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  1. Hi everyone, I'm a junior in Economics from Peking Univ, China. From some RA work and communication with marketing faculties, I find consumer behavior especially attractive to me and I want to apply for marketing phd in the US next fall. However, I'm a bit worried about my profile so I'm here for some advice. Test Scores (GRE): V152+Q170+AW4.5 (I'll retake to try to reach 160 in V) Undegrad GPA: 3.85/4.0 Research Experience: a 6-month RA experience with an assistant prof in management (phd in social psych at UC Berkeley) (the project focuses on social emotions such as awe and envy), participated in idea generation, lab experiment running and data analysis in R and Mplus; currently working with an associate prof in marketing (phd in marketing at UChicago Booth and worked as AP in UFlorida for 5 years) Teaching Experience: None Work Experience: None Other information: As I mentioned above, I major in econ so I used to think that I was interested in behavioral econ. However, after some exposure to social psych, I find myself prefer doing research using experimental methods. Now I'm working on a supervised independent project (which will be my writing sample if everything goes on well) on gift giving and decision in dyads. As for psych training, I've only taken introductory social psych. Also, I'm participating in 1st year cb course and reading group to read and discuss articles from top journals jcr and jmr. My main questions are whether i should take more psych courses to strengthen my background and whether I might be a strong applicant for cb phd next year? Concentration Applying to: CB Number of programs planned to apply to: about 15 Dream Schools: haven't started selecting schools If anyone can leave some opinion, I'll be extremely grateful!
  2. Hi, I am considering applying for PhD in Marketing for Fall 2021. I am looking for advice on whether my profile needs some work and which schools might be feasible options. Test Scores (GMAT/GRE): GRE Quant: 168/170 (94th Percentile), Verbal: 170/170 (99th Percentile), Writing: 4/6 (60th Percentile) Undegrad GPA: 7.74/10 or 3.57/4 (as per WES) in Electronics and Communication Engineering Graduate GPA: 3.85/4 so far (another year remaining) in Master's in Business Analytics Research Experience: No published papers but working with a professor in the Marketing department as RA for an ongoing research project Teaching Experience: None, but worked as TA for a Marketing and Supply Chain course Work Experience: 3 years work experience in the field of Analytics, with focus on Marketing Concentration Applying to: Marketing Number of programs planned to apply to: I hear 20 is a reasonable number Dream Schools: Wharton, Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, University of Chicago (I don't think my profile is exceptional enough to be accepted, but this is the dream) Other Questions: What made you want to pursue a PhD? A PhD would give me the opportunity and resources to pursue business problems that I am interested in Questions or concerns you have about your profile? 1. I realize my profile is not very exceptional, but I still want to target some of the top schools- is there anything I can do that would increase my chances? 2. What would be some reach or safety schools for someone with my profile? Any additional specific questions you may have: With respect to the Letters of Recommendation- I have worked closely with one professor as an RA, I think he would give me a good recommendation. For the other 2, can I reach out to professors whose courses I've taken but not necessarily worked closely with or is that a bad option? I hear reaching out to old managers or stakeholders from business is a bad idea for PhD applications, is that true? Thank you so much for your time. I am hoping to get some sense of direction with my applications because this is my only shot practically.
