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  1. Hi, I am from Pakistan. I have recently completed MS Industrial-Organizational Psychology. I seek evaluation and advice on how should I proceed with my PhD application for US. Previous Educational Track: BS (4 year) Psychology MS (2 Year) Industrial-Organizational Psychology Test Scores: GRE: V= 151 (51th percentile), Q =151 (41th percentile), AWA =3 (14th percentile) I wrote the GRE last year and I know these scores are not competitive. I am preparing for a GRE take again to improve these scores especially AWA score. Retake was delayed due to my research work and PhD applications in other countries. IELTS: Overall: 8 Band (Writing= 7, Speaking= 7.5, Listening = 8, Reading 8.5) Undergrad GPA: 3.51/4.00 Graduate GPA: 3.23/4.00 Research Experience: I have both qualitative and quantitative research experience, studied psychology (with a specific focus on industrial-organizational psychology) during my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, steered several research projects as part of degrees requirement as well as internships. More, I also performed in diverse work roles at various public-private organizations and extensively advised undergraduates in their research projects. Currently, one of my paper (based on MS thesis) is accepted for publication and two others are in the peer review process and I am hopeful regarding their acceptance. The targeted journals are well recognized locally. Quantitative analysis are my strongest points. I am proficient in complex quantitative analysis and statistical tools (e.g., Multilevel Regression, Multivariate and Path Analysis) Teaching Experience: No teaching experience so far Work Experience: I served in public sector before pursuing MS. I did two internships in HR (as HR Intern) and one in management consulting (as research intern) during my MS Concentration Applying to: Organizational Behavior (micro) Number of programs planned to apply to: Max 3 to 4 – Because I only want to work with those professors whose interests are relevant to mine. Dream Schools: Wharton (a Longshot with the scores I have) Beside that I will target only those universities where I can relate my work to advisor’s goals and efforts. Other Questions: What made you want to pursue a PhD? I am looking forward to advance my research in knowledge workers engagement and knowledge teams’ creativity (Yes, I am mentioning two of these interest areas but I am more inclined towards the later). I am not only interested in antecedent to these favorable outcomes but also the variables governing these processes. I consider PhD as the next step for my academic journey. I will surely move forward in academia after this because I like research work. Questions or concerns you have about your profile? I am lacking on the numbers side. GRE is not good so far and I need this whole month to at least move the needle on this test. Especially on Quant. AWA is ready and I expect to achieve 4.5 or above now. Other concerns are the GPA. They are not stellar by any means. I seek advice on what areas can I improve? Is retaking the GRE essential? Or should I spend more time on reading the work of professors whose work interest me and contact them with relevant material? (Because this take time) Your time and advice are highly valuable to me
  2. Test Scores (GMAT/GRE): GMAT - 700 (V45, Q41) Undegrad GPA: 2.8 (English Lit) Graduate GPA: 3.7 (MBA) Research Experience: Currently doing RA work with a professor at my graduate institution within the OB Field and area of interest, will probably try and one one more project at least prior to applications. Teaching Experience: None (not sure if it's relevant but extensive coaching experience elite level athletes) Work Experience: 6 years varied experience: HR & Strategy at a major retailer, consulting at big 4, and most recently leading business operations at an AI startup post-MBA Concentration Applying to: Micro Organizational Behavior (work meaningfulness, motivation, values, emotional labour) Number of programs planned to apply to: 15-20 Dream Schools: Michigan, Northwestern Other Questions: What made you want to pursue a PhD? Primarily intellectual curiosity and tendency towards critical thinking work. Also, a passion for understanding how to make work better. My goal is to ultimately pursue academic research. Questions or concerns you have about your profile? Obviously my GMAT quant and undergrad GPA will be a big issue. I'm wondering to what extent should I address this specifically in my personal statement and/or statement of purpose. Is there any hope in offsetting this with decent grad school grades and a high verbal GMAT score? Any additional specific questions you may have: One of my references will be the professor I'm currently working with as an RA. I don't have super close relationships with my other grad school professors. If I ask a few other professors - is it okay if they are faculty in a different area? Ie. finance/economics?
