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  1. I've been looking for some advice regarding my current profile as I prepare for PhD applications. I'm planning to apply for Fall 2022 admissions. My goal is to narrow down or add to (if necessary) the schools I'll be applying to. Thank you for your feedback in advance. Profile: Degree: B.S. Economics with a minor in Mathematics from Utah State University GPA: 3.70/4.00Econ Courses: Principles of Micro (A), Principles of Macro (B), Intermediate Micro (A), Intermediate Macro (A), Econometrics (A), Applied Econometrics (A). Math Courses: Calculus I (A), Calculus II (A-), Calculus III (currently enrolled, but I have an A- which could change to an A), Linear Algebra (A-). I'm taking Differential Equations and Probability Theory in the fall. Additionally, I'm taking Foundations of Analysis and Mathematical Statistics in the spring. GRE: Will take in the fall. LOR's: one from my Applied Econometrics professor, not a well-known professor. One from my Development Economics professor who I've done research for and bounced ideas off of, graduate of Yale. Also, not famous. One from my Mathematical Economics professor who can attest to my mathematical ability and research ideas. He's also not well-known. There really aren't many popular economists at Utah State University. Research Experience: Worked on application of Malthusian model to colonial Haiti. Additionally, I used Bayesian econometrics in an effort to predict stock market returns. Research Interests: Labor, Development, Macroeconomics, and Economic History (only at some universities because many don't offer this emphasis). Planning to apply to: University of Illinois University of Notre Dame Purdue University Texas A&M University University of Colorado Boulder University of Arizona University of California - Irvine University of Oregon University of Kansas Vanderbilt University Concerns: My GPA is nothing stellar. I attended a community college two years prior to attending Utah State where my GPA was 3.33/4.00. My Utah State GPA on the other hand is 3.95/4.00. Additionally, I have four W's on my transcript from dropped courses. I dropped Linear Algebra, Calc II, Differential Equations, and a history general. I dropped Linear Algebra and Calc II because my wife was very sick during the start of her pregnancy and I needed to be more available. I ended up taking both in a later semester and received an A- in both. I dropped Differential Equations and my history class this summer because I found I overloaded myself with the birth of my daughter. However, I plan to take Differential Equations this fall and the history class again in the spring. None of the research I've contributed to has been published. I also feel like I have weak research experience as a whole. However, I have spent the last six months as a data analyst for the company I work for (not sure if this adds to my profile). I'm also concerned about the classes I'm taking in the fall and spring not being on my transcript given the application deadline for some of the schools I have in mind is prior to the end of the fall semester. I might be overthinking this given schools can admit you provisionally. Thank you so much for reviewing my profile. I look forward to your advice.
  2. Hi, I am applying to programs in fall '22, with a range of target options (a few in top 10, a few in top 50, a few in top 150). My math background is weak. I work full-time so am trying to come up with an efficient plan that maximizes my chances for admissions. Math that I have: Calc 1 - AP Honors Calc 2 - B Linear Algebra - currently taking at Georgia State (likely A) Business stats - A Stats in public policy grad school - B Econometrics in public policy grad school - A Options that I am considering: 1. Take courses locally (mostly Georgia State University) Fall '21: Multivariable Calculus Spr '22: Stats 1 (in Math Dept), Differential Equations Sum ' 22: Stats 2 (in Math Dept) Fall '22: Linear Algebra with Real Analysis I - 23A (online at Harvard Extension) 2. Take courses online via Harvard Extension Fall '21: Multivariable calculus - 21A Spr '22: Mathematics for computation and data science - 23C Sum ' 22: Linear Algebra with Real Analysis I - 23A Fall '22: Mathematical Statistics 156 AND Differential Equations 21C Would love any advice. And open to other ideas too! Thanks in advance.
