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Found 23 results

  1. Hi, I am looking to gain access to a PDF version of Nova's GRE Math Prep Course, would appreciate any leads as I cannot purchase the physical version due to a nationwide lockdown. Thanks and happy studying!
  2. Hi, Could any anyone tell the best app for GRE math?
  3. Hey everyone:distracted: I am a medical student and I am really struggling with the quant section of the gre. I've always been very poor at math and to top it all of I haven't done any mathematical problems for over 8 years now. Please suggest me some books which focus on the quant section of the gre.
  4. For all numbers x and y, the operation фis defined by x ф y = (x+y)*(x-y) + (y-x)*(y+x) +x*y. What is the value of (sqrt12)ф(sqrt3)? A 6 why is the answer 6?
  5. Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Having a lot of trouble... "In a certain dormitory, each person is either a hockey fan or a football fan but not both. On Friday, the ratio of hockey fans to football fans was 2 to 3. However, on Saturday, 18 of the football fans switched and became hockey fans, and the ratio of hockey fans to football fans became 5 to 3. How many people are in the dorm?"
  6. Which is greater? 1. (0.9/1.1)^2 + (1.1/0.9)^2 2. 2 What is the way it should be done?
  7. Hi, I cannot come up with a way to solve the following. Of a group of farmers surveyed, 30% had at least one horse, 40% at least one cow and 40% had neither. How many have horse and cow? Grateful in advance for any help.
  8. A hunting lodge has enough fuel to keep 20 rooms heated for fourteen days. If the lodge decides to save fuel by turning off the heat in 5 unoccupied rooms, and each room requires the same amount of fuel to heat it, how many extra FULL days will the fuel supply last? A) 3 (B) 4 © 5 (D) 18 (E) 19 Ans suggested is 18 but i hope 4 .Anyone has the suggestion regarding it
  9. I've always had difficulties in mathematics throughout my academic career but I've now noticed a phenomenon which might be a bit strange and I was wondering if others could help me out with it. I'll work on math GRE problems and it becomes almost impossible to focus. I'll work on the problems but as I'm doing it, half of my brain is going over other things that have transpired throughout the day, as though I'll replay events or comments that have occurred. It becomes almost impossible to engage with whatever problem I am on and so therefore I end up making crucial mistakes. It's crucial to mention that I am not being distracted, as it were, but rather that I am almost doing two things at the same time, somewhat involuntarily. One part of is doing the problem, manipulating the symbols, establishing formulas, doing the necessary calculations even as I am scrutinizing, analyzing and critically assessing some topic or event that had transpired during the day 1. Does anybody else experience this phenomenon wherein you will be working on solving some problem while a part of your brain is engaged in some other tasks or activity and the two are simultaneously working together? 2. If so, what advice would you give me to become more fully engaged in the problems I'm doing? What mental/math hack would you recommend? How could I go about becoming less led astray by this?
  10. Hey all, I just went over a math question in the Princeton Review GRE 2014, and I am not sure if the book made a mistake or not in coming to its answer The question: a/xs = 632 and a/ys = 158 Quantity A = x Quantity B = y Answers: Is Quantity A greater? Quantity B greater? The two quantities equal? The relationship cannot be determined? So the book says that the correct answer is that Quantity B is greater. I totally understand why that can be true: you can plug in a = 632 and solve for x and y, and you see that y is 4 times greater than x (x = 1s, y = 4s) However, couldn't you also plug in a = -632. If "a" is negative, then x and y could be negative values; dividing the negative a by the negative x or y gives you the positive answers. If this was the case, though, then x would be greater than y, since a greater negative number is actually less. If you solve the same way above but plugging in a = -632, then x = -1s and y = -4s ... here, Quantity A is greater, so the answer should be that the relationship cannot be determined since two different answer choices were made true Am I over-thinking this or do I have a point? Thank you so much!!!
  11. Hello, I just joined urch today, so this is my first question here. :) I am working on some absolute value problems and I want to be sure I am going about this right. so I have the equation: I3+3xI I know that the rule is: IxI However in the first equation x is a negative number, and I think that's what's throwing me off. So instead of setting it up like above I go about it like this 3+3x 2X ( I eliminated the negative sign and flipped the inequality) After this I solve normally and I end up with the solutions x> -3 and x Which is now easier to combine together, at least for me. So now it will look like. -3 Did I go about setting this up right? It's just when I immediately tried to set the equation up like the rule things got confusing, again I think because the value on the opposite side of equality is negative. Here is another one: I-xI >= 6 ( that's suppose to be greater than or equal too, I tried) So at first I had to stop and think if the negative sign inside the absolute value sign would effect the equality. I reasoned that it wouldn't. So I set it up as x>= 6 and x= I got the right answer but was my reasoning correct? In the solution for this problem it was set up as: +(-x)>= 6 and -(-x)>=6 It was set up this same way for the question above. In both cases I found this way to be confusing, but maybe my way is wrong? I don't want to go into test day with flawed understanding. Both these question came out of the Manhattan 5lb GRE book. Over all what things should I keep in my mind about both inequalities and absolute values? I find myself getting very lost on questions that combines these two topics. Thank you in advance for helping out and best of luck to everyone preping for the GRE!
