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  1. Hello, everyone, I need some help in assessing my standing and prospects for a Ph.D. in Marketing (or potentially in Management). I will be applying to the Fall 2021 (Autumn 2021) terms. Here is my profile: GRE test date: 10/8/2016 GRE quantitative score: 165 (89-90th percentile) GRE verbal reasoning score: 163 (92-93rd percentile) Graduate Degree: Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering Degree GPA: 3.83 (will have a full-time course load with straight A grades, in the most recent 5 semesters) GPA for all courses taken: 3.63 (Was originally planning to continue for a Ph.D. in petroleum engineering, but well......anyway, hence the additional courses) Degree Institution: Texas A&M University, Arguably the best petroleum engineering program in the world Additional Certification: International Petroleum Management Certificate, 4.0 (6 graduate business courses from Mays Business School) Undergraduate Degree: B.S. Astrophysics/Astronomy Degree GPA 3.62, Magna Cum Laude Degree Institution A large state university, well known in the field but nothing special about the program TOEFL Test Date 11/04/2016 (Expired, not needed because I got my undergraduate and graduate degrees from the U.S, but still might be relevant to post here) TOEFL test score 118/120 (S: 28, L: 30, W: 30, R: 30) (99th percentile) Publications & Presentations: Current: Three publications with refereed/peer-reviewed conferences. These conferences are well known in the Petroleum Engineering and Mechanical Engineering fields. (ASME- American Society of Mechanical Engineers, SPE - Society of Petroleum Engineers). Received 5 citations and 150 downloads on one of the papers published in 2019. The other two are fairly new and published in 2020. Future, at the time of application: Possibly a total of 4-5 conference publications with renowned engineering organizations, 1-2 refereed journal publications with the Society of Petroleum Engineers). Invited research talks at Texas A&M, and two other little known international institutions. Academic Research: Have been working as a research assistant since Spring 2018 in the Petroleum Engineering department. Research funded by the National Academy of Sciences, assisted significantly in securing funding from multiple sources. Academic Teaching Experience: Teaching Assistant for two graduate level Petroleum Engineering courses (Spring 2019, 2020). Teaching Assistant for two undergraduate upper-division courses, (Fall 2018, Fall 2019). Alternate Instructor for one upper division, undergraduate petroleum engineering course, (Fall 2017) Notable Projects: Pitched (along with a group of 9) a student project idea to NASA and secured a spot and funding for their HASP program. Successfully completed the proposed project by going through their notoriously rigorous review process. The project was launched in December 2017. (Tools used: Python, Raspberry Pi 3) Successfully rebuilt, and re instrumented a 140 ft. tall flow loop at Texas A&M University. Ran experiments to collect data from this flow loop and currently trying to publish results. (Tools used: Lab View, VBA) Built a miniature mars rover and won a competition where it had to follow efficiently, and take pictures of an unknown object. (Tools used: Python, Calico, IR sensing and imaging tools) Leadership: External outreach committee chair, AADE Texas A&M Chapter, (2019-present) External outreach committee member, AADE Texas A&M Chapter, (2018-2019) co-founder and current board member of a non-profit organization that helps visually challenged children Professional Experience: Credit Risk Analyst Intern (May 2018 to July 2018) Transaction Advisory Services Summer Intern (May 2016 to July 2016) Project Evaluation Summer Intern (May 2015 to August 2015) University Shortlist: Definitely Ambitious- MIT, Stanford, Chicago Booth, Wharton, Harvard (maybe a 1-2% chance I will get a call back?) Maybe Ambitious: Kellogg-Northwestern, Cornell, Marylan-College Park, Yale, Duke Good Chance: USC Marshall (Data Science), Georgia Tech, U Michigan, U Minnesota Very Good Chance: UC Irvine, Texas A&M, UT Austin, UT, Dallas, UNC Chapel Hill, U Iowa (Data science or analytics, I forgort) WHY AM I INTERESTED IN PH.D. IN BA, MARKETING, MANAGEMNT, DATA SCIENCE? Will not be writing the whole essay here, but just a few bullet points: 1: Had exposure to Data analysis and visualization through my research as a petroleum engineer, absolutely loved doing it. Want to keep doing it but the current situation with COVID and the oil markets makes that nearly impossible. I am particularly good at, and really enjoy analyzing data to recognize patterns, visualizing complex concepts, analytical modeling of complicated situations. I can support all these statements in the actual essays by relating them to my research work. 2: Experienced teaching to undergraduates and graduates as an alternate instructor and TA (had to teach classes when the professor left for conferences). Received an average rating of 4.8/5 from students, loved the experience, interacting with students. Also watched my advisor very closely for 3 years and I feel that a career in academia is a perfect fit for me. Already have a funded Ph.D. offer to continue in the department as a petroleum engineer, and was already leaning towards becoming a faculty member in a petroleum engineering program. Again, I am not sure if that will be a wise decision given the circumstances and the uncertain future. 