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  1. Please suggest some suitable universities for both MA in Economics and PhD in Economics. I’m an international student and I have applied to 6 universities this fall and got accepted to 5 of them in their MS/MA in Economics program. (UNC Charlotte, University of Maryland -Baltimore County, Georgia State University, Illinois State University, and Western Illinois University). However, I couldn’t secure any funding from any of them so I decided not to go. My GPA is not good, so please suggest some universities in accordance with my profile where I would have a chance to secure funding. Type of Undergrad: BA in Economics from an unreputed, unranked university in Bangladesh. Undergrad GPA: 3.04 (Last two years 3.13 and 3.20 respectively) GRE: GRE: 314 (Quant-160, Verbal-154, AWA- 4 ) IELTS: 8.5 (Listening 9, Reading 8.5, Writing 7.5, Speaking 8 ) Teaching Experience: Have a youtube channel where I teach Introductory Econometrics Research Experience: 1 publication that is work in progress (Almost finished) Work Experience: 9 months of field survey experience in a multinational market research company. Projects: Several data analysis projects in Python, SQL, Tableau, etc to showcase my skills. I've attached my courses and grades below. They are all over the place and I know I don't have a shot at any of the top schools. So if you could suggest some MA/PhD program in my league where I could have funding I would greatly appreiciate it.
  2. Hey guys: What are my possibilities to get into PhD in economics in Europe? Like Zurich, Bocconi, SSE or EUI? I am not considering US My grades are pretty low: Masters in economics (8.2/10) at Carlos III Bachelor in economics (7.3/10) at Carlos III But I have a lot of research experience: Research intern at Bank of Italy Research assistant at UPF (Pompeu Fabra) Research intern at a famous German institute Research Fellow at Barcelona school of economics Soon I will join DG Research at ECB Really good recommendation letters Do I have any chance? I did not take GRE yet.
  3. Profile: Undergrad in Econ from top state school in India. Master's in Econ from tier 2 private research uni in India. Was a Teaching Assistant for 2 Graduate-level macro courses and 1 Bachelor's Micro course. Currently, working as an RA with a prof from a UK university. Undergrad GPA - 6.1/10 (Second Class) Master's GPA - 9.52/10 (Batch topper) GRE - Q167, V156 Coursework (Master's): Two-course sequences in Micro (grades A- and B), Macro (both A's) and Econometrics (both A's), Mathematical Methods (A grade), Computational Econ (A grade). Electives in Labor Econ, Time Series, Trade, Development, Political Econ, International Finance (All A's except Trade in which I have a B) Research Interest: Macro and Applied Economics Research Experience: I have done several term papers and other research projects. Currently working as an RA. Previous experience as a research intern in a B-school and Think tank in India for a couple of months. Concerns: 1. No math courses from the math department. Only taken mathematical methods courses in undergrad (B grade) and masters (topped the class) which covered topics like multivariate calculus, linear algebra, optimization. To compensate, I'm taking online courses in Multivariate calc, probability, stats, linear algebra, differential equations, although I don't know how much they would help me. 2. Very low undergrad GPA (probably equal to a low B or a C in the US). Not sure how much my performance in the master's program and research experience would be able to compensate for that. I am looking for suggestions regarding ways to improve my profile and what kind of colleges should I target for PhD in the US. I am not looking at top 20/30. Would something in the top 50 be achievable with my profile? I am also considering doing another master's from Europe before applying for a Phd in the US however there are significant time and monetary investments required for that. Any advise regarding this would also be appreciated. If possible, the kind of master's programs I should be looking at would be helpful. All suggestions are welcome! :)
  4. Hello Urch, I want to apply for a Ph.D. program this year, but I have a lot of concerns regarding my chances due to my low profile. At the beginning of this year, I finished my master degree, and I was very excited to get a Ph.D. But after I read several profiles evaluation topics on this forum, I'm concluding that it would be almost impossible to get into any Ph.D. in the US or Europe. But I really want to get some opinions to move forward (to apply or to give up). My Profile: Type of Undergrad: Public Federal University in South America in Business Administration. But, unfortunately, my university is almost unknown outside my country. In the positive side, the public federal universities are the best Unis in my country. Test Scores (GMAT/GRE): Planning to take the GRE in July 2019. Undergrad GPA: 3,12 (7,8/10 in my country). Type of Grad: Master at the same university in Business Administration (Corporate Finance Track). Graduate GPA: 3,4 (8,5/10 in my country). Research Experience: My MSc in Business was research oriented. So I have almost seven research papers/working papers: A paper published in a peer review national accounting journal; A paper published in the most recognized national business congress. Two papers in the most recognized national accounting congress. Two