  3. Test Scores (GMAT/GRE): GRE: Verbal 95th percentile, Quant 98th percentile, writing 98th percentile Undegrad GPA: 3.4 overall (Chemistry major), 3.95 in math + stat courses Graduate GPA: 4.00 (Applied Statistics & Analytics) Research Experience: Undergrad: Research in chemistry education, biochem, and analytics (presented at conferences and all that jazz), no journal publications though. Grad: Independent research in time series, bioinformatics/medical analytics, and data science. Research in multiple programming languages (Python, R and SAS) with all sorts of machine learning and statistical schools. Teaching Experience: I am a lecturer of introductory statistics and teach classes along with taking my grad courses. Work Experience: College instructor, data science graduate student consultant for 2 semester (1 semester was for a Fortune 100 Company). Might possibly get a data science internship this summer after I graduate. Concentration Applying to: Quantitative Marketing/Modelling Number of programs planned to apply to: 5-6 (in Fall 2022) Dream Schools: UT Dallas, GA Tech (I'm from Georgia), UGA, Texas A&M (they publish a LOT). -Additional information: US Citizen but a minority in terms of ethnicity Other Questions: What made you want to pursue a PhD? I currently teach at the university level and absolutely see myself doing this the rest of my life. I am interested in Marketing because the quantitative side seems to be heading to a unique intersection of business and data science, both of which interest me. Questions or concerns you have about your profile? 1. I have tons of math and stat courses (all the calculuses, linear algebra, mathematical statistics etc), but no business classes. Keep in mind that I am wanting to go the quantitative side and not the CB side of marketing. Still though, how "bad" is it that I would be applying with no previous MBA or business classes? 2. I have failed classes in my undergrad, BUT those were organic chemistry classes. My math and stat classes are literally all A's, and have made up for my mediocre undergrad science grades with all A"s in my master's in applied stats program. Would those failed chemistry classes hurt my chance of admission, or would they not care since I didn't fail a class related to anything quantitative? Any additional specific questions you may have: 1. Any specific PhD in Quant Marketing programs that would be willing to "take a chance" on someone like me who does not have business classes on their transcript but lots of quantitative experience? 2. Do I have any sort of chance at Quantitative Marketing PhD programs given my heavy stat background but minimal "business" background? 3. If I do have a chance, what program rankings would I have the best shot at getting into (top 20, nothing above top 30 etc.)? 4. I am fine with taking "remedy" classes my first semester or 2 if they want me to have more of a business background. Do PhD programs do this or they want someone with all that already on their transcript?
  4. Test Scores (GMAT/GRE): 168Q 168V 5.5 AWA Undergrad GPA: 2.11 - Bachelor of Science (Applied Math) from #1 ranked university in Australia My undergraduate degree was marked by significant personal and mental health challenges (which are now behind me). I intend to detail this in a separate Statement of Impact, potentially including a letter from my treating clinical psychologist if this will help. I am hoping that clemency will be afforded to my undergrad performance based on these facts. Graduate GPA: 4.0 - Master of Business Administration from #1 ranked business school in Australia 4.0 - Master of Marketing from #1 ranked business school in Australia Awards: Dean's List (top 10% of class) for MBA/Master of Marketing Received Dean's Commendation Awards for the subjects 'Business Strategy', 'Consumer Behavior', 'Managerial Judgement', and 'Marketing Research' for all-round excellence, both in terms of academic achievement and classroom participation. Research Experience: Currently writing a business case study on a medical device start-up, under the supervision of a tenured Professor who holds a PhD from MIT. Hoping to publish this with Ivey Case Publishing. On completion of the case, this Professor & I intend to complete a research piece and publish a paper on qualitative predictors of medical device start-up success. Teaching Experience: TA for 'Data Analysis' for 4 terms (and ongoing), maintaining an average student satisfaction rating of 9.47/10. Additionally, I will be taking on a TA position for 'Managerial Economics' in 2021. Work Experience: 'Head of Marketing Research' at a relatively small coworking space start up (~30 employees, but raised over $20m in funding). Additionally, have my own marketing research consulting business. Other comments: Not sure if it's worth noting, but I am a dual US-Australian citizen. So whilst I have completed my studies in Australia, I am unclear on whether I apply as a domestic or International student. Concentration Applying to: Strategic Management Number of programs planned to apply to: 20 Dream Schools: Top 20 US + INSEAD, Oxford, Cambridge. Other Questions: Questions or concerns you have about your profile? Obviously my undergraduate performance is quite abysmal - I had several failing grades, as low as 5 and 17 (although, these were because I disengaged from the class and did not even sit the final exam). I am hoping my subsequent performance and Statement of Impact will clearly demonstrate that this is not an accurate reflection of my abilities, and was instead due to significant mental health challenges at the time. However, the question remains: how much clemency might I expect from Top 20 schools with regards to my undergraduate performance? Do I have a reasonable shot at some of my target schools (top 20 US + INSEAD, Oxford, Cambridge) or will my application likely be summarily dismissed? Is there anything else I can do between now and end of next year to strengthen my application? Assume I have a strong Statement of Purpose and Letters of Recommendation.