3: Experienced the business school environment while working on my International Petroleum Management Certificate from Mays business school. I realized that I thrive in those settings where you have more freedom to express yourself. Also the exposure to the concepts of marketing, corporate accounting, management peaked my interest. The IPM certificate, which started as a resume enhancing exercise, turned into a passion project. Please keep in mind that I started seriously considering a Ph.D. in BA/Marketing/Data analytics/Management about 3 days ago. So, forgive the rough ideas, obvious goals, and possibly "DUH!" statements. My ideas will evolve as I research more into the specific colleges, degrees, topics etc. After all if nothing else, I have time. CAREER GOALS Short-term (1-5 years after graduation: Stating the obvious here, joining a reputable school as a faculty. Medium-term (5-10 years after graduation): Taking up the position as a director of a business school back in my home country. Long-term, potential passion projects (20-50 years? maybe never!): Starting and building my own marketing/management consulting company. Founding an independent business school and developing it into a world class institution. Founding an international group of schools for K-12 children. Any and all comments are welcome! Need help adding/eliminating universities, formulating my ideas properly for the essays, managing expectations, support, encouragement, reality-check?
  2. I’m planning to apply to Marketing PhD programs next year (2020 matriculation). I have my MBA in marketing from a top program and have been working in brand marketing and strategy roles for four years. I’m currently in a supervisory role and work with vendors and analysts who conduct the actual data manipulation, my role is to develop and implement the strategy. I myself conduct very little analysis (aside from simple scanner and panel data work) and worry this will make me less attractive to admissions committees. Would you recommend I try to identify a professor to work with over the next year to gain academic research experience? Willing to put in the hours if it boosts my profile. Thanks!
  3. Hello Everybody, To tell you a little bit about myself, I worked a part-time job during the final semester of my engineering as a Content Researcher with a media company I was responsible for collecting information and gathering requirements through in-person interviews, on-ground surveys, and online search for composing content for the company’s publications. It was during this time when I realized where my interests lay and so, I decided to undertake a research course in media communications to explore my options further. After earning my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, I went on to pursue an MBA in Communications Management with a specialization in Media Management. Some of the courses that I enjoyed in the program were the ones related to Marketing, Research Methodologies, Statistics, and Consumer Behavior. During my internship, I worked on two research projects, one that involved determine meta-data values with the help of information collected from secondary offline and online sources based on their requirements, which was used to improve their TV content discovery and search across multiple device formats and the other project involved in-depth analysis of the Southeast Asian television market. With the organization's market presence already in Indonesia, they were looking to expand their business across other Southeast Asian countries. I enjoyed this project in particular as it involved extensive research work. I worked on several other research projects during my time at Symbiosis University, my favorite being the development of a white paper for one of the most renowned media networks. The objective of the project was to analyze technology adoption and, identify and understand digital content consumption patterns of users across multiple device formats. We used the secondary online databases and industry reports to put together all our observations. After graduation, I took a small leap from the Media to Information Technology industry and joined a marketing research firm. During my short stint as a Market Research Analyst here, I worked on forecasting demand, identifying new technologies and new