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  1. Hi! I’m applying to a variety of PhD programs this year.
  2. Hello, I am planning to apply to PhD in economics programs (Fall 2022). My profile is as follows: Undergraduate: BBA with a Major in Finance (University of Dhaka, the best university in my country Bangladesh, although not highly ranked) CGPA (3.94/4.00). Graduate: MSc Finance from The University of Manchester (Grade: DIstinction) Graduate : MS Economics in my home country (Ongoing, finished 24 credits out of 36, current CGPA 4.00/4.00) Graduate Coursework: Under MS mathematics in my home country (completed four courses, currently taking 4 more but the result will not be available before application) Math Courses: Completed : Calculus I,II ; Partial Differential Equations, Integral Equations, Mathematical Statistics, Business Statistics, Matrix theory with Linear Algebra (This is a P/NP course, prerequisite for MS mathematics courses) . All are A/A- Currently Taking: Real Analysis (P/NP course), Discrete Mathematics, Dynamical systems, ODE, Stochastic Processes (Results will be available in February) Economics Courses: Undergrad Level: Intermediate Micro (I,II), Intermediate Macro (I,II) Graduate Level : Advanced Micro, Advanced Macro, Cross-sectional Econometrics, Time series econometrics, Applied Econometrics, Advanced Econometrics, Mathematical Economics Other Relevant Courses: International Finance, Asset Pricing, Empirical Finance, Labour Economics (All Graduate Level) GRE: Quant 169, Verbal 153, AWA 4.0 (Planning to retake in early November) Research Experience: Independent Masters Thesis in Manchester (Got distinction), Econometrics courseworks with good remarks, Doing another thesis for MS Economics in my home country Teaching Experience: Working as Lecturer in one of the Universities in my country. Taking Advanced Business Maths Course. LoR: Supervisor from Uni of Manchester, Two top economists of my country (I have taken multiple courses under them and have done good in research coursework) I am planning to apply to 9/10 schools from the top 20 and 3 from 20-30. MIT, Princeton, Harvard, Berkeley, Wisconsin Madison, John Hopkins, Michigan, Minnesota, Maryland, Vanderbilt, UCSD, Boston. Some suggestions would be helpful: 1. Do you think I am too much ambitious in case of selecting schools? 2. Do you think the less known schools (from where i have done econ and math courses) will be a disadvantage for me? Although I have done good in rigorous programs like MSc Finance in Manchetser which was mostly proof based masters. 3. Since some of the math courses will not be shown in transcripts though i am currently undertaking those, how do I mention those? In My SoP? Thanks.
  3. Hi guys, so while I'm still waiting on a couple of decisions to come back, I could use some help deciding between my current options. UW and UCI are my two best options at the moment (also have a good offer from Syracuse but unless I'm very impressed with faculty meetings I'm probably going to decline). I'm interested in labor, but also macro, political economy, and economic history. I know UW is ranked higher than UCI (35 vs 47), but there are a couple of things that keep me from choosing it immediately. Funding: UCI offered me five years of guaranteed funding, whereas UW only offered me 4 years of funding. UW said they expect the 5th year could be filled with some type of fellowship, RA work, or working in some other department, but that they simply can't guarantee department funding. This seems kinda sketch to me, especially considering the stipend isn't that much for Seattle (around 22k). If I didn't get funding for the fifth year, I'd have to take out loans for tuition and probably drain my savings for living expenses. Placements: This is where I could really use some help. Looking at the placements for UW and UCI, I don't honestly see that big of a difference. I'd prefer to go Academia > Government > Industry, and it doesn't really look like UW has better placements than UCI overall (UCI almost appears to have slightly better placements). Is there a point to going to a higher ranked school if the placements don't seem that much better? Or am I off about UW not placing better than UCI? Housing: This may seem like a small one, but UCI guarantees housing for graduate students, and at very good rates actually. Their stipend is around the same as UW, but due to the low cost of their graduate housing, it comes out to more effectively. I like the idea of not having to worry much about getting housing at good rates, close to the school, and with other graduate students. I know this shouldn't matter, but I also don't want to be miserable/having to dip into my savings to get housing at UW. Location: Again, I know people say it shouldn't matter, and normally I wouldn't care too much, but part of the reason I applied to UW in the first place is because I have family nearby. I don't actually care for either location much, but aside from the proximity to family I think I'd prefer Irvine more. Anyway, considering all of this, which do you all think is better? Appreciate the help.
