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  1. TLDR:Got my GRE score 2 days ago. 165V+ 170Q, 4.5 AW. Should I retake to be more competitive in top 10? wordy version: international student but undergrad at US. My advisor who served as our school’s adcom chair last year and another professor said 4.5 is ok. But just asked a third professor, very well-known, she seemed a bit concerned. She wrote “since you will be applying with a US undergrad, you might be unlucky and have your folder compared with others that are also from the US and have much better writing. So, for the very top places, it might make a difference” I can do it a second time, but not sure if I can do better in AW, or even the other 2 for a second time. thanks for your help! I love this forum!
  2. Hey everyone:distracted: I am a medical student and I am really struggling with the quant section of the gre. I've always been very poor at math and to top it all of I haven't done any mathematical problems for over 8 years now. Please suggest me some books which focus on the quant section of the gre.
  3. Has anyone had experience using the Economist GRE Tutor? Is it good? I am considering subscribing. Thank you.
  4. Hey guys, I'm new to www.urch.com I'm not sure if its the right place for this, but could anyone please evaluate an essay I have written? I am preparing for the GRE and I wrote this essay as a part of my Analyze an Issue task. Please provide suggestions regarding the expected score of the essay and ways to improve it! Thanks http://www.www.urch.com/forums/images/icons/icon6.pnghttp://www.www.urch.com/forums/images/icons/icon7.png Here's my topic and essay: To understand the most important characteristics of a society, one must study its major cities. Cities have always been demographic and cultural hubs of human civilization since ancient history. A city represents a full spectrum of population of a society in regards to culture, race, wealth and habits. Study of the major cities gives a unique chance to peer into an accurately represented group of individuals and conditions of that era. The data collected from studying a city represents the demographics of a huge number of people. It gives the information about their average age, sex, employment and literacy rate. People in a city are from diverse geographical and cultural backgrounds. Due to this, they provide a concentrated sample representing a much larger scope of population. So, it is easy to see that any data collected as a result of study of a city is reliable and is representative of the actual society. Additionally, the study of intangible factors such as the philosophical interests and the political inclination of the people in a city provides profound insight about the society’s behaviors. As a result, one can make accurate predictions about the society's reaction to sensitive issues such as religious agendas, politics, war and crime. For example, the recent decision of legalizing gay marriage in the USA is a result of continuous support from both the gay as well as the straight communities in the major metropolitan areas of the country over time.We can infer that an accurate knowledge of a city gives prediction about the various behavior of people living in it. Similarly the work habits and culture of people in a city, their taste in music, arts and popular entertainment are indicators of their level of productivity and happiness. Although insightful, it is necessary to realize that the results of these studies may be influenced by factors of national and global interests such as wars and natural calamities. Thus, the study of major cities of a society ensures an accurate, precise and well represented data regarding a huge mass of people in a wide scope.
  5. Anyone interested in magoosh premium account expiring in december end for 3000 rupees?
  6. meghav

    argument essay

    hi , this is my first post can anyone review this argument essay The following opinion was provided in a letter to the editor of a national aeronautics magazine:“Manned space flight is costly and dangerous. Moreover, the recent success of a series of unmanned space probes and satellites has demonstrated that a great deal of useful information can be gathered without the costs and risks associated with sending men and women into space. Therefore, we should invest our resources in unmanned space flight." RESPONSE :- The magazine article claims that as manned spacecrafts are more costly and dangerous , future investments should be made on unmanned flights . The writer proposes a opinion taking into the dangers involved in manned flights . however the writer fails to propose a cogent argument to support the case . The article mentions that quote 'manned flights are costly and dangerous ' While this may be true , the writer does noit mention how costly , a clear data backing this assertion is needed . what is cost difference between the manned and unmanned flights ? Is it too much ?It is possible that it may of negligent amount . The article also discusses the safety of the manned space flights . However there is no specific details on the the plausible hazard of the flight . Has there been any recent incident where the safety of the astronaut was jeopardy ? Has there been any virtual simulations that prove manned flights are dangerous ? Thus the assertion of the writer is incomplete . further , the article mentions the recent success of the unmanned probes . But what was so successful about the unmanned probe . Was the data collected more accurate and precise than the manned space craft . or is it just a compromise between security and accuracy . Author maintains that a series of unmanned satellites have been successful . Considering this as true , there is no information on where and how many space probes were sent . Isn't it possible that all the space probes were sent to the same space destination for eg to the moon . While this might marka successful unmanned probe to the moon , nothing can be inferred about the success these unmanned probes might have on other planets and on their other ventures . . A unmaaed space probe which is allegedly so successful on the moon might prove to be futile when sent to mars What was the complexity of the missions . Was the mission as convoluted and conundrum as the human missions . was it easier than than ? No comparison has been made .. Without the clear distinctions and accolades of unmanned space crafts , the argument is based on incomplete reasoning and can be considered to be naive at best . On of the most important advantage of man over algorithm run machines is intelligence and ability to thinbk . A computer is more accurate than human but it cannot be considered wiser than humans . the ability to improvise is non existent in machines . If the idea of the writer of unmanned space probe is to be accepted , We\ need 'thinking' machines . Has ehe technology been implemented ? was it successful ? We need clear answers to these questions before reaching to any conclusion .