investment opportunities in the Information Technology sector. Realizing that my strengths lay mainly in the Media industry, I joined a digital marketing agency. I have been working here as an Analyst in the Marketing Analytics department for almost 1.6 (will be 3 by next year) years now. As an analyst, I work on evaluating marketing channel performance, consumer-product interaction on the brand website, consumer’s purchase behavior, formulating key performance metrics to check for brand/product interactivity and website performance concerning site engagement by using different analytical tools (Google, Adobe, etc.). I have always enjoyed working on retail industry-specific projects, and this is one of the primary reasons why I want to undertake research in this field. I haven't had the chance to work in an academic set-up after graduation. Also, I needed some time to figure out my research interests and I am still working on figuring out a specific area of interest in the online retail space. I think my academic performance has been OKAY so far. I have narrowed down my research interests into three broad areas in online retail - Identifying gaps in user buying journeys to improve and create better product delivery experiences online at each touch-point (focused on micro-moments), effect of each marketing experiment on user buying behavior and comprehending the actual purchase intent of the consumers. Undergraduate: 60% B.Tech in Computer Science, JNTU, Kakinada) Post-Graduation: 3.12/4.00 (MBA - Communications Management, Symbiosis International University) Work Experience: 2 years and more I plan to take GRE and TOEFL this August (2017). I am considering applying to some of these schools - University of Chicago (Booth), Maryland (Robert H.Smith) NYU Stern, University of Georgia, Univ. of South California, and similar other schools. I have read some their research papers and it is very much aligned with my interests. Could you please suggest if there is anything else that I should be doing to strengthen my application and schools that I should be looking at? I would prefer a brutally honest response on my profile. Would really appreciate it. http://www.www.urch.com/forums/images/icons/icon7.png Thanks, Roma P.S. Apologies for the long post.
  4. Hi, as a fourth-year undergraduate student, I am quite anxious of my application for PhD Program on Marketing (CB track). Please help evaluate my competence. My profile stats are as follows. 1. Standardized Tests: GRE: Verbal 164 (94%); Quantitative 168 (95%); Analytical Writing 4 (56%). TOEFL: Reading (29) Listening (30) Speaking (24) Writing (29) Total (112/120) 2. Undergraduate School: Bachelor of Science on Economics; Bachelor of Science on Psychology GPA: (Economics) 3.95/4.00 (top 5%); (Psychology) 4.00/4.00 assessed by WES Tsinghua University, China (Top 2 University in China) Exchange Student on Economics GPA: (Economics) 3.84/4.00 University of Mannheim, Germany 3. Graduate GPA: null, I am currently a fourth-year undergraduate student. 4. Research Experience: a) Independent Research as Term paper for the PhD Course Consumer Behavior Research I: Judgment and Decision-Making. Accepted by SPSP Annual Conference Undergraduate Poster Session. Proceeding as my Honor Thesis. b) Summer Research Assistant at Top10 U.S. Business School for 11 weeks, assisting with one part of Job Market Thesis. Designed Four surveys with data from MTurk. c) Research Assistant on Psychology for one semester. d) Research Assistant on OB for one semester. This research has been published at JAP but I had no authorship as RA. e) Training Editor for Journal of Marketing Science (Leading Scholar Journal in Chinese). 5. Teaching Experience: TA-ed One-Week EMBA Overseas Session at New York City 6. Work Experience: one irrelevant summer internship 7. Concentration Applying to: Consumer Behavior 8. Number of programs planned to apply to: over 20 9. Dream Schools: Any PhD program that gives me an offer. 10. What made you want to pursue a PhD? I simply want to be a professor rather than anything else. Research is inherently fascinating for me while industry is tedious and depressing for me. Questions or concerns you have about your profile? 1. What are my chances of getting into the Top 20 programs? 2. I have learned quite much courses (44 ETC) on economic theories, econometrics, statistics and industrial organization as an exchange student at one of the leading Econ institutions in Germany. But now I am determined on CB research. Do you think these Econ courses (typically for quant track) will destroy my application? 3. If I fail to get enrolled in any Ph.D. program this year, what research master programs on Econ or Psycho do you recommend for me to pursue my academic goal? 4. Do you think it is a better idea to get a Master Degree first if I wish to become a competitive Job Market Candidate in five to seven years? Best Regards and Many Thanks.