  3. ----------- Note from Forum Admin ----------- Welcome to the 2021 Ph.D. in business concentrations' sweat thread! This is a thread for applicants (hopefully!) starting their PhD program in 2021! Use this is vent, discuss any frustrations, or random musings that you would like others to weigh in on! Best of luck to this years applicants! For those of you just starting to browse this website, check out the Welcome to the Forum thread for information that has been helpful in the past. ------------------------------------------------------- Hello, I didn't see a sweat thread so I'm just going to make one for everyone grinding out the apps now. *sweats nervously*
  4. Hi, I'm taking a bunch of math courses and a few econ courses before applying in fall '22 cycle. Some schools have deadlines in early December. In these instances, will they look at the courses that I take in fall semester 2022? I'm planning on taking Analysis during that semester, and want the course grade to have posted by the time they consider my application. Are those fall courses generally taken in to account by adcoms?
  5. Can anyone tell me how competitive this profile would be for UC Irvine to apply this fall and start next fall? School: large research state school/university with not much of a ranking for economics UG GPA: 3.35ish Grad GPA thus far: 3.8 without 2014 metrics class (somehow tacked onto my grad GPA) or 3.55ish with 2014 metrics class (which I'm currently retaking and doing above average so far) Math courses after UG in 2014 (all UG level): Linear Algebra (A-), Intro to Advanced Math (A-), Calculus IV (A-), Elementary Prob & Stats (A), Introduction to Real Analysis (currently taking), Introduction to Differential Equations (will take this fall) Economics courses after UG in 2014 (all grad level): Mathematics for Economics (A), Microeconomics I (A-), Metrics I (currently taking), Microeconomics II (currently taking), Experimental Economics (currently taking), Macroeconomics I (will take this fall), Metrics II (will take this fall), Macroeconomics II (will take next spring), Research Capstone (will take next spring) Teaching experience: currently a TA for Principles of Microeconomics (spring 2021) Research experience: currently working on my research capstone project (on experimental economics pertaining to antitrust and industrial organization) as well as a project with a more senior student (very avid researcher) who is about to graduate with a phd at my institution (on some inequalities in sports pertaining to soccer clubs), and I should have some kind of writing sample from both in time for the December 1 deadline to apply Computer skills: LaTeX, some RStudio, some Python, some Stata GRE scores: expecting 169+ for Q, 162+ for V, and 5.0+ for writing It would be neat to hear your opinions on how this might fare for UC Irvine...
  6. First off, congratulations to everyone with offers in this tough cycle, and good luck to everyone still waiting for an acceptance! Is anyone considering deferring their start to Fall 2022 and citing COVID (and lack of in-person classes/interactions) as their reason? I'm wondering if schools will still be generous in their deferral policy this year given the continued uncertainty about the situation.
  7. Prospective student for fall 2021 here curious which, if any, PhD in Management programs are waiving the GMAT/GRE. Interested in OB/HR as well. Thank you!
  8. My profile is below. Underneath that, I’ve written a few questions about my application, specifically about how to ask for LORs given some bad signals to profs and whether to address a permanent physical illness that came about halfway through my MA. Thank you in advance for reading my post! Any input is greatly appreciated. Type of Undergrad: Honors BA in Economics + Minor in Mathematics from Canadian university (top 50), 2014 – 2018. Undergrad GPA: 81 Econ, 77 Math or 3.7/4.0 Econ, 3.3/4.0 Math Type of Grad: MA in Economics from same Canadian university as BA (top 50), 2018 – 2019. The degree was a master’s but students can take the full first-year PhD course sequence, with option to take the prelims as an application to the 2nd-year PhD program. Grad GPA: 86 or 3.9/4.0 Grad Courses: PhD Micro I (85) PhD Macro I (84) PhD Metrics I (89) PhD Economic Mathematics (98) PhD Micro II (82) PhD Macro II (74) PhD Metrics II (81) MA thesis (92) GRE: 165V/166Q/4.5AW Undergrad Math Courses: Single Variable Calc I (72) and II (71) Multivariable Calc I (76) and II (88) Linear Algebra: Intro (72), Intermediate (67) Ordinary Differential Equations (74) Real Analysis (76) Undergrad Econ Courses: Micro: Intro (71), Intermediate I (87), Intermediate II (77), Advanced (80) Macro: Intro (61), Intermediate I (90), Intermediate II (78), Advanced (74) Metrics: Intermediate I (74), Intermediate II (81), Advanced (88) Other Econ: Labour (80), Math for Economists (90), Political Economy (88), IO (88), Empirical IO (88), Economics of Human Behaviour (83), Senior Thesis (87 over 2 semesters) Letters of Recommendation: I haven't requested any yet, as I'm still looking for advice on this Each of my LOR writers would know me in the same capacity—as a student in their PhD classes. I had great attendance, and was always attentive and interactive in class. I did not speak to them much outside of class. The 3 profs would be from (1) Micro I, (2) Metrics