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  1. Argument : Woven baskets characterized by a particular distinctive pattern have previously been found only in the immediate vicinity of the prehistoric village of Palea and therefore were believed to have been made only by the Palean people. Recently, however, archaeologists discovered such a "Palean" basket in Lithos, an ancient village across the Brim River from Palea. The Brim River is very deep and broad, and so the ancient Paleans could have crossed it only by boat, and no Palean boats have been found. Thus it follows that the so-called Palean baskets were not uniquely Palean. The claims made by the statement that woven baskets with a distinctive pattern were previously found only in the immediate vicinity of the village of Palea. There has been, however, no information provided about the source of this fact and if the archaeological study that published this fact actually covered sites other than those of Palea and its vicinity. As a regression of this, the actual origin of the peculiar basket pattern might have been made a rather different city around Palea or was a distinctive pattern of the region rather than being a patron of Palea village. Moving forward in the argument, the argument states that a basket with the patterns which were assumed to a be a doctrine of Palea was found across the Brim river. As due to the size and magnanimity of the river allows it to be crossed only by boat and no trace of boats were found, the baskets should have been made somewhere on the other side of Brim river. This statement has major loopholes in the assumptions it makes.Firstly,as very evident in the passage itself, absence of archaeological evidence doesn't gurrantee the absence of an item as happened in the case of later discovery of basket in Lithos. Generalizing from specific results doesn't always turn out be a truth as happened in case of Palea village's association with the distinctive pattern. It is quite possible for Paleans to have boats in the prehistoric times which our archaeological geniuses have not been able to discover yet. Secondly, the fact that boats were not found is a recent truth after or during the Lithos site discovery mission or a subsumed fact in the Palea baskets is not clearly stated to understand if the fact is recent enough after the Lithos discovery to be relevant. On a different wavelength, as stated that the discovery of a single such basket in Lithos can be an indicator of the presence of more such basket but doesn't prove it. Drawing the conclusion that presence of one basket marks the existence of basket in the village is rather an extrapolation. This fact can be easily explained by the mention of the Brim river. The basket might have been floated across the river to reach Lithos from the Palean shore. The argument contains multiple assumptions which may weaken or strengthen the argument as has been elaborated above.
  2. Governments should offer college and university education free of charge to all students. Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the recommendation and explain your reasoning for the position you take. In developing and supporting your position, describe specific circumstances in which adopting the recommendation would or would not be advantageous and explain how these examples shape your position. Governments have a responsibility to invest in the education of the population for the benefit of the population. However, it is not necessary nor even a good identity to cover the entire cost of post-secondary education. As in Canada, governments do well to subsidize college and university education to a reasonable portion of the cost. To begin with, relying entirely on government funding is likely to reduce the finances of the schools. Without raising taxes, government budgets everywhere are already very tight without room for a huge additional expense. This means less money to compete with other countries for quantity and quality of professors, courses, and facilities. What good is a free education if the education is sub-par at best? When subsidized by the government, schools have obligation both toward supporting government interests of societal benefit, as well as the capitalistic drive to compete and profit, which drives performance and innovation. Furthermore, the huge additional expense to the government will surely take away from other more universally rewarding beneficiaries. Meanwhile, the investment does not benefit all citizens directly. Many people are not interested nor suited for post-secondary education. Taking away from infrastructure and military, for instance, doesn’t help people without children at post-secondary age who have to put up with the potholes and reduced security. If anything, the free aspect will attract many more students who are not committed or just not a good fit for university or college. This will detract from the serious students. Instead, subsidy tempers the obstacle of cost to make it more reasonable, while still maintaining a cost that acts, in a way, as a test of a student’s dedication. That said, some countries have implemented free post-secondary schooling. Education, after all, is a clear contributor to a country’s economy and GDP. Taking away the barrier of cost allows equal access to all. It is a matter of tradeoff. The United States has some of the most expensive schools, but they are also some of the world’s best schools. When a resource is made accessible to more people through government funding, something has to give, whether it be other services we rely on like infrastructure or the quality of the resource itself, or both. Government certainly has a strong relationship with the country’s schools. That is why most government’s fund elementary and secondary school. But should that extend to post-secondary? It would come at significant cost to the quality of the school as well as the other government services losing funding to compensate. As such, it is a more appropriate approach to subsidize post-secondary education rather than funding it completely. We need higher level thinkers and doers developed by higher level education. Beyond our physical health, our personal and societal quality of life depends on mental aptitude.
