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  1. Hi, I'd be very interested and grateful to read your thoughts on my situation. I'll start with my profile: PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: Maths, US News Global Top 10 (I'm from outside the US); econ courses from a programme that's little known internationally, but that's well-respected and places well onto master's programmes. Undergrad GPA: First class. Type of Grad: Not started yet; offer for Econometrics and Mathematical Economics MSc at LSE. GRE: Will take later. Math Courses: Real analysis (B+), Calculus & probability (B+), Linear algebra (first year A-, second year A-), Metric spaces & complex analysis (A-), Topology (B+) + quite a few more that are very pure and not very relevant. Econ Courses: Intermediate micro (A/A+), Intermediate macro (A/A+), Intermediate econometrics (A/A+), Maths for economics (A/A+). Research Experience: None that's relevant, will aim to do an RA/pre-doc after my master's. (Grades are listed using standard conversions -- we don't use A, B, C etc. in my country.) I couldn't take econ courses during my undergrad (students study specific programmes and outside options are very limited) but since graduating, I've taken classes in intermediate micro, macro, econometrics and maths for economics, all A or A+, depending on how you convert. I don't have any stats courses on my transcript but I've self-studied first and second year stats and second year probability. I did well in my undergrad overall but, as you can see, my grades in the courses that matter most for econ PhD applications aren't great. My undergrad was very rigorous and tough, so I'd like to think that these grades aren't as bad as they look, but they certainly don't look very good. It might be relevant that the first three (up to first year LA) were first year courses and I have an upwards trajectory from there. I have an offer for the MSc in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics at LSE, which I'll probably accept. I'm wondering how much these undergrad maths grades will matter for PhD applications after the MSc. I have some time to study before the MSc so I'm considering re-taking important courses/filling in important gaps, e.g. via NetMath from University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign -- this was recently suggested on another thread. If my undergrad grades will be largely superseded by my MSc grades though, then it doesn't seem worth doing any formal study for credit before the MSc. (I would still self-study to prep for the MSc as it's very demanding, but I would go about this in a somewhat different way.) My questions are: (i) How much will my undergrad maths grades matter for PhD applications after my master's? (ii) How much would re-takes/additional courses compensate for my not great undergrad grades? (iii) If I take some courses for credit, which courses should I prioritise taking? Any other thoughts or suggestions are very welcome! Details on course content (feel free to ignore if not helpful): I'm not entirely sure how my maths courses map onto US courses/sequences as the system is quite different here and not at all standardised. E.g. My calculus course included some material I think is found in US differential equations courses. Calculus had some proofs but everything else was heavily proof-based. For brevity, I won't list everything but will hopefully give you a sense of what was covered. Analysis: sequences, series, continuity, differentiability, Riemann integration. Calculus: ODEs, partial derivatives, simple PDEs, parametric equations, line integrals, Jacobians, double integrals, surfaces, directional derivative. Probability: probability space and axioms, conditional probability, law of total probability, discrete and continuous random variables, joint, marginal, conditional distributions, conditional expectation, random walks, probability generating functions, Weak Law of Large Numbers. Linear algebra (first year): using matrices to solve systems of linear equations, vector spaces, subspaces, bases, linear transformations, Rank-Nullity Theorem, bilinear forms and real inner product spaces, eigenvectors, Spectral Theorem. Linear algebra (second year): abstract vector spaces, rings, quotient spaces, dual spaces, adjoints for linear maps, orthogonal maps. Metric spaces: metric spaces, isometries, continuity, completeness, Contraction Mapping Theorem, connectedness, compactness. Topology: abstract topological spaces in terms of open sets, continuity, connectedness, accumulation points, basis of a topology, product topology, quotient topology, abstract simplicial complexes.
  2. Hi all! I will finish my Master in Economics from a good university in Germany (one of Mannheim / Munich / Bonn) next year and will try to get placed into a Top 20 PhD Program. I also did my Bachelor in Economics at one of those universities. I'm especially interested in how the selection committees will review my application regarding the grades... In Germany, grades are usally (much) worse than in the US (only around 0.5% of students receive the highest GPA (1.0) in economics). Is there anything which I should pay attention to?