I, (3) both Econ Math and Micro II Research Experience: MA thesis was a literature review + research idea proposal (we weren't supposed to actually carry out the research) BA thesis was mainly empirical research using regression analysis. Research Interests: Microeconomic theory: consumer/decision theory, revealed preference Econometrics: nonparametric methods Public economics: poverty, education, health Teaching Experience: 2018 – 2019: TA for Introductory Micro and Introductory Macro 2017 – 2019: tutoring for my department’s economics tutoring centre 2019 – Present: private tutoring SOP: Background: I mention my MA and explain why I want to pursue a PhD after a year working in the private sector (data analyst) Courses: I highlight my MA coursework and my favourite courses Research: I explain my research interests and my research experience Other: I talk about my programming work relating to statistics and data, from my job and from my personal work, and how I hope to apply it to my research Other: Programming skills: I currently use R, Python, SQL, VBA at work for data processing and some regression and machine learning analysis. I used STATA and MATLAB when I was in school. Notes and Questions: I mention programming skills under “SOP” and “Other”. Is this relevant? To what degree should I emphasize these skills? My performance began to decline during my second semester due to the onset of a permanent physical illness, however I was not visibly ill and I did not tell anyone. It wasn’t until after my MA that I was able to get the symptoms under control and get my life back to normal. My profs are not aware of this aside from knowing that I wrote my exams with disability accommodations. I was given the opportunity to take the prelim exams, where I passed only micro on the first try and failed macro on the second try. On paper, there’s no evidence of this since I was a master's student, but my profs are likely aware of my exam results. Before I ask them for letters, I was thinking I should highlight that I was a master’s student and not a PhD student, since they probably don’t know that and because I think it downplays the severity of failing those exams. I believe my illness greatly affected my performance, but I’m not sure if that’s something I should share with them--ultimately, is there a net benefit to disclosing this info to my letter writers? Or on my applications? And the main question: given all this information, what rankings do you think I can get into?
  9. I saw that UMD posted a note on their department page that they will have fewer spots for admissions in fall 2021 due to students deferring offers from fall 2020 because of covid. I expect admissions to be more competitive this year, because of students deferring and also more people applying in a bad economy, but does anyone have a sense of the scale of the effect? Do we think twice as many people will apply for half as many spots? Better? Worse? I applied in fall 2018 and got some offers I liked, but went to work instead for personal reasons. Based on last time and my work experience since I think I'm a medium competitive candidate for schools in the 20's (Maryland, Austin) but am trying to decide whether what's going on right now should effect my decision making on applying now vs. waiting one more year.
  10. Hi Im curently an undergraduate student and will be applying for econ PhD program of 2021 fall. Here's my profile and any evaluations will be appreciated! PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: top university in Asia but probably unknown in the US Undergrad GPA: 3.82/4.0 exchanged at a top 5 US econ department and got all A+ (4.0/4.0) Type of Grad: NA Grad GPA: NA GRE: Q 170 V 163 AW 5.0 Math Courses: Calculus(A+), Real analysis I(A), Linear Algebra(A), Complex Analysis(A+), Stochastic Process (A+), Applied Statistics (A+), Probability Theory (A-) Econ Courses: Intro to Econ(A), Intermediate Micro/Macro(both A+), Econometrics(A), Mathematical Economics(A), Macroeconomic Policy(A+), Environmental Econ(A+), Public Econ(A+), Game Theory, International Trade, Economic Growth(All A) Other Courses: not very relevant Letters of Recommendation: 1 from a top 5 econ department, took class and did well, RA'd for half year, editor of a field top journal, knows me very well. 2 from a top 5 econ department, very prestigious professor, RA'd for almost a year, but less technical. 3 from my thesis supervisor, taught me econometrics, RA'd for 1.5 yrs, knows me very well I'm still looking for another backup option. Research Experience: Current and previous research all related to monetary economics, which is great to make a consistent background I think. Another research experience in development economics. Basically for my LOR writers. Teaching Experience: NA Research Interests: Monetary Economics, Macroeconomics, International Finance Other: I'm going to take PhD level micro or macro next semester but have not determined yet which one to take, probably macro which more relevant to my research interest. Also will take analysis II or ode/pde to enhance my math background. I do not have any publication or conference experience. I will do my thesis next semester but probably will not mention in my application. I appreciate any advice in terms of what universities I shoud aim, and any chance I get into a top 10? Thank you guys!
