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  1. Hi folks, I'm in a bit of a dilemma about choosing the best possible math courses, given my constraints, in order to improve my profile for econ PhD admissions. Would really appreciate your advice on this. Background: Undergrad from a ~top university in India, MSc. from a ~top university in Europe. Unfortunately, no separate math classes during my MSc. During my undergrad, we had two 'mathematical methods for economists' (MME) courses which provide some basic training on most of the math topics one expects before a PhD: calculus, probability, linear algebra etc. However, the MME courses are not nearly as rigorous as standalone courses like Calc 1, 2, 3; linear algebra etc. Through a process of trial and error, I've learnt that I need to show separate credits for these math courses in my profile in order to be eligible for atleast decent econ PhD programs (aiming mostly for the U.S). I've been an RA for a little more than 3 years now, have a published co-authored paper (and working towards more), and strong references from the profs I work with. So the non-grade aspect of my profile is in decent shape. I also got a 166 in the GRE quant, which I took in December 2021. Current status: I began with real analysis from UIUC's NetMath program and scored decently well (got an A). I'm now taking calc 2 from Westcott Courses, which provides a credit from UMass Global (not my first choice but had no other viable option at the time). Dilemma: I'm torn between taking calc 3 vs. linear algebra after I'm done with calc 2. Ideally I'd like to take both but I only have until December till some deadlines close. I'm leaning more towards calc 3 because my research statement/SoP leans a bit more towards asking questions that might require a theoretical approach, in addition to empirical tools. I've also had a lot of exposure to intermediate/advanced econometrics and statistics in the course of my research work as an RA, and I developed a working understanding of concepts where I needed to. I'm wondering whether this could partially compensate for the lack of a separate linear algebra course in my profile. TL;DR: I have two possible bundles of math courses for signalling purposes in front of admissions committees: bundle A = {real analysis, calc 2, calc 3} and bundle B = {real analysis, calc 2, linear algebra}. I'm leaning towards A because I'm hoping my research experience might indicate a bit more familiarity with econometrics/statistics, and the calculus in calc 2+3 is what I need courses for. I only have a few months and a full-time job so doing both calc 3 and linear algebra is near impossible without getting bad grades. Which bundle do you think would make the most sense? Would really appreciate your advice on this.
  2. Please suggest some suitable universities for both MA in Economics and PhD in Economics. I’m an international student and I have applied to 6 universities this fall and got accepted to 5 of them in their MS/MA in Economics program. (UNC Charlotte, University of Maryland -Baltimore County, Georgia State University, Illinois State University, and Western Illinois University). However, I couldn’t secure any funding from any of them so I decided not to go. My GPA is not good, so please suggest some universities in accordance with my profile where I would have a chance to secure funding. Type of Undergrad: BA in Economics from an unreputed, unranked university in Bangladesh. Undergrad GPA: 3.04 (Last two years 3.13 and 3.20 respectively) GRE: GRE: 314 (Quant-160, Verbal-154, AWA- 4 ) IELTS: 8.5 (Listening 9, Reading 8.5, Writing 7.5, Speaking 8 ) Teaching Experience: Have a youtube channel where I teach Introductory Econometrics Research Experience: 1 publication that is work in progress (Almost finished) Work Experience: 9 months of field survey experience in a multinational market research company. Projects: Several data analysis projects in Python, SQL, Tableau, etc to showcase my skills. I've attached my courses and grades below. They are all over the place and I know I don't have a shot at any of the top schools. So if you could suggest some MA/PhD program in my league where I could have funding I would greatly appreiciate it.
  3. Hello I am new to the forum! I am aiming to apply next fall. As an international student I have to submit my TOEFL scores, and I have just got mine. Total: 108 Reading: 26 Listening: 27 Speaking: 27 Writing: 28 While each of the components looks good, I am a bit worried about my total score. What do you think? Thanks!!