  3. I am not looking for a full profile evaluation at this point. I am currently working on my MA in econ but I wanted to get a sense of how admissions would view my previous course record. Profile Type of Undergrad: Bachelors in Finance (Pretty unknown university for finance and econ) Undergrad GPA: 3.63 Type of Grad: MA Econ in progress (finish spring 2021) Grad GPA: 3.83 Math Courses(list the grades for each course): I will list the math courses in years. I was not a very good student early on but I wonder how admissions would view this. For the first two years, it is 3 different attempts. 1st yr: Precalc (Withdraw/Fail/B). 2nd yr: Applied Calc (Withdraw/Fail/A). 3rd yr: Calc I and Calc II (A-/B) Linear Algebra (B) 4th yr: Calc III (A-) Analysis I (A) 5th yr (MA program): A- in Grad Probability (Measure & Probability). B+ in Measure Theory. Econ Courses Undergrad(list the grades for each course): All A's for intro/intermediate micro, intro/intermediate macro, game theory, econometrics, IO expect B+ in advanced micro. Econ Courses Msc(list the grades for each course): All A's in Micro and macro, econometrics I and II. In progress: microeconometrics, time series, and game theory. I can post any other relevant detail needed to make a judgement but i'm primarily wondering about courses right now. My undergrad GPA is only as high as it is because the withdraws and fails were replaced by B/A's. There are some poor grades such as C's/B's in courses like music, art, and even in a finance class. But I was hoping an upwards trajectory in all my courses (especially math) would offset it a bit. I plan to take one or more more math courses next semester as well. I understand that top programs don't need to risk it on a student such as myself but what about the case about other good programs?
  4. Hello all, I am currently finishing up a four year BA/MA program at a top CUNY school (but unknown nationally). PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: BA/MA degrees in Economics and Math Minor Undergrad GPA: 3.78 Type of Grad: MA degree (1 year) Grad GPA: 3.84 GRE: 169 Q 165 V Math Courses(list the grades for each course): Multivariable Calc (A), Linear Algebra (P - covid), Intro to Proofs (A+), Matrix Algebra (A), Real Analysis (A) Econ Courses Undergrad(list the grades for each course): Micro A, Macro A, Trade A, Urban A, Metrics B+, Environmental A, IO A Econ Courses Msc(list the grades for each course): Micro A-, Macro A-, Metrics 1 A, Metrics 2 A, Development A-, Transition A, Microeconometrics IP, Advanced Concepts in Finance IP, Inequality IP, Thesis IP Other Courses: Letters of Recommendation: 1 Strong from dept. chair who I took a graduate independent study course with, 1 strong from graduate metrics prof/thesis advisor who has seen me do research, 1 very strong from a professor whom I've been co-authoring a paper with Research Experience: Summer volunteer research gig that turned into a short term consultancy with the world bank and an opportunity to work on and coauthor a development/human capital paper. Lots of STATA work on this project. Other than that, a couple of term papers in various grad courses. Teaching Experience: Tutoring for economics department Other (Notes, concerns etc.): I'm looking at programs both in the North America and in Europe, particularly: Berkeley ARE, UVA, Boston U, Georgetown, UT Austin, Washington, Brown, USC, UCSB, Wisco, Vanderbilt, UBC, UChicago Harris, Stanfrod GSB Political Econ, Stockholm School of Econ, Bonn MSc Res, Berlin School of Econ, LMU Munich, PSE M2, Toulouse M2, Bocconi PhD, Tinbergen. Any thoughts on my competitiveness for these programs would be greatly appreciated!
  5. I'm trying to take UMD's PhD-level microeconomics as a think tank RA this fall. Last time I asked they told me my math background was insufficient (due to poor grades, I'm assuming) so I retook a bunch of classes. My old/new grades are below: My old grades from a top 30 undergrad w/ quarter system: Calc I-IV (A-. B+, B-, B), Linear Algebra (D, retook for C+), Advanced Linear Algebra (C-), Real Analysis I-II (B+, A), Intro to Probability Theory (B-), Intro to Math Stats I-II (C+, Pass) My new grades: Calc IV (A), Linear Algebra (A), Intro to Probability Theory (A). Retook Calc IV and Linear Algebra at my local community college; retook Intro to Probability Theory at UC Berkeley. Is there anything I'm missing here in terms of the math background needed to do PhD-level microeconomics? Is my B+ in Real Analysis I going to be a big deal here if I got an A in Real Analysis II? I realize the instructors still might decline to let me in on the basis of older grades, but I want to make sure I've done as much as possible to help my case.
