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  1. Hello all, Thanks for reading this one. I have been lurking here for a while and finally decided to make my post, requesting some evaluations. I am a Chinese student attending an Canadian university, and I am currently in my fourth-year of undergrad. I intend to apply to 15 programs, 11 PhD and 4 Master programs, all in Operations Management (PhD)/Operations research (Master). Basic info University: one of U15 in Canada Degrees: Bachelor in Management with Minor in Math (cumulative gpa 4.04/4.30, Math 4.30/4.30) Working experience: Registered tutor at a program of my university. Grader for one year, and Research Assistant. Research experience: Co-authored 1 business case, Ivey Publishing; co-authored 1 paper with a professor and a PHD, submitted to European Journal of Operational Research ; 1 paper in progress with a professor Teaching Experience: Tutored 13 students, on a one-on-one basis, in Calculus I, II, Linear Algebra I, Operations Management, Financial Management, and Principles of Micro/Macro Economics Usual requirements TOEFL: waived GMAT: Quant 50, Verbal 34, AW 5 Letters of Recommendation: 1 from Operations Management chair professor, 1 from ECON, 1 from a post-doc at MATH; all three should be strong. Research Interests: OM/Marketing interface, revenue management, customer returns Courses Since my background is in business school, I possess those common b-school courses and therefore do not repeat them here. I also have 5 courses in ECON. I list the quantitative courses I have taken which are quite relevant to my future study (all of them are A+): Machine Learning (grad level), Optimization, Applied Graph Theory, Regression Analysis, Intro Computer Programming (Python), Calculus I, II, III, Linear Algebra I, II, Discrete Structures I, Methods for ODE, Statistics I, Intro Probability & Statistics, Statistical Inference, Operations Management, Financial Management, Principles of Micro/Macro Economics School list: OM PhD: dream: umd, indiana university, university of washington at seattle, ohio state university, tamu reach: hkust, university of florida, university of wisconsin at madison, western university - ivey business school target: sinapore university of management, bu, university of rochester, university of pittsburgh Operations Research Master (all research-based): ubc msc in transportation and logistics (in business school), u of toronto masc in industrial engineering (operations research stream), msc in analytics (one year only) at queens university, waterloo masc in applied operations research. My concerns: 1. GMAT score is rather weak than competitive comparing to applicants at the schools on my list. 2. The third referee does not hold a tenure-tracked position, he is a post-doc from MATH department and taught me in Discrete structure which is heavily proof-based in my case. And we interacted enough to a extent that I think he is well-positioned to assess my math skills. If you don't mind, can you please share some ideas on my school list? It's a preliminary list and I am flexible to incorporate your suggestions in it. Other comments are of course welcome and thanks in advance for your help! If I didn't reveal enough information for you to make an judgement, please let me know and I will provide it upon request.
  2. Hi, I'm going to apply for Phd in supply chain management(fall 2018). Even though I'm still reading papers, I'm pretty sure my research area will be in the domain of supply chain analytics. My profile is given below. GRE- 322-159V (83 percentile), 163Q(84 percentile), 3.5 AWA TOEFL-yet to appear(previous score expired) Graduation- Bachelors of Engineering(chemical engineering)- Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal University(2010-2014) Graduation GPA- 8/10(13th in chemical engineering department) Post Graduation- PGDIM- NITIE(2016-2018) Post Graduation GPA- 8.2/10(1st year) work experience- 2 yr in energy management department in a steel plant(JSW Steel) I also have an option of working with a prof. on a research paper, but i haven't started yet. I wanted to know the colleges where i have a shot. I don't expect people to give names(but I'll be thankful if they do). The approx. rank of college on UTD ranking(with supply chain journal filters) would do. The problem I'm facing is that I don't know how my profile is on a relative scale. Also is there time to work on research papers?
  3. Hi, I am planning to apply for PhD in Operations Management. Whereas I have some knowledge of the areas of study under OM, I am not fully aware of how areas in OM are divided with regards to research. For eg, broadly speaking, research in Finance has Asset Pricing, Corporate Finance, Behavioral Finance, Household Finance, International Finance, Financial Intermediation as the main research areas. I am interested in knowing a similar division for OM. Also I don't have a lot of clarity on why some universities have OR in their engineering schools, whereas some combine it with the business schools. How does doing a PhD in an OR topic from a business school differ from that done in an engineering school in terms of a) nature of research, and 2) kind of placements. What are the top journals in OM? It would be great if someone knowledgable (a current OM PhD student possibly) can explain these points in detail. I feel this information would be relevant and helpful for a lot of prospective OM PhD applicants now, and in future. If you're answering this, thanks a lot for taking time out to help.