  4. Hi everyone, I would like to get some advice regarding UBC (University of British Columbia) Masters program for a stepping stone for Economics PhD. How much would it help to get me into a good PhD program? I did apply to PhD programs this cycle but seem not to get any offers and applied to UBC Masters program as a recommendation from one of my professors for a backup plan. To help giving me advices and suggestions, here is my background: Profile: Type of Undergrad: Top 50 Public (Math Honors, Econ Honors, & Engineering) Undergrad GPA: 3.56 Type of Grad: Top 20 Private (Applied Mathematics & Statistics) Grad GPA: 3.91 GRE: 153 V, 170 Q, 3.5 W Math Courses: Calculus I/II/III (A,B+,A), Real Analysis I/II (B+,A-), Linear Algebra I/II (B+,A), Differential Equation (A-), Group Theory (B), Stochastic Analysis (A-,A), Bayesian Statistics (A-), Mathematical Finance (A), Stochastic Methods in Finance (A-), Analysis of Algorithm (A+), Probability & Statistics I/II (A,A), Statistical Methods in Data Analysis I/II (A,A), Graduate Level Statistical Modeling (A-), Graduate Level Probability (A), Graduate Level Linear Algebra (A), Graduate Level Statistical Inference (A), Graduate Level Data Mining (A), Graduate Level Machine Learning (A), Graduate Level Deep Learning (A) Econ Courses: Basic/Intermediate Micro (A+,A), Basic/Intermediate Macro (A+,A), Econometrics I/II (A+,A+), Corporate Finance (A), Investment (A), Risk & Uncertainty (A+), Statistical Methods in Economics (A+), Managerial Economics (A+), International Trade (A+), Asymmetric Information (A), Honor Thesis in Economics (A) Research Experience: 2 year of Mathematics & Statistics Research as undergraduate, 1 year of Econometrics Research & Honor Thesis as undergraduate, 1 year of Statistics and Machine Learning Research as graduate student. Will the Masters Program at UBC improve my chance getting into Economics PhD? I saw the program and seems to be mathematically rigorous + has a research requirement to graduate. I am aiming for any school in top 50 worldwide. Thank you very much before hand, I really appreciate any helps!
  5. I was curious whether any current or former PhD students could comment on how common it is for economics PhD students to take graduate math courses. In undergrad I double majored in math in order to boost my profile, but ended up falling in love with it and really want to incorporate mathematics into my research. Is it possible/common for econ PhD students to take graduate math courses that are relevant to their research? This is something I probably would want to ask about when I receive offers, but I don't want to do that if it's a weird question.
  6. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: Large state school with very low ranked PhD Program (edited to include BA in Mathematics and Economics) Undergrad GPA: 3.92 Type of Grad: 1 graduate math course in Real Analysis, 4 courses in graduate economics Grad GPA: 3.8 GRE: 165q, 169v, 5.5w Math Courses: calculus IV A, linear algebra (A), undergrad real analysis (A), probability theory (A), differential equations (A), graduate real analysis (A), senior statistics course (A), Econ Courses: intermediate micro/macro (A, A), econometrics (A), econometrics II (grad, B), econometrics III (grad, A), Phd Micro (A) , honors thesis (A) Letters of Recommendation: One from a professor who went to Duke, the director of the graduate program, and the associate dean of research, all professors I've had in classes. Teaching Experience: None Research experience: One year as a paid research assistant. One semester working on my thesis, which was my writing sample and is of publishable quality (according to my advisor) SOP: Talked mostly about my research experience, and coursework. I have a pretty clear path (econometrics or micro theory), so I emphasized that, while mentioning I'm not married to any field Schools applied to: MSU, OSU, University of Washington, Oxford, Yale, Princeton, Northwestern, Harvard, MIT, Boston University, University of Chicago The big question is did I overreach, and do I need to correct or seriously plan to enter industry or get a masters in Math or something. Any input is appreciated
  7. ----Edited----------------------------- Hi, people. I'm a Korean student in Top 3 university in my country. I just finished my undergrad and will now proceed to grad school of the same institution. I've noticed that in this forum, people say grades in Ph.D micro, and metric courses are strong signals in the admission process. But I wonder, are they the same thing as graduate micro, and metric classes, which are based on Mas-collel, and green textbook? The grad classes are in master programs, so I'm afraid they are not the same thing as the Ph.D micro, and metric that people here are talking about? I'm asking this because I already have A+ in grad micro and metric but I'm not sure they are the ones with strong signaling value. Thanks in advance :)
  8. Hello Friends, Please let me know what points I have to consider while preparing my SOP for graduate school. Thanks
  9. Hello! Would you (particularly those of you who are in adcoms) say that it is inadvisable to delve too much into then ongoing graduate level math papers at the time of application and when writing the statement of purpose to enter an Econ PhD program? I know that math is seen as a good thing generally, but don't know if then ongoing graduate level math papers (in topology) might be viewed as a misappropriation of time? There will be, however, at the time of application two writing samples of completed graduate level economics manuscripts (both relevant to the strengths of the school of interest and its faculty). I just don't know if I should divulge that I'm working on math papers at the time or just not mention it (they'll see "Directed Research" on my transcript). Thank you...
