), which will analyse human rights from an environmental perspective, with a new multi-disciplinary approach that underpins the notion that the right to a healthy environment is just as basic as other rights. The methodology of the seminar includes lectures, discussions, working groups and case studies. Issues about human rights and the environment will be analysed in the context of sustainable development by identifying links and challenges which shall be faced to implement a rights-based approach to the environmental protection. As well as consideration of international human rights law, there will also be an examination of the relationship of the law of armed conflict with the environment, and questions of transitional justice. Location: European Inter University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation, Venice-Lido, Italy Speakers: The faculty is composed of academics and practitioners actively involved in the field of human rights and well-known ecologists specialised in environmental policies and conservation issues. Representatives of the UNEP, the OHCHR, the EU and the World Bank, together with NGO experts and scholars will present and discuss the seminar topics from different perspectives . Participants: The seminar, held in English, is principally targeted on officials from national and international organisations, NGO experts, decision makers and policy makers wishing to better understand how to integrate human rights and environmental issues in their daily work. The course is moreover addressed to postgraduate students and alumni of former educational programmes organised under the EIUC umbrella willing to deepen their knowledge in this field. To apply visit: Education > EIUC Training Seminars > HRE > Applications - EIUC For more information please visit: Education > EIUC Training Seminars > HRE - EIUC For further enquiries please contact us at: training.hre@eiuc.org
  20. Hey all! So glad I came across this place, its already helped me out a lot just browsing through other people's questions and answers. Now, I was wondering if anyone had any advice. Here's a little background: I just graduated from the University of S Andrews in the UK with an MA (hons) in Economics and International Relations (its a BA equivalent, even though its called MA). Grade wise I did very well, though I don't have any amazing work experience or internships to my name. I only decided to go on to grad school very late in the game and thus was limited in my choices by application deadlines. I ended up applying to the MSc in Political Economy of Development at SOAS (1 year) MSc in Global Politics at LSE (1 year), and MSc in Development Economics at the University of Göttingen (Germany, 2 years). I got into SOAS and Göttingen (waiting on LSE). Now I am trying to decide whether to a) go to Göttingen for two years, b) go to SOAS for 1 year or c) defer the spot at SOAS and get some work experience for a year while applying more widely in the UK (I'm thinking Int'l Dev @LSE, IDS @Sussex, possibly Manchester) and perhaps the US (SAIS IDEV, Columbia SIPA or MDP, Georgetown). My goal is to work in the development sector (development banks, ministries, agencies, NGO what have you) in a more practical capacity. I am not ruling out getting a Phd in the future (to avoid glass ceilings), but I'm not likely to become an academic. I'd like to ask the urch all-knowing community these questions: 1. After browsing the forum for a while and also speaking to Profs back home, it appears that SOAS, being considered 'heterodox', doesn't have a fantastic rep among academics (One Prof said they were "stuck in the 70s in terms of methodology and theory"). Also the Political Economy program is obviously not going to be very quant heavy, and SOAS already having a very non-quantitative approach, I was wondering if I'd receive proper training in the quant skills I might need in the future. How does it compare to Sussex or Manchester? 2. The MSc Global Politics at LSE is not what I would have applied to had the application for International Development still be open. It's a great brand, but is it worth the time and money to do a degree that is only somewhat related to the sector just for the brand? 3. I have also now read a bit about US programs. Obviously, these are competitive and expensive. What is the funding situation for Masters in the US? 4. Have any of you heard of the University of Göttingen, i.e. does it enjoy any name recognition outside of Germany? It's a great program in terms of content, but it is two years rather than one and I'm worried about it not being very well known. These should get us going, thank you very much everyone! If anyone has been to SOAS (which is still my likely choice at the moment) or the other two, I would love to hear from you! Thanks! Schajin
