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  1. Hey guys, I am currently a 2nd-year Master's student at a top 5 college in my country. Type of Undergrad: Engineering in Electronics & Communication from a virtually unknown Asian university. Undergrad Percentage: First Class (62%) Math Courses: Maths - I, Maths - II, Maths - III (covered Linear Algebra, Calculus, Numerical Methods) : First class with distinction Master's degree - 1st year GPA : 8/10 Relevant Courses: Micro 1 - 9 (A+) Macro 1 - 8 (A) Micro 2 - 8 (A) Statistics - 9 (A+) Econometrics - 6 (B) :( GRE : 160 V, 166 Q, 4 AWA Internship Experience: Worked on applied micro Letters of Recommendation: Three good letters. My current program is specialized in environmental economics, but here on I am interested to pursue research in economic theory or macroeconomics. Will my econometrics grade significantly hurt my chances? I am trying to compensate for the low grade in this semester's econometrics course but I won't have that on my transcripts when I apply this year. Do I have a shot at any of the top 50 US programs or should I try getting some research experience first before applying? I am not so keen on enrolling for another Master's program since time and money both are a constraint. Which schools should I be looking at? Any other suggestions are also welcomed. Thank you!
  2. Hi community :) I'm thinking to apply to Economics PhDs Specializing in Macro / Monetary Economics and maybe Environmental Economics to start in the fall of 2022. However, I don't know if my profile is strong enough to get into a good program - let me know what you think ! Interdisciplinary bachelor's degree with a major in economics. 7.5/10 Dutch GPA (the grading conversion is quite weird, it's about a B) and 216/180 ECTS (lots of extra politics courses). MSc Economics, specializing in Macro & Monetary, 8/10 Dutch GPA (~ A-). Grades in general 8 or higher, except for Econometrics (7), Microeconomics(6.5). Good thesis, 8.5. MSc BGSE, not Economics, content-wise mostly applied Econometrics, 8.4/10 GPA (conversion is also weird here, think it's about an B+/A-). I believe my LORs are pretty strong: My thesis advisor (leading monetary operations at a Central Bank), a well-ranked Econometrics professor (several papers with Gali, Gertler), and could get some more probably from my future bosses. GRE: in September Work (in 2021/ spring 2022) : Trainee at the ECB in Forecasting and Policy Modelling, RA for high-ranked Finance professor I'm worried about a) a lack of math and microeconomics classes - I only have one foundational math class in undergrad (7 Dutch grading) and two foundational Microeconomics classes (graded 6.5 and 7.5) - For math, is this something I can make up with the GRE score ? - Should I try to take additional classes somewhere b) not having an Economics undergrad (hence the missing math and micro classes) - Is this something I should ask LOR writers to highlight - Can it be positive or are school risk-averse? Let me know what you think - I guess it's an unusual profile so any feedback will be massively helpful.
  3. Is it wise to submit a low GRE score(310, 157Q) if the University made it optional? How does submitting it or not submitting it affect my application? If I send it anyway, can my research experience(2 years) and Econometrics degree complement my low scores?
