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  1. Hi, Where would folks over here rank BU overall and especially for development and labour? I know it's classified as a MRM but where exactly would it fit? Top 25? Top 30? Top 40? Also, if you're a PhD student at a MRM, what are some helpful advice you have for improving your profile and making yourself competitive for the academic job market?
  2. Would applying to more than one program (say Economics and Applied Economics) at one school hurt my application?
  3. If I wanted to get a solid math background (I also enjoy it along with Econ) would it be just as beneficial to take a math major as well as grad Econ courses? Taking the honors theory sequence now and planning for first year PhD sequence in the fall of 2021. As long as I have sufficient math background and good grades in the grad courses that is the most I can do from an academic point of view correct?
  4. Hi everyone, I am a junior planning to applying for graduate econ program of 2020 fall. My undergraduate school is in China, while I spend the whole junior year exchanging in Notre Dame. In China (freshman & sophomore): Overall GPA: 3.2 Main Econ Courses: Micro (A), Macro (B+), Metrics (B+), Game Theory (A), Labor Econ (A) Main Math Courses: Mathematical Analysis I-III ©, Linear Algebra ©, Prob & Stata © Exchange (junior): Overall GPA: 3.91 (last semester) Main Econ Courses: Advanced Micro (A), Public Econ (A-), IO (taking), Health Econ (taking) Main Math Courses: ODE (A), Operation Research (A), Real Analysis (taking), Stochastic Process (taking) Gre (preparing): In recent practice, I could keep Q 167+ My first two years are terrible, especially in math, and I'm sure that they'll have large negative effects. I was wondering if there is any possibility to compensate these drawbacks? (online math courses/gre math sub/undergraduate research?) Basing on my background, my expectation is top50 programs, is that too high? Or it's a better choice to apply some master programs first. Welcome to any suggestions! Thank you :)
  5. [h=2]Economics Ph.D. Profile Evaluation[/h] PROFILE: Undergrad: Small, private university in India [ Nationally accredited top 15 engineering school] Degree: Bachelor of Engineering Undergrad Major: Civil Engineering [First Class with Distinction] Undergrad GPA: Cumulative: 9.47/10 US Equivalent GPA: 3.63/4 [Evaluated by WES] US Equivalent Degree: Bachelor's Degree [Graduated with Honors] Undergrad Math Courses: Calculus I & II (A's) • Linear Algebra (A), Real Analysis (B) • Numerical Analysis (A). These courses are obscured on the undergrad transcript as Mathematics I,II,III,IV, and V. Grad: Peking University, China [Top ranked public research university]. Degree: Master of Economics Grad GPA: 89/100 US Equivalent GPA: 3.47/4 [Evaluated by WES] US Equivalent Degree: Master's Degree Full Tuition Waiver & a couple of other private scholarships. Important Graduate Econ Courses: Microeconomics (A) • Applied Econometrics (A) • Advanced Econometrics (B) • Financial Economics (A) • Financial Modeling (A) . Time Series Econometrics (A) Research: Master's thesis on investor sentiment. Econometrically intensive. Final Grade - A. Teaching Assistantships in International Finance, Business Mathematics, Business Ethics, and Marketing Research. 4 years of post-masters work experience. GRE: 170(Q), 169 (V), 5.0(AWA) TOEFL: 118/120 Letters of Recommendation: 2 Graduate Professors, 1 Supervisor 1. Graduate Professor 1: • Assistant Professor • Master's thesis adviser • Taught International Finance (A) and Macroeconomics (B) • Teaching Assistantship in International Finance 2. Graduate Professor 2: • Associate Professor (Tenured) • Had her for Financial Markets (A) and Investments (B). 3. Current Supervisor: • Academic Director at the education consulting firm I work at. • Will mostly write a recommendation letter talking about professionalism and work ethics. I am thinking about approaching an undergraduate professor to write the third LoR, but I graduated back in 2013 and the department of civil engineering has since then has seen some churn.