  3. This was supposed to be short story type essay. Too long? It's been years since I have written an essay. How are Paragraphs. What do I need at conclusion. What should I title it? Do I have run on sentences, and how about punctuation? HELP, Please!! Jake, a young and gawky boy dreams of getting his Boy Scout rank of Eagle Scout and the National Eagle Scout Association’s colorful plastic wallet card, before the 8 year deadline expires to be eligible for the prestigious rank that is admired from a variety of applications to entering the Armed Forces a full rank ahead. Shortly after his 10th birthday he has his first ceremony in Scouts celebrating his achievements. Four months later, Jake has his second ceremony, his cross-over ceremony with Akela , transitioning from Cub Scouts into Boy Scouts. He is hooked. Riddled with low self-esteem, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Tourette Syndrome and ADHD, along with the learning disabilities and social awkwardness that coincide with these disorders he starts out strong earning merit badges. At some times in his adolescence he works towards it, other times he forgets the dream. Unable to forgive himself for mistakes of the past, self created adversity finds it’s way into his young life again and again. Defiance in all areas exacerbated troubles with the law, drugs and alcohol, he spiraled out of control. Years turn into months, and then to days so fast, time is running out. Overwhelmed and feeling hopeless, with only a few days left before the deadline; Jake decides it’s not worth the hassle. Does the young man at the last possible moment, his 18th birthday, reclaim his dream, overcome his demons and soar like an eagle into adulthood? A bad attitude paired with adversity can make one pessimistic and bitter, want to crawl into a hole and die, give up one’s dreams, and stifle one’s growth, or adversity can propel the tenacious one into self-discovery and optimism, determined to overcome the obstacles and leave the valley of despair climbing to the summit of victory in any and all situations. Oft times what’s required is a shift in attitude and consciousness. Depending upon one’s attitude and their choices in handling physical and emotional challenges or misfortune and consequences, one can discover their inner values, desires and the strength and depth in their character that can overcome any odds. It was a warm fall day in November 2004, in the city of Bountiful, Utah. A curly blonde haired, blue-eyed boy of a short and frail stature ran in the door dropped his backpack on the floor and said, “Bye Mom!” as he ran out of the house buttoning up his Cub Scout shirt. He had already experienced parents and step-parents with addictions, his mother gone for almost 2 years in jail and treatment, it was so nice to finally have a normalcy and he was so excited to go to Scouts and do cool things! The following week was Pack Meeting and he was to receive the highest award in Cub Scouts, his Arrow of Light. So happy and at this point in his life still felt accepted by all. His Cubmaster, Brother Little, had presented a very special keepsake for him. It was a 2 feet by 2 feet hollow square frame he had made of wood with white tanned deer skin stretched across it and holes on the edge to lace around the wooden frame. Brother Little had glued on the large keepsake all of the little boy’s camp patches, badges, Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, 20 pins from 5 different categories of things mastered in Physical and Mental Skills, Community, Technology and Outdoor Activity. The Webelos Colors were to the left of the pins this little boy loved, Aquanaut, Artist, Engineer, Traveler, Family member, Craftsman, Fitness, Handyman, etc. They were so awesome they looked much like the activity they represented. He had never seen anything like them, let alone earned them! Brother Little had carefully removed all these things and placed them so neatly on this skin. His Compass Point emblem with their earned gold compass point pins, In the center were all of the gold and silver arrow point patches, along with his most recently earned badge, the Arrow of Light patch. The Progress Toward Ranks dangled at the bottom with its yellow and red beads. Laced along the top of the memento was an arrow Brother Little had painted with the Scout colors and written in black Sharpie the coinciding value. “Wow, was this thing cool!” he thought. Four months later, it was time for another special ceremony for him! This time he was to cross over from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. “This Scout stuff is exciting”, he thought. A man in a leather outfit wearing a full headdress addresses the group and the boy in a powerful and loud voice summoning the boy to the bridge. The fellow onlookers included the Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Webelos & leaders, fellow scouts, the boy’s mother, stepfather, brother, sister, father and stepmother and the Boy Scout Troop on the other side of the bridge awaiting the new scout. Family was beaming with pride as the nervous, shy little boy, stepped onto the bridge with his mother and father at his side. Already having problems with paying attention, words swirled through the air around the boy in bits and pieces. “Soon, when you become a Boy Scout, you will find that, while there are still many people willing to help, you take on more and more responsibility for blazing your own trail to Eagle.” He thought