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Found 16 results

  1. Hi, Please dont know if there's any pharmacist from Nigeria, who has already written the FPGEE. I really need some information about the requirements for the FPGEE examination. Please...
  2. Hello. Has anyone or would you know anyone who earned the degree of MS Pharmacy as well as graduated from a 4-year BS Pharmacy curriculum after January 2003 applied for FPGEC? I have earned both degrees from the Philippines after January 2003. Would you kindly share the results of the evaluation? Were you allowed to sit for FPGEE? Thank you.
  3. Hi, We have a job opening for Registered Pharmacist in USA.Pharmacy located in Pennsylvania. Eligible candidates please let me know. Thanks&Regards, Sri
  4. Andra12


    Hello everyone! I am currently live in USA. I am a pharmacist graduated in Romania and would like to find other people that are or were in my situation. I am trying to get my papers from the university ready to submit them to ECE. It is not that easy to get the documents the way USA is asking because the public services in my home country are bad and would like you know how other people hand this issue. Thank you very much and hope everyone is having a great day !
  5. Hi, I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Jose and I found this forum really useful since im thinking of taking the FPGEE by April of 2020. I graduated in 2008 in mexico with a degree in Quimico Farmacobiologo, which translated is Chemical Pharmaceutical Biologist. I moved to the US soon after and Im currently living in Phoenix Arizona. I haven't been able to work in the pharmacy field. but I'm currently employed in a hospital as a Medical Laboratory Scientist, and I've been thinking of becoming a Pharmacist. I know its been a while, but I think im able to do it. Im at the stage of getting all my paperwork from my university and sending it to ECE as well as studying for the test. I was wondering if someone could give me some information on what would be the best books and sources to study since a lot of previous posts were from years ago and they might be outdated. Also If anyone from Arizona knows of any preparation classes or someone willing to have study partner? Thanks!
  6. Hello! I am a foreign pharmacist. How can I become a pharmacy technician in Seattle?
  7. Hello everybody, I am a German Pharmacist and I moved tothe USA last year. I am now trying to figure out what I need to doto become a licensed Pharmacist here. I know that there is the FPGECProgramm including the FPGEE. My problem is that I am not sure if Iam qualified or the test. My main issue is the 5 year-DegreeRequirement (I graduated after 2003). To become a Pharmacist inGermany you need to go to university for 4 years and pass the firstand second State Exam. Then you need to leave the university and do a one-year internship. After the year of internship you have anothertest (the third State Exam). Only if you pass all these three testsyou get the license to work. So it takes at least 5 years to be aPharmcist. Now I do not know if I meet therequirement of 5 years because my education at the university wasonly 4 years and the website of the NABP clearly says thatinternships do not count. Is there another German Pharmcist whograduated after 2003 and was able to take the test? Does anybody know what I can do if theinternship does not count? Can I just go university here for a yearto get the 5 years or is my whole degree useless? I am thankful for every answer!
  8. Hello everyone . I am a pharmacist from pakistan . i have a couple of question that i want answered since the fpgec bulletin leaves them vague. Any pakistani pharmacist that has gone through this process please help. others are also welcome :)
  9. sandy1967