  3. I am always heartened by all of the optimism and excitement that so many on this forum show every year around this time. I was in your shoes 6 years ago, trying to suss out how management (STR/OB) academia actually worked. I relied on posts on Urch, even though I was highly intertwined with management academia prior to my PhD. Looking back, I had both good and bad times in my program. Upon graduation, I'll start as a data scientist at a financial institution. Here's my retrospective take for folks considering this path (starting with a healthy dose of tough love). This career path is much more challenging and less appealing than most prospective students realize. First, the norm for program length has decidedly gone from 5 to 6 years at high-ranked R1s over my time in the program, and I imagine that 6 years of PhD + postdoc may become the norm by the time you graduate. Nowadays, when going into this profession, you have to be willing to move across the country, delay having a family (if you want one), and delay solid financial stability for 7-8 years. Moreover, you must be *uncommonly certain* that these preferences won't change as you grow older. For most people, they will. When I began, I thought that I'd be happy as a professor at any institution and any location as long as I was doing research work that engaged my mind and was useful in some way. Through the six years of my PhD, I got married, had a kid, and watched from afar as my partner's parents began to develop health issues. In short, my preferences changed pretty dramatically. If you do well on the academic job market, you'll get a handful of flyouts, one or two offers from schools from anywhere across the US/world. It's rare that the schools that give you offers will jive super well with your preferences. For example, many top schools (e.g., Berkeley) are located in HCOL areas with wildly expensive property values, so many new Haas faculty live in subsidized apartments for a good chunk of time pre-tenure. While our field is doing better than most PhD fields on many dimensions, you're still doing a PhD and that comes with challenges. There will be constant, low-level stress that you're not doing enough to hit the moving target of getting a job, huge cultural pressure from professors to stay in academia at all costs, and (at least at my school) you will quickly lose contact with students who drop out and professors who don't get tenure. Unlike most private sector jobs, it's very hard to "turn off" at the end of the day or over the weekend. This combination of factors generally leads to mental health challenges. I'd estimate about 50%+ of the folks in my highly visible R1 program periodically experienced mental health issues due to these pressures (including myself). There's a good chance that you would face similar issues too. Usually, these issues manifest in moderate to severe depressive episodes that span 2-6 months, often crop up around the start of the 3rd year, and reappear every so often thereafter. The PhDs in my group were uncommonly open about these issues, and I'm very thankful that I had a supportive network when I struggled. In general, this is a big issue among PhDs that research is just beginning to address (New study says graduate students' mental health is a "crisis"). On a systemic level, remember that advice and opinions from professors reflect survivorship bias (i.e., you don't hear from the folks that aren't in academia anymore). There's not much (if any) positive growth in b-school enrollments any more, especially compared to the growth period 1980-2010. Tenure lines in STR/OB, while still relatively commonplace compared to other PhD fields, are slowly shrinking at many schools as older professors retire and are replaced by cheaper adjuncts. I've gotten the sense that year-over-year demand for rookie PhDs in management academia has marginally but noticeably slowed over my time in the program, while tenure requirements are also getting marginally but noticeably tougher. I'd guess that around 25% of graduating PhDs in STR/OB don't stay on the academic track (at least at highly visible R1 schools, which is my reference set). Some of these "leavers" can't get an academic job they like, and some realize that they don't want to continue to make sacrifices that the academic arena requires. To add a silver lining, however, I'm happy I did a PhD. I recognize that I was privileged enough to not worry too much about providing financially for a family, parents, etc. I was also well-connected and "culturally ingratiated" in academia prior to starting my PhD; there are huge barriers to entry in this field for those without cultural or financial capital. I learned a lot about myself, managing my time, how to do good research, and the ability and necessity to set my own course in work and life. Unlike some horror stories online, I loved the other folks in my cohort and program, and our culture was quite cordial. If I had to do it again, I probably would, but I would have tried to graduate ASAP, learned as many practical stats/metrics/coding tools as possible, and spent less time worrying about management theory (which oftentimes isn't geared towards actual managers and sometimes, in my opinion, verges on fluffy and poorly-developed philosophical rambling). If you're in any way put off by this message, you should consider similar jobs that require brainpower and research skills (data science, statisticians, UX, etc.). These jobs will give you a good salary, are less competitive, are more location-flexible, allow you to gain marketable skills more rapidly, and don't require a long, low-paid training period. If you want to teach, an alternative is to get a masters and adjunct on the side so that you can align incentives with university administration, who generally want to minimize expensive tenure lines subject to constraints from accreditation bodies (AACSB). The PhD journey is wickedly tough. Experiences and outcomes differ (wildly and often randomly) from person to person. For the vast majority of folks that think they'd be interested in this path, they should take a hard look at their preferences, desires, and life goals. If you're not at least 90% sold on this path, you should consider something like what I prescribe above. However, if you are part of that 10% that could only see yourself as a full-time business school researcher, then you should go for it. Good luck!