to himself, “I will be an Eagle Scout!” At age 14, Jake’s Court of Honor for his Life Scout award was joined with his brother Matthew’s, Eagle Scout Court of Honor. He nervously conducted the Court of Honor, fulfilling his last requirement for his required Communications badge. He had actually earned more badges than his straight-laced, “perfect” brother. Jake was set to get his Eagle 1 month after turning 15. Earning merit badges, he felt some were fun, others, hard and boring. The thrill of Scouts was starting to diminish. Friends started changing, he started riding the motorcycle he had grown into that his brother was growing out of. Jake’s hyperactivity and love of revving up engines drove one neighbor, which would be best prescribed as mean spirited and trouble making. His friend gave him an old car for him to concentrate his summer time on. Suddenly there were many police interactions, which led to many underage driving without a license tickets. As the pressure of junior high, social faux pas, and other issues, a friend whom smoked pot got him high for the first time. His mother knew the minute she saw him. From then on trouble was double, suspensions, probations, DT and finally a program, which he flew through with no rule violations. Jake spent 15 months out of his home and out of Scouting. He came back home and went to early morning seminary with his brother, Matthew, every day at 6:30. Finally he was back on the right track. Only a few more merit badges to finish. All was well at home and school, he earned high honor roll and at 3.89 that year! Jake’s 11th grade year started out well, even though he did not have his brother at school with him, he was home earning his higher EMT certification and preparing for a mission. It wasn’t long until Jake was complacent and again started smoking pot, skipping school, letting his grades and the GPA he was so proud of slip. All was heading towards an abyss fairly quickly. His mother threatened another program was surely on the horizon if he didn’t pull it together. Before the end of the second semester he had been suspended for bringing pot to school. He was to attend a District Meeting with a clean UA, a completed SASSI, (substance abuse rating scale.) Whew, he was back in school. Within a week, he had a fight with his stepfather and took alcohol to school, giving it to another friend also. He was pulled out of his AP Psychology and tested blowing a .09 on a Breathalyzer. He received another suspension and district meeting. Somehow he made it back into school again after a few weeks. Jake ended that school year without another suspension, however he was now on probation. However, the summer would prove to be trouble for this young man, he just couldn’t seem to make the right choices. Lying, smoking weed, sneaking out, drinking, stealing his parents cars and truck and taking them to the “B” a favorite 4 wheeling spot for auto’s, 4 wheelers and motorcycles. The plot thickens. On house arrest with a curfew of 10 pm, Jake continues to take a downward decline. He starts just not coming home and lying to his mother. His mother gets a phone call in June 2012, saying he has stolen an electric shopping cart. “Impossible, he is in Lindon!” his mother states to an officer that’s been a friend to she and Jake. They go to the store that he allegedly was at, and there was Jake! That was it. Off to DT he went to await his fate. Here comes that program, he thought. Dread filled him. August came and he entered the program, his mother had moved heaven and earth to get him there. “I can’t screw this up, they used their retirement to pay for this.” Jake thought. He did fairly well, but was slow to get it. In September they started to make sure all was in order to get his Eagle. Everyone had collected books and stored them over the past for years, awaiting Jake to fill out the Eagle Scout Project Workbook. Time was drawing near, he had one more badge to finish. He started thinking, “I don’t want to get my eagle, there’s still too much to do!” As the last possible weekend drew near, he attempted to get all of his advancement records. With so many position changes at church, nobody had them. The day of his 18th birthday came and he still did not have the signatures in his project workbook. They went to the Boy Scout Council in their area. Jake had completed all requirements and he could finish his project. They spent the day gathering the books and summoning the signatures needed. The last signature came at 8:00 pm. They were now able to deliver the several thousand books to the DT he had spent time at, along with the Head Start in his county. At last at 10:00 pm, the project was finished! He filled out the workbook and turned it in. He wasn’t very happy he spent his whole 18th birthday doing it, but he would be glad in the future. He graduated his program, went back to school again achieving his 3.89 and high honor roll. Prepared for his mission and is now serving in Mexico City North with his brother. Jake proved that even though life dealt him a series of physical and emotional dis-abilities with a shift in attitude, determination, making the right choices, and doing what’s right one can overcome their demons, obstacles and adversity that is self-created or thrown at them and one can achieve any goal, however hopeless it looks at times, they set out to achieve