  7. There is an algebraic approach to this problem and a "pick your own numbers approach." I went with the pick-your-own-numbers approach but I got the wrong answer by choosing x=2 and the right answer if x=3 Here's the question: The base of a rectangle is length x and the perimeter is 10, which of the following represents the rectangle's area? [a] 10-x^2 x(5-x) [c,d,e] The correct answer is x(5-x) but if I choose x=2 then options A and B work. Here are my questions: Is there any "rule" that would make me not pick x=2 for the base on a rectangle? (Does the base have to be greater than the height? I couldn't find any formal rule about that) If we use the pick-you-own-numbers approach, I guess it's true we MUST always check every answer choice right? If we get 2 answers that give the same result we then have to use different numbers. Does anyone have any insights about picking-your-own-numbers on a problem like this? Thank you so much I look forward to helping you!
  8. Hello guys, I'm shall be looking for computer science schools in US. Though I understand that gre score is not the only requirement for admission, but I do have a confusion anyway. 1. Say some school says that they want 75 percentile in quant, mine is only 71. Does that mean that my application would be rejected just for that basis? 2. If some school seeks 80 th percentile in quant, should I be applying to those too? Thanks in advance.
  9. hello every one out here , I am really excited to take my GRE in coming few months , even though i didn't started my preparation for the time being , i would request you to please post the effective and simple ways to solve GRE and have a great score , so that every Gre aspirant would be beneficial from this Thread. Thanks
  10. Hey my name is Karthik. Since birth, all my documents have identified me as Karthik.N.G.Prasad and I used this name to register for GRE. But I applied for a passport and in that my name is Karthik Nanjundaswamy Guru Prasad. Since I have birth certificate and other documents stating my name as the former can i still take the test with the name specified above. I contacted the people conducting GRE and they replied saying,"As stated on the GRE® website at www.ets.org/gre and in the GRE Information and Registration Bulletin, when scheduling your appointment, you must use exactly the same name as shown on the primary identification document that you will present at the test center. If the name shown on your primary identification does not match the name on your appointment record, you will not be permitted to test. Only misspellings of your name can be corrected at check-in. Name changes cannot be made. If you registered with a name that does not match the name on your primary identification document, you will need to cancel your current registration no later than three full days before your test date (not including the day of your test or the day of your request) and reregister using the name on your primary identification." Will this be considered a minor change in the name. I used all the documents naming me as Karthik.N.G.Prasad and hence got the passport.:blue:
  11. Let me start by saying that I am a GRE tutor, so it wouldn't be to relevant for me to post any information on "how I studied for the GRE," but I thought I would just post a few thoughts about the exam. I took it back in August, but since I just recently received my score I thought I would share a few observations... My perspective might be skewed, but although the test is supposed to be section adaptive, I didn't really notice the sections get noticeably harder. This was particularly true of the Quant section, the section that I thought would have a more obvious shift once I was facing the "harder" section. So prospective test takers should not read into the level of difficulty of the questions on a section....just do your best on don't think about that. Given that I have so much experience with the GRE, I took only one practice test prior to my exam, and that was really only to get familiar with the new features of the exam (skipping and marking questions, etc.). I must say, however, that on my first section (Verbal) I did not manage my time as well as I could have (given the opportunity to skip around and come back). I corrected that on the rest of the test, but I would urge other test takers to really practice with the new features (figure 4 or 5 practice tests at the least) so that you can learn to manage your time wisely (every question is worth the same amount, so it doesn't make sense to spend undue time on a question that you are struggling with). As I had expected, the vocab that was tested on the Verbal section did not consist of extremely difficult words. There were one or two words that I didn't know, but if you look at the sentence equivalence and text completion questions in the Official Guide you will see that it is really more about the reasoning aspects of those questions than about vocab (and this is really in line with the new direction that the GRE has taken). Some of the vocab that you see in the test prep books that are on the market is way over the top. For