  21. Hello! I'm a recent undergraduate of a Combined Honours in Contemporary Studies and Philosophy, and have since begun taking time off. My discipline was chosen partly out of lack of understanding of what I wanted to do with my future, but over the last few years I've been cultivating an interest in Economics and Development Studies, which was accelerated since finishing my Undergrad and volunteering with NGOs in Canada and overseas. While for now I am continuing to garner work experience in various different programs and institutions, I am interested in remaining in the NGO/NPO sector working in development for the long-term. This has led me to look into graduate programs in development studies and economics. I was wondering what sorts of programs might best suit my interests. I'd prefer MA programs that typically lead their graduates into work experience in NGOs and public policy, and not directly into PhD programs - I would most likely not pursue a Phd unless it was necessary or relevant to the advancement of my career. I'm especially interested in economics, both in general as well as in relation to development, but am painfully underqualified for most MA economics program (took first year econ in my undergrad, no math, that's it). I'd prefer funding, which means I'd most likely need to stay in Canada (oh, I'm from Canada), though I'm not opposed to going international if the school is good quality (though I'm assuming yale wont go insane and fun an international philosophy undergrad for an MA in economics anytime soon). My GPA is high but not insane (3.79), and I could probably get a couple good LORs, though they are from former contemporary studies professors (including my former thesis advisor). I guess I have a few questions. First, for a career in development, is a masters advisable? If I want my work to focus on economic development, is a master in economic development advisable? I love the idea of studying economics and development, but would rather not do a masters solely for the sake of getting to learn cool stuff for a couple years (though it is tempting). If a masters is advisable, what next? Which schools offer the best combination of development and economics? I'd prefer to stay on the theoretical side, but again, if there is a qualifying year option to get into the math side of things, I have no problem with that. So where should I look into? Mcgill has a promising development studies option that can be laid over a number of different disciplines, including economics. Anywhere else? Sorry if making my first post a new thread is not polite or anything, but I searched and couldn't find a ton of information, I guess because my situation is different. Any and all help is appreciated! Cheers, Scott
  22. I have offer from both SOAS and Sussex for the Development Studies programme. Have to make a choice soon.. pls advise My background: I am a post-graduate in Sociology from University of Delhi and have worked with NGOs and the UN for 6 years now. I want to continue working in the development sector at a senior programmatic level. I want to strenghten my understanding on the concepts and components related to development, and therefore look forward to some suggestions to help me decide, which of the two institution would be better in terms of reputation, curriculum and future career prospects etc. Thanks!
  23. Hey all! I would like to get some views before I could make an informed decision about which course I should pursue. I have been admitted to both LSE International Political Economy (MSc) and for Oxford's Development Studies (MPhil). And, I am unsure where to go. My academic interests lie in the political economy of oil-rich countries and hence both courses are suitable in their own manners. I am attracted to the programme at Oxford much more, since it would give me training in other fields of study (such as anthropology and history), and has a focus on development (which is really my thing). At the moment, I am not very interested in pursuing a PhD later on, but it is an option I do not discard. My dilemma is the following. Although I feel very interested in working within the field of development, perhaps wiithin international organisations or NGOs, I am daunted by the job/salary prospects of a worker of this industry. It is often an exploitative and insuffciently-payed industry. Hence, I am not sure whether a development-oriented course would restrict my career options in the future. How truly "defining" is my choice of a Masters? Although I really love the programme at Oxford, I am not sure whether I should go for it and go to the "more-flexible" LSE instead (which would perhaps enable me to work in development at first with the possibility of switching industries if I want to in the future... e.g. business and govt.) Is the choice of a masters as defining as I think it is? Having studied Development Studies at Oxford, would it be very difficult to switch industries, say a job in business in the UK? Or would I have it better going to LSE? Thank you! :rolleyes:
  24. Hello, I have an offer for the MPhil in Economics at Oxford but want to change to the MSc in Economics for Development. Due to a recent existential crisis, I'm not sure I want to become an economist or stay in academia -and due to the change of the MPhil program and the fact that I didn't get ESRC funding, I'd prefer to do the MSc in Economics for Development. Does anyone know whether it is possible to switch from the MPhil to the MSc? I assume that entry to the former is harder because the program is more rigorous but on the other hand they are run by different departments and obviously the MSc in Economics for Development also receives a lot of applications.. The application deadlines have already past. Has anyone heard of people who have switched from the MPhil to the MSc? Thanks
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