  4. Hello Everyone, I am in my second semester at my local JC. It has been many years since I have been in school. I am really struggling with the essay writing for English. I am taking English 100 online, in summer school for 4 units, as well as American History online, in summer school, for 3 units. To say I am overwhelmed would be a huge understatement. Any helpful hints, or better an ear to bounce my thoughts off of. :shy:
  5. Been checking out the discussion here for one year! Finally got the chance to share my experience.After working hard on GMAT prep and essay writing for one year, I got the admission (w/ scholarship) from Emory few days ago!!! :)GMAT: 710GPA: 3.8work exp.: accountantI don't have solid management experience so basically I focus more on my international exchange student (Europe and China) and charity experience.Additionally, I am really bad at essay writing so I decided to hire an essay editing company called top admit to help polish my essays. A friend, who is a Duke MBA student suggested this company to me. Their editing quality and customer service are excellent. The price is super affordable. I strongly recommend their MBA essay editing quality. My editor is a Chicago MBA grad. :loveheart:
  6. Hello everybody I wrote my essay depending some good book this is my first essay I correct it with office word but I kept the mistakes I need you to grade my next essay ........................................................................................................................................................................ Thequestion is do you agree or disagree with the folloingstatement? Personallyspeaking, I agree that the student mustlike the teacher , that important to learn and benifit fromthe teacher , i will state my reasons First,ifthe student liked his teacher he will love to come to the classevery day that means he will learn very good ,for example I likedEnglish teacher in the primary school , hE was love his class as he told us , and he was the best in the all school ,forthat I was always think about his class when I be in my home andduring the other lessons ,that made me very good in English . Second,as student you will be so interesting to do the homework , ihave story , i remeber some friend was carlessabout his homework when i advise him he was tell me that Heunderstand me but the problem bad with him consequently he hates histeacher and he doesn't want to do the homework ,this clarifysthe importance to good relation and good feeling between the studentand the teacher. lastand not the least , the student will make high degrees in theteacher's subject because he will bemore attractive during the lesson. Tosum up , I agree when the student likes his teacher he will learnmore and more from his teacher , doyou agree with me? begin now and try to respect your teacher andimprove you relation with him . ............................................................................................................................................................................................................................. word count 261 and I hope to give me comments and advice If you want I can summarize the information in that book thank you in advance
  7. Topic: "As we acquire more knowledge, things do not become more comprehensible, but more complex and mysterious." ESSAY: The statement here linking complexity to knowledge playson the experimentation of humans with the strangeness of nature from thefarthest past as we know it. Since ancient times man has been curious about thenature around him. From the invention of wheel till the modern day nuclear weapons,man has been moving forward in the field of science. It is true that when one question isanswered, it gives rise to a number of other questions and so it can be saidthat the field of science is becoming further complex as time passes, but ifone has the true knowledge of the subject, the science becomes simpler. Even inthe midst of complexity, it will be wrong in our part to tell that it becomesincomprehensible. Considering the field of medicine, in olden days,there were no proper doctors. People relied on so called “witch doctors” tocure them of the disease, which rarely happened. The medicine to which thepatients were treated, especially in the time when “Black Death” was sweepingEurope is a very good example of the backwardness in the people’s knowledge ofmedicine. The so called “doctors” were at a loss in understanding what wasreally happening in the human body and so in the place of curing it they wouldunintentionally put the patient’s life in danger. Whereas today with theadvancement of knowledge, even though it has led us to many other mysteries inthe human body, it has given us more understanding of the human body than theolden days leading to better healthcare, eradication of dangerous diseases like small pox etc. Even in the field of astronomy, where people used towonder about stars and the lights of the sky has all become clearer due to ourincrease in the knowledge of it. Many of the false superstitions from pastwhich was due to our lack of knowledge in the actual working of nature has beenbanished from the society due to our clearer knowledge of the actual happeningsin the system, which in turn has made our life a lot more meaningful. As the saying goes, “knowledge is power”, It is truethat as we advance, and gain more knowledge more doors of mysterious questionspop up and question our intellectuality, but it has given us more understandingof the human life as we know it thus broadening our horizons and not narrowingit.