  4. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: Large state school with very low ranked PhD Program (edited to include BA in Mathematics and Economics) Undergrad GPA: 3.92 Type of Grad: 1 graduate math course in Real Analysis, 4 courses in graduate economics Grad GPA: 3.8 GRE: 165q, 169v, 5.5w Math Courses: calculus IV A, linear algebra (A), undergrad real analysis (A), probability theory (A), differential equations (A), graduate real analysis (A), senior statistics course (A), Econ Courses: intermediate micro/macro (A, A), econometrics (A), econometrics II (grad, B), econometrics III (grad, A), Phd Micro (A) , honors thesis (A) Letters of Recommendation: One from a professor who went to Duke, the director of the graduate program, and the associate dean of research, all professors I've had in classes. Teaching Experience: None Research experience: One year as a paid research assistant. One semester working on my thesis, which was my writing sample and is of publishable quality (according to my advisor) SOP: Talked mostly about my research experience, and coursework. I have a pretty clear path (econometrics or micro theory), so I emphasized that, while mentioning I'm not married to any field Schools applied to: MSU, OSU, University of Washington, Oxford, Yale, Princeton, Northwestern, Harvard, MIT, Boston University, University of Chicago The big question is did I overreach, and do I need to correct or seriously plan to enter industry or get a masters in Math or something. Any input is appreciated
  5. Profile Evaluation 2021 Fall PhD applications PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: Top 30 US News Undergrad GPA: 3.45 Type of Grad: Grad GPA: GRE: 160/160/5, my power went out during at home exam and lost a lot of time. Retaking at end of October, should easily get 165+Q Math Courses: Calculus I (3.5), Calculus 2 (4.0), Multivariate Calculus (4.0), Intro Proofs (4.0), Analysis I (4.0), Linear Algebra (next semester), Abstract Algebra (next semester), PhD Statistics/Econometrics (4.0) Econ Courses: Intro Micro (4.0), Intro Macro (4.0), Intermediate Micro (3.5), Intermediate Macro (3.0), Advanced Micro (Game Theory, 4.0), International Trade (4.0), Economic Analysis of Asia (4.0), Labor economics (4.0), Economics of Sports (4.0), Research Paper writing course (4.0), Intro Econometrics (4.0), Advanced Econometrics (4.0) Other Courses: Letters of Recommendation: 1) Professor from research writing course. Decent publications record, has one in R&R with AER. Graduated from T10. I received the highest score in the class, and also worked for him as RA this past summer. Was supposed to continue throughout the entire year but had funding issues due to Covid :( Said he would write a very strong letter. 2) Prof from advanced econometrics course. Very good relationship with him, should be a strong letter. Graduated from top 5. Really good reputation and publication record. Unfortunately wasn’t able to work with him on any research 3) Professor from introductory econometrics. Him and I get along quite well. Graduated from T15 (and my #1 school coincidentally). I think it will be a good letter, perhaps not as strong as the other two. Research Experience: 4 months doing coding work in Stata for research Professor. Didnt do any formal writing but did write up reports for my Professor and his coauthors. Teaching Experience: TA Introductory Macro (Fall 2020), TA Introductory Micro (Spring 2021), Tutoring Intro Micro and Metrics Research Interests: Labor, education, health, econometrics SOP: Decent, but nothing earth-shattering Other: I did really poorly in school before switching to Econ, particularly in my first year (was put on academic probation). I have a 0.0 on my transcript in an unrelated course from freshman year, as well as bad grades in Calculus for Business (2.5) and Statistics for Business (2.5). How much will this weigh into decisions, besides slogging my CGPA? Where should I be aiming for?
  6. I made a similar post a little while ago, but now I have included additional information and made some areas more clear. I would like to note that I took 5 concurrent courses most of senior year. Please let me know where you think I should be looking to apply, as my profile is so noisy that I really need all the insight I can get. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: Top 20, flagship public research university. Economics Major, French Minor + lots of chem/physics/bio Undergrad GPA: 1st/2nd/3rd/4th+: 3.1/2.84/3.52/3.78 3.38 cumulative, 3.60 ECON GRE: 168 Q/164 V/4.5 W Math Courses: 1st-- Calc 1 (B-), Calc 2 (B), Calc 3 © 2nd-- Calc 4 (C-) 3rd-- None 4th+-- Linear Algebra (B+), Differential Equations (A-), Real Analysis (A, Ross), Real Analysis (A, Rudin), Topology (A, Munkres) Econ Courses: 1st-- None 2nd-- Stats for Economists (C-), Intro Economics (A-) 3rd-- Intro Economics 2 (A), Intermediate Micro (B+), Econometrics (A+), Econometrics Lab (A+) 4th-- Intermediate Macro (B-), Theories of Growth/Development (B+), Advanced Econometrics (A+), Behavioral Economics (A), Advanced Macro (A+), Advanced Macro Lab (A), Economic Forecasting in R (A-), Advanced Microeconomics (B+) Other Courses: Mechanics (C+), Thermodynamics and Waves (A), PChem1/2 (C+/B), OChem1/2 (C/B), Cells&Tissues (C-), Stem Cell Biology (A-), Cell&Molecular Bio (A), Genes&Evo&Ecology (A) Letters of Recommendation: 1) Letter from neuroscience research advisor. Head of the lab and associate professor, extremely positive letter. 