  4. Acc. to AACSB Salary Survey Reports for 2013-14, the percentage of hires across all fields is consistently lowest for OM. Can anyone explain this trend? Why do schools consistently hire more new hires in other fields than OM? Is it because overall, there are fewer number of OM grads? Or does this imply that OM grads rarely get to go into academia? I'm interested in knowing this as I am applying for OM PhD this year and I definitely want to get into academia after graduating. How difficult would it be to do so given this data from AACSB? Following is the data from the report:- Distribution of New Hires Across Fields/Disciplines Field/Discipline Percent2000Percent2006Percent2013 Accounting/Taxation 15.7 18.9 20.9CIS/MIS 17.6 6.8 7.5 Economics/Managerial Economics 9.1 9.9 8.9 Finance/Banking/Real Estate/Insurance 12.9 15.7 13.5 Management/Behavioral Science/InternationalBusiness/Strategic Management 16.2 18.1 17.3 Marketing 12.4 13.6 12.1 Production/Operations Management 3.4 3.0 2.7 Quantitative Methods/OperationsResearch/Statistics 2.2 1.8 3.4 All Other 10.5 12.0 13.7
  5. Hey Guys, I have graduated from "Industrial Engineering" department from Turkey with 3.65/4.00 GPA, 3rd rank in 120 people class, in 2009. I had a thesis about "Supply Chain Performance Measurement and Management" which is pure research paper. Then I have just got an MBA degree again in Turkey with 4.00/4.00. This program was part-time MBA and it does not have thesis requirement. However, I wrote four three research paper for different classes (organizational behavior, corporate governance, foreign policy...), as well as prepared various projects (strategy management, valuation, merge and acquisition...). I have been working since 2009 in purchasing department in multinational FMCG company. My main goal is to make an commercial agreements with suppliers to gain savings. However, I have been dreaming to attend PHD in Business since I have graduated from undergrad. And I decided to pursue my ambition which is to get an acceptance from one of the top 100 schools in the U.S. I have just started to work on GRE. (I found GMAT too tricky and my qualitative background is much better than verbal) All in all, I have two main questions to you. 1- Since I don't have academic research experience,(which is definetly my improvement area) how can I get this experience while working full time? What is you recommendation? 2- I got two economics classes during mba and I have discovered my deep interest in economics. However, I haven't worked as an economist. I cannot decide which area is much more suitable for me. "Business Economics" which I found very much interesting and impressed by the quantitative analysis behind this, OR "Operational Management or Supply Chain" which is more relevant to my background and to my current fulltime job. (also I am not so 100% happy with this area due to economics topis are more attractive for me) What is your recommendation? Do you know any other study area that I can combine – may be - both of them? Thank you so much! by the way I am 29, and I am planning to apply programs in 2016 =) I hope I am not that much old ;)
  6. Program Applying to: Ph.D. in Operations/Business Administration Age: 23 GRE Score: V 165, Q 170, Total 335 Undegrad degree / GPA: Dual Degree (Bachelor of Technology and Master of Technology) from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur CGPA : 8.99/10 Work Experience: Nil Teaching Experience: Nil Research Experience: Have done Bachelor's and Master's degree thesis. Both was well received. Got highest grade in both. One working research paper. Letter of recommendation: 3 solid LOR. One from Dean of IIT, one from Head of department and one from Asst. Prof. All from Department of Industrial and Systems Engg. Research Interests: Operations Management, Business Analytics, Decision Science Schools Considering to Apply to: Yale SOM, UCLA Anderson, USC Marshall, UNC, Florida State University, UC Irvine, Cornell, Kelly School Indiana, UC San Diego Can someone evaluate my profile and suggest which universities are ambitious and safe? Should I add/delete any more options?
  7. I have offers from two of these schools and have been wait listed at the third. My research interest is in supply chain management and all these schools have faculty I would like to work with. I am having a difficult time in choosing one based on rankings and recent placement records. Could you please share your thoughts and perspectives? Thanks!
  8. Originally Posted by hedgequant In an effort to steal a well thought-out idea from the econ board, I propose we keep all admissions results in this thread. I think rumors/rumblings/unsubstantiated talk should stay in the sweat thread, and leave this thread to be only actual results. Please try and keep comments (even congratulatory ones) to the sweat thread so that this thread has a high signal/noise ratio. I suggest other disciplines make a similar thread so we can keep things compartmentalized. I guess I'll get the ball rolling for this thread. I believe the following information would be helpful for management applicants: Institution Name: Concentration (e.g. Strategy, OT, OB): Date of Notification: Type of Notification (e.g. email/phone/snail mail): Notification (e.g. Interview / Waitlisted / Accepted): Posted on GradCafe? Comments: Good luck everyone P.S: Since we already have a thread for Management started by fourteenstix, and since I mis-posted there, here's the dedicated thread for OM/IT :) Hope to hear from you guys soon!
  9. Hi everybody, This is my first post in this forum and I'm totally excited to post here :) I'm a masters student, majoring in Operations Research, with a minor in Statistics. I scored a 740 on my GMAT with 51 in Quants :):) Now, I'm all set to start my application process, hoping to secure an admit in one of the business schools to pursue my PhD in Operations Management. I was hoping some of you might be able to guide me in terms of the school list and maybe even professors are active researchers, at the moment. Here's my list: 1. Wharton (Dream dream) 2. UT Dallas(My fiance is in Dallas; I also heard that UT Dallas is a pretty good school for a PhD in OM) 3. UT Austin 4. Rice 5. Georgia Tech 6. UNC 7. University of Maryland 8. University of Michigan P.S.: Some additional details. I have a GPA of 3.61. And 3 recommendations lined up, one of whom is the PhD coordinator of the business school in my university.