  6. Hi, I want to work in Econ Dev at world bank, UN, ADB and similar organizations. I'm not sure which programs to apply to that will give me the best chances to get to those jobs! Aiming at schools like GWU, IHEID, etc. Graduated: May 2019, want to apply for 2020 or 2021. Type of Undergrad: BSc. in Financial Mathematics from Canadian unranked university Undergrad GPA: CGPA (3.15), GPA last twenty credits (3.67), Math GPA (3.8) Undergrad Econ Courses: Intro Micro (A), Intro Macro (B+), EnvEcon (A), Money and Banking (B+), going to take Intermediate Macro and maybe Micro Math Courses: Calc I,II,III (D-, D+, A-), Prob&Stats I,II(A-, A), Ordinary Differential Equations (A-), Partial Differential Equations (A+), Linear Algebra (A-), Applied Linear Algebra (A+), Numerical Analysis (A+), Stochastic Processes (A+), Fin Maths I,II(B+,A+) LORs: Two professors in whose classes I got A+'s. One was my thesis Programming: R, Python, SAS, MATLAB Research Experience: Undergrad Thesis in Mathematics (A+) Work experience: Data Analyst Intern at the gov , and analytics/data science role at a top bank in canada (July '19 - July '20) Questions: 1. Where can I get into a decent masters in Europe, Canada, US?? 2. Can I do anything to strengthen my application?
  7. Hi, I want to work in Econ Dev at world bank, UN, ADB and similar organizations. I'm not sure which programs to apply to that will give me the best chances to get to those jobs! Aiming at schools like GWU, IHEID, etc. Graduated: May 2019, want to apply for 2020 or 2021. Type of Undergrad: BSc. in Financial Mathematics from Canadian unranked university Undergrad GPA: CGPA (3.15), GPA last twenty credits (3.67), Math GPA (3.8) Low grades in my early years due to bad health issues. Undergrad Econ Courses: Intro Micro (A), Intro Macro (B+), EnvEcon (A), Money and Banking (B+), going to take Intermediate Macro and maybe Micro Math Courses: Calc I,II,III (D-, D+, A-), Prob&Stats I,II(A-, A), Ordinary Differential Equations (A-), Partial Differential Equations (A+), Linear Algebra (A-), Applied Linear Algebra (A+), Numerical Analysis (A+), Stochastic Processes (A+), Fin Maths I,II(B+,A+) LORs: Two professors in whose classes I got A+'s. One was my thesis Programming: R, Python, SAS, MATLAB Research Experience: Undergrad Thesis in Mathematics (A+) Work experience: Data Analyst Intern at the gov , and analytics/data science role at a top bank in canada (July '19 - July '20) Questions: 1. Where can I get into a decent masters in Europe, Canada, US?? 2. Can I do anything to strengthen my application?
  8. I'm an incoming third-year undergraduate planning to apply to start my PhD in fall of 2020. I'll be applying in 2019. Since I've only finished two years, I don't have grades information for all the classes I plan to take, but I just want to know if I'm generally on the right track so far. Profile: Gender: Female Ethnicity: Caucasian Undergraduate Major: Applied Math and Economics- top Ivy League university Undergraduate GPA (overall): 3.9 Undergraduate GPA (math): 3.92 Undergraduate GPA (econ, all mathematical/quantitative courses): 3.75 Math/Statistics Courses: Multivariable Calculus (A), Linear Algebra I (A-), Applied Math Modeling (A), Intro to Set Theory, Group Theory, and Real Analysis (A), Advanced Econometrics (forthcoming), Probability Theory (forthcoming), Real Analysis (forthcoming), Linear Algebra II or Differential Equations (forthcoming-see below) Economics Courses: Advanced Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory (mathematical) (A-), Advanced Intermediate Microeconomic Theory (mathematical) (A-), Political Economics (empirical research seminar) (A), Capital Markets (mathematical finance theory) (A-), Monetary Policy (forthcoming), Economics Seminar (forthcoming) Research Experience: I've worked as an RA for a well-known professor at my university for the past year and plan to continue researching for them throughout my remaining two years of undergrad. I have done one summer of economic research work as an intern for a well-known top financial institution, I'm planning to work as an RA on campus for an entire additional summer (forthcoming), and I'm planning to write a senior thesis (forthcoming). Programming: Basic/intermediate econometrics work in R, pretty proficient in MATLAB, I will learn advanced econometrics in Stata (forthcoming) and a solid introduction to about six other languages in forthcoming computer science classes. Questions/Concerns: 1. Am I on the right track so far? Is there anything I'm missing? 2. What are my chances of being admitted to a top 5, or top 10, program? 3. Will my research experience be enough, or should I take two years after undergrad before applying? 4. I will likely only be able to take one of Linear Algebra II/Data Analysis or Differential Equations (ODE and PDE) next year. My intro to linear class was very badly taught and I got an A- in it; I'm confident I can learn linear better with another course. However, I have no experience with differential equations at all. Which of these classes should I take if I can only take one? 5. Do I need a lot more math or statistics than what I already have taken and have planned?