  4. Hi Everyone, I always find the discussions here quite productive and helpful. I am planning to apply to Ph.D. programs in Business Administration this application cycle for admission in Fall 2020. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing from California State University, and an MBA from the same school. My graduate research focused on Consumer Behavior, specifically looking at the effect of personality factors in people's decision to participate or not in the Sharing Economy. But my thesis chair had his PhD in Org Behavior (I just clicked with him and decided to do my graduate thesis under his supervision, even though he wasn't technically in the Marketing department but in Management). Anyway, now that I have been out of school for 2+ years and have been running a non-profit as the principal officer and manage a team of 25, I have realized my primary interest lies, broadly speaking, in the psychological factors within the workplace and how they affect the company and the surrounding community (Micro and Macro OB, I suppose). I also have found that it's much easier for me to read and understand an Org Behavior Journal paper than a Consumer Behavior ones. I find myself genuinely lost at many methodology sections of CB papers, involving FMRI, etc. So, I am planning to apply to about 10-12 Org Behavior programs, and 8-9 CB programs (where I have research fit). But, I am wondering if schools would just disqualify my application based on a lack of academic research background in Org Behavior. A professor at an UC school, that I met recently, said that the schools may think that I am "confused," and may disqualify me, while others have said that the schools aren't really that concerned with the topics of previous research, as they are in seeing whether you know how to research. Would really appreciate your opinion and advice on this. Has anyone been in the same situation? Also, is OB supposed to be less mathematically challenging than a CB program?
  5. Hello, I want a profile evaluation for the prospective schools I should apply to given the following considerations: Location: English Speaking countries preferably a top 20-30 PhD Program Undergrad University: LUMS Pakistan (Top Business School in Pakistan) Undergrad GPA: 3.29/4 MBA: IE Business School GPA: 3.8/4, Deans Honors List & Beta Gamma Sigma Member Work Experience: 4 to 5 years in HR/ HR finance working for Engie. Previously worked in Nestle & Philip Morris. GMAT Score: 680 TOEFL: 113 Research Experience: N/A Dream Schools: Yale, Berkeley, LBS, Cambridge, Cornell, any other good European Program.
  6. Hello everyone! This is my first post here. I'll be starting a PhD this fall in OB. I do not have much of a business or stats background so I'm wondering if there are things I should be doing over the summer to prepare. For example, learning a programming language, studying statistics of some sort, reading certain papers or text, etc. I'll definitely be bringing this up with my advisor but I would love to hear from you about what your experience has been like starting the first year "from scratch". Were there things that you wish you had prepared in advance to feel less like you were completely out of place in the business school?
  7. Test Scores (GMAT/GRE): Q164(86), V163(93), AWA(4.5) Undegrad GPA: Bachelor of Computer Science from BMSIT, Bangalore, 81% (4th in my class) Graduate GPA:N/A Research Experience: 8 months with a professor at HAAS, Berkeley Teaching Experience: N/A Work Experience: 5 years - founded the technical team of a start up, working in a unicorn for the last 3 years. Strong engineering knowledge. Have side projects featured extensively by the press. One of these included a crowd sourced flood map which has been repurposed and re-used by individuals/governments in multiple countries and received recognition from the United Nations. Another project studied the gender of street names. Strong recognition and media/press presence in the open source communities in India recognised Concentration Applying to: Information Systems, Organisational Behaviour/Studies Number of programs planned to apply to: 7 Dream Schools: * NYU Anindya Ghose * Minnesota Information Systems * Maryland Information Systems * MIT * Harvard Business School * Wharton * HAAS Berkeley In addition to information systems programs at business schools, I am also applying to Information Science programs at several universities. Other Questions: What made you want to pursue a PhD? I have been part of the open source movement for a while now, and I am interested in using qualitative and quantitative methods, and openly available materials like Wikipedia stats and mailing lists to study themes of culture - so studying contributor motivations, influence of application design in inviting crowd-sourced contributions Questions or concerns you have about your profile? * My GRE quant score. I know it's not too bad, but I think it's pretty bad for the schools of my choice. Should I retake the test? * Research experience - I have no publications of my own, even though I have been doing research that has made a significant difference to the paper that the professor and I are working on. * Letters - I have a strong letter of recommendation from a business school professor at HAAS who's an MIT alum with whom I am working on a review paper that studies the effects on information seeding on contributions in an open source project. My other letters are from an MIT alum who's the director of an open source project and another person from my company who also founded a large open mapping platform, which are also strong. My prof is also reviewing the latter two letters to vouch for my research capabilities. Any additional specific questions you may have: Should I be looking at other programs?