  11. I was wondering if anyone (especially econ professors) have any idea how COVID-19 may impact the number of accepted students being able to actually attend next fall? If international students cannot attend (e.g. are not able to come into the US next year) is there a chance a school may reach out to formerly waitlisted students? Is it worth me reaching out to such a school (I was rejected off the waitlist for my favorite)? Also, what are the odds that we would have to do online learning this fall? Thanks again for all the advice!
  12. Any other international student starting this Fall having issues/delays with getting their student visa? It's really quite troublesome. Can't firm up apartment rentals and flights if the visa isn't even settled yet. Thankfully, my school has given us the option to defer to next year (with our current funding package intact), but I strongly prefer to not waste any more time.
  13. I have recently received my fall grades after submitting all the applications. Unfortunately, I got a B+ for the PhD Microeconomics class. My other grades are fine ( three As in other economics class and an A- in a math class). I have sent the fall grades to some schools which request them but not to some schools which say it is optional. Should I send the grades? I heard that it is a bad signal if I have a B+ for the graduate class but I feel like not sending the grades is also a bad signal. The fact that my other grades are not bad also makes me want to send the grades. Thank you so much for your advice and good luck to everyone who is applying this cycle.
  14. Just got my fall quarter grades. I got an A in phd metrics and A- in phd micro. Wondering if I should report fall quarter grades, since it is optional. More context, I got straight As in math (including analysis), strong letters and one ongoing paper which my recommender will write in his letter saying it is publishable. Assuming all other factors being reasonably ok, is reporting an A- in micro is going to hurt my chance at top10. Thanks!
  15. Hello Everyone, I am looking to apply to as many Fed banks this fall as is sufficient to make my odds reasonable. In order to do so, it would be nice to know if my profile looks competitive or not. In addition to the profile, I am interested in knowing if it is a good idea to apply to all 12 banks and the board? Or should I be more selective. Hows does one distinguish between which bank is the best should one receive multiple interviews? Also, last question, how competitive is the pay for such positions? Will it cover the expenses for living near the bank? Here is my profile: University: Satellite Campus of a Big State School in NJ Major: Economics Minor: Math GPA: 3.96 Major GPA: 4.0 Honors, McNair Scholar Classes: Intermediate Micro/Macro (A/A), Basic Calc (A), Calc I-III (B/A/this fall), Linear Algebra (A), Numerical Analysis (A), Probability and Stats (A), Econometrics (A), Grad Econometrics (this spring), Math for Economics[Grad Course](this fall), differential equations (this fall), Monetary theory[Grad Course](this fall), proof writing course (this fall) Research: 2019 Undergraduate Research Fellow at Top 10 Econ Department Research with Professor at my Own School Independent Research for the McNair Program Will be writing my senior thesis this year Software Knowledge: R, Stata, Python, Latex, Microsoft Office Other Experiences Intern at Bulge Bracket Firm in Wealth Management Fed Challenge participant
  16. Hello everyone. I want to apply for fed RA Positions. Is it a good or bad idea to apply to all 12 banks plus the board? Should I be more selective than that? Here is my profile: Big State School (Satellite Campus) Major: Econ Minor: Math GPA: 3.96 Major GPA: 4.00 Classes: Calc I-III (B+/A/taking this fall), Linear Algebra (A), Numerical Analysis (A), Grad Course Called Math for Econ (taking this fall), Probability and Stats (A), Econometrics (A), Grad Econometrics (taking this spring), Proof writing course (this fall), Intermediate Micro/Macro (A/A), Topics in Micro-Game Theory (A), Graduate Monetary Economics (this fall), elementary differential eq (this fall) Research Experiences: 2019 Undergraduate Research Fellow at a Top 10 Econ Department Research with Professor at My Own Institution Independent Research for a federal program I am in Will Write a Senior Thesis Software: R, Stata, Python, Latex Extra: Intern in Wealth Management at Bulge Bracket Fed Challenge Participant