  9. Hello. I've been doing some research about the admissions to MSc Economics programs in Europe. Since my BS is in engineering, I'm finding that there are very few programs that I'm qualified to apply to. I've emailed some programs asking about my situation, but I'm still not sure how best to proceed. Some programs (Mannheim) are consecutive masters so I'm definitely not qualified to apply. However, some programs (Erasmus School of Economics) stated that my qualifications cannot be assessed until I apply. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to spend 100 EUR applying to every school not knowing if I'm even qualified. I asked Erasmus how I should best prepare (what classes to take, which pre-master/diploma programs, etc.) and receive very vague answers. Is there anyone who has the experience applying to European MSc programs with an American bachelor's degree in an unrelated field? Should I take classes at my local university or go for a formal, reputable program like graduate diploma from Birkbeck, University of London? I want to maximize my chances at getting into the best possible programs so I don't want to do a school-specific pre-master program (Erasmus offered one, but judging from its curriculum, I'm not confident I would be able to apply to other prestigious programs.) Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  10. Hello, I'm looking for advice about applying to schools in Europe for a MSc in economics. I have a BS engineering degree from a flagship US university and only took introductory courses in economics in undergrad. For math classes, I've taken the calculus series, differential equations, and numerical methods and linear algebra (combined in 1 class). From my research, it seems like a lot of the reputable schools require a BS in economics or that you've taken a lot of econ classes. Some universities states that they welcome students with extensive quantitative background as long as they have "sufficient" economics background. I've emailed some of those school and have only received vague answers along the line of "we're not able to assess your qualification unless you apply and pay the application fee." Unfortunately, I can't afford to spend 100 euros at every school I'm interested in. My question is: 1. What is generally considered a sufficient background in economics for European schools. I know that every school is going to have different requirements, but I'm just looking for some ideas of specific classes (intermediate micro, macro, econometrics?) 2. If I'm not qualified to apply this cycle, should I take classes at a local university (pros: cheap, no rent; con: not a lot of prestige) or do a formal graduate diploma/pre-master program such as Birkbeck's (pros: prestige, con: expensive tuition & cost of living in London)? Also, does anyone have any experience with University of London's online graduate diploma? They claimed its curriculum is designed by LSE, but I haven't found much information about it. Any advice from someone with experience in this situation is greatly appreciated.
  11. Just want to check what you guys think about the application of data mining/machine learning/deep learning and other AI techniques in economics field. I heard that some researchers have been doing this, but haven't looked at their work yet. Also wonder if any PhD programs pay specific attention to this track? Thanks!
  12. Ok, I’m pretty unorthodox: EDUCATION Undergrad (2009-2013) School: Top-5 USNWR Major: History and English GPA: 3.30 (almost entirely humanities classes) Math/stats/econ courses: AP credit: Micro, Macro, Calc I, Calc II Intro Stats (A) Non-degree class prep for grad programs (2015-2016) Linear Algebra – local community college (A) Calc III – local community college (A) Micro Theory I MA level - #50 econ university (A+) Micro Theory II Ph.D level - #50 econ university (A+) Econometrics I Ph.D level - #50 econ university (A) M.S. program (2016-2018) Program: Math and Statistics School: Top-20 USNWR GPA: 3.8 M.S. courses taken/taking: Probability Theory (B+) Mathematical Statistics (A expected) Deterministic Mathematical Models (A expected) Future courses: Real Analysis I – summer Optimization – summer* Ordinary Diff Eq (local community college) - summer Stochastic Processes – fall Numeric Methods – fall RESEARCH EXPERIENCE Data journalism for two years with publications in major media R.A. at econ think tank for 1 year for a low-level economist R.A. for econ prof at #40 econ program* Econ research at think tank for 1.5 years, but not for an economist *Currently debating the Optimization course or R.A. job for this summer MISCELLANEOUS INFO LORs: 1. Prof at top-50 econ school, Ph.D from top-5 econ program – received A+ in Ph.D course 2. Prof at top-50 econ school, Ph.D from top-20 econ program – received A in Ph.D course 3. Prof at top-40 econ school, Ph.D from top-5 econ program* – RA-ed for (assuming I take the RA job) Backup LOR: Prof at top-50 econ school, Ph.D from top-70 econ program – RA-ed for Teaching experience: Possible T.A. for math grad course this fall GRE: Taking this summer, confident I can do 167+ Other info: Hispanic (I assume this helps a bit) Applying to: #1-25 programs Research interests: Not sure, but enjoy econometrics, Micro, and IO Concerns: lack of econ undergrad courses (though I got As in two Ph.D first-year classes) low undergrad GPA (though it was 5+ years ago and hoping good M.S. GPA can make up for it) limited research experience MAIN QUESTIONS 1. Should I take the Optimization course or RA for the professor this summer? 2. If I apply this fall (to start 2018), what rank of school do you think I can expect to be admitted to? 3. I’m considering delaying another year (to start 2019) so I can supplement my resume with: Courses: Bayesian Statistics, Machine Learning, Partial Diff Eq, Measure Theory, Real Analysis II More RA experience, possibly a formal job at IMF, World Bank, or Fed What rank of school do you think I can expect to be admitted to in 2019 with this extra on my application?