  4. Phd Business Economics Evaluation ( Planning to Apply Fall 2021): GRE: 329 (Q: 167, V: 162) Should I retake GRE, because of quant?? ( Pretty sure I made some random silly mistake) TOEFL: Reading : 29; Listening: 28; Speaking & writing: Yet to get scores. Undergrad: NIT Durgapur'2017 , India( Chemical Engineering)- 8.20/10 Grad: IIM Indore'2019 , India(-MBA ( 3.38/4.33, Top 10% out of 540 students) Research Experience: IIM Indore: Microeconomics - Course of Independent Study Project- Given Presentation to Economics Department ( Awarded a credit ). Was working on the paper but it is still incomplete not sure if it is going to be completed before I apply. IIM Indore: Live Project ( Cost Analysis) with Idea Cellular (before the merger of Idea & Vodafone) -Worked in a group although- Term Paper submitted NIT Durgapur: Not relevant to econ research. Have a paper published (co-authored) in chemical Engineering in Springer ( impact factor 1.47) and a chapter (co-authored) in a book.4.NIT Durgapur: Final year Thesis (Chemical Engg) (In a group) Work experience: Deutsche Bank ( almost 2yrs) - Corporate Banking Analyst LORs: Microeconomics Professor -IIM Indore under whose supervision I completed the Microeconomics project Macroeconomics Professor- IIM Indore- Who took courses Macroeconomics Professor - IIM Indore - Who took courses Concerns: My first concern is the GRE Quant score which I know isn't good enough . I know my profile is lacking in the following: RA ships, Not enough math/econ courses. I am planning to take up online econ/math courses ( real analysis, measure theory) and R/ Stata courses as well. Kindly suggest some schools I should apply to for PhD in business economics/ managerial economics / MS in Public Policy? Also, should I consider retaking GRE because of my low quant score? Relevant Courses & Grades: Mathematics I :Functions of Single Variable,Functions of several variables,Integral Calculus, Multiple Integral, Vector Calculus, A (9/10) Mathematics II: Linear Algebra, Ordinary Differential Equations, Fourier series,Laplace and Fourier Transforms,Probability A (9/10) Mathematics III:Partial Differential Equations (PDE),Numerical Method,Complex Analysis,Optimization: (LPP)A (9/10) Advanced Numerical Analysis: Eigen Values A(9/10) Probability & Statistics A (3.783/4.33) INTRODUCTION TO QUANTITATIVE DECISION MAKING:LINEAR PROGRAMMING; B (3.367/4.33) Microeconomics Introductory Microeconomics Course A (3.867/4.33) Macroeconomics Introductory Macroeconomics Course A (3.917/4.33) Economics of Strategic Interactions Market Structures and Organization A ( 4.1/4.33) Macroeconomics of Developing economies: Growth Models ( Solow etc)A ( 4.1/4.33) Financial Markets & Central Banking, Monetary Theory & Policy B+(3.433/4.33) International Finance/ Economics B (3.1/4.33)
  5. Hello All, I recently received offers from three MA Econ programs in the US, which are UT Austin, Tufts, and Vanderbilt. They have offered me 35%, 85%, and 100% tuition scholarship, respectively. My top choice is Vanderbilt as I wouldn't have to pay tuition, just the living costs. However, my aim of doing an MA is moving on to a good PhD program, possibly Top 30 in the US. Following is my undergrad math/stats/econ background: 1) Intermediate Macro / Micro: A- / A 2) Econometrics: A+ 3) Calculus 1-3: A 4) Vector Analysis: A (Predicted) 5) Linear Algebra: B 6) Ordinary Differential Equations: B+ 7) Discrete Structures: A+ 8) Mathematical Statistics: A+ 9) Probability Theory: A+ 10) Advanced Calculus I (Analysis I): A (Predicted) 11) Statistical Inference: A (Predicted) 12) Senior Level Regression Analysis: A 13) Senior Level Analysis of Variance and Experimental Design: A (Predicted) GRE: 162V/ 170Q/ 4.5AWA I face two choices. One is to accept the offer from Vanderbilt and do the master's. However, this would not leave much room to take math courses and improve my math background. The best I can do is perform well in my master's level economics courses and do some research. Second option is to defer my offers and instead of minoring in math, which I am currently doing, major in math by extending my bachelors and graduating in May 2022 instead of 2021. The offer from Vanderbilt is very attractive financially, and I would certainly like to take it. However, I am not sure if my math background is strong enough to eventually land me a spot in a Top 30 PhD program in the US. I would like to know the strength of my profile for PhD admissions. Thank You!