2) business school professor who I know personally, we are working to publish COVID-19 survey data from a survey that we co-designed. Met him when I made presentation to his MBA class as special guest with my company. Will be extremely positive letter. 3) advanced econometrics professor who is near the top of the field and has encouraged me to chase my aim of becoming a professor. Prof was amazed by my speed of understanding and performance in class, unfortunately I never had the chance to do research with them. Research Experience: 14 months neuro research including statistical analysis, programming and literature review. Plan on using 8-9 page summary of findings with literature review as writing sample. This was originally meant for publication but due to circumstances, it never got there. Covid-19 Survey-- assessing population level outcomes and integrating accepted behavioral scales to investigate mediating factors. I designed half the survey, the prof I'm working with designed the other half and has been providing guidance. Definitely applied economics bent although professor is psychology. I am solo performing analysis on outcomes of my portion. Probably won't be submitted to journals by the time I apply, but who knows. Teaching Experience: None Research Interests: Econometrics and macroeconomics, especially relating to inequality and factors of education and technological development. Also curious about neuroeconomics/behavioral. SOP: briefly mention finding purpose and correlating it with my GPA. Different combos of Metrics/Macro/Behavioral depending on program strengths. Other: Python (3/5, have used professionally to automate demand planning and numerous coursera projects), R (2/5, several large statistical projects), Stata (for coursework). Graduated 2019, worked 9 months as a 'Product Development Analyst' before covid layoffs. Thank you for reading.
  7. Hello all. I'm a current undergraduate and I'm looking for advice on my chances at getting into a PhD program. I'm not very concerned with the prestige of the program; I really just want the degree. I'm concerned my grades aren't quite good enough so I figured I could try and find some knowledgable people on here. Here's my profile: Top 20 econ program undergrad degree in economics (in progress) Grades (A:4.0,B+:3.5,B:3.0,C+:2.5,C:2.0,IP:In Progress) Math - Calc1,2,3(A,C+,C+)DiffEq©,Linear Algebra(IP, going well), Probability Theory (IP, going ok) Econ - Intermediate Micro/Macro Theory(A/B+) Intro Econ Stats (B), Intro Applied Econometrics (B), Masters Level Econometrics, 2 semesters (IP) Research - independent senior research project. Working closely with a faculty member and working on original research. LOR - One (probably) great one from my research advisor. ... a couple others that should be passable,..... Electives - a few econ and political econ courses that aren't important. Motly As and B+s. Overall GPA: 3.2 GRE Quant: 168 GRE Verbal: 163 (I've heard this doesn't matter) I plan to complete a course in Stochastic Analysis and Real Analysis before applying to programs. My theory is if I do well in future math and masters level econometrics courses, paired with my research and good LOR I can get into an ok program. Any comments or concerns are appreciated! I love economics and I really want to spend my life doing this stuff so please let me know if I have chance out here
  8. Hey all! I am an undergraduate student graduating in 2021, and applying for programs in fall 2020. I am from the US, but am studying in the UK. I’m just having trouble trying to gauge what schools to apply to, and where exactly I have a chance at getting in. I want to aim as high as possible, but of course I want to be reasonable and not overestimate! Thanks in advance! Undergraduate Degree: BA in Economics and Political Science (double major, from top 20 global university in the UK) Undergraduate GPA: First Class Honors predicted (I think roughly equates to 3.8+/4.0) GRE: Q 167, V 166, AW 5.5 Math Courses: (this is a bit difficult to show, because a lot of math is integrated into the Economics courses themselves, but I’ll try to explain here) Economics 1 (A, included single and multivariable calculus, some linear algebra, differential equations, partial differentiation, optimization), Economics 2 (A+, constrained optimization, Lagrangians, matrix algebra, hessians etc.), Statistics for Economics (A+, probability theory, general statistics and applications), Advanced Mathematical Economics (A, set theory, real analysis, metric spaces, dynamic programming) Economics Courses: Economics 1 (A), Economics 2 (A+), Topics in Microeconomics (A-), Topics in Macroeconomics (A-), Development Economics (A), Essentials of Econometrics (A), Applications of Econometrics (A) Related Experience: Summer Research Intern for Federal Reserve Board of Governors (got lots of experience with R, Stata, SQL, python); Going into my senior year now I will be doing research for my undergraduate dissertation Letters of Recommendation: 1 from my academic advisor, 1 from my dissertation advisor, 1 from my maths professor, and 1 from an economist I worked with at the FED Research Interest: I need to work on narrowing this down, everything seems interesting to me! I think development/transition economics, applied econometrics, political economy/international relations in economics Thanks again everyone!