  5. Hi all. I’m planning to apply to Marketing CB PhD programs in the US (and one in Canada) and I’m a bit worried that I might come up short. How does my profile stack up? Test Scores (GMAT/GRE): GRE: 163/80% (Q), 166/97% (V), 5/92% (AW) I’ve yet to take the TOEFL (will do so very soon) but I’m not worried about it. Undegrad GPA: BBA in Marketing (4 year, honors) at a top Asian university. GPA = 3.6, converted to 4.0 scale. Got rather average scores in math and stats (mostly Bs), but I got straight As in all Marketing courses, if that’s of any use. And my GPA has improved continuously, year after year. Graduate GPA: N/A Research Experience: I didn’t have prior research experience during my undergrad, because I didn’t think about being an academic until my final year. After graduating last year, I have been working with a marketing professor and their PhD student as an RA, and we co-authored an empirical paper where I’m third author. Did mostly literature review and theoretical development. It’s yet to be published though. Teaching Experience: TA to help grade assignments for an introductory marketing course. (Also have informal 1-1 tutoring experience, which I doubt would help my case.) Work Experience: Business/consumer insight analyst in a large MNC, first as a (full time) intern, then as a (part time) assistant, for the past 3 years. Concentration Applying to: Marketing, Consumer Behavior/Psychology Number of programs planned to apply to: 15+ (mostly rather reputable schools). While this may appear unselective, I’ve already whittled them down from 2x choices, by looking up each faculty member and their research interests to determine fit. Dream Schools: UBC Sauder (accepting “outstanding applicants with Bachelor degrees”), Kellogg, Fuqua, Anderson, Gies, Yale SOM, etc. LoR: I haven’t asked, but I’m hopeful that I will get one from my prof, one from their PhD student, and one from the prof who taught me CB (and gave me an A+). Other Questions: What made you want to pursue a PhD? Two factors: one was an inspiring CB course during undergrad, and the other one was my work experience as a consumer analyst. I enjoyed the RA experience and now have a taste of the rigors of academic life and writing. I’m particularly interested in nonconscious/priming, cross-cultural behavior and product aesthetics/design and would love to conduct research on them. Questions or concerns you have about your profile? - My GPA. Not terrible, but is it good enough? - My quant score (80%). Would that be a sore point for CB? - Math/stats. Besides the introductory courses during undergrad, I had some basic exposure to SPSS and data collection while working on the paper as an RA. But I fear this may not be sufficient. - No psych background/courses at all Any additional specific questions you may have: - Do I have to write a research proposal at this stage? (A full one, as opposed to “Briefly outline your research interests” in SoP.) While I don’t see it explicitly called for in most application websites, I’ve been advised that it’s nevertheless useful to submit to the adcom. Thoughts? - Being a professor is my ultimate goal. While I’m 100% committed to applying for PhD programs, I’ve been thinking about a Plan B should I get rejected to all of my choices. I was thinking of doing a MSc/MA in Psychology first (conversion), which would fill the gaps in my psych knowledge and research/writing experience, and then apply for PhDs in Psych/Marketing. Is this a good fallback plan in your opinion? Is it wise to apply for masters at the same time as PhDs?
  6. Test Scores (GMAT/GRE): 161Q - 164V last taken in 2018. I hope to improve next summer with 165+ for each. Undegrad GPA: 3.71 - Marketing Top 20 Public University Graduate GPA: 3.65 - Analytics - Top 5 Program Research Experience: 2 papers accepted to conference, 1 in process of publication to top 10 journal. Teaching Experience: TA for Regression Analysis (grad) Work Experience: Sales 3+ years Concentration Applying to: Consumer Behavior Number of programs planned to apply to: 10-15 Dream Schools: Maryland, Duke - Fuqua, UChicago Other Questions: What made you want to pursue a PhD? I fortunately had a few great professors at my b-school who encouraged me to pursue a PhD. I am passionate about research (which I am aware is a given for most if not all candidates), but I also would like to be the mentor for future students, like the ones I had. My research interests are rooted in how marketing and society connect, as well as sustainability and technology. Questions or concerns you have about your profile? I am aware that the MSc in Analytics aligns more closely with the quant track, but I did not have a strong background in mathematics from my undergraduate degree and I felt that it was necessary to bolster my quantitative background. I haven't done as much research yet on the research interests of top-20 programs, but I felt that the three above were strong in CB. Is there any chance based on my profile? Would you have any suggestions for programs that align with macro marketing?