  6. Hello. I am brazilian. I've got a GPA of 3.5 in my Economics B.S. at my local university. It's a good university, but calculus disciplines were pretty weak. I wanted to do an "academic upgrade" and applied to a master's in the University of São Paulo's (that's the most important university in Brazil) Agricultural Economics Department. I struggled very much with quantitative disciplines, and got lots of "C" grades. The university does not state how much a C is worth, but it's the lowest grade one can have without failing. I would guess it's a 5(of 10), because that's the lowest an undergrad can get without failing. Well, they say a master's at a good school in Brazil is harder than a master's in U.S. but easier than a PHD. I want to do a PHD in the U.S., but I'll work to improve my math abilities before I can do that. I intend to complete a Real Analysis course in a Math department. My question: Is doing a Real Analysis course enough to compensate for my bad grades in my master's in an Admission selection in the U.S.? Or is it advisable just to pretend I havenn't done this master's (which would be sad because that's the most valuable thing I have got in my curriculum)? P.S.: I don't intend to try TOP30 schools. The hardest I consider aplying to are TOP 50 schools (and even these I don't know if it's worth trying with my grades), like Cornell. The easiest I want to try is CUNY. P.S. 2: I think I may have some papers published by the time of selection. I don't know if it helps much.
  7. I posted last year and I have some updated information re: classes and work experience. Seeking updated thoughts on what schools might accept a profile like mine. Also what sort of evidence you have for this. Type of Undergrad: B.A. Economics with Honors (Top 5 Econ research University) Undergrad GPA: 3.29 overall, 3.55 Econ Type of Grad:N/A Grad GPA: N/A GRE: N/A Math Courses: Multivariable Calculus (P - took on pass/fail for fear of bad grade), Linear Algebra and Differential Equations ©, Stats ©, Stats retake under different course name (A-) Econ Courses (undergrad-level): Macro (C+), Micro(B+), Metrics (A-), Independent Research Seminar (A), Honors Thesis (A), Case Studies in Economic Development (A-), Poverty and Impact Evaluation (A-), Intro Econ (A) Other Courses: Computing with Data (Basically an R class) Taken After Undergrad: Real Analysis & Linear Algebra I (A-), Real Analysis, Convexity, and Optimization (A-) Letters of Recommendation: Thesis advisor (very prominent development economist), current job (another very prominent development economist) , 3rd letter probably one of the co-authors I work closely with, up and coming well-known AP's. Research Experience: Currently a full time RA at a top econ department with a top tenured faculty member. Doing a two year term (1.5 years will be completed when I submit apps). Previously full time RA for 1 year at a top policy department (working on economics research for an economist professor); Two independent development papers written, one published in an undergraduate journal and other was a thesis with potential to get published in a minor journal; undergrad RA position with a prominent economist 1 semester; undergrad RA position with a PhD candidate in econ department 1 semester; undergrad RA position with a top Poli Sci professor 1 semester. Teaching Experience: N/A Research Interests: Development, Poverty, Inequality Concerns: Obviously my math grades. Other: Interned at a prestigious development organization on less analytical things, completed many more niche Global Poverty and Inequality courses and did very well. Coding skills: Stata, R, LaTex, ArcGIS, QGIS Applying to: Some top 10, mostly top 20
  8. I have recently received my fall grades after submitting all the applications. Unfortunately, I got a B+ for the PhD Microeconomics class. My other grades are fine ( three As in other economics class and an A- in a math class). I have sent the fall grades to some schools which request them but not to some schools which say it is optional. Should I send the grades? I heard that it is a bad signal if I have a B+ for the graduate class but I feel like not sending the grades is also a bad signal. The fact that my other grades are not bad also makes me want to send the grades. Thank you so much for your advice and good luck to everyone who is applying this cycle.