  9. Hi there! As an undergraduate student graduating 2021 and applying in fall 2020, I am still struggling between several choices: either applying to a PhD program directly, or applying to a MA program at first, or applying to a full-time RA position to strengthen my profile. Therefore, I really appreciate any feedback from you so that I can understand better and make clearer decision. Undergraduate Degree: BAs in Economics, Mathematics, and International Studies from a 30-40 ranked private research university Undergraduate GPA: 3.96/4.0 GRE: Q 169 V 164 AW 4.5 Math Courses: Calculus (A), Linear Algebra (A), Differential Equation (A), Probability (A), Statistics (A), Introduction to Proof (A). Plan to take Real Analysis in my Senior year. Econ Courses: Industrial Organization (A), Econometrics (A), Grad Antitrust Economics (A) Related Experience: I believe this is my weakest part since I did not RA for any professor. I only TAed Econometrics. Letter of Recommendation: Not secured yet. I believe I can get one from the chair of the Econ department who taught me Econometrics, another from the professor that I TAed for, the last one probably from a professor who taught me Chinese Economy. Research Interest: Not sure yet. I am interested in Econometrics and Antitrust or Industrial Organization. My biggest concern is that my research experience is not strong. I was more inclined to find a job and apply to a PhD after working for a couple of years so my summer experiences were internships rather than research. However, the current situation interrupted my plan.
  10. Hi, Are there anyone selling used econ phd textbook? :)
  11. I am currently studying philosophy as an undergraduate at a T10 department (for economics). However, I have taken the following courses: (MATH): Calculus 1-3, Linear Algebra, Honors Analysis, ODE, Probability Theory, Mathematical Statistics, and Topology (ECON): Micro/Macro theory, Introduction to Econometrics, Advanced Econometrics Is this a strong enough profile for PhD admissions? Also, a main concern of mine is that I don't have any research experience and, given my "soft" major, I won't be able to get any RAships. Thank you!
  12. Type of Undergrad: Top 50 Liberal Arts Colleges, Econ+Math (double major), Political Science + History minors Undergrad GPA: 3.92 Type of Grad:n/a Grad GPA:n/a GRE: tbd (Non-US citizen) Math Courses: Diff Calculus (A), Int Calculus (A), Multivariable Calculus (B+), Logic & Proofs (A), Linear Algebra (A), Differential Equations (A) Probability Theory (A), Real Analysis (A) Econ Courses: Intro (A), Intermediate Macro (A-), Intermediate Micro (A), Statistical Analysis (A), Econometrics (A-), Development (A), International Financial (A), Crime (A), International Pol. Econ. (A), Education (B+) Letters of Recommendation: 1. Prof who taught me for 4 courses 2. Prof who was an RA for + econometrics + senior thesis 3. I haven't decided Research Experience: Will write senior thesis, RA for a year Teaching Experience: Tutor Concerns: A- in Econometrics + B+ in Education + B+ in Mult. Calculus during the same semester, when I had multiple deaths in my family. Would that hurt my application too much? What about coming from an LAC with no grad-level classes? Questions: Where should I be aiming? What schools in this range have a particularly strong program in Development/Labor?