  7. Test Scores (GMAT/GRE): Haven't taken yet, aiming for 165+ quant and verbal Undegrad GPA: 3.85 at an ivy in political science, minor in psychology Graduate GPA: N/A Research Experience: ~10 months of RA work with 3 professors at a top 5 business school. No relevant publications (only 1 in philosophy) Teaching Experience: 1 semester for a community service-based class Work Experience: summer internships at random schools, not really relevant Concentration Applying to: consumer behavior/behavioral marketing Number of programs planned to apply to: ~15 or so Dream Schools: Wharton (Penn), Stanford, Kellogg (Northwestern), Fuqua (Duke) Other Questions: What made you want to pursue a PhD? Love academia and interested in advancing general theories of human/consumer behavior. Hoping to frame my background in political science and TA experience for community service class as my motivation for possibly researching prosocial behavior Questions or concerns you have about your profile? Only formal stats experiences is a B in intro stats. Taking a PhD level marketing class in research methods next semester and have 3 computer science classes and 1 data science class under my belt (all A's), so hoping that can offset my lack of formal stats classes. Also concerned about not having any publications or co-authored papers in progress. I'm contributing significantly to the professors that I currently research with (e.g., helping formulate hypotheses, research methods, etc. in addition to lit reviews/data entry) so hopefully that should offset things via good LOR's? Any additional specific questions you may have:~
  8. Hi everyone, I have an undergraduate degree in Economics from top Canadian university, GPA 2.7/4.0 I am finishing my second undergraduate degree in Computer Science from the middle rank Canadian university, GPA 3.93/4.0, with two research experience from the field of data visualization, two faculty level awards and one national award. No publication. I want to apply for the PhD in quant Marketing in the future, according to my current background, is it a good idea to pursue a Master degree in Economics to enhance my research experience in business related field? Thank you.
  9. Hello, My name is Sanjay and I am considering to join a Phd program in Marketing offered by reputed schools in USA. Below is a brief of my profile: Undergrad- Mechanical Engineering (GPA- 7.4/10) (National Institute of Technology, Calicut (India) Post Grad- MBA (Marketing and Strategy- 5.5/10) (Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow(India) How significant are the past academic records in the final selection? I am a little concerned about my past academic performance as my grades and rank don't fall in the range of top 1-2% of the class. Which colleges should i target to maximize the chances of conversion?
  10. Hi all, I plan to apply for Ph.D. programs in Business - Marketing Fall 2021. I still have several months to prepare my applications before the new application round starts. I would be appreciated if you could throw in any advice or suggestions to improve my applications. Below is my profile: - Test Scores (GRE): 168Q, 158V, 4.5W - Undegrad GPA: 3.71/4.0, Bachelor of International Business Administration - Graduate GPA: 4.0/4.0 , Master of Business Administration and 4.0/4.0, Master of Science in Management Science Business Analytics - Research Experience: Research assistant during my first Master's program. One journal publication, the published paper is about Behavioral effects in supply chain contract . - Teaching Experience: Teaching Assistant for Statistics and Decision Modeling during my second Master's program - Work Experience: 3 years of industry working experience as a customer service staff - Concentration Applying to: Marketing (consumer behavior), Strategic Management or Economics (experimental/behavioral economics - this is the field that I researched during my first Master's program) - Number of programs planned to apply to: around 10 - Dream Schools: Georgia Tech, UF, Purdue Other Questions: What made you want to pursue a PhD? I want to have a career in academia. Questions or concerns you have about your profile? I am not sure if my profile is strong enough for Marketing. I did not have a strong academic background in Marketing or any research experience in this field. Any additional specific questions you may have: What are the chances that I will get into one of the top 100 Ph.D. business program? What can I do until the next application round to improve my profile? Thank you and I look forward to any advice that you may have! Regards
  11. Hi all, I'm applying this year for Quant Marketing or Marketing Strategy, and I took the GMAT a long time ago (4.5 years) and got 730 (Q50, V40). My profile is not too good, with mediocre UG GPA (unis in my country have very harsh grading tbh) and better grad GPA (Near 4.0 in the US). My target school is around top 20-30, and I'll only apply to 1 or 2 top 10 (just to tell myself I tried :) ). Do you guys think retaking my GMAT to get it up to 51 Q is worth it?