  8. Hi guys, I'm a senior at a top-3 ranked U.S. university who's interested in a career in academia, and I would love to hear some of your recommendations. Background: Black female, US citizen Test Scores (GRE): 314 (157Q 157V 5W) (taken w/ no prep as a sophomore - practice tests are now ~162 on Q and V) GPA: 3.15/4.0 in Psychology (Psychology GPA - 3.4) Minors: Neuro, Cog Sci Research Experience: Published as second author in top medical journal (a study on memory), published independent project in undergraduate journal (a study on social perceptions), junior research project (critical review of amputation research), and currently conducting an honors thesis that will be submitted for publishing (more on memory) Work Experience: 3 months as a Program Manager at a school in Thailand, 3 years of Calculus and R tutoring through UG university, 2 years at private tutoring companies, 1 year I/O Psychology research assistant at Rice University (helping a student with a dissertation and a Prof with a publication), 3 years of memory research at MDACC Awards/Honors: Presented at 3 conferences, received several top merit and athletic scholarships before entering UG and disability scholarships/research grants in UG Concentration Applying to: OB (micro) Number of programs planned to apply to: 15 Questions or concerns you have about your profile? Low UG GPA - I was a pre-med student suffering from an undiagnosed autoimmune condition. After switching out of pre-med and being put on proper disability, I earned a 3.8 GPA as a junior. I have heard your last 2 years of UG matter most - is this true? Will having a recommender explain my situation help? I don't think PhD programs will really care why my GPA is low, it will still hurt me heavily, but I'd appreciate honest opinions. My university is also known for deflating grades. I will likely be able to raise my Psych GPA to ~3.5 and my UG GPA to a 3.3 if my senior year goes well. Do you think I have a shot of getting into a top pre-doctoral program? There's a few research associate positions and more tailored programs (Stanford Research Fellows, NYU pre-doctoral, etc.). Some programs offer free GRE prep. I would like to get into one of these programs or work as an RA while taking a few graduate courses to boost my chances of matriculating at a top program. Any thoughts on this plan? I'm trying to avoid an MBA because of the cost, but is this a better option? Would a 324 GRE be a competitive enough score considering my GPA? Lastly, should I focus more on taking graduate courses or gaining OB research experience? Many thanks in advance!
  9. Hello, I am a newbie and this is my second attempt to post this. I'm a slightly older applicant for a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior. Age: 36 GMAT: 750 (V 42, Q49) Undergraduate: Lahore University of Management Sciences. Undergrad GPA: 3.59/4 Graduate: Masters in Management from Oxford University Grad GPA: Upper second class Graduate: MBA from Emory University Grad GPA: No grades. Research experience: 1 year working as a researcher in an economic think tank. 3 months in 2018 working with an OB researcher at Oxford University. Practical experience: 5 years in financial industry both in Pakistan and on Wall Street in the United States Target: UoT, McGill, UBC, Queens, HEC Montreal, York, and Simon Fraser. My dream schools are UoT, McGill, and UBC but I guess those may not be an option due to my age and the fact that I have been in the industry too long? I have tried to rectify that by currently working as a research assistant for a professor in OB in the UK. Any advice? Does anyone have the essay questions for UoT, York, and Queens? I can't find them online and I guess the application portal isn't open yet. Any good links for writing the research objectives and letter of intent?
  10. Hi all, I am applying this round for organizational behavior type programs. I thought it would be helpful if we applicants connected with each other, and braced the anxiety-inducing waiting period together! I have applied to: HBS OB, Stanford MS&E, Tepper OB, Sloan OS, INSEAD OB, and Olin (washu) OB Anybody else apply to any of these? I'm also very unfamiliar with european (non-us) phd programs. Does anybody have insight about graduate student life in Europe?