  13. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: Top 2 Canadian University Undergrad GPA: 3.87 Type of Grad:n/a Grad GPA:n/a GRE: tbd Math Courses: Calculus (A), Multivariable Calc (A-), Linear Algebra I&II (A's), Probability and Statistics (A+), Real Analysis (A+), Differential Equations (A+), Topics in Abstract Math (basically a number theory course, B+), Functional Analysis (tbd), Complex analysis (tbd), Nonlinear optimization (tbd) Econ Courses: Intro Micro/Macro (A-,A), Intermediate Micro/Macro (A,A-), Game Theory (A-), Advanced Macro (A), Information Economics (A+), Market Design (B+), Behavioural Economics (A), Econometrics I (A+), Applied Regression Analysis (A), IO (tbd), Financial Econ I&II (tbd), Grad Micro (tbd), Econometrics II (tbd) Interests: IO, applied micro theory Letters of Recommendation: 1. Prof who taught me in 2 courses, will teach in grad micro 2. AP who I RA for 3. I haven't decided Research Experience: Will write senior thesis, RA for a year Concerns: B+ in Market Design, due to the pandemic a lot of the grade's weight was shifted onto an assignment I did not so well in even though I did well on the tests, but I do have the option to just designate it as a pass/fail so it wouldn't affect my gpa and the grade wouldn't show up on my transcript, but I am worried this would look worse than a B+ Questions: Where should I be aiming in terms of application?
  14. Hello guys. This year I have applied 8 schools for MSc economics and econometrics. Which are Mphil Econ at Oxford (Pending) MSc Econ at LSE (Rejected) MSc Econ at UCL (Rejected) MSc Econ at Warwick (Pending) MSc Econ and Econometrics at Nottingham (Pending) MSc Econ and Econometrics at York (Offer) MSc Econ(Econometrics) at Edinburgh (Pending) MSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics at Tilburg (Offer) Sadly I got rejected by both UCL and LSE. However, York and Tilburg sent good news. The other schools are on pending status. As of now, I do not expect much from Oxford, but about Warwick, Nottingham and Edinburgh, I am quite positive. Could you guys help me opt the best MSc programme among the list for PhD? Thank you
  15. Please could someone offer some advice about which MSc programs are the best to apply for to increase my chances of getting onto a US PhD course next year. I know that the EME MSc at LSE is the best but I don't have any chance of being admitted to that. I'm looking more realistically at somewhere like Nottingham or Essex, and both of them offer MSc Economics, but also MSc Economics and Econometrics. Am I right in thinking that the MSc Economics and Econometrics would be better for boosting my PhD application chances because of the more quantitative nature of the course?
  16. Which is better from an admissions signalling perspective? 1. Advanced econometrics (uses Greene, focuses on going beyond OLS to IV, limited dependent variables, etc) 2. Mechanism design course in CS department (similar to Algorithmic Game Theory (CS364A), Fall 2013) 3. Stochastic processes I've heard that math courses are better signals than econ courses, but advanced econometrics specifically seems pretty important for admissions, so I'm not sure. I'm also unsure how the CS course (which has quite a lot of overlap with mechanism design econ) would be evaluated.
  17. As title.Which tier should I apply? My background: My undergrad(U.S top 50 national university)gpa is 3.2. My grad(U.S top 10 master Econ program) gpa is 3.3. Math background: calculus 1(A-)2(A),3(A), one semester real analysis(B+)(Rudin principle of mathematical analysis), introduction of differential equation(A). linear Algebra(B-), introduction of probability theory(B+). Undergrad Game theory (A-) Master courses :Econometrics I(B) Econometrics II(B+) Econometrics III(B) Micro I(B+) Micro II(B). Macro I (B). My GRE is V 155 Q 167 AW3.5. No research experience. Not strong recommendation letter. I have a econ term paper (25 pages long). I also have several econ group project when I was undergrad. My target school:Temple, NCSU, Clemson, UC Riverside, SMU, U of Houston. I don’t worry about funding because my family can support me. Is there any possibility that I can get in top60-top 100 econ program? Which Econ PhD program is easy to get in? Thanks.