  17. Hi I am an undergraduate senior. Because I decided to apply for a PhD not long ago, I wonder what I should be doing now to improve my chance of going to a solid program. I don't think I am well prepared given my profile. Type of undegrad: formerly US news Top 20, later transferred to US news Top 10 (Econ dept ranked top 20) GPA: 4.0 at previous college, 3.925 in the current college (2 A-s) Math: Calc I and Calc II (A), Linear Algebra (A-), Multicalc (A+), Real Analysis (this coming fall), Probability and Stats (at previous college, A), Probability in current college (Currently taking, didn't do well, expecting a B+ or A-). (Meanwhile, I am planning to take Math stats and dynamic programming in my last semester) Econ: Intro Micro (A), Intro Macro (A), Metrics (A), Intermediate Micro (A), Intermediate Micro II (Math based, A), Intermediate Macro (A), graduate policy analysis course (A), graduate special topic research capstone course (A). (Will take graduate metrics, micro and time series this fall.) Research experience: produced a paper in the research capstone course, attended a few conferences. Just started working as a RA this summer and probably would extend this job to the end of next semester. Will right an honor thesis this senior fall. So in general I feel like I didn't prepare myself well for applying to PhD yet. I wonder if working one or two years as an RA would give me enough time to take important math and stats class and enrich my background. Or should I go for a master? Thank you!
  18. I took it in the spring semester and am applying to phd prgrams in the fall. How much is this going to hurt me? I was previously targeting T30 schools and hoping for a shot at a T20 school. This fall I have the opportunity to take a graduate probability course and/or a graduate applied linear algebra course. Could a good grade in one of those classes help offset the bad real analysis grade? Thanks for your advice!
  19. I'm applying this cycle, and have recently found out that some schools like Michigan don't even accept fall semester grades. I'm taking a common pre-requisite for PhD Econ admissions this semester (Intermediate Macro) and since the grade for the class will not be available by the application deadline, I was wondering which schools I should be aware of that don't accept fall grades. What about business chools? I would greatly appreciate any insider knowledge from people who applied in recent years. Thank you!
  20. Do adcoms normally look at your grades from the fall semester of the year that you are applying? I've seen that the deadline for submitting transcripts to most schools are in early December. I'm taking graduate level courses in micro and econometrics this fall and would like to have the grades as part of my profile. If I upload them in early to mid January, will they be looked at? Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  21. Hello guys, Does any of you have any direct or indirect experience with USC (southern cal), BC (Boston College), UVa (Virginia)? I was wondering if anyone could evaluate my chance for those three schools as they are my top 3 choices! Undergrad GPA: 3.83/4.0 Major: Mathematics, Economics Minor: Computer Science GRE: Q: 168, V:155 Math: Single Calc (AP), Multivariable Calculus (A), Discrete Mathematics (A), Linear Algebra (credit, taken during summer), Probability and Statistics 1 (A), Real Analysis (A) Econ Courses: Intro Micro (A-), Intro Macro (A), Intermediate Micro (A), Intermediate Macro (W, but will take it again this fall with my advisor), Econometrics (A), Independent Study (A) Computer Science Courses: Intro to Comp Sci 1,2 (A) (A-), Data Structures and Problem Solving (A-), Computer Organization and Architecutre (A-), Theoretical Foundation of Computer Science (A-) This Fall: Algorithms, Intermediate Macro, Law and Economics, Independent Research (in continuation of this summer's research) Letters of Recommendation: 2 econ assistant professors 1 computer science professor Research Experience: Summer Research Grant this summer with two professors. It will be continued this fall semester as an independent research. Most likely will be a working paper or under-review by the application time. Teaching Experience: Tutor for 3 semesters. TA for Econometrics this fall. Thanks guys!