  11. Dear Forum, I've only been reading quietly up until now, but would love to ask for your help. I'm an international student from an approx top 10 European undergrad business school having done a somewhat unusual program focused around business administration, organizations and society. I'm now headed to one of the UK schools (think: Oxford, Cambridge, LSE) to get a (one-year) masters in sociology. Since I'm simultaneously looking to apply to phd programs (mostly) in organizational behavior or management, some feedback would be highly appreciated. Test scores: GRE Q:164 (87th) V:164 (94th) Undergrad GPA: converts to 3.83/4.00 (top 5%) Graduate GPA: no grades available at the time of application deadlines. Research experience: started out as an editorial assistant for a (barely respectable) journal about 2.5 years ago. Started taking on more research related tasks for the prof/editor over time (mostly data cleaning in the beginning) and am now heavily engaged in research project for which I am going to be a coauthor. We might have the paper handed in somewhere by the time of the applications, but there won't be any results yet. The paper itself is situated in a field I probably would not consider myself to be working with when doing my own research, but it is business research. Going to try to do everything in my power to get another RA position at my master's institutions by the time of the application deadlines. Teaching experience: none Work experience: nothing substantial Concentration Applying to: Management/Organizational Behavior (/Strategy) Number of programs planned to apply to: as many as I can produce high-quality statements for throughout the next months. Probably between 10-15. Dream Schools: MIT, LBS, Berkeley-Haas What made you want to pursue a PhD? - the editorial and research assistant tasks described above, as well as my undergraduate program, in which each year ends on a research paper had my become super interested in the type of work associated with research. I've got to experience the back and forth that research can be quite a bit by now, but I've thoroughly enjoyed it. Questions/concerns? - I barely missed the 90th percentile for quant, which bugs me, since I had reached that during practice sessions. I don't quite have the time to retake it though and couldn't guarantee the same verbal score again, so that probably won't be happening. Given the obscure nature of admissions half of the people I talk to tell me that I should be fine and the other says that without a 90th I'm out. (Since I'm not planning on retaking, this is more of a concern than a question, but as always, any kind of comment will be appreciated. - LORs: I have two strong LORs from my bachelor thesis advisor as well as from the prof I've been doing research with. I am uncertain about the third. I could get one from a professor I've had two classes with (and done well in, but she does not know anything about my research abilities as such), the second professor of my research project (although he does not know me quite as well as the first one and I'm afraid it will just be the same letter twice), or I could try and build a relationship w someone at the UK school and do research for them (but given that there are only two months between meeting and deadlines, I don't know how enthusiastic that one is going to get). Any advice would be much appreciated. - As many might do, I am currently aiming as high as possible (top programs) and would love some feedback on that? Am I aiming too high? How low down the rankings should I go with my applications and how many lower ranks should be mixed in there? I hope that this is enough information for you to give me some feedback on, if not I will happily provide more. Either way, thanks for the help. This forum has truly been insightful (and I should probably check it less often than I do). Anything you can provide me with is going to be highly appreciated.
  12. Thank you for evaluating my application. I am an international student studying at a top 5 US School (US News and World Report). I am currently a junior, I expect to apply by fall. Expected to receive a BA in Experimental Psychology and MA in Psychology (through selective BA/MA program). Test Scores (GMAT/GRE): 167 V 165 Q Undegrad GPA: Major: 3.96; Overall: 3.82 - Top 5 US School known for hard grading and grade deflation Graduate GPA: N/A (will begin graduate coursework in senior year to receive MA) Research Experience: I would have worked in 3 labs (cognitive, social neuroscience, evolutionary psych) for about 2.5 years each on average at time of application. Longest research experience would be 3 years (resulting in a conference presentation). 3 publications in undergraduate research forums (peer-reviewed, double-blind), 1 in a professional conference, and 2 to come in peer-reviewed, professional journals. Also would have worked at behavioral division at the Business School of the university for 2.5 years by the time I apply. However, I'd like my recommendation to come from the other 3 projects, just because I was more involved in those projects, they resulted in publication. I also expect my honors thesis (finished a year earlier than usual) to be published. Also worked at target dream school's communication and business schools for the last summer and going back this summer. Teaching Experience: Worked for NGO advocating diversity in science by going on visits to science fairs etc. at low-income neighborhoods but nothing in a classroom setting. Work Experience: N/A Concentration Applying to: Some are CB (marketing), some are OB (micro) Number of programs planned to apply to: 15 Dream Schools: Stanford, Harvard, Booth, Kellog
  13. Hello everyone, I have offers from Management/OB PhD programs from Michigan State, Penn State and U of Maryland. Which program of these 3 has the best reputation/brand, is the best training school for micro OB and will give me the best shot at publishing Before I leave the program and get good placements in R1 tenure track schools? my research interests are broad: emotions, diversity, ethics, multi-level and social networks. I will be grateful for any advice I could get. thank you