papers in the best finance congress and one working papers that I have to finish. They are all in my SSRN.com. I think I can submit two of them to an international journal at the end of this semester. Teaching Experience: A semester as a teacher assistant (Corporate Finance class). Work Experience: Internship in a public audit office. Finance courses (Undergrad-level): Financial Management I and II, Financial Mathematics; Finance courses (Grad-level): Strategic Planning and Control, Asset Valuation and Corporate Finance. Econ Courses (Undergrad-level): Business Economics. Math/Statistics (Undergrad-level): Introduction to calculus; Applied Quantitative and Qualitative Methods; Statistics for Business Research; Math/ Statistics (Grad-level): Quantitative Research I and II (Those classes covered subjects such as exploratory analysis, univariate and multivariate hypothesis, cross-sections and panel data analysis). I did a lot of accounting classes, but I don’t see how these classes will help me in Finance… LOR: I have 3 letters of recommendation, but all of these letters are from professors in my country: A LOR from my master supervisor (he is a decent researcher in my country), other LOR from the professor who accepted me as a teacher assistant and another LOR from a professor who is the chief of my university applied social science department. My question is: Since the GRE and the research papers are the only variables that I can improve right now, let’s suppose I can get a good GRE (>90% for Q and V), what do you recommend? Should I apply for a Ph.D. or a MPhil? I know that I have a bad GPA, a poor econ-related number of classes, a bad work experience, and that I’m from an unknown university/ country. But I have a decent research background and my plan is to work with empirical corporate finance research Also, due to the exchange rate conversion, I can’t apply for dozens of programs, so I have to choose carefully (10 or 12 programs) and I have to get financial aid too, since I’m not rich (all my savings are divided by 5 due to exchange rate conversion). I was thinking about the programs in Europe, because the majority of them offer financial aid: UC3M, HDHEC, ESSEC, IESE, ESSAD, HEC Lausanne (Léman, Lugano or Zurich), St. Gallen, CBS, Mannheim, and Frankfurt, or in Canada: Alberta, Queens, Toronto or McGill. I’m accepting more suggestions since some of those universities are the ones that I find because they have professors who publish papers that I used to read. Should I give up? I really have good chances to enter in the best Ph.D. programs in my country, where I can get financial aid, an incentive to do a fellowship in some USA or UK university and apply for good job market positions here. I do not need to do the GRE/GMAT here since our universities usually put more weight in research experience and interviews. So, I really need some advice to move forward. Because, if I don’t have any chances to get a Ph.D. or MPhil, I will not expend my time (I’m studying 4-5 hours to take the GRE every day) and savings trying to do something impossible or something that I can’t pay for. Any help will be appreciated!
  5. Hi everyone, I come from a low ranked (internationally in econ, fairly high ranked otherwise) tier 2 Canadian University (just outside top 4) In my first year of undergrad, my average (in a business program) was 3.0 with an A+ in calc 1 but some Bs in intro econ courses. After switching to a Math & Econ program, my grades in years 2 & 3 (going into 4th year now) has been straight 4.0 with only 2 3.9s. This includes: -Calc & lin alg sequences (A+ except A in LA 1) -Real Analysis 1 (A+) -Topology (A+) -And assorted math courses (complex analysis, few courses in ODEs, some prob/stats, etc...) (A+) -Random econ field courses (A+) -intermediate micro & macro (all A+ except A in inter. micro 1) -econometrics (A+) -econ research course (A+) -game theory (A+) -One withdrawal (W) in some 2nd year financial math course I am currently doing an NSERC micro project and will write my GRE this summer which I should get close to 170q on. I plan on doing my econ thesis next year and should have some good letters of rec. I plan on taking (high likelihood of getting A/A+ in all of them) -Advanced micro / macro courses -Micro 1 (MA / PhD stream) -Real analysis 2 (graduate level) -econometrics 2 I am going into 4th year but I will be staying for a 5th year and will only be taking 3 or 4 courses per semester until i graduate due to having to work part time. As mentioned, I plan on taking all the standard advanced econ courses, real analysis 2, and some other upper year math/econ electives later on and should finish with a 4.0 in my last two years. However even if I get all 4.0s from now on (very likely), I can only finish with a CGPA of around 3.7. -Will my crappy 1st year marks + 1 Withdrawal resulting in a rather meh CGPA really matter especially since I have gotten high marks in upper year math / econ? -Will taking an extra year in undergrad while taking 3/4 courses instead of 5 courses a semester influence my results? -Will my relatively unranked undergraduate institution factor heavily in my chance of going to a top school? I want to and I do believe that I can do well in a top school but I am not sure where to apply to given my circumstances. Are there any chances of getting into a top 10/20 PhD right out of undergrad? Will doing a masters (think top 2 Canada or Duke) bolster my chances? Thanks guys.