  13. Hi all, First time poster, long time reader here. I know a lot of people on here are mostly interested in doing pure econ but that there is a growing number who are looking into the ag/resource/applied side of things. I am currently applying to grad school for fall 2017, and I was hoping to get some opinions on the types of schools I should be looking at (for Ag Econ). Any advice, both current ag econ and econ grad students, as well as from people who are applying for the 2017-2018 school year is greatly appreciated. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: Ag econ major and math/stat minor; large US state school with a mid-tier ag econ and econ program Undergrad GPA:4.00 GRE:166Q, 164V, 4.5AW Math Courses:Calc (1-3), diff eq, linear (non proof), intro math stats, basic and intermediate stats; currently in probability theory and will take inference theory and 'elementary' real analysis in the Spring (yeah, after admissions) Econ Courses: Intros, intermediates, international trade, metrics, and lots of ag econ (food economics, ag trade, commodity marketing, price analysis, policy analysis, etc.) Letters of Recommendation: Associate professors; one I TA'd for (intermediate micro), one I did research with (see below) , and one who oversaw my "capstone" project (basically a less extensive senior thesis that I finished last semester over Brazilian ag trade). Research Experience:I helped integrate state level data into a commodity simulation "game" that will be used by our extension program to help teach producers in the state how to better market their crop.Nothing major. My concerns: Where to begin? Basically, I have taken a lot of math compared to other ag econ students in my department, but I know I am lacking compared the vast majority of applicants out there; but all the profs I talked to about grad school (a whopping six or seven) have been very encouraging and seem to think I have what it takes However, I won't be taking my school's intro analysis class (read as intro to proofs under an analysis context; the textbook is Lay) until after I apply. I'm basically just hoping to use it to better my proof writing and reading and get familiar with the notation. I am trying to put together a list of realistic schools I have a shot at getting (and succeeding) in. I realize that in most ag econ PhD programs, I will have to take the econ departments micro and metrics prelims. My research interests are in commodity marketing (as a risk management tool), price and demand forecasting in commodity markets, consumer behavior, and international trade. Applying to (all ag econ): Texas Tech MS, Oklahoma State MS, Nebraska MS, Iowa State MS, Purdue MS (ha), Auburn MS, and University of Florida Resource Econ MS. The reason I am doing the masters route is (1) I'm probably not ready for an ag econ Phd yet, and (2) all ag econ programs that I have seen require an MS before you can apply to their PhD program. Please give me any advice on schools that might be a good fit and what I should be doing to be a better application. Don't hold any punches.
  14. I have a general question about applying to PhD programs. I am in my third year as an applied math major and i'm planning to get a PhD. I've taken all the the minimum classes like Calc, Linear Algebra, etc. except for real analysis which i will be taking next year. My question is what other things can i do to signal my interest into getting into grad school. I have been trying to ask around for research but no one has really responded so maybe i'll my luck this quarter but what other things are a must for good signaling? Should i take real analysis and graduate econometrics in my 4th year? Would grad schools still take that into consideration considering they take the sophomore and junior year grades?