  10. I'm an undergraduate student at Michigan State University and in a few years I want to apply for a PhD in either Applied/Computational Mathematics or Economics. I've been lurking on this forum for some time now, and see a lot of importance in choosing the right coursework, so I'm looking for suggestions on my coursework outline and for things that I may be unintentionally neglecting that are important, etc. My profile (GPA, research, etc.) is included in another post from this account. 1st year (19 - 20) Partial Differential Equations (MTH 442), Discrete Mathematics I (MTH 481), C++ Programming (CSE 232), Intro Econometrics (EC 420), Behavioral Econ (EC 404), Honors Micro (EC 251H), Discrete Structures for CS (CSE 260), Honors Linalg (MTH 317H), and Intro Engineering (EGR 100). 2nd year (20 - 21) FS20: Parallel Computing (CMSE 822), Stats & Prob I (STT 861), Econometrics IA (EC 820a), and Honors Abstract Algebra I (MTH 418H) SS21: Numerical Linalg (CMSE 823), Stats & Prob II (STT 862), Econometrics IB (EC 820b), and Honors Abstract Algebra II (MTH 419H) 3rd year (21 - 22) FS21: Microeconomics I (EC 812A), Macroeconomics I (EC 813A), Intro Analysis (327H, may skip this since I have Analysis credit from high school), and Selected Topics in Computational Math (CMSE 890). SS22: Microeconomics II (EC 812B), Macroeconomics II (EC 813B), Real Analysis (429H, may elect to take graduate Complex Analysis (MTH 829) instead), and Selected Topics in Computational Math (CMSE 890). 4th year (22 - 23) FS22: Time Series Econometrics I (EC 822A), Cross Section Econometrics I (EC 821A), Special Topics in Applied Math (MTH 994), and Numerical Analysis I (MTH 850), and Capstone in Mathematics (EC 496W). SS23: International Trade: Theory and Commercial (EC 840), Applied Econometrics (EC 823), Special Topics in Applied Math (MTH 994), Partial Differential Equations (MTH 849), and Capstone in Mathematics (MTH 496W).
  11. As we're starting to compare programs and will soon need to make decisions, it seems like not many departments post detailed information on graduation and placements. Is there a way to find out how many entering PhD students (1) drop out, (2) graduate and get academic jobs, (3) graduate and get non-academic jobs?
  12. Hey guys, I am currently considering whether I should apply for the following master programs (Mphil Economics Oxford, Mphil Economics Cambridge, LSE EME/Economics) next fall. To my profile: I am currently studying Industrial Engineering and Management at a European university (highly ranked in my home country, but internationally probably rather unknown). GRE: not taken yet GPA: 3.8/4 Courses in Economics: Microeconomics (A-), Macroeconomics (A), Game Theory (A), Econometrics (A+), Advanced Microeconomics (advanced masters course that I took in addition, B+), Mechanism Design (soon), Financial Econometrics (soon). In addition, I have many courses in math, operational research and statistics with very good grades, so the quantitative area should not be a problem. I spent one semester abroad (university internationally unknown) and did an internship in the production of a large technology related company. During my studies I worked as a tutor for two semesters but not in economics (computer science stuff). I have been working as a research assistant for 1.5 years (unfortunately not in economics), where I am currently working on a publication. I will be listed as co-author (although im not sure if the paper will be peer reviewed at the time of application). I see the biggest problems in my lack of research and teaching experience in economics and the B+ in Advanced Microeconomics. Do you think my research experience, although it is not in economics, will be taken into account? What do you think my chances are? Thanks in advance!