  6. Hello, I am graduating from REDACTED this year, and I am likely going to a 100-150 RePEc ranking (REDACTED) Economics university for my MA degree in Canada in fall 2018. I wasn't able to get into Toronto MA and likely will not get into Western MA. Here is my undergrad profile: Math: Intro to Proofs A-, First Year Calculus B+, Linear Algebra B+, Calculus of Several Variables A, Stats I A-, Stats II C, Discrete Math B, Differential Equations C, Groups and Symmetries B+, Vector Calculus C-, Combinatorics B- Economics: Intro to Economics B+, Intermediate Micro (Credit/No Credit Basis), Intermediate Macro C-, Urban Economics A, Econometrics I A+, Advanced Macro B+, Advanced Micro A+, Public Economics A, Econometrics II A+ I am going to put in a lot of effort during my MA and am confident that I can do really well in it as well as on the GRE. If this happens along with my poor undergrad GPA (3.0 cumulative), do I have any chance at a strong PhD program in my fields of interest? I am interested in econometrics and micro theory. Experimental economics also seems interesting to me. Would I have any chance at say a top 30 program in these fields? Ranking doesn't matter too much to me but I'd like to end up in academia at a relatively strong department so it does play a part. I was thinking that if I am not able to get into a strong program I can also try to work in the government for a year or two and apply after. I am willing to do a lot if it means getting into a strong program. Any help is appreciated.
  7. Hello, I will likely be attending a 100-150 RePEc ranked institution in Canada in fall 2018 for an MA degree. I wasn't able to get into Toronto and haven't heard back from Western, although I doubt I will get in here. I have a pretty low undergrad GPA (3.0) with grades all over the place: My Profile: Math: Calculus B+, Calculus of Several Variables A, Linear Algebra B+, Intro to Proofs A-, Stats I A-, Stats II C, Differential Equations C, Groups and Symmetries B+, Vector Calculus C-, Combinatorics B- Intro Economics B+, Intermediate Micro (No grade basis), Intermediate Macro C-, Urban Economics A, Public Economics A, Econometrics A+, Advanced Micro A+, Advanced Macro B+. My question is what should I do with the MA? Let's assume best case scenario and I get very high marks in the MA for which I am confident I can as well as high GRE scores. Do I have any chance at a top 30 Ph.D. in my field? Or even top 50 Ph.D.? I want to end up in academia somewhere that is strong in my field. My fields of interest are in econometrics, micro theory, and experimental economics. If I cannot get into such a program should I take some time off to get some research experience with professors or work in government?
  8. Hi everyone, I am currently a Ph.D. student at one of the top school in Economics in Turkey. However, I applied 7 schools for Ph.D. in Europe( SSE, Maastricht, Lund, EUI, PSE, BGSE, MGSE). I am very nervous about taking rejection all of them. Since I don't want to pursue my education here, I am searching one safety option in Europe. I will be very appreciated if someone helps me. My profile: Undergrad GPA: 2.77 in Economics (a French spoken university in Turkey, I am ranked top 1000 among 2 million people at university entrance exam) Grad GPA: 3.11 in Economics (one of the top three universities in Turkey) Published paper in Economics Letters. Current GPA in Ph.D.: 3.39 (one of the top three universities in Turkey) References from well-known professors who took their Ph.D. from top universities.