  6. Phd Financial Economics/ Economics Evaluation ( Planning to Apply Fall 2021): GRE: Yet to Take ( Planning to take in June) TOEFL: Yet to take ( Planning to take in June) Undergrad: NIT Durgapur'2017 , India( Chemical Engineering)- 8.20/10 Grad: IIM Indore'2019 , India(Top 5 in Management as per NIRF ranking published by Ministry of Human resources India)-MBA ( 3.38/4.33, Top 35 out of 540, Don't have a proof yet but I am trying to get one from Admissions Office) Courses & Grades: 1.Mathematics I :Functions of Single Variable,Functions of several variables,Integral Calculus, Multiple Integral, Vector Calculus, A (9/10) 2.Mathematics II:Liner Algebra, Ordinary Differential Equations,Fourier series,Laplace and Fourier Transforms,Probability A (9/10) 3.Mathematics III:Partial Differential Equations (PDE),Numerical Method,Complex Analysis,Optimization: Mathematical Preliminaries: Hyperplanes and Linear Varieties; Convex Sets, Polytopes and Polyhedra,Linear Programming Problem (LPP)A (9/10) 4.Advanced Numerical Analysis: Eigen Values A(9/10) 5.Probability & Statistics:Random Variables and Associated probability distribution,Sampling Distributions and Statistical Inference, Hypothesis testing,Simple Linear Regression Analysis A (3.783/4.33) 6.INTRODUCTION TO QUANTITATIVE DECISION MAKING:LINEAR PROGRAMMING,DECISION TREES,EXTENSIONS OF LINEAR PROGRAMMING: IPP AND MILP,APPLICATIONS OF LINEAR PROGRAMMING, B (3.367/4.33) 7.Microeconomics Introductory Microeconomics Course A (3.867/4.33) 8.Macroeconomics Introductory Macroeconomics Course A (3.917/4.33) 9.Economics of Strategic Interactions Market Structures and Organization,Review of Competition and Monopoly,Homogeneous Goods,Heterogenous Goods,Concentration, Mergers and Entry Barriers, R&D,Advertising, Quality, Durability and Warranties; readings from Industrial Organisations A ( 4.1/4.33) 10.Macroeconomics of Developing economies:Growth Models ( Solow etc)A ( 4.1/4.33) 11.Financial Markets & Central Banking:Stabilisation Policies in Closed and Open economy IS-LM Models,Monetary policy transmission mechanism, Credit Channel Expected Inflation and Monetary Dynamics, Optimum Policy Target,I nflation targeting B+(3.433/4.33) 12.International Finance:Balance of Payment, Exchange Rate, Drivers of Exchange Rate and,Foreign Exchange Market,International Parity Conditions: Interest Rate Parity,Foreign Exchange Risk Management,Hedging B (3.1/4.33) 13.Corporate Finance- Corporate Finance I (A) Corporate Finance II (B) 14.Investment Analysis & Portfolio Investments (B)- Portfolio Management 15.Equity Financing (B)- IPO/FPO/PE/VC 16.Practicing Corporate Valuation B- DCF/ Relative / M&A 17.Corporate & Retail Banking B- RWA calculation, CaR Ratio, Asset Liability Management, Basel Norms Research Experience: 1. IIM Indore: Microeconomics - Course of Independent Study Project- Given Presentation to Economics Department ( Awarded a credit ). Was working on the paper but it is still incomplete not sure if it is going to be completed before I apply. 2. IIM Indore: Live Project ( Cost Analysis) with Idea Cellular (before the merger of Idea & Vodafone) -Worked in a group although- Term Paper submitted 3. NIT Durgapur: Not relevant to econ research. Have a paper published (co-authored) in chemical Engineering in Springer ( impact factor 1.47) and a chapter (co-authored) in a book. 4.NIT Durgapur: Final year Thesis (Chemical Engg) (In a group) Work experience: Deutsche Bank ( almost 2yrs) - Corporate Banking Analyst Also, I am CFA L1 candidate- Hoping to pass! LORs: 1. Microeconomics Professor -IIM Indore under whose supervision I completed the Microeconomics project 2. Macroeconomics Professor- IIM Indore- Who took courses 3. Statistics Professor - IIM Indore - Who supervised the Live project Concerns: I know my profile is lacking in the following: RA ships, Not enough math/econ courses. I am planning to take up online econ/math courses ( real analysis, measure theory) and R/ Stata courses as well. Which kind of certifications will be considered by admissions committee ( any course certification from US univs?) Can someone specify some certification courses covering the above topics which can compensate for the lacking in maths/econ courses? I do know I like research , but till now most people have suggested me to go for a Masters rather than a Phd. is there any hope for me to get into a PhD econ program with this profile? Kindly suggest some schools I can apply to for both Phd & Masters in econ/ Financial economics where I might have a chance! Any suggestions are welcome! Would really like to gain some insights. Thank You!
  7. Hi everyone! I am applying this year intake for PhD Economics. In my SOP I have cited a couple of paper as my inspiration/motivation; shall I make a reference list at the end of my SOP? or I skip it since it increases number of pages ? Thank you !