  10. Hi, Please help me in evaluating my profile GMAT: 750 TOEFL: 110 Work exp: 13 years (8 years into full time academics) I have a very good training and consulting profile and have trained professionals internationally. I have one good research publication and around 5 good articles in popular magazines. My academic scores in engineering (bachelors), from more than 14 years ago are average and my MBA scores (masters) are a bit above average. A few questions: 1. What are the schools that I could get into? My GMAT is good, works ex is good, but the academic scores are average. 2. Is having a training and consulting background a negative for getting into a PhD program? Thanks
  11. Hi! I am planning to apply for a phd in OM in the next academic cycle. Here is my profile. Undergraduate: IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) GPA: 8.7/10 GRE: not yet taken Math Courses: Have taken courses in Calculus and Prob/Stats but haven't studied Linear Algebra or Real Analysis in great detail. Research Experience: 2 papers in Intl' Conferences, 1 paper submitted in an Intl' OM Journal. LORs: Hoping to get a solid recommendation from my ug thesis adviser and positive ones from other faculty members. A few quick questions: Can you please recommend some programs I should apply to? Do I stand any fighting chance in a T10 program in a B School (as per UTD rankings) without a MS? Getting a MS without any financial assistance would be a bit difficult for me. Is it absolutely essential for getting admitted to a good program? I have read about the disadvantages of getting a phd in Industrial Engineering when compared to a phd from a B School while browsing through the older posts here. Can I afford to limit myself only to B School programs with this profile? Thanks for any suggestions and advices!!!
  12. I had been browsing this forum and PhD admission pages in Bschools for quite some time. This is the first time I am posting though. I would greatly appreciate your input on my profile. My main concern is with deciding "how wide should I apply". Education : Bachelors in Production Engineering - 82 % (2nd rank in the university) - 3rd tier Indian University Masters in Manufacturing - 8.75 / 10 (3rd in the class) - from an IIT (top notch Indian University) Scored above 99.5 percentile (with an All India Rank of 12) at GATE (all India level competitive exam for entry into Indian grad schools in engineering) Research experience : Worked in a respected (American multi national) industrial research outfit for 7 years in the areas of manufacturing process planning & control, new product development, Graph theory and formal methods. 2 Int. Journal Papers; 3 Int. Conf Papers; 2 Patent Filings; 8 Intellectual Prop awards for trade secrets (not filed as patents for business reasons of the company) Recommendations : One from my thesis adviser at IIT. Two from my research lab managers at the industrial research lab - both have PhDs and active researchers, though in Industry. One of them have a PhD from Northwestern in IE/OR, editorial board member for a few manufacturing journals. Test Scores : One big hole - have not given the GRE yet. Scheduled for mid November. Currently testing at the mock test (at the start of the prep) 162 Q and 154 V. But I am confident of getting to at least 165 (790) Q 160 V and 5 A Research interests: I am pretty strong at certain computer science aspects such as algorithms, graph theory and formal methods / modeling. So I would like to pick the operations problems that has a strong comp. sci. overlap / interdisciplinary. And, I really do want to be a professor - to get into academic research had always been my career goal from my masters time. Schools Targeting (or may be dreaming of:) ): HBS, INSEAD, MIT, Stanford, Wharton, London Business School, CMU Tepper, Kellogs Cornell, U Mich Ross and UT Dallas. Another point to note is my age : 31 - pretty bad, I guess ! Now, I would like your candid feedback on : - Do I really stand a chance at these schools? If not , which others should I realistically target? - Is my plan to get two recos from Industrial R&D guys OK? - I understand that the publications count as my research experience. What about the patent filings and IP awards, do they count as well? Thanks
  13. Mods, please close this thread as the information was incorrect. A more appropriate thread has been created
  14. Can anyone on this forum share information about the PhD Operations Management program at Olin Business School ?I tried to look up their website but it doesn't have a lot of information on its competitiveness in placement and the recent placements don't look very impressive either. If anyone who is attending Olin or knows more about it can enlighten us, that would be great!
  15. Hello All, I am a newbie here. At the outset, introducing myself, I am Rishi Madhav, currently an MBA student at one of the top B-schools in India - XLRI, Jamshedpur. I am doing a 1-year MBA after having worked for around 7 years in Engineering design and Product Lifecycle Management. I have around 7 more months to go before I finish my MBA and I have started to feel I am more inclined towards research and analysis than a fast-paced corporate life. I have realized that I have always been interested in subjects which relate closely to a combination of Technology, Engineering and Management. And this has made me think about pursuing a PhD post my MBA - get into research and into academia after that. I thought I could reach to current PhD students and those preparing for it for some tips on: *How I can go about preparing for a PhD – mentally and practically as well. * What kind of challenges does on face while doing a PhD? * What is it that I could do now to work towards applying or preparing for it – getting in touch with Professors and so on. * I intend to get into a PhD as soon as possible but given the current constraints of the course, I am a little unsure as of now as to how I should go about it. Any suggestions/feedback is appreciated! Thanks a lot! Cheers! Rishi
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