  13. Hi: I'm hoping to start my MA in Economics next fall (2020) at the University of Hawaii, but really want to get another graduate degree from Harvard Extension School during my spare time to beef up my qualifications, and wanted to see what you guys thought, if I should choose (a) International Relations, or (b) Data Science. To me, data science seems redundant from what I learn in the economics curriculum, and maybe not as useful as a background in international relations, particularly since my research interests are either policy-related or international in scope. What do you think I should pursue?
  14. Note: I have my masters program Advisor tell me that I should aim to top 25 to 50 schools while undergraduate professors say 50 to 70. What do you guys think? My undergraduate grades are substantially lower because of poor organization and time management (as explained in my SOP). Research and Work Experience: • Currently working as an Economist in private sector • Worked as Research Assistant for professor in graduate school • Worked as Economic Development Research Intern • Published undergraduate research (Undergraduate Economics Journal at Top 30 School) Programming Experience: SAS, R, MATLAB, and Python Type of Graduate School: Private, research university (mid-sized to large) Degree: Master's in Financial Economics Grad GPA: 3.87 GRE: 170 Quant / 156 Verbal / 4.0 AWA Graduate Coursework: • Microeconomic Theory (A) • Forecasting (A) • Econometrics I (A) • Optimization (A) • Econometrics II (B+) • Statistical Programming (A-) • Financial Theory (A) Type of Undergraduate School: Small, public liberal arts university Undergrad Major: Math/Economics double major Undergrad GPA: Cumulative: 2.88; Math Major GPA: 2.52; Econ Major GPA: 3.2 Undergrad Math Courses: • Calculus I,II,&III (all B's) • Introductory Proof-Writing Course (B) • Linear Algebra © • Abstract Algebra © • Advanced Calculus/Analysis © • Intro to Numerical Analysis (B) • Discrete Math © • Mathematical Statistic I&II (B, D) • Game Theory (B) Undergrad Economics Courses: • Intermediate Micro (B) • Intermediate Macro © • Introductory Research Course (A) • Mathematical Economics © • Econometrics (B) • Industrial Organization (B) • Political Economy (B) • Independent Studying/Research I&II (A, A) • Senior Seminar (A) Letters of Recommendation: 2 Graduate Economics Professors, 1 Undergraduate Mathematics Professor 1. Graduate Professor 1: • Department Chair and director of graduate program • Worked for him as RA • Got his Ph.D. from Top 30 school - recommended I apply to his alma mater • Had him for Econometrics I&II, and Capstone Seminar (A, B+, and A respectively) • I heard second-hand that he said I was the most talented student in my cohort 2. Graduate Professor 2: • Co-authored papers with economists at a regional Federal Reserve Bank and WUSTL • Had him for two courses: Forecasting and Optimization (got A's in both) 3. Undergraduate Professor: • Mathematics Professor • Had him for Introductory Proof-Writing course, Game Theory, Logic & Set Theory, and Discrete Mathematics • For what it’s worth, he has written letters for me before and said he wouldn’t unless he thought he could write a “headliner”