  8. Hi All! I am currently in my second year at American University in D.C. I'm graduating in 3 years in may 2022, making me a junior in credits. I am an economics major and math minor with a 3.88 GPA I plan to apply for PhD in economics programs as well as some dual-degree or combined econ/public policy PhD programs. Right now I am planning on applying to top 30-60 for my target schools as well as potentially some reach schools in the top 30. I wrote a brief summary of my statistics below: Math Classes: Calc 1 (A), Calc 2 (A-), Statistics (passed because of COVID grade changes), Linear (A), and Calc 3 (A). I also plan on taking Foundations of Math (Math 403) and Real Analysis, both of which I hope to get an A or A-. Economics Classes: Basic Macro and Micro (A), Intermediate Macro (A-), Intermediate Micro (A), and 3 econ 3xx electives (A). I also will take both econometrics 1 and 2 as well as 2 more upper level econ electives and mathematical economics. I expect that those classes will also be mainly A or A-. Internship Experience: I have interned at the Treasury Department, worked at the Smithsonian, and interned for a consulting company. Research Experience: I have worked as a RA for a year and have co-authored a historical economics paper (and one more on the way) with my economics professor. The papers will be presented at various conferences in Spring/Summer 2021. I also am working as a RA in the mathematics department on a federally funded project that identifies malware in data documents using comp sci theory. I hope to do some sort of research position next summer as well. I also have significant diversity in my background although I don't know how much that would help. I would appreciate any advice on my chances for grad school or classes to take!
  9. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: BA Math and Economics, Ivy League (starts with P) Cumulative GPA: 3.51 / 4.00 GRE: 169 Q/166 V/4.0 AWA Math Courses: Calc II-Multivariate (A), Calc III-ODE ©, Calc IV-PDE (A-), Linear Algebra (A), Math of Finance (A), Real Analysis I & II (C/A), Adv ODEs (A) Stats Courses: Probability (A), Regression (A), Time Series (A), Stochastics (A), Math Stat (A-), Bayes (A-), Machine Learning (A-) Econ Courses: Intermediate Micro/Macro (A-/A+), Game Theory (B-), Adv Micro (A), Adv Game Theory (A), Economic Development (A) Letters of Recommendation: - Prof - Fed economist - Current boss (was previously an Asst Prof at a top-5, well-known in finance) [assume generally positive but maybe not superlative - all agreed to write without reservation. I honestly don't have a great sense] Research Experience: 2 years at Federal Reserve 1.5 years of independent work with an Asst Prof at a top-25 (couple of presentations, still WIP stage) Teaching Experience: None Work Experience: Internship at top DC think tank - economic policy 2 years at Federal Reserve 3 years Data Scientist at Silicon Valley tech/finance company, currently senior level (~200K salary). Have a couple of mathy blog posts which can be adapted for writing sample. Programming skills: R, Python, Scala Questions/Context: ​ Wondering how competitive I'll be at top 10. Also looking at business programs. Have low/mediocre GPA with some unfortunate Cs which I think is my biggest weakness. Should I do a Master's? I've saved enough (350K, no debt) that I can afford it easily. Honestly a PhD wasn't really on my radar until end of senior year, would have studied a bit harder had I known earlier
  10. Hello Everyone, I am applying for PhD in Economics USA and UK. I have two Graduate degrees in Economics: First one is in MSc in Economics from really good university in UK (top 10) but my performance in it is very average and other one is in Mathematical Economics from good university in France with overall GPA 3.6/4. I am confused whether should I report my first masters in my Phd application, could you guys help me out? Please! The story is that I had a successful BA in Economics degree from India but it did not had math exposure. So i did not have any mathematical training which would have prepared me for my MSc degree. Honestly, I was not aware that I really need high level mathematics for graduate degree in Economics. So I had hard times during my first master. After finishing my masters, I went to do another master which provided good training in maths and economics both. Here, the mathematical training really helped me to perform well. So i am confused now to report my first master as the score from it is ver low and it will lower my chances to get in good Phd program. What do you think everyone?
  11. Hi all, I just took the GRE. I got a 166 Q and 156 V. I understand that 166Q might not be enough for top 20 and I am anyway applying to top 25-50. I gave all the free ETS practice tests, and even one of the paid tests -- I found quants on the actual test much harder than any practice test. I am a little apprehensive to take the test again and also financially constrained - I don't want to retake unless I have to. Should I let it go and focus on my SoP and research? I have been working an RA for more than a year now, have a work-in-progress paper and also have summer RA experience. Any suggestion would be appreciated! Thanks!