  5. Dear All, I am seeking your advice on my profile and I would really appreciate any type of help you may lend. My Background: Research Interest -Quant Marketing: digital marketing, corporate decision making with data, word of mouth and social media Undergrad - B.B.A Accounting- Top 5% school in my country GPA - validated 3.7 however I only achieved a "pass" my undergrad dissertation Postgrad - Master of marketing analytics from New York University ( still in my last semester) GPA - 3.8 and I did really well on classes for statistics, database marketing and I hold certificate in R and Google Analytics Research Experience - I did a lot of research and analysis with my work on daily basis but most for company and organization I work with. I have 1 conference presentation at NYU without paper/publication. I do share my reports or interesting research on a personal analytics blog. Work Experience - Currently working in web analyst position for higher education, daily work include data collection, marketing experiments, user testing ( I help to conduct focus group surveys and analyze customer attitude) and I work with marketing data analysis such as regression, clustering and correlation on daily basis. Before that I previously worked in similar function for Ogilvy and some press companies. Other Experiences - Previously worked as Teaching assistant in undergrad. Have few research proposals related to my research interests. GMAT: 730( 99% for math) TOEFL - 112 LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION - Can get recommendation letters from professors from NYU but they are not academically active. They are more like successful professionals in marketing. My current employer also promise recommendation letters that will validate how I work with marketing data and how I always dig into data for facts. Some schools that I am currently checking( I want to possibly stay in NYC area) : New York University, University of Rochester, MIT, Wharton ( i know this is a little bit off), MSU, Boston U Some questions I also have: I do realize that the lack of research experience may be a weakness to me but however, I do consider the data analysis work I do for organizations and companies really changed how they function and that is also my passion for further research in marketing. I have a trackable documentation of the type of analytics work/tool that I work with so can I rationalize this as a strength for me as having a solid quantitative analysis methods background and use my user survey experience to demonstrate how familiar I am with experimental methods? Again, thanks everyone for reading this far and I would appreciate any suggestions or advices you may have !!
  6. Hi everyone! Hoping for a little feedback on my profile. Undergrad: B.B.A. in Marketing from the University of Georgia (overall GPA 3.4; Major GPA 3.72) Grad: M.S. in Marketing with a certificate in Brand and Customer Management from GSU (Grad in Dec 2014 - Current GPA 3.89) Recommendations: I have at least 4-5 professors who are active in research and well known in academia GMAT: Got a 620 last year but hoping for a anywhere between a 680-700 this year Research Experience: Merit Scholarship - Grad Research Assistant position for a full year (all of 2014) during my masters - more of a sales concentration Citizenship: U.S. (saw another poster mention this so I am too) I am hoping to get a PhD in Marketing (CB) and have a couple research topics (interpersonal relationships, household size, and direct marketing related) in mind that I intend to put in my statement of purpose (which I am having a couple friends and professors review for me). My fear is I will not get as good of a GMAT score as I am hoping. Your evaluations will be GREATLY appreciated. My top picks are UT Austin, George Washington, UCLA, BU, and USC (California). Any feedback on my profile and program recommendations will be greatly appreciated!