  9. Hello everyone. I am aiming to do a PhD in Economics or Finance (depending on faculty research areas) in the US, with research interests in asset pricing, behavioral economics, and econometrics. However my current profile is likely not strong enough for top programs, and would appreciate any thoughts on a suggested plan for the next 1-2 years to improve candidacy. Background B.A. Economics (Major GPA: 3.8) / B.S. Mathematics (Major GPA: 2.8) at Top 50 in US Undergraduate studies include a published research paper in asset pricing (low ranked journal), a separate conference presentation, and a 2nd year PhD course in econometrics. After graduation, I took a semester of visiting graduate studies at a Top 10 program. As I am much more interested in learning than maximizing my grades, I petitioned the departments to take coursework without the pre-requisites. It's been immense effort just to keep up and while it was extremely rewarding, unfortunately it doesn't look very good on a transcript for admissions purposes. The courses I took were Analysis I (C+), Analysis II (B), and a 2nd year PhD course in theoretical finance (C+). GRE: 167 Q/ 160-something V Any suggestions on improving the profile for admissions?
  10. Just got my fall quarter grades. I got an A in phd metrics and A- in phd micro. Wondering if I should report fall quarter grades, since it is optional. More context, I got straight As in math (including analysis), strong letters and one ongoing paper which my recommender will write in his letter saying it is publishable. Assuming all other factors being reasonably ok, is reporting an A- in micro is going to hurt my chance at top10. Thanks!
  11. Hi- What would you recommend for the following profile: - targeting mostly online/distance learning degrees - 3.7 gpa from a well ranked public policy masters (crap undergrad grades from good school) - good grades in related subjects but only intermediate micro/macro, multivariable calc, stats and intro to econometrics - good professional experience and no need to change jobs - $ fortunately not a major issue Goal is for an applied economics program as want solid applied econometrics skills. Looking at JHU MA applied Econ, SOAS quant finance Msc Finance, and self study. Anything I’m missing? Thanks in advance
  12. I have an engineering undergraduate degree from a generally well-known college in a developing country, but with a GPA which is good but not stellar (some of my courses grades are bad, some decent, some great). I also have a Master's in economics with the best grades. I have two questions - first, would admission committees (top 10, top 20, or top 30) care about my undergraduate grades at all? If yes, how would they evaluate my grades (given that they would not have seen too many applicants with the same undergraduate degree)?
  13. Hi all, I have previously posted a thread regarding my GPA and grades, but I've figured that it would be better to provide my profile to get a better feedback: Undergraduate: Top 20 Econ; Note that I stayed an extra year at undergrad. Overall GPA: 3.67/4.00, Last 4 semester: 3.87/4.00 Graduate: N/A Math/Stats Courses: Calc 1 (A), Calc 2 (A), Calc 3 (A), Multivariate Calculus (A), Intro to Probability (B), Advanced/Honors Probability (A), Mathematical Statistics (A), Ordinary Diff Eq (B), Partial Diff Eq (A), Matrix Algebra (initially C, and B after retake), Intro to Proof ©, Discrete Math (B), Real Analysis 1 (initially C, and A after retake), Real Analysis 2 (A), Grad-level Real Analysis (A), Linear Algebra (A), Abstract Algebra (A), Topology (Grad-level, A), Measure Theory (Grad-level, A), Stochastic Processes (A), Math Research (A), a statistics elective course (A) Econ Courses: Intro to Econ (B), Intermediate Micro (A), Intermediate Macro (A), Econometrics 1 (B), Econometrics 2 (B), and several electives (mix of A's and B's), PhD Microeconomics (A), PhD Econometrics (A) (these two PhD courses were taken while working as a predoctoral RA) Research Experience: (1) 1-year RA to a macro professor (undergrad) (2) 1.5-year RA to a behavioral econ professor (undergrad) (3) 3-month summer RA at a top university in Asia (undergrad) (4) a semester-long independent research study under the macro professor (undergrad) (5) a semester-long math research project (undergrad, taken as a course) (6) an award-winning senior honors thesis (undergrad, the thesis advisor (who is the macro professor I worked for) thinks that it is of a publishable quality) (7) two-year predoctoral RA at a top 10 econ department. (co-authored works coming out) Potential Rec Letters: Probably one from the macro professor/thesis advisor at my undergrad, and two letters from professors I worked with as a predoctoral RA. They all told me that they would write very very strong letters for me. Several remarks/questions: (1) Regarding my GPA and math grades: I was struggling a lot academically even up to the first semester of my senior year, which explains my not so great overall GPA and initially low math grades. But I managed to pull my math grades up starting the second semester of my senior year and got As in all the courses until the end of my fifth year. I also managed to get As in PhD-level Microeconomics and Econometrics during my 2-year RA period. But I am still quite worried about my not so great GPA and several math grades. Any thoughts? (2) Would it be worth trying to publish my senior thesis? My thesis advisor thinks it's worth a try, but I'm not certain as the process could take long (although my timeline for applying to PhD programs seem pretty flexible). (3) Do you think it is (even a little) a possibility for me to get into a Top 10 PhD program? It would be great if you could share your thoughts on these questions. Thanks!