  12. Dear All, I am posting below a brief overview of various aspects of my profile. I am looking for a profile evaluation and sources to improve it. Depending on my current profile, what sort of schools should I target? What ranking range should I be targeting? Education: ​Undergraduate: B.A. (Hons.) Economics from the top University in India. [Grade: 85.7%/top 50 in the University] Master's: M.A. Economics from the top school in India. [Grade: First Class/First Division] [*]GRE: Quant: 168 Verbal: 162 AWA: 4.5 [*]Courses: [TABLE=class: grid, width: 600] [TR] [TD]Level[/TD] [TD]Type of Course[/TD] [TD]Number of Courses[/TD] [TD]Grades[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Undergraduate[/TD] [TD]Calculus[/TD] [TD]3[/TD] [TD]More than 90/100 on each[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Undergraduate[/TD] [TD]Linear Algebra[/TD] [TD]3[/TD] [TD]More than 90/100 on each[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Undergraduate[/TD] [TD]Advanced Micro[/TD] [TD]4[/TD] [TD]More than 95/100 on each[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Undergraduate[/TD] [TD]Advanced Macro[/TD] [TD]2[/TD] [TD]More than 90/100 on each[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Undergraduate[/TD] [TD]Econometrics/Statistics[/TD] [TD]3[/TD] [TD]More than 95/100 on each[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Master's[/TD] [TD]Calculus/Linear Algebra[/TD] [TD]3[/TD] [TD]More than 60/100 on each[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Master's[/TD] [TD]Advanced Micro[/TD] [TD]6[/TD] [TD]More than 70/100 on each[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Master's[/TD] [TD]Advanced Macro[/TD] [TD]2[/TD] [TD]More than 60/100 on each[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Master's[/TD] [TD]Econometrics/Statistics[/TD] [TD]3[/TD] [TD]More than 70/100 on each[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] [TABLE=width: 500] [TR] [TD][/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] Research Experience: Two years RA at a business school working on projects related to political economy, finance, and development 6+ months RA at a foreign university working on a project related to political economy One solo-authored working paper related to environmental economics and development, one solo-authored paper on political economy and finance. Two ongoing projects with co-authorships related to environment and development. Other relevant information: Highly proficient in STATA, R, GIS, and HTML. Working knowledge of Python Thanks a lot for your help! 😊
  13. Hi all I have a question. I am beginning my grad school applications and I am hoping to get into a decent econ PhD program. At my school where I received my degree from (double major in math and econ) my GPA was good (3.88), however I transferred schools after my freshman year, where my GPA was probably around a ~3.2. I am worried that sending my transcript from freshman year will ruin my chances of getting into a good program. I just requested my transcript from freshman year so I can get more specific with classes and grades once I receive it but I believe the only econ class I took was micro and I got a B, and other than that it was other random gen eds... I know admissions will mostly care about my math and econ grades however I am just nervous that my GPA from freshman year will just be an automatic negative for my application, regardless of the classes I took during this time. Additionally I did not do great on the GRE (162V, 164Q, 4.5 AW- probably will take it again in Oct to try for 166+Q). Some top programs have waived the GRE requirement, so I presumably stand a chance of not automatically being discarded, however I am wondering if my GPA from freshman year will ruin any chance I have at these schools. I'll provide some more background on my profile below. Any advice is appreciated:) PROFILE: Undergrad: double major in math & econ (B.A.) Undergrad GPA: 3.88/4.00 overall GRE: Q164 / V162 / AWA 4.5 LOR's : Should be really strong, 2 from professors I did research with during undergrad (one with a PhD from MIT, one with a PhD from Harvard), and one from my current supervisor who has overseen my research the past few years and has a PhD from an international uni. Research Experience: Worked at the fed during undergrad as a research intern and now in an RA program at an international institution. I have many research acknowledgments and one published working paper.
  14. International Student. Undergrad- Computer Science and Engineering(4 year degree) Undergrad GPA- 9.422/10( Proportionally, this is equivalent to 3.768/4. But according to WES, my grades are equal to 4.0) Math Courses in UG- Multivariable calculus, linear algebra, real analysis(at the level of Stephen Abbott), complex analysis, ODE and PDE, transforms, probability theory, queuing theory, statistical techniques(testing, regression, etc.), Numerical Analysis, discrete math(group theory, logic, and combinatorics) ECON courses in UG- Intro to Micro. Scored a perfect 10/10(with distinction) in every math course. Postgrad- Econ with concentration on statistics Postgrad GPA- 88.21%(equivalent to 3.52) Relevant courses in PG-Micro theory, math for econ, econometrics(I, II, III), Operations research and efficiency analysis, research methodology. Master's thesis on a mechanism design topic. Scored a 10/10 on math and micro theory courses. Targeting to publish something by 2020 in some respected theory journal. GRE Quant- 166 Recommendation Letters- 1 from micro faculty, 1 from thesis guide, 1 from UG math faculty. TOEFL - Yet to give. Target Universities- SUNY(Buffalo, Stony Brook, Albany), Virginia Tech, SMU Dedman, Washington State University, Louisiana State, NC State, ASU, Univ. of Arizona, Boston College, Singapore Mgmt. Univ., Purdue, Rutgers, Univ. of Southern California, Univ. of Miami. Am I aiming too high? Would appreciate some advice regarding my target places.
  15. I hope to make this post general enough so that many people may benefit from it. I am applying to several top 30 and many top 20 programs this application cycle. I just took the GRE for a second time and scored a 165 on quant (162 verbal if it matters). I feel confident about everything else that will be on my application as my grades, research experience, and letters of rec. are all strong enough to get admitted to the range of programs I am looking at. Thus, my GRE score is giving my stress since I know the average quant GRE for these programs is a 167; hence I must be near the threshold score they are looking for. What advice/insights do we have on this situation? Perhaps others could extrapolate this advice to other ranges of programs? Thanks!