  7. Newbie poster here. Two and a half years out of my undergrad, I feel slightly undereducated and am looking to further my education. Early stages here, but I'm wondering if I should set my sights on some kind of MBA or if an MS/PhD is worth looking into. I've reached out to former professors for advice to no avail (?!). Anyway I'm in a bit over my head with all the acronyms, abbrev., and so forth on this forum, so go easy on me, dear reader. Here are my stats: Undergrad: University of Wisconsin, BBA in marketing and international business. 3.83 overall GPA. Spring 2011. Haven't yet taken GMAT or GRE but I test well. Since finishing school, I've been working in entertainment (TV production) and, at present, tech (a start-up digital agency; I design and manage mobile web projects and the people who build them). My passion in school was branding because of the way it merged sociology and psych with marketing. For the past year I've been absorbing pretty much anything in that vein that I can get my hands on (Social Psych coursera classes, How We Decide, Nudge, The Social Animal, a bunch of published papers) and have generally become very interested in studying/working in the intersection between behavioral econ, marketing, and social psychology. An MBA doesn't appeal to me tons because I lack an employer who would pay for it and already took a boatload of business classes while getting my undergrad anyway. If I had to take managerial accounting again I don't know what I'd do. Some also say that MBA programs are just forums for business networking--that's not what I'm looking for. I want to dig in. Then again, I feel I lack the research experience and academic background (esp. quantitative--I took basic stats and business-kid Calc at Wisconsin) to get in to a PhD or Master's program. Any advice for a motivated but confused 24 year old? Thanks to any kind soul who made it to the bottom of this.
  8. Hi, I'm a French applicant, 24 yo, currently studying sociology in the UK. My research interests have gradually shifted from macro OB and sociology to social/cognitive psychology and consumer behavior... Therefore my current interests are especially emotional decision-making, numerical cognition, categorization. I should apply this year to a few elite business schools, before applying more widely for the 2015 intake. Reaches: Kellogg's, Booth, INSEAD, Ross, Stern Targets: Rotman, USC, Yale SOM, HEC, Texas-McCombs, RSM Rotterdam, Tillburg, maybe UBC. Safety: ESSEC, some T50 US schools (Arizona State-Carey, U.Florida...). Education: - French Ecole normale supérieure de Cachan (one of the very top research school in France). Admitted after competitive entrance exam, 4th nation-wide. B.A equivalent in Economics and Business, 13/20, middle of the pack. M.A in Business Economics, specialization in marketing, actually a prep course to the "Agrégation", the highest French teaching certificate (high-school/college level) in Economics and Business, 4th nation-wide (one more time!). 12,7/20 but big grade deflation. Actually, 1/3 of the program was about marketing... Full fellowship + stipend for 4 years of undergrad and graduate studies. - in the meantime, Bachelor and 1st year of master in Law, University of Rennes. Bachelor: 11/20 ; Maitrise: 13/20 (top 10 or 15%) - currently, MPhil in Sociology, U. of Cambridge (still funded by the Ecole normale supérieure). Test scores: - GRE: 164Q, 162V, 4.0AW. Taken with very little preparation, to be retaken, aiming at 167Q/164V. - TOEFL (if this requirement is not waived): 105. Research experience: - close to nonexistent. Master's thesis during my masters in Law (but supervised at the Ecole normale supérieure de Cachan), dealing with Antitrust Law and Economics. Grade equivalent to A+. MPhil disseration to be completed this year. No relevant work experience LORs: - reasonably strong letters from professors in my previous schools, including one marketing professor. However they are relatively unknown people, with little experience in writing US-style LORs. It is still too early for me to be recommended by my Cambridge professors for this year's applications - I just arrived one month ago. To sum up: Pros: academic background + grades. Cons: recommendations (unknown people), poor research experience, sociology MPhil somewhat inconsistent with my current interests. Neutral: GRE. Do I have a decent shot at T10 programs? US T20 ? Where should I apply? Thank you very much!