  9. hello, i am a master of finance student in Bocconi university. i have a bachelor degree in economics and wanted to continue on it but decided to switch to finance due to some restraints (my scholarship from European Union only allows me to register in one year programs; and as you know msc in econ programs are 2 year) i do not hate finance but i do not love it as much as economics. besides, i beleive that that business life is not suitable for me. i have a great interest in economics which -unfortunately- revealed in my last years in bachelor degree. therefore, i do not have a high gpa (2.86) but a great interst in economics. so i have some concerns about for pursuing a phd degree. i will be very happy if you can help me. although i have taken some math courses (calculus, statistics, linear algebra, econometrics), i am not sure that it is sufficient for a phd in economics. plus, i do not have very shiny grades on math (because i was not studying at all, i mostly entered the exams mostly 1-2 hours of study and survived with my previous high school math knowledge. as i mentioned above, i was not a hardworking student in my first years do to my lack of interest in economics). calculus101: c+ calculus102:c+ statistics1: c statistics2: c econometrics: c linear algebra: b+ so do you recommend me to get a phd? can i survive a phd program (especially the math part)? if so which masters program do you recommend for me (i assume taking an ma degree will improve my chances for phd admission, especially for a low gpa guy like me) thank you for your answers which will help me to shape next 50 years of my life
  10. TL;DR Candidate Profile Undergrad: 3.1/4 (BBA Emphasis in Marketing and Finance. Top School in the Middle East) I was like in the 50 percentile also one term on probation--> I am EXTREMELY worried about this Grade: MSc Marketing 9.1/10 3rd/73 (in my program) 6th/370 (between all the masters programs after GPAs were weighted for the different programs) MPhil 8.9/10 2nd/26 Both were at a school that is in the top 30 of the UT Dallas ranks Experience: Random internships One year and a few months as a RA (currently working on paper with my professor) 5 months as a TA (different professor but was a good experience and I think she's open to write me a good letter) GMAT 720 (didn't study that well ready to take it again) Aiming for a T10 school in Consumer Behavior (but totally okay with a T50 Should I give up on the goal of getting a PhD at a decent school in the US? Hey! This has been weighing on me for a while and I really don't know where to ask it. I really hope someone on here can help me. I am interested in pursuing a PhD in the US (at a good school for CB) but my degrees are from non-US/UK/Canadian schools. Also one of my degrees (the MPhil in Business) has no equivalent in the US (more on that later lol) while the other is not very popular ( the MSc in Marketing). I have a bachelors in Marketing and Finance (GPA 3.1 I really have no excuse for that I was going through a tough time during college) an MSc in Marketing from one of the better business schools in the Netherlands/Europe ( GPA of 9.1/10 and 3rd in a class of 73). I am currently completing my MPhil in Business Research at that same university (basically the MPhil is a very European thing that is equivalent to the first two years of a PhD and usually it's not fully funded). Last year I got a GPA of 8.9/10 and came second in a class of 26 (it is a very selective program with a small class size). Last year I was also a RA for a professor who is known in the academic community (published in journals like Marketing Science and Journal of Marketing). I have an opportunity to continue a PhD at my school (which would take just 2 to 3 more years) but I'm really over living in the Netherlands. Also I don't want to tell anyone in my department about my plans to go abroad until I am sure because it will really hurt my chances to get into our school's program. All I want to know is if my profile is competitive enough for good schools in the US or should I still to my school. Thanks!
  11. Hi! I'm planning to apply to Econ PhD programs next fall, and was wondering what my chances were. Thanks for your help! PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: Top 5 Public School Undergrad GPA: ~3.4 Type of Grad: n/a Grad GPA: n/a GRE: Haven't taken yet Math Courses (Undergrad): Calculus I/II (AP placement), Calculus III (A at other university), Linear Algebra (A at other university), Differential Equations (C+), Modern Algebra (A), Differential Geometry (A-), Probability (A-), Math of Finance (B+), Analysis (B+) Math Courses (Grad) :Graph Theory (B+) Econ Courses: Intro Micro (A), Intro Macro (A), Intermediate Micro (A), Econometrics (A), (CURRENTLY TAKING FORECAST) Research seminar (A), Taxation class (A), Intermediate Macro (W, A), Game Theory (A) Other Courses: Intermediate CS course (B+), Algorithms CS (B+), Cryptography CS(B+), Intermediate Stats course (B+), Computer Architecture (B+) Letters of Recommendation: one from professor taken two courses with and written undergrad thesis for, looking for other two Research Experience: undergrad thesis Teaching Experience: n/a Research Interests: Econometrics, program evaluation, Applied Microeconomics SOP: n/a