  16. Type of Undergrad: Top 5 US undergrad Undergrad GPA: 3.64 (economics), 3.4 (cumulative) GRE: Taking very soon, with some more work should be able to get Q167+ and V162+. Aiming for perfect quant score of course. Coursework: Post-bacc @ Stanford: Real Analysis (A), Differential Equations for Engineers (B+) Senior thesis: (A) in both semesters Junior research: (A) in both semesters Undergrad math: Probability & Stochastic Systems (P), Linear Algebra (B+), Calc 3 (B-) Other undergrad economics: Analysis of Big Data (A), Political Economy (A-), Market Design and Auction Theory (A), Internet Economics (B), The 2008 Recession (B+), Public Finance (B), Mathematical Econometrics (B), Health Economics (B+), Macroeconomics (B), Mathematical Microeconomics (B), Statistics for Economics (B) Research Experience: - Junior paper under macroeconomist applied quant financial econometric models in a novel domain. (very applied quant) - Senior thesis under top game theorist analyzed biases in an auction market (empirical, not so quant). - Worked as a research assistant under a top political scientist - contributed exercises to statistics textbook. - Current job (2-3 years) out of undergrad is all quant econometric research, but private sector and no public-facing work. I will write about this in my statement of purpose but it doesn't seem SOP is so influential. LORs: 1. My junior paper professor told me earlier this year he would write me his best LORs. He's sent people to top 5 programs. However, he said he usually only has time to write LORs for ~10 schools so I have to pick carefully. 2. Asked my senior thesis professor if he'd write me a strong rec. He said he would, but I'm not as sure it'll be as strong. 3. For my third, I'm thinking about asking my current manager who leads our team of statisticians / computer scientists / economists at a private firm. But my manager is from computer science so I'm not sure that would be well regarded for economics programs. I could ask some of the economists on my team for a rec / contribute to the letter, but they're new PhDs so not sure if that's even helpful. The other alternative is to ask my political scientist professor (very famous in the field) but it's been a while and my work was more textbook/teaching oriented than breaking novel research ground. Overall: I had a rough undergrad until junior/senior year, then realized too late I wanted to go for academic economics and post-grad managed to get the critical A in real analysis from a good school. Grades have trended up. However, my math coursework is still very patchy, and I've been out of school for 2-3 years (albeit in a research position), so I'm thinking it may be best to cast a wide net in terms of schools this cycle. Do you think I have any chance at breaking a top 20, 30, even 50 program? I'm open to doing a master's first and plan to apply to a mix of PhD & master's programs. Potential schools (mix of PhD and Master's programs): PhD: MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, U Mich, USCD Master's: Europe - LSE (both EME and 2-yr econ), BGSE, CEMFI, UCL Canada - UBC
  17. [h=2]Economics Ph.D. Profile Evaluation[/h] PROFILE: Undergrad: Small, private university in India [ Nationally accredited top 15 engineering school] Degree: Bachelor of Engineering Undergrad Major: Civil Engineering [First Class with Distinction] Undergrad GPA: Cumulative: 9.47/10 US Equivalent GPA: 3.63/4 [Evaluated by WES] US Equivalent Degree: Bachelor's Degree [Graduated with Honors] Undergrad Math Courses: Calculus I & II (A's) • Linear Algebra (A), Real Analysis (B) • Numerical Analysis (A). These courses are obscured on the undergrad transcript as Mathematics I,II,III,IV, and V. Grad: Peking University, China [Top ranked public research university]. Degree: Master of Economics Grad GPA: 89/100 US Equivalent GPA: 3.47/4 [Evaluated by WES] US Equivalent Degree: Master's Degree Full Tuition Waiver & a couple of other private scholarships. Important Graduate Econ Courses: Microeconomics (A) • Applied Econometrics (A) • Advanced Econometrics (B) • Financial Economics (A) • Financial Modeling (A) . Time Series Econometrics (A) Research: Master's thesis on investor sentiment. Econometrically intensive. Final Grade - A. Teaching Assistantships in International Finance, Business Mathematics, Business Ethics, and Marketing Research. 4 years of post-masters work experience. GRE: 170(Q), 169 (V), 5.0(AWA) TOEFL: 118/120 Letters of Recommendation: 2 Graduate Professors, 1 Supervisor 1. Graduate Professor 1: • Assistant Professor • Master's thesis adviser • Taught International Finance (A) and Macroeconomics (B) • Teaching Assistantship in International Finance 2. Graduate Professor 2: • Associate Professor (Tenured) • Had her for Financial Markets (A) and Investments (B). 3. Current Supervisor: • Academic Director at the education consulting firm I work at. • Will mostly write a recommendation letter talking about professionalism and work ethics. I am thinking about approaching an undergraduate professor to write the third LoR, but I graduated back in 2013 and the department of civil engineering has since then has seen some churn.