  15. I'm taking math classes now my senior year, should I delay my application till I complete them or try applying.
  16. Type of Undergrad: BA in Economics in a top Europe university (it consistently places both its undergraduate and graduate students into top20) Undergrad GPA: 3.75 (summa cum laude) Type of Grad : One of the top Euro master`s program that teaches the first year PhD courses (not LSE or Oxbridge but like Bocconi, UPF, TSE, Bonn etc). It is ranked around top25-30 worldwide according to Tilburg and Repec rankings. Grad GPA: 7.5/10 (it seems low but this program is like LSE EME, so I have distinction in the program) GRE: 155V/169Q/ AWA 5 Math Courses: Undergrad: Calc 1/2/3 (all A), Probability and Statistics I-II (A), Linear Algebra (A) , Differential Eq. (A), Stochastic Processes (A-), Real Analysis I (A-), Real Analysis II (C+), Linear and Integer Optimization (A), Discrete Math (A) Econ Courses: Undergrad: Usual two semesters Micro-Macro-Metrics sequence (all A, some A+). Growth Theory (A), Econ of Information (A), Institutional Economics (A) Graduate: All the first year PhD courses at the graduate institution that I mentioned above. Research Experience: No RA experience, but I was a summer research intern at a top Think-Tank in my country. I also wrote a honors thesis in undergraduate, and currently I`m in the process of writing a master`s thesis. I´m also a teaching assistant at my current graduate school if it counts. LORs : I haven´t decided on this yet. My undergraduate professors would write me a better letter since I have a closer relationship with them. Graduate professors can´t write anything beyond `this guy got a good grade in one of my hardest courses´, but not including a letter from my graduate profs may also signal erroneously that I did bad in master`s. So probably I will include 2 letters from my undergraduate institution ( both of them publish in top journals, and would write a stellar letter for me), and one mediocre letter from a graduate prof. I can stay at my current graduate institution for my PhD (I am already qualified to proceed to PhD here as a result of my master`s gpa), and its PhD placements are nice especially within Europe. So I don´t want to go to a mediocre US school just because it is in the US. JHU or Carniege Mellon would be the bottom line in my application list. Do you think I have high enough chances for top15 places like Brown, Cornell, UMich or UCLA?
  17. Hello, everyone. This is my first post on this forum, so I'm pretty new to a lot of things here. I currently live in South Korea and just recently made up my mind to apply for Graduate programs abroad. I'm currently thinking of applying for University of Toronto. Type of Undergrad: Seoul National University (South Korea) (Current) Undergrad GPA: 4.2/4.3 (Roughly translates to 98/100) (2 or 3 more semesters left until graduation) GRE, IELTS, TOEFL: (Currently Preparing) (Did take TEPS in 2016, 947 out of 990) Math Courses: Calculus for Humanities and Social Sciences 1 (A+) Mathematics for Economics (A+) Introductory Statistics for Economics (A+) Econ Courses: Principles of Economics 1 (A+) Principles of Economics 2 (A+) Macroeconomics (A0) Mathematics for Economics (A+) Introductory Statistics for Economics (A+) Microeconomics (A+) Introduction to Market Economy (Pass) Behavioral Economics (A+) Economic History (B+) (Currently attending Economics in Practice) (Planning on applying for Environmental Economics and Game Theory) Other Courses: I'm an Economics student and also studying two other majors. - Double Major in Business Management Principles in Accounting (A+) Principles in Management (A0) Management Information System (A0) Fundamentals of Economics for Management (A+) Organizational Behavior (A+) Human Resource Management (A+) (Currently attending Operations Management) (Planning on applying for Marketing Strategies, Management Forecasting, and Financial Management) - Minor in Psychology Psychology of Understanding Human Minds (A+) Social Psychology and Lab Experiments (A0) Introduction to Psychology (A+) Abnormal Psychology (A+) Organizational Psychology (A+) (Currently attending Perception of Self and Mind) (Planning on applying for Personality Psychology and Counseling Psychology) Letters of Recommendation: (Currently Contacting Professors) Other: - Was the club leader of an Economics Education Volunteer Program. Taught Middle School/ High School students economics and business strategies. (2 years) - Attended Peer Counselor Program. (1 semester) - Was a mentor in the School Mentoring Program for Foreigners. (1 semester) - Taught Mathematics at a Night School. (1 semester) Since it was a very recent decision to prepare for a Masters or PhD abroad, I'm pretty much lost in what to prepare first. I know I'm behind in Math courses, but in my school strangely enough Math courses outside of Economics weren't mandatory for graduation so I didn't feel the need to attend any more than needed. I also need to prepare for GRE(Goal of 165-165-5.5), IELTS(Goal of Average over 8), and/or iBT TOEFL(Goal of Total over 100). I want to further my studies in Behavioral Economics in my Graduate program. Assuming that my GPA will stay the same until graduation and I attend all of the mentioned courses, will I be able to apply for University of Toronto? Is there any other programs that I would be able to apply for? I'm really in need of urgent advice on what should be my priority before I graduate. Also I don't have any friends or seniors who I know that applied for a graduate program in America or Canada. I'm basically a blank slate so any kind of help would be appreciated. Thank you so much for reading this long post. Please tell me if I missed anything.