  12. Hi all, I'm wondering whether it would be possible for a PhD student to switch between Quant, CB and Strategy? I'm planning to apply to CB track, as my profile is not quant-heavy enough for Quant and I have research experience in Psychology. However, recently I've become interested in some quant methods such as Machine Learning, structural models... If I get admitted to a program, would it be feasible for me to switch to Quant or Strategy?
  13. I am just curious which schools usually considers as T20 or T30 for marketing CB. In my personal opinion, the "top" schools are: Stanford UPenn Chicago Northwestern Columbia Yale Duke U Michigan NYU USC And the schools in T20 would be Indiana U U Toronto UBC U Maryland U Minnesota U Pittsburgh UIUC Any thoughts?
  14. Hi Guys, I was wondering if anyone has received any rejection/acceptances for a PhD from University of Minnesota- Carlson Marketing department? I had an interview in Feb and then no communication at all from them. Thanks
  15. Just a quick question: For those who pursue behavioral marketing, which schools are the strongest ones? Northwestern or Stanford? How about Duke or UPenn? Thanks!
  16. Hi there, thanks in advance for your time and help. GRE: 167 Q/170 V/5.5 AW Undergrad: Overall GPA 3.71/4, major in Economics and minor in CS from a top 5 (probably) US university. More in-depth details: generally mediocre grades for the first two years, better grades the last two years when I realized I wanted to do a PhD. Econ grades: Intro/Interm. Micro (B+/B+), Intro/Interm. Macro (B+/A), Econometrics I/II (A, B+), Applied Econometrics (A-), Electives in Behavioral/Experimental econ (A,A). Math grades: Calculus III (B), Multivariate Calculus (course title something like "Math for Economics") (B-), Intro to Real Analysis (A), Real Analysis I and II (A/A), Linear Algebra/Abstract Linear (A/A-). Computer science: Three course intro sequence (B+/B+/B+), Machine Learning (A), Data Viz (A), Discrete Math (A-), Theory of Algorithms (A) Grad: N/A Research: RA for a labor economist and for an Associate Prof of Marketing at top 10 (probably?) marketing program. Both for one year before graduating. Marketing prof said I was the best RA she'd had thus far. Industry: Currently working in the research department of an asset manager. Essentially I do more or less the same things as when I was an academic RA, and I work for folks with PhDs from places like Princeton, Cal Tech, Chicago Booth. I will not be using any industry letters for applications, however. Applying to: quant marketing. Number of places applying to: Maybe 7-8? Applying to quant marketing and econ as well, aiming for roughly 15 total applications. Dream schools: Chicago Booth, Stanford, similar schools. I'm currently having a very hard time figuring out what is required to be competitive at top programs. I'm concerned that my grades are a bit spotty, and want to keep my expectations realistic. The marketing professor I worked for told me I should focus on top schools, but I think it was more "I think that you'd be better served going to a lower ranked economics program rather than a lower ranked marketing program" and less "I think you're a sure shot for a top ten marketing program." Any opinions regarding that point are welcome as well. Finally, where can I get an idea of what the top programs are? Are the UT Dallas rankings accurate? My noisy proxy thus far has been going to schools that I would expect to be good and seeing which schools are represented at their marketing workshops.
  17. I’m planning to apply to Marketing PhD programs next year (2020 matriculation). I have my MBA in marketing from a top program and have been working in brand marketing and strategy roles for four years. I’m currently in a supervisory role and work with vendors and analysts who conduct the actual data manipulation, my role is to develop and implement the strategy. I myself conduct very little analysis (aside from simple scanner and panel data work) and worry this will make me less attractive to admissions committees. Would you recommend I try to identify a professor to work with over the next year to gain academic research experience? Willing to put in the hours if it boosts my profile. Thanks!
  18. GRE: Verbal 165 (95%), Quant 159 (74%) *this was a long time out of school and I have studied and will retake Undegrad GPA: 3.51 Undergrad Degree: Design (merit scholarships) Graduate GPA: 3.82 Graduate Degree: MS Marketing (merit scholarships) Research Experience: I have a thesis paper for my MS degree Teaching Experience: I was a TA 1 year for a Java Programming course Work Experience: Significant work experience (10 years) up to director level in marketing (specifically in design management) Concentration applying to: Marketing (Innovation, New Products) Number of programs planned to apply to: 15-20 Dream schools: NYU, Columbia, Duke WhyPhD: I became extraordinarily interested in creativity and innovation during my career and masters studies. I have researched and written a great deal on marketing tech and design thinking but nothing published. It has really spurred me and I could see myself spending a career in the field. My Questions: 1. I am retaking GRE after months of studying so my scores should improve. Will great GRE score help me possibly get into a Top 10 or Top 30 school? 2. If I can apply to 15-20 schools how many top schools if any should I put in my list? 3. Also I am a little confused about ranking. Is everyone here referring to the UT-Dallas list or the US News MBA list or something else when classifying schools by rank?