  18. I am currently studying philosophy as an undergraduate at a T10 department (for economics). However, I have taken the following courses: (MATH): Calculus 1-3, Linear Algebra, Honors Analysis, ODE, Probability Theory, Mathematical Statistics, and Topology (ECON): Micro/Macro theory, Introduction to Econometrics, Advanced Econometrics Is this a strong enough profile for PhD admissions? Also, a main concern of mine is that I don't have any research experience and, given my "soft" major, I won't be able to get any RAships. Thank you!
  19. What’s the main difference between the econometric modeling learned in an Applied econometric masters vs. the applied econometric skills picked up in a PhD. I know PhDs are more about proofs and obviously research beyond first year but in terms of building VAR, ARCH, Panel data models how much more advanced more advanced would applications of these models be for say a second year PhD student vs. an applied econ MS grad? On a related note how do these texts stack up vs. PhD econometrics texts: a combination of Enders and some Hamilton for macroecometrics time series, big Wooldridge for micro econometrics and Tsay for financial econometrics/time series
  20. [h=2]Profile Evaluation[/h] Hi everyone. New here. Looking to get my profile evaluated as I am hoping to get into a PhD in Econ / Finance Econ / Finance. I am currently eyeing schools in the UK and the US. Would like to hear roughly where a profile like mine will land. Here goes: 24 years old 730 Gmat Bachelor of Economics (double majors in financial economics and econometrics) at top Australian school - distinction average. Originally did a pure mathematics line, so I reached higher complex analysis, higher differential equations, higher theory of statistics, higher several variable calculus all with distinctions on top of distinction average in econ courses. Dean's listed for being in the top 5% of students. MFin/Econ at top 10 european school (not UK) - top quartile grade-wise. 2 completed PhD courses with full marks as electives. My master's thesis supervisor is incredibly well known in his field but I have not started my thesis with him so no reference letter yet. Taught 3 classes of quantitative methods (think Stata and econometrics up to panel data + IV) + applied micro Will hold exercise classes in financial econometrics and predictive analysis (2 time series courses in R) both at graduate level. 3 reference letters: 1. professor who I am teaching for 2. associate professor who taught my one phd course and likes my ideas 3. professor who I am on the study board with (a student rep. thing) Relevant work experience: 6 months at a top economic consultancy between my masters and bachelors. Looking to apply to the top schools in the UK. Of course, it goes without saying that it is competitive. Feedback would be much appreciated. All the best and merry xmas.
  21. Hi- What would you recommend for the following profile: - targeting mostly online/distance learning degrees - 3.7 gpa from a well ranked public policy masters (crap undergrad grades from good school) - good grades in related subjects but only intermediate micro/macro, multivariable calc, stats and intro to econometrics - good professional experience and no need to change jobs - $ fortunately not a major issue Goal is for an applied economics program as want solid applied econometrics skills. Looking at JHU MA applied Econ, SOAS quant finance Msc Finance, and self study. Anything I’m missing? Thanks in advance
  22. Hey everyone! Trying to figure out how many top 10's, top 20's, and top 30's to apply to. Limited to about 13-16 applications due to budget constraints. Any feedback would be much appreciated. Type of Undergrad: School ranked in 50's by US News Undergrad GPA: 3.87/4.00 Type of Grad: Masters in Econ (dual degree - earning both bachelors/masters in 4 years) Grad GPA: Not explicitly calculated GRE: 169Q - 162V - 5.5W Math Courses: Math Stat I and II (A's in both), Multivariable Math I and II (B+ and A-), this is a proof-based combo of real analysis, vector calculus, topology, differential forms, regarded as hardest math class at university *Took Calc I-III at Georgia Tech in high school* Econ Courses: Principles of Macro (A), Intermediate Micro (A), Intro Econometrics (A-), Intermediate Macro (A-), Econ of Education (A), PhD Micro I (A-), PhD Intro Econometrics (A), PhD Micro II (B+), currently taking PhD Macro I (currently have an A - professor is a letter writer), PhD Econometrics I, PhD Labor Econ Other Courses: Independent research in econ (A in two semesters) Research Experience: awarded university's largest & most prestigious research fellowship, awarded university's second-largest research fellowship, conducted independent research with department head for two+ years, working as an econometrics aid for seniors doing their senior theses, interned at governor's office this past summer as research intern, presented at 1 national conference Teaching Experience: Teaching Assistant for Honors freshman for 2 years (seminar course to help them with college development as they start in college), Graduate Teaching Assistant for undergrad econometrics and undergrad principles of micro Research Interests: Econ of Ed, Labor Econ, Health Econ, Econometrics Thanks again everyone! Let me know if I can clarify/elaborate anything.