  14. Hi everyone! I'm new to this site but it has been really helpful and interesting so far. I would really appreciate if anyone could provide me a profile evaluation. I'm mostly concerned about my age (I'm around the youngest I have seen on this site) and my lack of a grad degree. Program Applying to: Management/OB/HR Undergrad Degree/GPA: BS in Psychology from a high-ranked public school/3.9 (major GPA is 4.0) Age: 22 GRE: 327 (165 in Verbal; 162 in Quant; 4.5 Writing) Work experience: 2 years full time during undergrad (unrelated) and 2 years full time post-undergrad as a manager (I graduated at 20), 4 years volunteering, including 1 year running a non-profit Teaching experience: no real teaching experience, but I assisted in teaching elementary school students and have tutored 10+ college/grad students in Math/writing Research experience: 3 years undergrad (research assistant in 3 labs) and 2 years post-undergrad as a lab manager (all psychology), 6 months assisting OB professor in negotiations research Letters of recommendation: 3 from psychology professors currently conducting research (2 are big names, the other is head of psych dept but not well known) Research interests: OCB/prosocial behavior Schools:I'm applying to 15 schools (wide range of rankings) I have been in contact with some professors in the programs that I met through recruiting events and working with OB professors and current grad students, who all sounded very encouraging, but I really have no clue where I stand. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  15. Hi there - brand new to this forum. I attended what most consider to be the top undergraduate business school, concentrating in finance with a GPA of 3.7. I have not taken the GMAT yet but I expect to hit mid 700s. Since graduating, I worked in investment banking for a year and private equity since then. In my final semester of college, I took one introductory management class and one social-science-ish professional satisfaction class...both of which I loved and excelled at. At that point I had already accepted the job offer to go into finance and just went with it. Though now I find myself yearning for the management education that could have been. I am very interested in a career in research and teaching. I am predominantly interested in the area of gender diversity in the workplace - specifically how corporate structures and practices can influence female employee retention in high-stress occupations. (Not surprisingly inspired by my time in banking.) The area holding me back from officially "deciding" to apply is my lackluster recommendations. My large, quantitative finance classes did not lend themselves to strong professor relationships and I stupidly did not seek out those relationships. Here's what I'm thinking - 1.) 1st rec written by a teaching assistant and co-signed by the professor. This was a 400-person lecture. This will be extremely positive. 2.) 2nd rec written by the social-sciences professor. While he does not have a PhD he is held in very high regard and is an author of multiple well-known (and well-researched) business books. This will also be highly positive. 3.) Professor of a seminar on managerial employment law. The professor has only a law degree. I did very well in this class but did not have a particularly special relationship with this person aside from that. Are those recommendations 100% deal breakers? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Work is also an option but I wanted to keep them out of this since my chances for admission are extremely low. Thanks!
  16. Greetings! I am planning to apply to PhD programs in Organizational Behavior (Fall 2015). Towards this end, I quit my job (have 12 years of work experience in HR/ Have a Masters in Labor & Human Resources from Ohio State Univ - Graduate GPA - 3.7/ 4.0) and started working as a Research Associate at IIM Bangalore (top management school in India) earlier this year (Apr 2014). Have been using this opportunity to work on case studies (Women Entrepreneurs - both Entrepreneurship & Diversity being my areas of interest) and working on 2 research papers on 1) Application of Behavioral Economics to Organizational Learning, and 2) Organizational Learning in start-ups and the role of Accelerators (Org Learning being another area of interest). Also leveraging this opportunity to attend classes being offered at IIM Bangalore to their PhD students (this has helped me get exposure to various sub-streams of OB - Behavioral Economics/ Psychology/ Sociology, etc and helped me fine tune my research interests further). Classes attended as below: 1) Business Decision Making (Prof an alumni of INSEAD - PhD in Decision Sciences/ I have requested him to write a LOR) 2) Positive Organizational Psychology (Prof an alumni of LBS - PhD OB/ I have requested him to write a LOR) 3) Social Networks Analysis (Prof a Strategy/ Entrepreneurship expert/ He is my current boss/ I have requested him to write a LOR) 4) Research Methods in OB (Prof an alumni of Purdue - Phd in Sociology) 5) DREAM workshop - Research as an Entrepreneurial Venture (Prof an alumni of Carnegie Mellon - Teaches Entrepreneurship at Univ of Virginia Darden and IIM Banglr) I gave the GRE last week. 325 total. Quant (did OK, I guess) - 167 Verbal (was disappointing) - 158 Writing - 5 Planning to re-take the GRE later this month to improve (especially Verbal since I know that I had a "bad day at the office"). Would appreciate if I could get some feedback on the list of Universities I plan to apply to (based on overlap of research interests): - University of North Carolina (Kenan-Flagler) - University of Minnesota - Ivey Business School (Univ of Western Ontario, Canada) - Case Western Reserve - Weatherhead - Cornell/ Carnegie Mellon/ Univ of Michigan - Ann Arbor (all ambitious, I know) - INSEAD, LBS (again ambitious but am banking on 1 LBS & 1 INSEAD alumni writing my LORs - not really sure though if that would be of any help). Of course I hope to do better when I re-take the GRE but assuming (worst case) that I apply using the above GRE score, do the list of Universities look too ambitious? Would appreciate any feedback/ sage advice! Thanks in advance! Warm Regards!