  14. Hello all, I applied to USC and have received an email from them requesting my 2018 Fall grades. And in the email they said "identified you as a promising applicant" but more information is needed before a decision could be made. I was really excited to see this as USC is one of my top choices but was wondering how many people who applied to USC got this email. Does "promising" really mean something here? It would be really great if anyone who had applied to USC before or anyone who is familiar with the admissions process at USC could help out! Thank you guys.
  15. Hi there, thanks in advance for your time and help. GRE: 167 Q/170 V/5.5 AW Undergrad: Overall GPA 3.71/4, major in Economics and minor in CS from a top 5 (probably) US university. More in-depth details: generally mediocre grades for the first two years, better grades the last two years when I realized I wanted to do a PhD. Econ grades: Intro/Interm. Micro (B+/B+), Intro/Interm. Macro (B+/A), Econometrics I/II (A, B+), Applied Econometrics (A-), Electives in Behavioral/Experimental econ (A,A). Math grades: Calculus III (B), Multivariate Calculus (course title something like "Math for Economics") (B-), Intro to Real Analysis (A), Real Analysis I and II (A/A), Linear Algebra/Abstract Linear (A/A-). Computer science: Three course intro sequence (B+/B+/B+), Machine Learning (A), Data Viz (A), Discrete Math (A-), Theory of Algorithms (A) Grad: N/A Research: RA for a labor economist and for an Associate Prof of Marketing at top 10 (probably?) marketing program. Both for one year before graduating. Marketing prof said I was the best RA she'd had thus far. Industry: Currently working in the research department of an asset manager. Essentially I do more or less the same things as when I was an academic RA, and I work for folks with PhDs from places like Princeton, Cal Tech, Chicago Booth. I will not be using any industry letters for applications, however. Applying to: quant marketing. Number of places applying to: Maybe 7-8? Applying to quant marketing and econ as well, aiming for roughly 15 total applications. Dream schools: Chicago Booth, Stanford, similar schools. I'm currently having a very hard time figuring out what is required to be competitive at top programs. I'm concerned that my grades are a bit spotty, and want to keep my expectations realistic. The marketing professor I worked for told me I should focus on top schools, but I think it was more "I think that you'd be better served going to a lower ranked economics program rather than a lower ranked marketing program" and less "I think you're a sure shot for a top ten marketing program." Any opinions regarding that point are welcome as well. Finally, where can I get an idea of what the top programs are? Are the UT Dallas rankings accurate? My noisy proxy thus far has been going to schools that I would expect to be good and seeing which schools are represented at their marketing workshops.
  16. Hello, It seems that with most master's programs (LSE and BGSE for example) first semester grades aren't final until after U.S. PhD admissions deadlines. So, students have to either apply to PhD programs without grades from their master's programs or wait until the next year to apply. Does anyone know if, conditional on being in a master's program, applying without master's grades hurts PhD admissions chances? Obviously being able to show good grades in a strong master's program would help, but does it hurt to apply in the first year before grades are final? Would they simply treat your enrollment in the master's program as no information? Thanks!