  23. Hi guys I got admitted for a Master at both University of Alicante and University of Barcelona ("UB", not UAB, not GSE). I guess I would like to continue with a PhD afterwards but I also want to be able to work, preferably in international organizations and/or research institutes. My research interest lie in Micro more than anything, both theory and applied (development, industrial, behavioural, public). I have an undergrad in business with average marks, no math at all, and several years of work experience in an area that UB does well in (they offer several specializations and my field is included in their Industrial Organizations modules) However, Alicante seems to be better (though not in rankings) in general Micro Theory, and alumni tend to be strong in methods like networks and math rather than economics, much less applied economics. UB has 2 math modules that sound more challenging than UA. Is that an advantage (learn more) or disadvantage (risk of failing or low mark) for me? On the other hand, Alicante's econometrics modules sound more challenging than UB's (rather applied), though both offer further econometrics electives in year two. I've done quite a lot of statistics and econometrics so that's less of an issue for me than maths. What is more important for economics - math or econometrics? Can you be a good economist without pure math stuff? It seems that some places favour engineers, mathematicians and even scientists over economists for admission so I'm wondering if there is any use at all for economists with less-than-superb math skills. I have been told by UB that about 25% of students manage to get a GPA of 8/10 or higher, which is their threshold for PhD admission. Alicante's program allows for a rather smooth transition to the PhD stage unless your GPA is below 7/10. I'm not sure if I can stay at either uni for 5 years though, I'm married and my wife is pursuing her career elsewhere so I may decide to follow her after the Master stage. Any thoughts, hints, tips?
  24. Type of Undergrad: BComm in Accounting in a good Indian university Undergrad GPA: 75% First Grad : MSc Economics - UK Uni - One of the top Euro master`s program. It is ranked around top 25-30 worldwide according to Tilburg and Repec rankings. Grad GPA: 76% - First Class Second Grad: MSc Applied Math - 2 years course - top 20 world - UK University Grad II GPA - 71% - First Class GRE: 154V/166Q/ AWA 4.5 Math & Stat Courses: Undergrad: Calculus & Real Analysis 1&2 (Both A), Linear Algebra (A), Ordinary Differential Eq. (A), Partial Differential Equations (A), Stochastic Processes (A), Optimization (A), Complex Analysis (A), Stochastic Analysis (A-), Topology (A), Dynamic Stochastic Control (A), Measure Theory (A), Functional Analysis I (A-). Econ Courses: Graduate: Game Theory (A), Advanced Microeconomics (A+), Advanced Macroeconomics (A+), Advanced Econometrics (A+), Economics of Financial Markets ©, Topics in Public Finance (A+), PhD Level Metrics (A). Research Experience: None. LORs : One from head of the econ dept - Knows me very well - strong letter; One from a famous researcher in econometrics from top 15 US - taught me MSc and PhD level metrics - strong letter; Another from my statistics professor - knows me well - strong letter. Interests: Empirical Macroeconomics, Time Series Econometrics. Students from my uni have gone to UCLA, UBC, UofT, Stanford, NYU, Minnesota, Cornell PhDs. What are my chances with Top 20 US? I am worried about the C in economics in financial markets. I feel that was just a prof who is very harsh with evaluation. I was really surprised that it happened. Are my GRE scores ok? Anything I can do to improve my chances?
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