    hi, am sandra, i want to write toefl, fpgee and naplex exams. i am a foreign pharmacist. can i get advise on how to start preparing
  10. Hi!! Does anybody has experience as pharmacy intern in Florida? ... I am making my search from Costa Rica, calling and sending emails, but without luck so far. I need some help (a lot!!) What's the best way to find a job as intern? Is it better in independent pharmacies, big chains, hospital? How long does the Board take to process the intern license? What's the average salary of an intern? I am planning to relocate to Florida in March, and I don't need sponsorship for visa. I will appreciate all your suggestions :):)
  11. My name is Dan and I am a graduate student at San Jose State University, pursuing a MS in Human Factors and Ergonomics. I am currently running an anonymous survey study assessing the impact of injection device usability on patient acceptance and usage of injectable medication (found at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/37KK3WB). I am doing this to demonstrate to pharmaceutical companies just how important it is for patients that an injection device is usable and user friendly. I plan on publishing my results so that awareness of this issue endures, spreads, and hopefully influences the design choices companies make when creating these devices. Are you a Health Care Provider (Nurses, Pharmacists, PAs, Medical Assistants/Techs, CDEs, etc.) who trains any type of patient to use an injection device at home? I am interested in all forms of injection devices, including but not limited to: Prefilled Syringes, Syringe and vial combinations, Disposable Pens, Reusable pens, Disposable Auto-Injectors, Reusable Auto-Injectors, and Reconstitution kits If you ever trained a patient to perform an injection at home and afterwards discovered or experienced any of the following, please share your experiences with us through this survey. · Patient was too scared or intimidated by the device to perform the procedure. · Patient performed the procedure but with a lot of hesitation and difficulty, and may have made some mistakes. · Patient made a mistake and did not receive the full dose (they lost some or all of the medication). · Patient could not figure out how to use the device and returned it to their health care provider or pharmacist. · Patient called their health care provider or pharmacist for help in order to complete the procedure. · Patient asked for additional training from their health care provider or pharmacist. · Patient took the drug less often than they were supposed to, or stopped using it because of the difficulty they had in using the device and performing the procedure. · Patient asked their doctor to switch to a different device/drug because of the difficulty they had in using the device and performing the procedure. The survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete, and for every survey completed we will donate $1 to either the Red Cross or The Humane Society (your choice). We hope you can contribute to this effort and help us uncover and solve the difficulties experienced by patients when delivering their own drug therapy with a new device. Survey Link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/37KK3WB Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing about your experiences. It would be greatly appreciated if you would share this survey with any other qualifying people you know. Note: this survey is anonymous and no personal information is collected.
  12. Greetings: I am new to the forum and just wanted to Introduce myself. Pharmacist from El Salvador , residing in Northern Virginia and Taking October 2014 FPGEE. Interested in joining study groups. Considering using the following material for preparation, as suggested in this forum. 1.the FPGEE blueprint (for the topics) 2.The APhA-FPGEE review 3.Pharmaceutical Calculations 13th edition Howard C Ansel 4. The Comprehensive Pharmacy Review 5. Pre-FPGEE from NABP (available on NABP website) At your service. Regards. Eli
  13. I am a new pharmacist and will be working for a low volume grocery store chain. I have minimal ( rotations mostly) retail experience and would like to pose the question how to prepare for working in this type of setting. I am going back to review my state law and certain disease state chapters, but any hints and pointers can help greatly. Thanks Doc
  14. My step-son asked me to participate in his school's Career Day, and so now I'm brainstorming ideas for these second graders. I'm hoping other pharmacists that may have done this will view this site and reply with ideas you may have used. Thanks!
  15. Hi there TestMagic members, I was wondering if I could ask for some help and advice from pharmacy applicants out there who are experienced with the TOEFL speaking format and would like to contribute to a new practice tool. One of the problems for pharmacy applicants is that the TOEFL does not reflect the content and skills needed and used in the pharmacy profession. I think it could be a valuable introductory preparation tool if we create a practice TOEFL speaking section test that features pharmacy-related content. I can arrange the writing, formatting and professional recording of scripts, and I can make this practice test freely available online for all test takers. However, I need your specialized help to develop the content! So, can you come up with pharmacy-related topics and problems that could be featured in a TOEFL speaking test? We need pharmacy-related content for: Question 1 - Open choice question Question 2 - Closed choice (or agree/disagree) question Question 3 - A notice, a pharmacist's opinion in reaction to the notice, and the pharmacist's reasons for that opinion Question 4 - A pharmacy-related theory (for reading), and then that theory demonstrated in actual practice (for a lecture) Question 5 - A problem experienced by a pharmacist, with some suggestions from a colleague or senior Question 6 - An extended pharmacy-related theory or issue for a lecture I hope you will get involved and make some suggestions here using your pharmacy knowledge and background. This sort of practice test could be a valuable tool (and confidence builder) for pharmacy applicants, to demonstrate the format and requirements of the TOEFL speaking section by using content they are familiar with (or should reasonably know). The actual TOEFL might be just that little bit less intimidating for these people as a result - who knows? Please go ahead and post your content suggestions here in response to this thread. When I format the actual practice test, contributors to the content will be credited in the final version. As I mentioned, this is intended to be a free resource, so let's get together as an online community and try to make it happen. Best wishes to you all, ~ Jason Renshaw
  16. Everyone on this forum needs to know that there is NOT A SHORTAGE of Pharmacists anymore. There's a GLUT!!! Read the comments from 30+ pharmacists around the US at the link below. The shortage that existed three years ago has been over for a while, but the news has been very slow to make it to those of us who have been so focused on passing our tests. I passed the FPGEE and the TOEFL after 25 tries one year ago, and I still have not found an internship in CA even though I have a Green Card. Not even as a volunteer. I wish I had known about the glut earlier. I've wasted so much time, money and tears for nothing. Please do not make the same mistake yourself. The blog is at: "www.pharmacytimes.com/editors-note/pharmacy/Eckelblog-111809" The important part is the comments at the bottom of the page.
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