example, the ManhattanGRE book, which is a good book in some ways, uses words that are way too obscure and difficult in its drills. Even at the medium level, most of those words are just too hard and are unlikely to appear on the test. I'm not saying that you shouldn't study vocab, because there will be difficult words and vocabulary is relative anyway in that some people really have a very limited vocabulary and will need to some serious studying. I just wouldn't worry too much about some of the most difficult words that you see in test prep books, etc. and I would try to focus a little more on the critical thinking skills that are required on the Verbal questions. Finally, a word about the Writing section. I just recently tutored a person who felt that he had underperformed on the Writing section. After working with him, I realized that one problem was that he wasn't really following the directions. Be aware that a new aspect of the revised GRE is that the Issue and Argument essays have a variety of different "instructions prompts" and that the test makers expect you to read those carefully and follow the directions. So if the instructions tell you to consider the ways in which your point of view might be challenged, you should make an effort to do so. Anyway, hope that feedback helps....good luck to all of you prospective GRE test takers!
  12. The deal is the same, to achieve excellent results in GRE test for Graduate Admissions in Fall 2013 for Masters of Engineering. Any tips on how to appropriately get started? Started reading new words with Barron's ridiculous gigantic word list began solving sample questions from GRE Looking forward to hearing back on your opinions! thanks EDITED BY MOD
  13. GRE was my dream from a very long time. I think I got to know about it when I was in 3rd semester of my engineering degree from a friend of mine. From then I used to keep looking at US universities websites, GRE forums on orkut and blogs related to it. I tried to prepare for GRE many times but always gave up after 2 or 3 day while mugging up the huge barron wordlist. Contacted coaching institute many times but never joined them due to hectic schedule of college. Though it was not that hectic but HEY! It is engineering college dude! We have so many things to do. 8th Semester At last I got serious about GRE after my 8th semester. It was too late though, I must have given GRE after my 6th semester. The pattern change was something which made me serious about taking GRE before it happens. I read several numbers of posts saying that new GRE will be a hard nut to crack. Since, I was not good in verbal I decided to take GRE before the pattern changes. At that time I had offer letters of 3 companies which I tried to delay as long as possible to take my GRE. My GRE date was on 16 July which I rescheduled to 30 July so that I can get 30 days time for my GRE as my engineering was getting over in last week of may. Giving GRE after my 8th semester was a very tough decision to make. To prepare for it I have to leave Accenture as they had their training of 14 days in June and joining from 6 July. I really wanted to join Accenture among the 3 job offers I had. But as it is said to get something in your life you have to leave something. We have to make choices in our lives and stick to them! GRE Study Plan One Month I joined Princeton review classes in Bangalore; it was a crash course batch (as they name it) with only 3 students in it. I will not get in any detail of what it covered and how it was because it’s not worth mentioning here. Just know this no matter what other says of coaching classes being good, they make you practice regularly, you give some hours daily, they teach you tips and trick etc. etc. etc. remember only thing coaching classes are just wastage of time because: No one can make you remember words (Note: Wordlists are still very important for new GRE else reading comprehension and test completion will be “Taare Zameen Par”. The tips and tricks to solve verbal questions are already written in book. If you are planning to do M.S. then you already have enough skills to read and understand a book on yourself. You don’t need a mentor to guide you. Maths: If you are science students it will not be a problem for you at all, just need a little but practice. For others who are weak in maths you can easily practice maths daily from a good book like Nova Math Prep Course (the best for old pattern; don’t know how good it is for new pattern) and score good in maths. If you are seriously very bad in maths then you may need someone to guide you. A friend, relative good in quants will do. No need to spend 10 to 20k for it. AWA: No one can make you a good writer in 1 or 2 months. They only tell the structure and what all to write and what not to write; which you can find in any book. (Barron’s is sufficient to know structure and ETS official guide have many sample essays with a scoring of 6) All sections covered. So, in short avoid coaching classes unless you have lots of money and even if you have then buy a new cell phone or keep it to explore GOA! After getting an awesome score in GRE. Note: This is my personal experience GRE Study plan for one month, there are many people who feel that coaching classes are beneficial; no offense to them. Coming back – GRE Study Plan I just had 28 days to prepare. In those 28 days; it took me some time to get adjusted to the city and the place where I was staying (my friend’s house). It was a tough time I was not able to prepare much at my friend’s house (With movies, parties, etc.) Time passed like a flowing river. At last 30th June was on calendar. I was not completely done with my preparations. I had just complete Princeton Review Hit parade and Beyond the Hit Parade and 7 or 8 GRE wordlists from major tests wordlist. Quant’s was not a matter of concern for me and for AWA I was not bothered after practicing 3 essays. First GRE Exam : 30 June 2011 Quant’s: 740 Verbal: 350 AWA: 3.5 Total: 1090 I was completely dejected by my score especially in verbal section. Though I never got above 400 in my mock tests but I was expected database to repeat and above all expecting a lot from my luck to score more than 1200. But I was hapless. It was a tough time. I did not know at all what to do next; whether to take GRE in old pattern one more time or take it in new pattern. Many people told me not to take it again in old pattern as I will not see a lot of improvement in just 20 days. But at last no matter what others say it is always your call. Finally, I decided to take again in old pattern only, there were 3 reasons: 3. I did not wanted my 25 days work to go in waste like this and again invest money in new books 2. I have already lost 1 job offer and delaying it further would have made things worse. 1. the most vital reason: I believed in myself. I believed that with a constant and dedicated effort of 20 days I will be able to crack it! 2nd July I was back in my city. The only thing I did from 2 July to 20 July was studying You should not believe on that completely because you know real engineering students never take studies seriously: P (We have so many things to in life: D). But from morning 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. 90% of time I spent on studying. The only thing I did was mugging barrons wordlist nothing else. I was completely sure about the fact that I don’t need any preparation for quants and if luck don’t f*** me this time i will get 790 or 800. My GRE Study Plan Included many things: Do barrons wordlist, revise them, practice big book etc etc… But we only have 24 hours in a day. I was not able to do everything till 20th. But I managed to master 40 wordlist of barrons, gave 5 to 6 mock test only verbal section and squeeze everything out of powerprep. On 21st July I was in Bangalore. I had already decided that I am not going to study anything on the last day. But anxiety – I kept on revising words. My second attempt 22 July 2011 I got AWA section first. Essay question were awkward, both of them. It was hard to think what to write every sentence I wrote looks contradictory to myself only. Anyways I finished it off with whatever came in my head. I think I wrote okay not very good. God fetch me 3 at least: D Argument question was easy. Done! Then I got verbal section I did first 10 questions with lot of patience and tried to be very sure about what I am marking as an answer. After mastering 40 wordlist I was able to handle the questions perfectly. Even if I did not the meaning of the 1 or 2 word I used POE turned out to be a life saver. When I got my quants section I was very much sure that I fought well in verbal war! I was not able to do quants properly at all. I was so much excited after my verbal, I was just wishing for quant’s section to end and I can see my scores. I knew that I have to control myself and fight back in quant’s again same as I fought in verbal. I took 5 minutes to cool myself and now I have 40 minutes for maths. 40 minutes were sufficient to do 28 simple questions of quants. I got one huge table and 2 or 3 questions based on that. As it was after 20th question I decided to play “Akar Bakar Bambay Bo” guessed them and moved ahead. Solved all the questions and then clicked show scores with my fingers crossed (crossed? don’t remember because I was completely numb after seeing my score) My GRE score in second attempt : Verbal : 630 Quant’s : 790 AWA : 3.5 (Same as 1st attempt :D ) Total : 1420 The first time I added them, I was like HOLY ****!!! No I must have made some mistake; added them 3 4 times more on screen then with pencil and paper and then I was sure YAH!! Its 1420. Then I selected 4 universities and got out of the center as soon as I can. I marked all A’s in feedback about the center even though it was not very good. HUH!!! This is just my personal experience may be I am wrong at many places saying something or maybe you think 1420 is a crap anything below 1550 is bad then : hey it’s my experience. Even you can post your own here, eagerly waiting to read it . If you want to learn something from my experience. Here is a list of things to learn: Most Important DON’T COUNT THE DAYS, MAKE THEM COUNT. (Now I can write quotations ... GRE) Always always and always believe in