  17. Hi all, I am an undergraduate studying organizational behavior (individualized concentration) and finance, although my degree will officially be a B.S. in Economics. I am starting my senior year and look to apply to OB programs soon. I'm on track to graduate with a 3.8 (summa cum laude) and I have worked at a big consulting firms (if that is at all relevant to PhD applications). On track to get a 160 on both Quant and Verbal of the GRE. Last summer, I have completed a research project in micro-OB as an undergraduate and it was received positively by faculty mentors, who have written me recs. A few questions, and I'd really appreciate insights from anyone who knows more about the OB process: 1) I withdrew from an undergraduate probability course because I hated it and because I was on track to get a B in the course or lower. I have not withdrawn from anything else. Will this be a kiss of death at places like HBS/GSB/other top OB schools? Should I retake this course or just take some graduate courses in applied statistics (which I love) and if so, how do I explain this on my SOP? I have taken multivariable calculus (A) and other stat courses (A-, A, B+). 2) I'm interested in the intersection of psychology, motivation, and employee behavior, and this is what I focused my research on. What are micro-OB programs looking for nowadays in candidates? 3) Should I work for more time before applying? What kind of jobs would be favorable? I'd really appreciate any information you guys have on the subject. Thanks in advance! Best, Croom
  18. Hi all, I am an undergraduate studying organizational behavior (individualized concentration) and finance, although my degree will officially be a B.S. in Economics. I am starting my senior year and look to apply to OB programs soon. I'm on track to graduate with a 3.8 (summa cum laude) and I have worked at a big consulting firms (if that is at all relevant to PhD applications). On track to get a 160 on both Quant and Verbal of the GRE. Last summer, I have completed a research project in micro-OB as an undergraduate and it was received positively by faculty mentors, who have written me recs. A few questions, and I'd really appreciate insights from anyone who knows more about the OB process: 1) I withdrew from an undergraduate probability course because I hated it and because I was on track to get a B in the course or lower. I have not withdrawn from anything else. Will this be a kiss of death at places like HBS/GSB/other top OB schools? Should I retake this course or just take some graduate courses in applied statistics (which I love) and if so, how do I explain this on my SOP? I have taken multivariable calculus (A) and other stat courses (A-, A, B+). 2) I'm interested in the intersection of psychology, motivation, and employee behavior, and this is what I focused my research on. What are micro-OB programs looking for nowadays in candidates? 3) Should I work for more time before applying? What kind of jobs would be favorable? 4) For schools with no OB, should I apply to management? I'd really appreciate any information you guys have on the subject. Thanks in advance! Best, Croom
  19. Hi there, I'm considering applying for PhD programs in Organizational Behavior/Human Resources Management/Leadership and would like your honest opinions on my application strength: Me: 25 years old, female, single Undergrad: state flagship, double major in HRM and Finance, minors in Economics and Spanish GPA 3.9 Worked as TA for Economics professor Wrote undergraduate thesis on Women and the Double Standard in Business Leadership--this is my area of interest for research in graduate school too GMAT Score: 710, Verbal 96%, Wuant 58%, Analytical 81%, Total 92% GRE Score: Verbal 87%, Quant 71%, Writing 80% Work Experience: 3 years in a major Oil & Gas Company doing finance, auditing, and peer leadership positions within organization Observed quite the double standard in the workplace and difficulty of working women to manage work-life balance and still be viewed as reliable and credible. Would use this experience in my SOP to talk about corporate culture, work life balance, diversity, etc. Can get LORs from 2 prior professors, perhaps a third. Applications: I want to apply to Top10 and Top 20 programs. Do you think my application is strong? What else can I do to improve it? Thanks for your help!