  12. Could you please help me determine if I have a chance of getting in somewhere now or if I should take some advanced math classes first? I graduated 3 years ago so I prefer to go straight into the phD program without taking more classes. [h=2]ECON PhD 2014[/h] PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: BA/MA in Economics at top 40 US undergrad (Brandeis) Undergrad GPA: 3.097 Type of Grad: BA/MA program Grad GPA: 3.1 GRE: not taken yet, but I know I will do well Math Courses: Undergrad: Linear Algebra (B), Linear algebra 2 (D), Physics ©, Statistics & Econ Analysis(B-), Grad: Econometrics (B), Options and Derivatives (B), Intro to Econometrics (A-), Applications of Econometrics (A-) Econ Courses; Undergrad: Intro to Economics (A),The Global Economy (A), Microeconomic Theory (B+), Macroeconomic Theory (B), Graduate: Global Economic Environment (B), International Trade Policy (B-), Applied International Macroeconomics (A-), Mergers/Acquisitions (B+) Letters of Recommendation: want to ask 3 professors, one of whom I did research for Research Experience: Research for professor in research teams in the summer, Internship research for a consultancy Research Interests: Behavioral Economics, Macroeconomics Concerns: Low GPA, poor performance in math courses Want to apply: BC, BU, Northwestern, University of Illinois, University of Southern California I know my GRE score will be high because I do well on standardized tests, I was having some personal issues my first year of school and that explains my low GPA Please help! Should I take some math courses to prove that I will be able to handle them? Or do I have a chance of getting in to a school like Northwestern or Umass Amherst? Ideally I would just like to start the program. I would really love some help, because I really don't know what to do.
  13. Hi, I am currently doing my MA in economics and planning to apply for PhD in Finance. My qualifications are the followings: 1) BA in Economics GPA 3.77 (international) 2) MS in Financial Analysis GPA 3.92 (US) 3) MA in Economics GPA 3.4 (expected graduation Dec 2013) (US) 4) GRE Score V160 (84%) M166 (93%) AW3.5 (35%) 5) Level 2 Candidate in the CFA program 2014 6) Good with R, Matlab, and STATA What really concerns me is my currently low gpa for my MA in econ. The best I can expect is to get my gpa around 3.5 before I graduate. This semester I am taking a PhD graduate course in finance and likely to ask for a letter of recommendation from the professor( as I would like to apply to my current school). Also, I am taking more stat courses such as Bayesian Stat this semester. I prefer to work with empirical research to theoretical research. Actually, I find myself really enjoying writing codes. My research interests are in corporate finance, capital structure, and financial crisis. My question is that with my profile, will I be a fit for a PhD in Finance and what schools should I apply for? Should I try to say something about my low GPA in my SOP at all? If not Finance, what would be a fit for me given my interest and qualifications above. Any opinions and suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.
  14. Hey Everyone, It seems like you all have stellar back-grounds, and amazing profiles (pat yourselves on the back - yes even you, Troll), but I am sure once in a while there are people like me that trod in here (and feel out of place.) You know who I am talking about - those with the below 3.7, dare I say, even close to the 3.0 (sometimes below!! (gasp!)! So I was wondering, can we compile something for us? Schools that took in students with way less than stellar profiles (late bloomers / 40-hr week works / late careers pickers...), and where dd they go from there? Are there people on this forum who actually had a bad profile and were somehow able to turn it around? Without doing another UG? List of schools that take a more holistic approach on admissions, departments that are low ranking and offer partial funding? Departments that accept less than average profiles, but can help transfer/place students to a good PHD program? Thanks! :)
  15. Hi, I am an undergraduate student of Computer Science & Engineering. I was involved in too many extra curricular activities in campus so my CGPA became very low (around 3.00). I have a good programming and software development background (specially games). If I can make a high score in GRE(330+) and publish my research papers in few journals, can I get funding in USA universities for PhD? Actually I have a strong profile in other sides:) but only poor is the cgpa:blue:.
  16. Guest

    Should I suicide ?

    I am a student at IIT Roorkee , India pursuing Metallurgy . I have seriously no interest in Metallurgy but by had to take it due to force of my parents . I want to do a Master in computer Science and further research in Computer Science only. unfortunately , due to low interest in studies , I have slipped my GPA to about 2.5/4 . SO is there any way so that I can get a chance to pursue Master's in CS or should I die ??
  17. I'm an Economics major and my uGPA is around 3.1. I'm not interested in a PhD in economics, just a masters degree. I live in Michigan and my scores and research experience are average. Are there any schools that would consider me?