  19. Hi Guys, A colleague of mine has an open RA position for quant marketing. This would be a great position to strengthen your profile if you're looking to apply in the next year or two. Dropbox - RA job description.docx
  20. Hi everyone :) I am seeking a profile evaluation for a Marketing PhD- Consumer Behaviour track - your response is greatly appreciated :) Test Scores (GMAT/GRE): GMAT 710, Q49, V39, AWA6 Undegrad GPA: finished in the UK, as top of the class, best dissertation, in a top UK university, field: Business and Management, have been awarded 3 awards for academic and quantitative excellence and one for the dissertation (probably would account to 3.95/4.00 GPA Graduate GPA: Masters from Imperial College, my masters specialisation was ranked no. 2 worldwide, finished with distinction in top 1% with an honorary scholarship award and a dean's excellence award. (GPA would probably be around 3.85/4.00) Research Experience: Research paper published in a top Slovak academic marketing journal (the research was on Slovak consumer decision-making styles) Research assistantship experience - will be more than a year by start of programme in 2019 + several research based courseworks with high firsts (equivalent of A+), best dissertation that was multi-method research based Teaching Experience: 1 year teaching experience as mentor for students, won the best mentor award Work Experience: 2 years consulting experience in digital marketing Concentration Applying to: Marketing- Consumer Behaviour track Number of programs planned to apply to: 7-8 Dream Schools: Harvard Business School, London Business School, Wharton, MIT, Insead Planning to apply to top 10 business schools in the US and Europe Thank you for your response :)
  21. My application information is below: GMAT: 730 (95th percentile); Verbal: 98th percentile, Quant: 68th percentile Undergrad Degree: Marketing & Economics, w/ Honors Undergrad GPA: 4.08 Undergrad Institution: a top 25 Public Business School in US Research Experience: 1 year as Research Assistant, and completion of an Honors Research thesis in Marketing Letters of Rec: One from a CB Assistant Professor; One from a tenured Marketing Strategy Professor; One from the Dean of the Undergraduate Business Program Teaching Experience: 1 year as a Teaching Assistant Thoughts on what types of programs I'd be able to get into? Dream schools would be USC, Stanford, NYU, and Duke. Also looking BIG10, Florida, and Virginia Tech. I appreciate any and all feedback!
  22. Dear All, I'm new to Urch, so Hello everyone!! :) I am just starting out on my application process for a PhD in the US or in Asia. Test Scores (GMAT): 740 ( Q50 V41) Undegrad GPA: 3.24 - B.Tech from one of the top 10 universities in India Graduate GPA: 2.80 - MBA from one of the top 5 MBA colleges in India Research Experience: None Teaching Experience: 15 months(at the time of application) Work Experience: 5 years in corporate in marketing - brand management, digital marketing and services marketing Concentration Applying to: Marketing / Strategy Number of programs planned to apply to: 15 Dream Schools: PennState, University of Michigan, Duke, Insead Other Questions: What made you want to pursue a PhD? To become an expert and a knowledge creator in my field Questions or concerns you have about your profile? I do not have any research experience to show in my application as we had no dissertations - I'm working on a research paper now, but I feel it is too late though(may not finish by the time the applications are done). I really want to get into a good PhD program to get the best exposure. How can I make my profile better given the application timelines? Also my graduate GPA is relatively low, primarily due to poor performance in the first year - I had a 3.3 in the second year it but could not recover from the damage done in the first. How will this affect my chances? Any additional specific questions you may have:
  23. Hello there, I'm an MBA student who is interested in pursuing a career in academia, and I would love to hear some recommendations from you guys. Test Scores (GMAT/GRE): 760 (51Q 42V) Undegrad GPA: 3.3/4.0 in Business Economics from a business school in Southeast Asia (top nationally, but not well-known internationally) Graduate GPA: 3.9/4.0 MBA in Marketing Research with a good portion of Quant courses (Psy Exp Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Multivariate Analysis, Machine Learning, Clustering...) Research Experience: senior thesis in Business Econ, class marketing research project. (meh :blue:, I know) Teaching Experience: 2 TA semesters in Statistics Work Experience: ~ 3 years in Product Management, with some programming and ML experience Concentration Applying to: Marketing (Quant), or maybe Innovation Number of programs planned to apply to: 10 Dream Schools: UT Austin, USC - Marshall, Maryland, OSU Other Questions: What made you want to pursue a PhD? I love to do independent research, on a topic of my own desire. Academia lifestyle is also probably a better fit for my personality than corporate. Questions or concerns you have about your profile? Low UG GPA, not many Math classes in UG, and almost zero research experience.Thanks!