yourself! I know all this seems like a lecture, it was same with me. It seems like a lecture when you read it but afterwards you realize how correct it is. Now things to learn if you want to else you can close the window Practice a lot. Give lots of mock test. Don’t think that you can crack it without wordlist. Even for new GRE you need to know the words. Don’t waste time in mastering things which you are already good at. (This is basically for quants) Use mnemonicdictionary.com to learn words with mnemonics. It is very helpful. Use a good book to learn how to solve questions, the tips and tricks. Don’t join coaching classes unless it is very necessary. Don’t keep any expectations. Just give your best. This is one the major reason which affected my performance in first attempt. I was just wishing to get a decent score while solving every question. When you are giving the test don’t think anything other than the questions. Try your best to answer it correctly, if you don’t know the answer make educated guess and move on. It is a CAT!!! But in any case don’t try to guess many questions, 1 or 2 here and there are okay. Squeeze out everything what powerprep offers you. Give it minimum 10 times. Also do the practice questions. Have a track of your scores; the average of all the scores is approximately the score you will get in GRE. (I think this is true for new pattern also) Don’t study a lot day before you exam. In my first attempt I was studying in my test center also. It is not an engineering subject paper; one night stands are not useful. They will only make things worse for you. Save your mettle for the actual exam. Be very calm and composed while giving the test. This is the biggest secret; do it and see the difference. Don’t depend on your luck and database. Prepare so much that you can easily say – F*** you luck!!! HUH!!!! What else, I think this is all I have to say. If you have any genuine queries please use the comment box below. Please don’t start an argument in comment section about this post. This is just my experience and we all have many better things to do than arguing: P GRE is simple, if you stick to basic. Dare to do something else; you are pretty much _____ and that that too very badly. (Like my first attempt ) Take care! Hope this helps. Even if a single reader get benefited from this then all my effort in writing this long post will not go in waste.
  14. Hi guys, I am new here and I have to admit this is by far the best forum ever...Useful, informative..just best!!! I got GRE today and here are my scores.. Q 159 (750) and V 148 (420). I am non native English speaker, so I have a good excuse for my verbal (hope so..)... As for Q i dont know if its adequate. Here it is where you guys come into the play. I aim at PhD econ in good schools but not top 5. My background consists of a BA econ in Greece, translated in summa cum laude (rank 1st), and an MSc in Manchester UK with distinction (first class they call it). LORS i hope will be quite informative..SOP also..I ll do my best... I aim for Caltech, NYU, Minnesota, UPenn, Mellon, Rochester, Madison or lower such as PennState, UVA, Illinois...I ll apply also to Arizona and many other "minor" universities. I am a bit dissapointed with my 159 (750) as many European universities have closed doors, such as Tinbergen Institute or Tilburg, which are not in the LSE's level. I think you guys got my point. Do you think I have any real chances? Plese comment to make things more clear as, as usual, clouds are in front of us and dont let us see clealy and think logically.
  15. Hello everyone, I am taking the GRE in three weeks. I took my first Kaplan practice test yesterday before doing any studying and got 96th percentile Quant, 56th percentile Verbal. I am applying to Finance PhD programs, so clearly quant is more important, but I am also worried about the verbal section. Although I have lived in the US for about 10 years, I have a small vocabulary since most of studies were quant oriented. Throughout the majority of the verbal section of the practice exam I didn't know the meanings of the choices (vocab questions). What would you say is the best tactic for me? Is it realistic to try to learn a bunch of words during these few weeks, or is there a better way to approach this? Just to be clear, I am not looking to get a perfect score, but I would like to land somewhere in the 80th percentile or so. Thank you very much!
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    Hello Everyone, i just recently decided to take the GRE test, i am overwhelmed by how much i have to read and the time limit. not sure how to use this site as i just discovered it yesterday. i am not the best at mathematics unfortunately and the English Language is proving to be tough, i would appreciate all the help i can get.
  17. When I completed my GRE I got a Quantitative Reasoning range which was 730-800. When I saw my General Test Scores through view Scores link it reported my Quantitative Reasoning to be 159, it really surprised me how a range of 730-800 gets converted to 159. Can you kindly state if there was an any error in reported score.