  18. I took it in the spring semester and am applying to phd prgrams in the fall. How much is this going to hurt me? I was previously targeting T30 schools and hoping for a shot at a T20 school. This fall I have the opportunity to take a graduate probability course and/or a graduate applied linear algebra course. Could a good grade in one of those classes help offset the bad real analysis grade? Thanks for your advice!
  19. Hi all, I'm just trying to see how I should aim with my applications. Type of Undergrad: B.A. in Economics, B.A. in Math from Unranked Public State University (USA) Undergrad GPA: 4.0 Grad GPA/Concentration: N/A GRE: Q169 / V165 / AWA 6 Undergrad Econ Courses: Intermediate Micro, Intermediate Macro, Econometrics, Mathematical Economics, Game Theory Math Courses: Accelerated Multivariable Calc (A), Introduction to Proofs & Advanced Math (A), Mathematical Probability (A), Mathematical Statistics (A), Advanced Linear Algebra (A), Partial Differential Equations I (A), Real Analysis (A), Complex Analysis (A), Numerical Analysis (A) Graduate Econ Courses: Econometrics I (A), Micro Theory I (A), Mathematics for Economists (A) Programming: Proficient in R, Python, Stata. LORs: 1 from graduate chair whom I took a graduate class from, 1 from professor who I RA'ed for for 2 years and took another graduate class from, 1 from professor who serves as thesis advisor. Research Experience: 2.5 years RA experience under two professors; undergraduate empirical thesis (3 semesters). Questions: 1. Where should I aim? 2. How should I bolster my math side of things? 3. Weaknesses in application? 4. How can I remedy that I attend an unranked state school?
  20. I'm in this boat right now. I plan to take two graduate courses next semester (Micro I & Econ Math) - that's fall of my senior year but only one will conclude before most December deadlines (which are generally Dec 1-10). Thoughts? Obviously my app package would be different for the schools whose deadlines are in January; I'm specifically asking about those due in December. Do most schools let you submit updated transcripts? And it's more unfortunate for my letters, but at least I can get one from a graduate professor (unfortunately it's not going to be Micro I).
  21. I am Zach, new to the forum, trying to search for information w.r.t my application for graduate schools!
  22. Undergrad: Large state Uni ranked top3 nationally (Greece) GPA: 7.2/10 (top 10% of the graduate class of 250 students) Major: Econ GRE : NA Graduate: Barcelona Graduate School of Economics GPA: 6.81/10 Major: Econ Grad Classes: Micro I,II (C,C), Macro I,II, III (C, B+, A+), Metrics I,II,III (B,B-,B-), Asset Pricing (A+), Master Thesis (A) Currently: I have enrolled to a Phd at the top uni in my country with the intention to take advanced classes in micro/macro/metrics and work as RA to gain some experience, in order to apply in the next round to more reputable Phd's. LORs: One super strong from my professor of Math in the undergrad, and one other strong enough from a professor that knows me very well. The third one will be from one of my professors at the Phd i am enrolled Target Schools: UAB, IIES, SSE, Goethe, Bonn, Bocconi, EUI, LSE Provided that my GRE is high enough (>166) and i do great in the courses at the Phd i am enrolled, do you think that i stand a chance at any of the schools above? I would like to have an honest assessment from you guys. Thanks in advance
  23. My school, University of Hawaii at Manoa, has a number of teaching assistantships for graduate students both PhD and MA, and I’m applying for the MA, and I want to maximize my odds of getting this award for two reasons: have funding for the MA and get teaching experience prior to a PhD program at another school outside of Hawaii. The application asks for special skills and reasons why I should get the TA. What would help me win one of the TAs? I’m going to learn 3-4 programming languages, study math textbooks, and core graduate level economics as well as popular economics (mainstream books). What else can I do?
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