  17. Hi everyone, I'm applying to a few top EU PhD's and some RA positions. Previously, I have completed an MSc in Econ from one of the top schools in Europe. While my BSc grades are great (not a known uni though), my first term grades in the MSc were somewhat poor, but got better and in the last term quite good. Last year, I got rejected from a great RA position based on my grades (they said this was the reason when I asked). This was after doing the coding test and an interview. I didn't have my last term (best) grades at the time of applying and interviewing. I have RA experience from two positions, and currently doing another MSc. The rough start was due to some lack in math background and overall a big hike in difficulty, but as I mentioned grades got better as I got used to it. My question is: how do I treat this in the cover letter? I feel like I should mention it somehow but ofc I don't want to emphasize the negative too much as I think that my profile is otherwise quite competitive. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  18. Type of Undergrad: European BSc Economics (QS top 50) Undergrad GPA: with distinction, comparable to 3.75/4, with A+ for my thesis (12ECTS) Type of Grad 1: MSc Economics from the same uni with a field specialization, very applied (no micro and macro) but some Econometrics Grad GPA 1: comparable to ~3.7/4 with A for my thesis (16ECTS). It would be 4.0/4 not counting one finance seminar in private equity, which in hindsight was a mistake to take. Type of Grad 2: MSc Economics from another European uni (QS top 40) taking phd-level micro/macro/metrics Grad GPA 2: No grades yet GRE: GRE 153V,165Q,4AW. (I'm not a native English speaker) Math Courses: 1 year of Mathematics courses during BSc (covering calculus, optimization, linear algebra, differential equations, statistics). Not great grades (around 3.4/4 average for the math courses) and no real analysis taken but my current program has grad level econ and it is very math heavy with a lot of proofs and real analysis so I think the exams in December might have an impact. Econ Courses: 24 ects micro (all A's) and 24 ects macro (mixture A's and B's, mostly B's), lots of field subjects (A's and B's) and taking advanced macro and micro now. Letters of Recommendation: My thesis supervisors - one professor and one phd student. The first one doesn't know me that well but he is well known. I am worried about the second one - he knows my research interests and work well but I am worried that he's still a phd student (Oxford graduate though) so I don't know how relevant this might be. Research Experience: One small project for one professor (conducting and analyzing an experiment) Teaching Experience: None - I applied to be a TA for some courses but I did not know the language of the institution (I was an international student) so I was at a disadvantage. Research Interests: Primarily in behavioral economics but micro and metrics are also of my interest too. As far as applying for programs in the US I think I won't make it for this year because the grades of my second master won't be out before the deadline. That's the reason why I am considering programs only in Europe. However, given I do well in my current program and apply for next year, do you think I stand a chance in some programs in the US? I am worried about my profile for three reasons - my GRE, my math and my lack of serious TA/RA-ships. I also find it difficult to pick which programs to apply for. My questions are whether I should retake the GRE and whether I stand a chance in top 50 programs for phd. Also any suggestions for programs in my reach are more than welcome! Thanks a lot in advance!
  19. Hi, I went to a ~top20 econ phd institution for undergrad. During most of the semesters when I had mix of econ/math + other courses, I had a lot of downs in terms of grades. But during the last three semesters, I showed improvement (at least that's what I think) - during the first of those three last semesters, I took the first sequence of real analysis, an econ elective, did the thesis, and the rest were random gen-ed courses. During the last two semesters, the courses were basically almost all math courses (4/5 math courses each semester) and these courses were all advanced courses. Thankfully I managed to pull up my grades straight As in the past three semesters. It also seems strange to me that my academic performance were much stronger when I stacked up my schedule with all the advanced/math courses (I guess the skills just built up overtime through struggles and they thankfully helped eventually), but would the admissions committee rather see this as something suspicious/bad? I would like to hear some opinions, thanks for the help! :)
  20. Hi. At the moment I am thinking on applying for a Phd in the US (intl student). I have B.A. in Economics and I am currently finishing my master thesis (not before applying). I have good grades on math courses at Undergraduate (170 Q in gre), game theory and macro (at graduate), I am well placed on the ranking of undergraduate class (top 5%) and I did RA for the people who will write good letters. However, I did not so well at Micro and IO courses at the master's degree. I have no excuse. I just did not well and I have some bad grades. I know this hurts a lot my chances of a Top 30 program. But, how much this hurts my chances for a 30-50 program? Is there anything I could do to improve my chances?