  22. Undergrad: Large State School around 50th nationally GPA: 3.8 Major/Minor: Econ Major, Stat and Math minor GRE:167Q/160V Econ Classes: International Monetary Economics: A Environmental Economics: A Intermediate Micro: A Intermediate Macro: A Econometrics: A Time Series Econometrics: A Game Theory: A Math Classes: Calc 1: B+ Calc 2: A Calc 3: A- Intro to Proofs: A Intro to Analysis: A Linear Algebra w/ Proofs: B+ Stat Classes: Statistical Inference: A Applied Experimental Designs: B+ Applied Regression Analysis: A Mathematical Statistics I: A Mathematical Statistics II: A- Last Set of Classes that I'm taking in the fall: Senior Thesis Some Upper level Econ Class Differential Equations Real Analysis Coding Experience: R (strong), RATS (used for one class, I think this program is awful), MATLAB and LaTeX (trying to learn these now for help with my thesis) Other Experience: Did Literature Review for a Professor one semester on a research topic he was exploring. With the same Professor, did a one-on-one class where he taught me discrete choice and how to code the models Tutored Intermediate Micro for 2 years. Interned at Porsche Cars North America last fall where I used some techniques I learned in Time Series to forecast car sales. Personal Info: During my Junior year I developed Crohn's Disease, it has been very hard for me. However, I recently found a treatment that looks like is getting me back to "normal." For this reason I am graduating in 4 and 1/2 years, which is not what I originally planned. Thesis: Writing this fall using either discrete choice demand estimation or the Green and Porter (1984) model to examine collusion. (Also want to use this as an opportunity to potentially meet a new letter of rec writer) LORs: One really strong letter from a professor I've worked with a while. Other than that I'm trying to branch out this fall beyond professors I've had for classes. Goals: Fed RA (preferably in IO, but I would consider other positions) or PhD program between 20-40. Thanks for reading!
  23. Hi, I just finished my third year in a BA econ. Planning to apply for MA in the fall. Looking to go to one of Canada’s “Big 4”. What are my chances? Thanks PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: BA Econ - Mid tier Canadian University Undergrad GPA: 3.5/4 Type of Grad: NA Grad GPA: NA GRE: Not taken yet Math Courses: Calculus I-IV(A+, A+, A, A); Linear Algebra I-III (A, B+, C+); ODE (A); Intro to Mathematical Reasoning (A+); Intro to probabilties (A-); Mathematical Statistics (A); Linear Programming (A); Game Theory (A-); Real Analysis (Fall 18), Stochastic Processes (Winter 19) Econ Courses: Intro to Micro, Intermediate Micro I-II, Advanced Micro (B+, A-, A-, A); Intro to Macro, Intermediate Macro I-II, Advanced Macro (B+, A-, B+, Fall 18); Mathematical Economics I-II (A, Fall 18); Econometrics I-II (A-, Winter 18); Statistical Analysis in Economics (Fall 18); Health Economics (A+); Research Methods (A) Other Courses: Programming and finance courses. Research Experience: None Teaching Experience: Intermediate micro TA for 1 year. LORs: Should be ok. One from my Advanced Micro prof, one from the prof I TA’d for, and one from my Research prof. Concerns: C+ and B+ in Linear Algebra, Macro grades and low gpa. Applying to: U of T, Queens, UBC, Mcgill, Western, Carleton, Montréal.
  24. Hi all! I submitted most of my applications before the Fall 2017 grades come out. So far a few schools have asked for the updated version of my transcript and most did not. Should I contact them to submit my new transcript? Thanks!
  25. Hey all, I'm a junior at a top 10 undergrad/top 15-20 econ program, and am in the process of choosing classes for next semester. Due to scheduling conflict, I can only take either Intermediate Macro or Real Analysis next spring. Since I am applying to grad school next year, I would like to take PhD Micro I in the fall as a senior. So I am wondering whether I should take Macro next semester and Real Analysis concurrently with PhD Micro I in the fall. Is Real Analysis necessary to do well in PhD Micro I? I would greatly appreciate advice from anyone who has taken PhD Micro I (using MWG). Thank you!
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