  18. Hello guys, I was wondering if anyone could help me with this 'writing sample' that I have to submit at a few universities. It is crucial for me as it might help in establishing my Econ research abilities since I am from a Math background. I have the following questions- 1. Is it a good idea to submit parts of the MS thesis project as a writing sample? 2. What should be the length of my writing sample? While some universities 'recommend' 2-7 pages, others ask for minimum 15 pages. 3. If you're building something on old concepts, is it okay to skip details about those? In other words, to maintain the brevity of the write-up can we omit trivial (and not so trivial) details that can either be found in the literature or understood if stressed up a little? Thank you very much for reading this. It would be great if you could provide any insights on these issues. :)
  19. Type of undergrad- BS - MS dual degree in Mathematics from a reputed science institute in India. Master's thesis project done at Computer science dept in India's top most institute. Undergrad GPA- (so far) 9.0 on a 10 point scale. GRE - 169 Q, 156 V, 3 AW Math Courses- [We have A-B-C-D scoring pattern] Calculus - I,II (A); Linear Algebra(A); Probability and Statistics- I (A), II (B); Analysis - 4 courses (B); Group Theory (B); Point Set topology (B); Graph Theory, Algorithms, Mathematical Biology (A); ODE(A), PDE(B) ; Calculus on Manifolds, Differential Geometry (A); Combinatorics (B); Stochastic Processes (A) Economics Courses- None. But I have done a few online courses and took up some related projects M-S Thesis Project- Mainly studying economic models using extensive mathematics including Optimization and Game Theory. Should lead to a publication eventually. LOR - One from my MS guide who is in CS dept, but has done algorithmic game theory previously, One from a prof who has taught 4 courses and guided for a semester project. Third from my statistics Prof, who taught 2 courses and guided for a semester project. Research Experience - Currently doing my MS project which is mostly about forming new theories and computations, which can definitely count as a research experience. Took up one summer project in Game theory. Have worked on 4 semester projects studying Learning theory, complex analysis, Game theory etc. No other formal research experience. Teaching Experience- No formal experience. But confident about teaching maths. Research interests - Development Economics, Microeconomic Theories, Game Theory. I know that I have nothing to show my economics skills, but I have been reading Economics since last three years. I have taken all courses which can help me in doing economics. I have read and studied various parts of Game Theory since last two years. Also, the ongoing project involves a lot of economic understanding and I need to read some research papers for that. I aim to apply to various universities in the US for Econ PhD. I'm confused about my odds at getting into one because of formal training in extensive maths. No one from my institute has studied economics further, except a student who took up MS in Finance at Oxford. Could you please give any inputs as to how I should proceed? Also, I won't be able to apply to more than 13-14 universities, so which universities should I be applying to? Thank you very much in advance.
  20. Hello, I'm a freshman at University College London, taking Social Sciences with Quantitative Methods. The degree itself lasts for 3 years. The time for us to pick our classes is coming soon, and I'd like some advice on what math courses you guys think are appropriate for someone aiming for a Top 10 Econ PhD school.
  21. I will be graduating in a few weeks from a top LAC (Williams,Amherst, Swarthmore, Bowdoin) with a degree in math and a concentration in statistics. My goal is to pursue an Economics Ph.D in the future. Although I studied math, there are a few holes in my math education as a result of taking time to pursue interests in the humanities. Specifically, - My linear algebra and diff eqs are both weak. I received As in both these courses, but I don't think I fully internalized the material. Rather, I am good at taking tests and was able to get through by memorizing equations, etc. I would like to retake these courses and understand material at a deeper level - I've never studied modern algebra - Received a B in real analysis. Before applying for a Ph.D program I would therefore like to improve my math skills. I will be working in consulting following graduation so it is unlikely that I can take classes in my spare time. So I am wondering if there are any masters programs that would help me fill in these holes while preparing me for a top Ph.D program. Open to math, stats, or econ masters, but I've heard that math masters are better prep.Which programs specifically should I look into? I would also like to have more time to study for Math GRE. If it helps, my GPA is approximately a 3.8 and I have some limited research experience. Alternatively, should I apply straight for Ph.D programs? More about my profile: Econ courses: intro, micro, macro, accounting, metrics, some electives. All As. Math courses: Calculus sequence, Linear Algebra, Diff eqs, Operations research, Analysis, Probability, Math stats I-II. All As execept analysis and probability (B in analysis, B+ in probability) CS: Intro to OOP, Data Structures. All As. Research experience: 1 semester with the stats department. Rec letters: 2 maths and one Econ professor. They know me better than average but not as close as I'd like. Thanks!