  21. Profile: - BSc Econ & BSc Applied Math Top 10 school in Europe/Best in country. Did myself a disfavour by going for difficult and harshly graded courses and other commitments (see later) and ended up with definitely above average but not stellar grades. Somewhere around top 15% of overall GPAs, grades in most exams Top 15% or better, never worse than top 30%. I gather in the US this would be mostly As, where I'm from it certainly isn't. - MSc at Top UK school w Distinction - Started work as Full time RA in US for well known full professor at Top 5 US School. Math courses: A lot with a mixed bunch of grades - all of them above average, but in an exam where the median is a D+ a B- is still a B-. High grades in real analysis though if that's worth anything. Grades in Europe are different from the US is my excuse, I guess. Econ courses: Pretty much the whole lot with a focus on financial economics, more consistently good grades. Letters: Hopefully my current supervisor and some professors from my master's who have agreed to write letters that should be good, I hope. Other: While we don't have collegiate sports like in the US in Europe, I was training and competing at the level of a decent D1 athlete throughout my studies and spending a fair amount of my time on this. Have some top 5 finishes at a national level to show for it. Concerns: Obviously grades are a major concern. Grading in Europe is different from the US where apparently an A is frequently the median grade. Might apply this year, might apply next year - what is the marginal value of working an additional year as RA given that I can't really change anything about my profile? No idea what US schools are realistic to aim for and strongly considering a bunch of schools in Europe closer to home where I know I have strong chances of getting into at least some places.
  22. I'm applying this cycle, and have recently found out that some schools like Michigan don't even accept fall semester grades. I'm taking a common pre-requisite for PhD Econ admissions this semester (Intermediate Macro) and since the grade for the class will not be available by the application deadline, I was wondering which schools I should be aware of that don't accept fall grades. What about business chools? I would greatly appreciate any insider knowledge from people who applied in recent years. Thank you!
  23. Do adcoms normally look at your grades from the fall semester of the year that you are applying? I've seen that the deadline for submitting transcripts to most schools are in early December. I'm taking graduate level courses in micro and econometrics this fall and would like to have the grades as part of my profile. If I upload them in early to mid January, will they be looked at? Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  24. I had 2 questions I wanted to ask current/former PhD students 1. What was Math Camp at your school like? What topics did you cover and how relevant did you find them in your coursework? 2. I also wanted to ask current and former PhD students how relevant PhD coursework grades are to your departments. Would faculty members decide to work against a student solely on the basis of bad grades even if they would be otherwise perfectly suited with working with that said student? I'm at a school with a reputation for a strict econ department which is known to be tough when it coming to grading so I am a bit worried how important PhD grades are for nurturing future faculty relationships. Also in your own experience how correlated are PhD grades and future research potential?
  25. hi all, I'd like to get evaluations on my math grades as to how they are for applying for RA positions (positions on nber, siepr, etc.), and advice as to which electives to take. So far: Calculus I (A), Calculus II (A), Calculus III (A), Multivariate Analysis (A), Matrix Algebra (C, B), Linear Algebra (A), Abstract Algebra (A) ,Introductory Proof course ©, Discrete Math (B), Differential Equations (B), Linear Programming (W,A), Real Analysis I (A), Real Analysis II (A), Advanced Probability (A), Statistical Inference (A) Topology (A) How does this look? I was struggling a lot but I managed to pull my grades up in more advanced courses (got As the past two semesters). I was told by others at my school that I have solid research/programming experience, but will add onto here if needed. But for now, I'm just wondering if my math grades will give me a trouble in applying for the RA positions (my GPA is around 3.65 I believe). Also any advice as to which electives to take? (in need of 1 or 2 more) Thanks!
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