  9. Undergraduate: Top 5 business school, 3.7 GPA with honors, majored in Marketing and Information Systems Graduate: Top 40 school, 3.97 GPA, M.S. in Statistics GRE: 170Q (98%), 165V (95%) Math: Advanced statistics, modeling, calculus Other relevant coursework: Courses in consumer behavior, sociology Work: 5+ years in quantitative-based marketing role requiring data analysis, conducting research, and modeling (I've basically spent my years in the office working with quant/qual data and research) Recos: 1 from statistics professor, 1 from past supervisor of 4 years in a highly-quant marketing-focused job, and I am in need of a third PhD research interest: Multi-methods researcher (CB). How specific features of digital and interactive marketing affect consumer perceptions and behavior about the brand to examine how firms can actively manage their customer relationships using these media. I am also interested in the specific factors (both product- and environment-related) that elicit the most efficient online WOM in terms of generating attitudes or behavior most valuable to the firm. Research: None working with professors. All of my research experience has been conducted in my professional career in the form of writing papers and developing studies in topics that are directly related to my doctoral interests. I've executed primary research modeling client data to examine challenges firms face online and present marketing solutions to help business managers in digital marketing. Teaching: Guest lecturer for a marketing course at my UG school (professor passed away since then) Schools of interest: NYU, Columbia, MIT, Temple, BU, Yale I know from reading the boards that my weakest areas in my application are my recommendations and my research experience. I'm putting a lot of emphasis on the research aspects of my career, where the main focus of my job has consistently been data analysis and research specifically focused on digital marketing. I've gone above-and-beyond in the workplace to conduct primary research when it wasn't necessarily part of my responsibilities and have written lengthy papers on multiple digital marketing issues. Obviously, this isn't as valuable as published material, but I wanted to get a sense of whether or not I'm wasting my time given my schools of interest. I'm hoping the academic background and test scores and direct exposure in my field of interest do something to balance my research weaknesses. Any insight is warmly appreciated. Thanks, all!
  10. Hi, I am applying (hopefully to a university in the US or Canada) in 2014. Could you please help me evaluate what kind of programs should I apply for?(T10,T10-20,T20-40?) Do you have any advice for my applying? Thank you very much. Undergraduate: Economics and Maths(Double major) in Tsinghua University, China. GPA: 3.87/4 GRE: V163(90%)+Q170(99%)+AW4.5(73%) TOEFL: 112, Speaking:23 Maths courses: ODE, PDE, numerical analysis, mathematical programming, probability theory(based on measure theory), real analysis, linear algebra, calculus, business stats. Econ courses: intermediate micro/macro, econometrics(graduate student level), behavioral economics and some others. Research experience: currently cooperating with two professors on two programs: one CB program with my professor in Tsinghua, one theoretical modelling program with a professor in WUSTL. Awards: Mathematical Contest for Modeling (MCM), outstanding prize (top 11 among 6000+ participants), presented the paper on SIAM Annual Meeting 13. LoRs: Two from the professors I am working with, one or two from course instructors (from Econ dept.). I think they know me very well, but they are not that well-known. Research interests: I prefer theoretical modeling, but empirical modeling is also acceptable. I think studies related to pricing strategies are interesting, but I haven't decided more detailed research interests yet. Some of my target schools are: Duke, Columbia, Stanford, UCSD, WUSTL, CMU. One of my concern is my research experience in CB may not be helpful for applying quant programs. Another problem is that I didn't get high grades in some of the math courses (One of them is extremely low), and I am also not well-trained in computer programming (although I do some programming using Stata and Matlab). Thank you in advance for your inputs.