  22. Hey guys, Having applied to a couple of masters programs in the UK and Europe for admission in Fall 2018, I managed to get only one conditional offer and I'm finding it hard to understand what I've gotten wrong. I don't know if my profile is strong enough and if I'm setting too high expectations or if there are some glaring issues in my profile that I should rectify. I aspire to work in academia or at a central bank and I'll have to get a good PhD for that. So here's my profile. Any advice or feedback would be much appreciated. My profile: 1. Indian Student 2. Undergraduate: - BCom with Honours in Finance and Investments - From a university that is ranked as one of the top 5 in India for Commerce - GPA of 3.73 on 4.00 - Two semesters of Business Economics, one sem of Stats (basic stats, regressions, etc) and one sem of Maths (calculus). - A whole bunch of extracurricular activities in finance and management. 3. Postgraduate - Post Graduate Diploma in Economics from a Top 5 departments for Economics in the UK - Masters in Economics from the same uni (expected) - Optional modules in Time Series Econometrics and Monetary Economics 4. Research Experience: - Worked with a macro professor at a top Indian uni for one year as an RA. Got credited in a couple of his working papers. - Area of research; debt management, fiscal policy and monetary policy 5. Test Scores: - GRE: Q-161, V-163, AWA-4.5 (might have to give it another shot) - TOEFL: 113 6. Research Interests: Monetary economics, international economics, fiscal policy (taxation) and labour economics I'm a little unsure of the route to pick as well. I don't know if I should work for a while after my masters of if I should apply immediately after it. I don't know if my undergrad will be seen favourably or if I have to pursue a second masters (possibly MRes) before applying to the PhD program. I will definitely have to give my GRE again because of the low quant scores. But the real problem is that I don't know if I'm aiming too high if I'm going to make applications to the Top 5 of UK, Top 30 of USA and Top 5 of Europe for PhD. Would really appreciate some advice and guidance. Thanks a lot in advance.
  23. Hey! Just to give a bit about my background first: I have an Econ/Math double major from a top-20 US University GRE: 169 (Q), 163 (V) 3.6 GPA; A's in Intermediate Micro, Macro, Econometrics, Calc 3, Real Analysis, Linear Algebra. However, I did receive B's in PhD Micro and Econometrics which I took 10 years ago (when I was 19). After undergrad, I got an MA in Education, and then taught for a while. I know admissions committees won't care about the following (clearly) but I started an Ed Tech company, ran it for 5 years and sold it last year to a fortune 500 company. I have written two published books, and teach a summer entrepreneurship course at Harvard. I have primarily been focusing on the teaching of economics to undergrads - and have been tutoring it for the past 10 years. I've had a lot of time to also study advanced economics, and for the past few years have been even tutoring grad micro to new PhD students (I've clearly improved my understanding a lot since getting a B in it in 2009). However, none of this is on my transcript. I did take and get an A in grad econometrics last year, and I was able to get letters of recs from some of my old professors (including my thesis advisor) - while these are strong, the writers haven't interacted with me in 10 years, so i'm not sure if admissions committees will doubt my mathematical abilities since I've been out of school for so long. In the fall 2018 admissions cycle, I applied to 10 of the top 20, and to Rutgers and MSU. I was rejected from all of the top-20 schools, and only had offers from Rutgers (unfunded) and Michigan State (funded). However, I was also offered (50% tuition off) admissions to Uchicago's MACRM program. My career goal is to be a tenure track professor (obviously, as good a university as possible). My research interests are labor/ed policy/applied micro. So my question is: should I go to Uchicago (which means spending another 1.5 years, spending 40k in tuition, and still potentially not getting into better programs) or take the offer from MSU? In talking with some of the current MACRM students, it seems like if you do well in the first year, Uchicago tends to offer you admissions directly into their (public policy) PhD program, which seems like the placements for Uchicago Public Policy are a tad better than MSU Econ (even within econ programs - but I really don't care whether I end up in a public policy department or an econ department since I would likely do the same applied micro/policy research). Thanks in advance for your advice! :)
  24. Hello all, I am considering applying to PhD programs in either Economics or Agricultural & Applied economics programs. I am a bit worried about my GPA though. I went to a top 15 ranked undergrad school, doubled in Math and Economics, and came out with a cumulative GPA of 3.5. I am currently working as a research assistant in the NU Economics department. My GRE score is nearly perfect on quantitative. How much does my GPA hurt me with admissions and what tier school is a likely reach for me(if any)? Does working for a highly regarded professor and receiving a rec letter from them help me out with this? Thanks in advance for any responses!
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