  18. Hello Guys, I'm new here and this is my first post here. I'm going to prepare for the GRE but i don't know where to start!! There are many books and i have no idea which one is the best? I have only Kaplan math, verbal and the general book but i feel kaplan is not enough. To be honest, i'm very bad in verbal section as i know this section well so please advice me with the best books to be prepared. I'm planing to take the test next year in June or July so i have suffient time but i need the best books. Please advice. Kind regards, Sindbad
  19. Hi everyone, I mistakenly put down my incomplete name in GRE registration , and only came ti know about it on the day I had my test (although my date of birth and postal address match withthe ones on my passport) . I have two questions 1. Would my GRE score be accepted by universities considering GRE score sheet would be missing my middle name? 2. Is there any way I could get a letter from GRE officials declaring xxxxxx is the guy with the same date of birth and postal address as xxxxx yy and we allowed him to take the test on the given date ? Regards
  20. Hi everyone. I realize that I'm posting about retaking the GRE after a strong showing (760 Q, 590 V, 5 AWA), but I'm still agonizing over whether to retake it or not because I think I'm capable of slightly better. My main concern at this point, however, is risk: do any of you believe that retaking the GRE is NOT a risk-free activity in that a possible lower score on the retake could be frowned upon by admission committees and adversely affect my application? I'm applying for some MA in Economics programs and MPP (Public Policy) programs and may use my GRE scores for MBA applications a few years down the road. Most programs that I'm applying to say that they'll accept either the highest total score or highest score from each section, but I still wonder if a score decrease would factor into their admission or funding decisions. Some of my friends have suggested that if I were to retake the GRE I'd have nothing to lose, whereas others have expressed concern that an underwhelming score on the retake could devalue my scores from my first GRE and therefore have negative consequences on my applications. I don't know what to think or how to proceed. What do you think? If anyone has personal experience with either retaking the GRE or electing to not take it again after already scoring well on one's first exam, please let me know why you decided the way you did. Also, I'd be interested to know if anyone has regretted retaking the GRE (in the hopes of raising one's score slightly) after taking it once and scoring well. Thanks.
  21. I started out with my GRE prep almost 6 months before the exam. I know what I got isn't something one should target for (there are people here who've got 1600 after all !!), but still, I believe anyone can get what I got, provided one has enough time/perseverance in their hands... Let me give my background a bit - I've been educated in English medium schools all throughout, which had inculcated a real passion for books. I used to read voraciously, but I never really paid attention to increasing my vocabulary, preferring to guess or understand words from their contexts rather than looking them up. The first time I picked up Barron's, I was amazed to see the actual meanings of some of the words I thought I knew !! I therefore decided to brush up my basics a bit first - started reading Norman Lewis' Word Power. I read it from cover to cover including all exercises, tests and revisions, in little less than a month - not a very good pace admittedly, but I didn't want to rush over stuff once again, coupled with the fact I didn't get more than a hour per day on weekdays (I'm currently working in a reputed MNC, where I have quite a bit of responsibility to handle). NL really, really opened my eyes, by showing the "bridges" between various familiar words - I couldn't recommend it more (even if you never plan to write GRE, do go through it if you at all care about English as a language). Next, I thought I did something clever by enrolling for a widely advertised "test prep course" (details of my experience about it can be found here). I'm skipping that part here, as I don't recommend it. I started going through Barron's Wordlists, though not in the "traditional" way (flash cards and other stuff). Each morning, I used to pick a wordlist, read all the words in it, marking the difficult ones and writing them down separately (without their meanings) - and at night, I used to look at that sheet, and fill up the meanings as I recalled them. This was really helpful in assimilating the entire wordlist - proceeding at this rate, I finished the entire Barron's list in about 2 months. After which, it was simply revising the wordlists again from 1-50 - at first pass, 2 WL/day, then 5 Wl/day...till 2 days before GRE, when I was going through 25 WL/ day !! All this while, I didn't neglect my quants...contrary to what many people claim, it is NOT a walk in the park if you are aiming for 800. One has to be really careful to avoid the "obvious" answers (IMHO, the real talent in the test makers is evident in the way they come up with wrong answers that are oh-so-close to the correct one !!). I went through Peterson's GRE Math Bible - its simply awesome, and if you were even a moderate in math at High School, you'd find it really helpful !! I took a month to go through this book (the last month before GRE), and the "Medium" and "Hard" problems were the ones most useful... I also practised AWA from a book title "Answers to the Real Essay Questions" by M.Stewart - its a great book, not for the essays and arguments (pls, pls, do NOT try to mug the essays, its an exercise in futility !!), but for the valuable tips and advise in attempting the questions. Especially the "analyze an argument" section - trust me, once you've gone through the tips in the book, and looked at 5-10 sample answers to actual arguments, there's nothing left for GRE to test you about in that section !! The "Issue-perspective" section is a lot subjective thing though - I've always enjoyed writing essays, so I didn't practice more than 2-3 essays before the exam. If you feel you are weak in this area, practise more and then compare your attempt with the one in the book, to learn how to enhance your answer. In the final week before the exam, I did nothing but Revise WL from my notebook Practice Big Book Verbals (towards the end, I consistently got all the RC's right, scoring on an avg 36/38 questions) Take online CATS. About the CATs I've used, let me list them in descending order of their accuracy and usefulness: PowerPrep - no question about it, its the real deal. Scores :- 1460 (700V, 760Q) - a month before GRE 1520 (720V, 800Q) - a day before GRE [*]Princeton Online CAT - you get a free online test once you register on their website, and 4 more if you buy their book. I didn't even look at the book, only took the CATS. Got an avg of ~740 in verbal and 800 in quants in the 4 tests, again pretty close to what I got [*]Barron's. I'm rating it third because it doesn't give an actual score, and I guess thats because its not a CAT per-se, but the level of questions were really challenging here, without being unreasonably long. If you get all questions correct here, you are looking at a potential score of 1600 IMHO !! [*]Kaplan - pretty good test questions, but again, no comprehensive scores at the end like Barrons. Questions are easy though, but good to keep yourself sharp !! Oh...and I forgot one of the best resources I got for FREE !! For those of who are working (like me), you can use those 5-10 minutes of breaks in office to sharpen your vocabulary like I did, using Number2.com :: Free Online Test Prep !! Its amazing for a free website - the level of words gradually increases as your vocabulary builds up (towards the end, I got 200/200 right in the Vocab Builder section there, all words being level 5 difficulty - whereas I started with about 90% accuracy in level 3 words 6 months back !!). For more bang/buck, ask a friend (or simply use a second email id) to register as a "tutor" for yourself - that account would get weekly "summaries" of your progress, including the time spent, words attempted, difficulty of words, accuracy, average standing w.r.t the rest of the community etc, which would really help focus your efforts !! Thats about it for now - I think I've mentioned everything here. Let me know if you have any queries, and I'll be more than happy to answer them !! PS: One test tip - you can legitimately guess questions randomly at the very end of the test !! At the end of quants, I had 2 mins to solve 2 questions. The first one involved computations which would have eaten up my time, so I blindly guessed it and moved on to the last question, which I then solved correctly. I still got 800, so no reason anyone else can't do the same !! PPS: Just got my AWA scores - I was expecting a 5.5, but had to settle for 5. Well, I guess I should have written my essay a bit more coherently, as I'm sure my argument rated a 6 :)
  22. Hi , My GRE Scores are: Attempt 1: 1050(310V,740Q,3.5 AWA)-dec 14 2010 Attempt 2: 1080(350V,730Q,3.0 AWA)-feb 4 2011 I want to pursue MS in EEE(wireless communication) . I've completed my B.E in Electronics and Communication from National Institute of Engineering,Mysore. I've got 81.4% in B.E (GPA above 3.5 i guess) and the topper of the ECE dept from my college. I'm currently working in a software company (8+ months). I've done an IEEE funded project and it is among top 10 humanitarian project in India. I've got good acads in 10th and 12th. I have TOEFL on March 13th 2011. Kindly suggest me whether I should take GRE again or apply for universities. I have shortlisted the following universities for SPRING 2012(dec 2011-jan 2012): 1.National University of Singapore. 2.Nantyang Tech Univ,Singapore. 3.Univ of Maryland,College park, 4.Univ of Texas at Austin, 5.Univ of Calif-San Diego, 6.Univ of San Diego Actually, I haven't completely listed the Univs. I intend to get Scholarships / assistantships. Please suggest Univs and your Advices
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