  11. I have been interested in pursuing doctoral studies in Marketing (with a focus on CB) for a few years now and I am getting ready to redo my GMAT and begin prepping my materials. I hope to apply in 2013 (Fall) or 2014 (Fall) for start in 2014 or 2015. I'm not in a rush and want to do things the right way. I wanted to get some feedback on my profile and target schools since many of you have been in my shoes. I appreciate your honest and sincere input. :) My Profile Undergrad: Top 50 Public U.S. Institution Major: Interdisciplinary Concentration: Business + Marketing Relevant Courses: Principles of Marketing, Sociology, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics GPA: 4.0 / 4.0 Rank: Top 1% Graduate: Top 25 Public U.S. Institution Major: Engineering/CS Concentration: Human-Computer Interaction Relevant Courses: Research Methods, Empirical Research, Theoretical Research, Cognitive Psych & Neuroscience GPA: 3.92 / 4.0 Rank: N/A 1st GMAT Attempt (2009): 700 2nd GMAT Attempt (Planned 2013): Goal of 750 * Took first attempt years ago with minimal studying. I am working on MGMAT and Knewton courses to boost my score to 750. Planned Recommendations: 1: Graduate Research Adviser, Department Chair 2: Graduate Teaching Adviser, Professor in Empirical Research 3: Undergraduate Professor & Scholarship Adviser * Not sure if #3 is appropriate but could basically attest that I was a top student at a large R1 school and stood out as an undergrad student Research Experience: Member of HCI-related graduate research group Numerous poster presentations at local conferences Primary author on research project (in progress) -- hope to publish or present at major conference Teaching Experience: Taught 7 sections of coursework as a graduate instructor (I wasn't a TA; I actually taught the courses) Re-developed course curriculum for both of the courses I taught Received top student evaluations for each section taught Work Experience: 4-5 years at a large management consulting firm Rank in the top 5% of performance among peers Focus on retail/eCommerce/user engagement Research Interests: My interests merge elements of marketing, information science, human computer interaction, communications, and design. Research I enjoy tends to be heavily rooted in psychology and neuroscience. Human Behavior and Decision Making Applied Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience eCommerce + Digital Marketing/Advertising Communications ============================================= Target Schools I selected target schools based on: Presence of faculty with related interests Research center(s) of interest at institution Varying rank (primarily top 10/20 with some outliers) Publication in top journals (JCR, JM, etc.) The List: Harvard Stanford Duke USC UCLA Florida Yale Berkeley Michigan Carnegie Mellon Chicago Emory Northwestern Wharton Oxford ============================================= Alright. Let me have it.
  12. Hi guys, I just finished and posted a little writing project on my website that I hope will be helpful to those applying to marketing PhD programs (and others who get asked about it). Marketing PhD Admissions Guide Take a look around. I'm open to feedback or suggestions (specifically about content, since I'm not a developer or a designer). My main motivation for putting this together was that I never found one comprehensive resource when I was applying. (Secondary motivation is that I know I'll get asked about the admissions process more than once during my career, and I hope this will save me some time).
  13. Hi, I am trying for an phd in marketing. my profile is Undergrad- 3.5 (Engg- Electrical and Electronics) Grad- MBA- MArketing - 3.7 GMAT-770 do i have an chance in top tier colleges? should i take quant or CB - since i am good at both( scored first in statistical research and consumer behavior oriented subjects in class of 60). what colleges should i apply to? can anyone give me list of colleges good at quant and list for CB?? How can i improve my CV? should i try writing papers or taking new courses?? if papers- in what journals??(quant or CB) Please give me tips on how i should improve cv to get into top 10 colleges???
  14. Hi, everyone. I really love this forum because everyone here is nice and a lot of people are dedicated to helping new members. I am here to seek advice on my problems. I want to do modeling in marketing, but the problem is that I don't have a solid mathematic background. My undergraduate major is marketing and I am currently in a pre-PHD program that is also in marketing department. Since I don't want to do CB just because I want to get admitted by a top B-school, I am considering attending more math-related courses such as advanced econometrics, to make up for my weakness. Will this kind of strategy work? What else can I do? Is it possible for applicants who have similar backgrounds to be admitted as marketing modeling PHD in top B-schools? Thanks for any suggestion!
  15. Hi, I'd appreciate the wisdom of the board to determine what I can do to make my application more competitive. I'm finishing the second year of an Econ PhD and have been smitten with consumer behavior and want to switch tracks. My lack of psych courses will pose a problem--I'd do much better getting into a quant marketing program. GGPA (top 20 econ): 3.7 (Economics) Relevant courses: Behavioral DM, Experimental Econ UGPA: 3.5 (Economics) Relevant courses: Mostly math and econ GRE: 790Q, 660V Research Interests: JDM, self-control, affect and DM I realize my SOP will be crucial to convince faculty I know what I'm getting myself into. I've been sneaking into the CB and marketing seminars for the past year and have been reading JCR. What else can I do to make my application more competitive? Should I be taking psych courses? RAing for profs? What programs should I look into? There's also a chance I could work with marketing faculty at my current institution--those I've talked to recent have been receptive. Thanks! Best of luck to you all.
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