  8. This Essay is for Stage 1 SACE (Year 11 in South Australia) and had a 800 maximum word limit ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is about 400 years old, yet is still seen as a valid piece of theatre - Discuss It is interesting that Shakespeare’s plays continue to be performed and studied throughout the world almost 400 years after his death. This maybe because the plays are brilliantly written, it may also be that the themes resonate with issues faced at any one time in any one place within human society. In the case of the tragedy ‘Romeo and Juliet’ the play deals with young love, the interaction of young lovers on opposite sides of wars, depression, suicide and conflicts that last for decades or millennia and come to a head at different times resulting in bloodshed, like the battle between the Montague’s and the Capulet’s. When Romeo and Juliet first meet they find that there is a strong physical bond between them and they classify it as ‘love-at-first-sight’. The term love is often used when two people have known each other for a long time and have built respect and affection for one another. Whereas when two people have an instant and overpowering attraction for each another the term infatuation is often used. The ‘first love’ that many people experience in their teenage years is often a form of infatuation; it will either be a flaring attraction between people that shortly dies down to nothing or it will start slower and mature to a strong healthy love. When Romeo and Juliet meet the Friar warns Romeo of not heading into the relationship too quickly in case the passion wanes away to nothing, though Romeo ignores him and marries Juliet the next day so he can consummate their marriage without it being a sin. Many people in today’s society go through the same thing; they’ll meet a person and find that there is an instant physical connection between them. They’ll then want to rush into a long term commitment like marriage; although in today’s society there is much more leeway with what is considered appropriate between two people in a relationship. Many people in today’s society can sympathise and see parallels between their lives and that of Juliet Capulet. While Juliet is only 14 in the play, she experiences many of the conflicts that people in today’s society do. She’s in an environment that is surrounded by conflict and finds herself in love with a person who’s considered her enemy. This situation is familiar for many people in parts of today’s world; like the black and white in South Africa, Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland and Serbians and Corack’s in Bosnia. The simple idea of ‘forbidden love’ calls to something in a humans’ subconscious. The idea of rebelling from what we’ve been taught or going against a higher authority by being in ‘love’ with someone that is one the opposite side of a conflict, or that fits the stereotype as ‘dangerous’ appeals to many people. In ‘Romeo and Juliet’ this ‘forbidden love’ is the main plot line of the story and is what attracts many people to the play. The topic of depression and suicide in ‘Romeo and Juliet’ comes up regularly. In the tragedy suicide seems to be an action that was easily and regularly done by the way and frequency that Romeo and Juliet attempt it. But from the reactions of the Friar it was a drastic thing, seen as a massive sin that would deny them entry to Heaven, and that Romeo and Juliet were just easily and severely depressed. In today’s culture the topics suicide in teenagers is an almost taboo. It is something that happens with alarming regularity but is still not talked about by the general public. It is treated by attempting to treat the depression that causes it and is talked about behind closed doors. As shown with Romeo and Juliet suicide is often treated as a final action if the person is overwhelmed by one major and negative thing in their life, and is often undertaken by teenagers who haven’t had enough experience with life to realise that it is possible to live past horrible experiences. Even though the tale of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is almost half a millennium in age, the issues it brings up and the actions between the characters is ageless. Within the human society there will always be the issues of rebellion, depression and conflict, because of that and the way the Shakespeare presents the issues and themes the characters in his plays will always be able to be sympathised with and the issues they face will be understood; Thus allowing whatever culture or time they are read in to be able to enjoy and study them. Word Count: 760
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