  12. I am an applicant for economics Ph.D. programs in Fall 2015. I didn`t take calculus 1,2,3 and linear algebra and I am trying to solve this problem within a year. I have two options as follows: (1) earning a high score of GRE Math subject, (2) taking math courses at University Maryland University College (UMUC). Would the high score of Math Subject will compensate my weak math background? How much do you think that taking expensive courses is more important then obtaining the high score of GRE Math? The UMUC provides online courses —distance learning— and issues official transcripts after finishing math courses. However, the problem is that tuition fee is $2,050 per a course. Taking 4 courses, calculus 1,2,3 and linear algebra, will cost $8,200. Let me explain more about my background as Korean student. I could not officially take basic math courses in my university, because my limited credit allotment in undergraduate school as a law student, and strict graduate school policy that does not allow its students to enroll in low level mathematics. I enrolled in a separate, private institute to study linear algebra, advanced calculus, and differential equations, and I am virtually strong at mathematics. Moreover, I have two strong LORs that guarantee my math skills. The first letter of recommendation is written by an economics professor who taught me Microeconomics 1 (Graduate course). He has a Math BS degree from Seoul Univ., which is the 1st ranked Univ. in South Korea. He earned Ph.D. in economics at UCLA, and specialized in Microeconomics. The second letter of recommendation is written by an economics professor who taught me Mathematical Statistics (Graduate course). He earned Ph.D. in economics at the University of Florida, and specialized in Econometrics . My course list is provided below: UNDERGRADUATE COURSE Microeconomics = A+ Mathematics for Economics = 1st rank, A+ Chiang, Alpha, and Kevin Wainwright. Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics. Statistics for Economics = 1st rank, A+ Econometrics = A Gujarati, Damodar N.. Basic Econometrics. Macroeconomics = B+ GRADUATE COURSE Microeconomics I = 1st rank , A+ Mas-Colell, Andreu, et al. Microeconomic Theory. Mathematical Statistics = 1st rank , A+ Hogg, Robert V., et al. Introduction to Mathematical Statistics. Labor Economics I = 1st rank , A+ Law and Economics = A Econometrics I = B Greene, William H.. Econometric Analysis.
  13. If the Josephites soccer team won a total of c games this season and last season, and the team won b fewer games this season than last season, how many games did they win last season? A) (b-c)/2 B) (c-b) /2 C) (b+c)/2 D) b +c/2 E) c+ b/2
  14. For each positive integer n, the nth term of the sequence S is 1 + (-1)n Quantity A: The sum of the first 39 terms of S Quantity B: 39 I keep getting A = 40. 1 + (-1)^0 = 2 1 + (-1)^1= 0 1 + (-1)^2= 2 1 + (-1)^3= 0 and so on...so term 1 + (-1)^39 = 0 and the sum of the first 39 terms is 1 + (-1)^38 = 2 so the sum from 0 to 38 = 40, so B is greater. EXCEPT the answer is A. Can anyone explain my error? Thanks.
  15. For question #17 in the GRE Official Guide, under the Data Analysis exercises: For 2001, private school expenditures were approximately what percent of total expenditures? A chart is given that displays $30 billion was private expenditures and $160 billion was total expenditures. So I took $30 is x% of $160 or 30/160 = 18.75%. The answer should be 19%. There's no instructions to round up so I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong?
  16. I'm not sure I understand the concept of this question: There is a figure of the normal distribution labeled with the mean and standard deviations. The figure shows a normal distribution with mean m and standard deviation, including approximate percents of the distribution corresponding to the six regions shown. Suppose the heights of a population of 3,000 adult penguins are approximately normally distributed with a mean of 65 centimeters and a standard deviation of 5 centimeters. (b) If an adult penguin is chosen at random from the population,approximately what is the probability that the penguin’s height will be less than 60 centimeters? Give your answer to the nearest 0.05. I got 0.16, and the answer is 0.15.
  17. Question - Greatest prime factor of 3^38-2^28 . How to solve this problem also remainder was asked to find out when 3^64 is divided by 28. pls tell me how to solve them
  18. Guests at a recent party ate a total of 15 pork chops. Each guest who was neither a student nor a vegetarian at exactly 1 pork chop. No pork chop was eaten by any guest who was a student, a vegetarian or both. The vegetarians attended the party at a rate of 2 students to every 3 non-students, half the rate of non-vegetarians. If half of the guests were vegetarians, how many guests attended the party? A. 25 B. 30 C. 45 D. 70 E. 90 Please explain in detail.. Cannot udnerstnad this.. solution is given as D - 70. I appreciate your response.
  19. greshar


    Can you please explain the solution to the attached questions. One more doubt - Is it true that side opposide to larger angle is greater than side opp to smaller angle ?
  20. The first is pretty simple, since its in G.p series, what about the later one. Can you pls explain. k = 1 + 1/2 + 1/4 + 1/8 + 1/16 + 1/32 + 1/64 + 1/128 k = 1+ 1/2 + 1/3 + 1/4 + 1/5 + 1/6 + 1/7
  21. Can you please explain the solution to attached problem . Dont have any clue how to begin .
  22. Starting with an easy one, I'll post harder ones later on: The entire contents of a full sack of flour can be used to make 15 cupcakes and 8 pizzas. The same full sack of flour can be used to make 7 cupcakes and 14 pizzas. If a full sack of flour is used to make only pizzas, how many pizzas can be made?
  23. 1. Given that x^2 - y^2 is a prime number and x, y are positive real numbers. Then x^2 - y^2 is equals to A. x - y B.x + y c . xy D. 2xy E. None of these
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