  15. Profile: Current Undergrad at the Top 5 Econ & Math Department in the US Undergrad: Majoring in Mathematics with cluster in Econ - currently in senior year Undergrad GPA: 3.4/4.0 GRE: 164 Q/ 159V (planning to take it again in November to get a higher Q score) Math Courses: Multivariable Calculus, Abstract Algebra, Real Analysis, Complex Analysis, Numerical Analysis, 2 semester of Linear Algebra Stats: Probability Theory, Statistics Econ Classes: Intermediate Micro, Macro, Industrial Organization, Econometrics, and Matching Theory Grad Class: Currently taking Micro-theory (planning to take the second part in Spring) Research Experience: worked under a professor from a top 5 university, don't have publications Letters of Rec: one from the intermediate micro professor ( with a A), one from grad class (with a A), and one from the professor who I researched with. (probably wouldn't have very strong rec ones) Interests: finance,urban, development, and behavioral Other: proficient in Matlab, R, C++, Python, and Java Concerns: With a not so impressive GPA (though our school doesn't have gpa inflation) and lack of research experience Applying to: aiming for top 25-50 range, also thinking about applying to phd in finance in top 25 business schools. Please evaluate my profile and see if I am aiming too high or any advice would be appreciated!
  16. Hi, Rings and fields and geometry happen to be the only two upper level math classes offered next semester and I have not taken them yet. Which one would you guys recommend to strengthen my profile for econ phd? Rings and fields doesn't require prior class of group theory (which I have never taken it) and I have no idea how much those two are related. I have taken the second semester of analysis and advanced stats already. Or shouldn't I take those but take python instead since I don't have any computer science background and it can be useful when dealing with huge data? preparephd
  17. Hi everyone, Does anyone have recommendation about how international students (who are studying in the US) should prepare their well-rounded experiences (I'm not talking about doing research at their institutions) before applying for econ grad school? It's really hard to get an internship in the US as many internships require citizenship. I have been interning with government of my country (all major macroeconomic-oriented govt agencies) for two summers including this upcoming one and I really appreciate any thoughts/comments for my next summer in 2015.
  18. Hi everyone, I'm trying to choose between group theory and adv prob and stat (which will talk about Bayesian Stat). Which one is more useful? I am planning to take real analysis and econometrics for sure and I want one more math class. Math department divides abstract algebra into 2 classes: group theory, ring and field. Both group theory and adv prob and stat won't be offered again next year and ring and field will be offered next year. My concern is if I should take ring and field, I might be better off to have some background in group theory as well. FYI, I have taken both prob and stat. did very well in stat and did not so well as I expected in prob. Please give me advice.
  19. Basically my question is if a 1000 word SOP is too long if the University doesn not state a maximum number of words nor a minumum number of words. Which University would it be OK? What should I delete/add? (a) academic background (b) research experience © worl/research experience (d) thesis (topic) (e) why a PhD (f) Why there Thanks!
  20. Hi, I would like to know which are the good PhD programs in Monetary Macro in Europe apart from LSE, Oxford and Cambridge. How about Tilburg? Also, how about funding for international students and the placements. I am an Indian applicant targeting 2014 admissions. Thanks.
  21. hi I am a grad student and I wish to apply to some US universities for a Phd in economics and would love some help with that. I am from India and have done an undergraduate degree in economics and a postgraduate diploma in economics from Cambridge. any suggestions would be quite helpful
  22. Hi, guys~ I really hope to work in the industry after my phd graduation. (Economic consultant, eg) What would be a good field(s) choice for my econ phd? I am struggling among the following: 1. Macro 2. IO (But in our department, the focus in IO seems to be theoretical) 3. Applied Micro Or any combinations of the above..... Can anyone offer me some advice?
  23. Type of Undergrad: Econ major, math minor Undergrad GPA: 3.1 overall, bad first 3 semesters GRE:haven't taken it yet Math Courses: Calc(B,B+), Linear Algebra(B+ expected), Diff Eqs(A- expected), going to take Calc 3, Proofs, and Mathematical Modeling by the end of the school year Econ Courses: Int Micro(A), Int Macro(B+), Theory of Money(A), Environmental(A), Natural Resource(A expected), Forecasting(A-), International(A expected), Gov. regs(A-), Econometrics(B+), Economics of Energy(B+) Letters of Recommendation: Two very good(U of Wyoming) both unknown, One good(U of Col-Boulder) some what known. Research Experience: one year RA on water issues in developing countries Teaching Experience: TA for two teachers, tutored Research Interests: Environmental, econometrics, micro, international, and more Schools Applying To: Masters: UCSB, USF international, U Minnesota applied, Cal poly, CSU long beach, U of Wyoming, Rutgers, Tufts?, BU? Am I looking in the right places? What if i took another year to beef up my math? Let's assume I get B+ to A- range in Calc 3, Proofs, Mathematical Modeling, Advanced Calc(real analysis) 1 and 2, Stats 1 and 2, Math stats, Linear algebra 2, Topology, and maybe ODE or PDE. What would that do to my Phd chances?
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