  20. Hi folks - Just wanted to get your thoughts on my profile and chances at getting into a Top 10 OB PhD program for Fall 2015: -Undergrad at Top 10 private university -GPA: 3.87 -Honors: Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude, top undergrad thesis in sociology -Research experience: independent research project on urban poverty/homelessness that I wrote my thesis on - presented this work at three different conferences -LoRs: would expect strong letters from public policy and sociology professors who I've worked with -Work experience: will have spent two years working in management consulting - first at a "brand name" large corporation and then at a lesser known boutique firm -GRE: V: 162 (89%), Q: 154 (57%), W: 4.5 (78%). I took the GRE on a whim during college, but would love your thoughts on whether or not I should retake it. Thanks guys!
  21. I took the GMAT recently and was excited about my score, but I'm second-guessing that excitement now. Here are my results: V 44 (98%) Q 45 (66%) T 720 (94%) AWA 6.0 (91%) IR 7.0 (82%) I'm a PhD applicant (Management - Organizational Behavior). My goal is to be a professor of management someday. I have applied to some top 30 schools and a few others. But after reading in the posts on this site and on Gradcafe, I'm worried that the Q score (my weakest score) sways the admissions committee more than I knew before. Some posts have even mentioned that they don't even look at the total exam scores or raw scores, only category percentiles. If that is the case, my score is not as strong as I initially thought. However, I know that many business fields take this test. So what is incredibly important for a finance candidate may not be as important for an OB candidate. I realize stronger is better, but I have the score that I have. What can I say, I ran out of time in that section and didn't have a pause button. I suppose that my whole profile will ultimately determine my fate. But the GMAT seems to be a key gate-keeper metric. Here are some other quick stats for my profile: Undergrad GPA: 3.84 (top 100 public university - Social Science) Graduate GPA: 3.92 (same school - masters degree - Engineering & Technology Management) LORs: all strong (one "walk on water" status), from profs I worked with as a graduate student in management field SOP: really good if you ask me! :encouragement: Research Experience: funded graduate research assistantship during master's program (no pubs though), 1 peer reviewed conference presentation, 1 year of private industry research exp. Professional Experience: HS Teacher (3 years), Small business owner (7 years) So here's my question: Given my field of study and experience, should I be overly concerned with the Q aberration in my GMAT score?
  22. Hi Guys, I'm new to the forum, though I have been "lurking" for a bit. I'm looking to apply for a PhD in business in 2014 to study org theory under management/org behavior, depending on the department. My question though relates broadly to all business PhDs. I've found these forums really helpful, but I wanted to ask further about "applying broadly". It doesn't seem as simple as applying to schools in buckets of 1-25, 26-50, 51-75, etc as some have suggested. Using the UTD rankings, for example, often less well-known schools are quite well-ranked, while the Ivies are much lower. It seems like in this scenario, neither is really a "safe" alternative to the other. For example, using the UTD rankings sorted by management journals for North American schools, Cornell is ranked 46, suggesting it would be much less selective than say the University of Minnesota Twin Cities at number 7. While I will obviously need to apply to a large mix of schools, I want to develop an intelligent mix. I appreciate that the UTD rankings are not gospel, and that there is a fair bit of randomness involved in the admission process. That said, to the extent possible, I want to follow the advice given on so many threads to apply broadly. I am concerned in this case, applying to number 7 and number 46 would not be very broad at all, and both would be quite selective. What are your thoughts?
  23. Hi all, I wanted to get your opinions about what skills Business PhD programs are specifically looking at when admitting an OB applicant? From what I've read and researched so far, it seems like OB is probably one of the less quantitative intensive programs so what are some other "hard-skills" adcoms are looking out for? I'm asking because I'm interested in OB but I have never taken a math course in college. I have a B.A. in International Studies, and M.A. in Transformational Leadership and I've worked in the City of Seattle Human Services as a counselor and strategic advisor concerning youth employment. It seems looking at my background it would be difficult for adcomm to assess my readiness for research. Thanks for your inputs! Peter
  24. Hi Everyone, Just wanted to say a quick hi and thank you for all the great discussion and guidance that I've gotten just by reading all your posts and experiences. Here are a couple facts about me. I'm a prospective Ph.D. applicant interested in Organizational Behavior. Received my B.A. in international Studies from the University of Washington and a M.A. in Transformational Leadership from Seattle University. Worked for 5 years in the City of Seattle Human Services Department progressively as a youth tutor, youth development counselor, program coordinator, and lastly organizational strategic advisor. I have two strong general interest areas of research (1) organizational methods for building employment capacity (2) and maximizing organizational effectiveness. Planning to take my first the GRE exam in March and apply for Fall 2015. Looking forward to talking to you all! Cheers, Peter
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