  18. Hi Guys, I graduated from UC San Diego (Public UC school in California) with B.S. in Management Science (it's like applied economics) in June 2011. My overall GPA is 3.198 and my upper division major GPA is 3.06. I have not really thought of going to grad school when I was in my undergrad, so I did not think too much about my GPA. Currently, I work at a Fortune 100 as an order specialist, but thinking of going to graduate schools and continue to study in my field. I have not really prepared anything for grad school (GRE, letters of rec), but once I have more clear idea of what I will be doing in 2-3 years from now, I will start accordingly. I have been looking at masters programs in CA (UC schools), but they all require min GPA of 3.25 or 3.5 What are some schools that I have a decent shot at? I was looking at non-CA schools, but couldn't tell much about their program since I am not too familiar with other states' program. I was also thinking about getting masters in Europe and come back to US for PhD and job since Europe is cheaper. But I am afraid that people here might not be too familiar with lesser known European schools and that might hurt my PhD and job outlooks down the line. Could you guys please give me some suggestions? Now that I graduated, my school won't help and I found out that UC San Diego's alumni network is rather weak... Thanks guys!
  19. Does my profile stand a chance for 20 top schools. Please answer frankly? I'm an international student who studied electronics and communication engineering in UG. Aiming for fall 2012 masters programme. My main concern is my low CGPA 6.5. GRE- 1310. Retaking it and I'm gonna crack this time for sure I have a passion for research (in wireless and mobile communication)*Published 4 international papers.*One paper which I will tout as my best discusses a noble architecture and addressing for multimedia file transfer over MIPV6 network for 4G mobile network. It was published in IEEE explore in 2010. I presented the same in an IEEE conference in china. *My UG project is a simulation project for wired and wireless*technologies for 4G high speed mobile communication. *Another paper is a cost effective system aiming to replace EU's e-call. Presented in an international conference in india. Low profile conference. 2009. *Third paper SQL injection and prevention. A paper in database systems and not my prime area. In addition i have a paper where I have proposed a new algorithm for object based skin recognition to be used for frame analysis in video.*I'm working as a developer for a cool new start-up website which is to be launched soon and it's a video sharing website. *These are my interests that I ll be highlighting during admission process.*I had no support whatsoever considering the facilities in my college. What I had was a pen, a notebook and a desktop pc with Internet. *I want to invent a technology that will change the world. I have some great ideas..I'm really concerned about my low GPA.*Will it be a spoilsport??* Please Reply. I'm worried and i do know top school rejection is not the end of the road but I would like to know my chances!! Pls do reply :)
  20. Does my profile stand a chance for top univs. Please answer frankly.* I'm an international student who studied electronics and communication engineering in UG. Aiming for fall 2012 masters programme.My main concern is the fact that *have a low percentage( because of low internal marks *from professors) - 65 percent!! GRE- 1310. Retaking it and I'm sure gonna crack this time I have a passion for research( in wireless and mobile communication)*Published 4 international papers.*One paper which I will tout as my best discusses a noble architecture and addressing for multimedia file transfer over MIPV6 network for 4G mobile network. It was published in IEEE explore in 2010. I presented the same in an IEEE conference in china. *My UG project is a simulation project for wired and wireless*technologies for 4G high speed mobile communication. *Another paper is a cost effective system aiming to replace EU's e-call. Presented in an international conference in india. Low profile conference. 2009. *Third paper SQL injection and prevention. A paper in database systems and not my prime area. In addition i have a paper where I have proposed a new algorithm for object based skin recognition to be used for frame analysis in video.*I'm working as a developer for a cool new start-up website which is to be launched soon and it's a video sharing website. *These are my interests that I ll be highlighting during admission process.*I had no support whatsoever considering the facilities in my college. What I had was a pen, a notebook and a desktop pc with Internet. *I want to invent a technology that will change the world. I have some great ideas..I'm really concerned about my low GPA.*Will it be a spoilsport??* Please Reply. I'm worried and i do know top school rejection is not the end of the road buy I would like to know my chances!! Pls!
  21. Hi , This is Jishu from Bangladesh. I graduated from Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology in Electrical and Electronic engg. My CGPA is 2.56 (55%) . My GRE score is 1300 (Q-780 , V-520). In this situation, what should I do ? Can I get admitted into the following universities with tuition waiver ? Mississippi state university Louisiana state university North Dakota state university What is the average living cost for one semester ? should I take the GRE test one more time to get a higher score ? Will a higher score help much ? please advise !
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