  24. Hi, I am applying for Marketing CB track this fall. (For FALL 2019) I'm mostly concerned with my GMAT score and GPA, because I know lot of you bring in 700+ GMAT and something like 3.9/4.0 GPA... Anyhow, here is my profile Test Scores GMAT 680 (85th) (V 38 (85th), Q 47 (61th) IR 4) -- Another attemp, 660 (71th) (V 31, Q 49) (* Not sure how multiple attempts are evaluated... I'm re-taking it this Oct. That's my 5th attempt, and will be my last attempt) Undegrad GPA: 3.43 / 4.0 (Top 20 in the U.S. - Business major) Graduate GPA: 3.74 / 4.0 Research Experience: Poster presentation at SCP Poster presentation at ACR 2-years RA at graduate school Undergraduate research journal publication (sociology) Undergraduate RA (1-year, sociology) Undergraduate research symposium (sociology) Undergraduate sociology conference presentation (* I know, I happen to have a bunch in sociology, but I'm a business undergrad major) Teaching Experience: none Work Experience: 3 months internship (big 4 consulting) 6months internship (major insurance company, worked as a consultant) 1 year of full-time experience at a marketing division at a retail company Concentration Applying to: Marketing CB Number of programs planned to apply to: 20~25 Dream Schools: NYU, Columbia, USC, U Michigan, UCLA, U Indiana, UIUC, UT-Austin Recommendation : I think it's going to be pretty good.. 1 from my current advisor, 1 from the sociology professor (dept head I worked with during undergrad), 1 from a marketing professor at my undergrad (well-known in the field)
  25. Hello Everyone, I will be applying this year for PhD in Marketing in Candian schools in Ontario. I have an economics background and my decision to apply for PhD Marketing has to do with my interests for Structural IO, and Discrete Choice Methods. Given these interests and the current deplorable state of the Econ Job Market I've thought it might be a better idea to go for PhD at a business school. Test Scores (GMAT/GRE): Old scores (163Q, 160V, 4 AWA), preparing and retaking soon and hopefully get 165+ in Quant Undegrad GPA: 3.5 - B.A. in Economics school outside North America, tough grades frequently sends students to top econ programs in U.S. Graduate GPA: 3.8 - M.A Econ at 2nd tier Canadian school like SFU, McGill, McMaster, top student in my cohort. Research Experience: 1 year Research Associate at Canadian University working on health economics. Teaching Experience: TA for many Econ courses Work Experience: Nothing relevant for marketing, internship at international organization (WTO), and some other jobs. Concentration Applying to: Marketing (Quant) Number of programs planned to apply to: not determined yet, some for sure are Rotman (Toronto), Ivey (Western), Schulich (York), maybe Laurier. Dream Schools: Toronto (Rotman) Other Questions: What made you want to pursue a PhD? I want to pursue a research career, I have already been involved in writing and publishing papers in economics and would like to continue. Questions or concerns you have about your profile? No direct relationship to marketing, apart from an undergraduate course in it many years ago, I think it will be hard for me to signal to schools my interest in the area. Also recommendation letters are very strong but come from faculty in economics, I don't know if this has a bad effect for my profile. Last year I was accepted into several PhD Econ programs in Canada (4) first tier and second tier alike. Low GRE quant score, hopefully will improve. Any additional specific questions you may have: What are some schools that potentially could be on my reach in Canada?, and have strong faculty in Marketing (Quant)?
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