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  1. Hey guys: What are my possibilities to get into PhD in economics in Europe? Like Zurich, Bocconi, SSE or EUI? I am not considering US My grades are pretty low: Masters in economics (8.2/10) at Carlos III Bachelor in economics (7.3/10) at Carlos III But I have a lot of research experience: Research intern at Bank of Italy Research assistant at UPF (Pompeu Fabra) Research intern at a famous German institute Research Fellow at Barcelona school of economics Soon I will join DG Research at ECB Really good recommendation letters Do I have any chance? I did not take GRE yet.
  2. Hi there! I am currently finishing up my first round of application deadlines, and I was wondering what y’all think about some of the common requirements. 1) CV/Resume: How long is yours? How much detail do y’all go into? Do you include “unrelated” things like internships not in Econ/finance/data? 2) Statement of Purpose: How do you avoid simply rehashing things on your resume? What have y’all prioritized including? How much do you spend talking about your past (experiences, research, coursework) vs your future (why that program, what you want to focus your research on, career goals)? 3) Personal Statement: For schools requiring another statement, how are y’all using it? Are you using it to discuss something you didn’t have room for in your SOP, something personal about you (I.e. life-changing experience, “light bulb moment”, etc), or something else entirely? Obviously no need to answer all of the questions! I was just curious what your thoughts were about some things I’ve been thinking about throughout this process. Best of luck, everyone!
  3. Hi there! I am currently finishing up my first round of application deadlines, and I was wondering what y’all think about some of the common requirements. 1) CV/Resume: How long is yours? How much detail do y’all go into? Do you include “unrelated” things like internships not in Econ/finance/data? 2) Statement of Purpose: How do you avoid simply rehashing things on your resume? What have y’all prioritized including? How much do you spend talking about your past (experiences, research, coursework) vs your future (why that program, what you want to focus your research on, career goals)? 3) Personal Statement: For schools requiring another statement, how are y’all using it? Are you using it to discuss something you didn’t have room for in your SOP, something personal about you (I.e. life-changing experience, “light bulb moment”, etc), or something else entirely? Obviously no need to answer all of the questions! I was just curious what your thoughts were about some things I’ve been thinking about throughout this process. Best of luck, everyone!
  4. Hi, I'm applying to PhD economics programs for Fall 2022 entry and would like to receive some evaluation. Should I be more realistic with my chances and apply to lower ranking schools or do I have a decent shot with the top 15? I come from an applied math background but want to switch to econ/ finance departments. More on my research interests below. Profile: Undergraduate school: National University of Singapore Undergraduate Major: Quantitative Finance Undergraduate Minor: Statistics GPA: 3.72/4.00 in US standards GRE: Q 163, V 158 Messed up GRE Quant here... disappointing. Retaking it as I know I can do better. Math classes : Analysis 1 & 2 (A), Ordinary Differential Equations (A), Graduate Stochastic Analysis (A), currently taking a PhD class in Measure-Theoretic Probability, and then there's those fundamental classes like calculus, linear algebra, multivariable calculus (A/A- in them). I got B+ and B for numerical analysis and machine learning. Econ classes: PhD Continuous Time Financial Economics (A-), game theory (A-), Mathematical Finance 1/2 (A, B+) Statistics classes: Probability (A-), Mathematical Statistics (A-), Stochastic Processes (B+ but I exercised the P/NP option), Regression Analysis (B) All but one of the B+, B classes were taken during the COVID outbreak and I was affected by it so I couldn't focus as well. I am explaining this in my SOP. Research experience: 3 projects - One is related to financial market microstructure (uses stochastic control, Bayesian learning) and we plan to publish it in a top MS/OR journal; another bore no substantial fruit because someone published the idea in JFE; last project is my undergrad thesis on automated market makers (Fintech). My thesis centers on stochastic control and machine learning. LORs: I'm getting letters from the 3 people I researched with mentioned above. One is writing me a strong letter, is a finance professor with an OR background. The other 2 are math professors who afaik, are only connected to Columbia IEOR, for the States. Research Interest: Honestly, I'm most interested in financial market microstructure theory at the moment. However, it intersects with mechanism design (market design, auction theory, IO alike), which is why I'm considering the econ program. I like studying mechanisms/ systems, with an engineering flavor hence the interest in microstructure/ mechanism design. However based on what you have read so far, is it obvious to you that my profile fits a business PhD better than an econ PhD? Teaching Experience: Tutored 3 high schoolers math and they all got As. For economics schools, I'm considering those that are strong in micro theory/ market design. Stanford, Princeton, Northwestern, Columbia, NYU. I probably missed out some schools within the top 15 region that are strong in these area. May you suggest some schools to look at? What about Duke, UCLA, Michigan, UPenn, Maryland, NYU, UCSD, CMU, Cornell? For business schools - Stanford GSB, Columbia, Toronto Rotman. Thanks :)
  5. Phd Business Economics Evaluation ( Planning to Apply Fall 2021): GRE: 329 (Q: 167, V: 162) Should I retake GRE, because of quant?? ( Pretty sure I made some random silly mistake) TOEFL: Reading : 29; Listening: 28; Speaking & writing: Yet to get scores. Undergrad: NIT Durgapur'2017 , India( Chemical Engineering)- 8.20/10 Grad: IIM Indore'2019 , India(-MBA ( 3.38/4.33, Top 10% out of 540 students) Research Experience: IIM Indore: Microeconomics - Course of Independent Study Project- Given Presentation to Economics Department ( Awarded a credit ). Was working on the paper but it is still incomplete not sure if it is going to be completed before I apply. IIM Indore: Live Project ( Cost Analysis) with Idea Cellular (before the merger of Idea & Vodafone) -Worked in a group although- Term Paper submitted NIT Durgapur: Not relevant to econ research. Have a paper published (co-authored) in chemical Engineering in Springer ( impact factor 1.47) and a chapter (co-authored) in a book.4.NIT Durgapur: Final year Thesis (Chemical Engg) (In a group) Work experience: Deutsche Bank ( almost 2yrs) - Corporate Banking Analyst LORs: Microeconomics Professor -IIM Indore under whose supervision I completed the Microeconomics project Macroeconomics Professor- IIM Indore- Who took courses Macroeconomics Professor - IIM Indore - Who took courses Concerns: My first concern is the GRE Quant score which I know isn't good enough . I know my profile is lacking in the following: RA ships, Not enough math/econ courses. I am planning to take up online econ/math courses ( real analysis, measure theory) and R/ Stata courses as well. Kindly suggest some schools I should apply to for PhD in business economics/ managerial economics / MS in Public Policy? Also, should I consider retaking GRE because of my low quant score? Relevant Courses & Grades: Mathematics I :Functions of Single Variable,Functions of several variables,Integral Calculus, Multiple Integral, Vector Calculus, A (9/10) Mathematics II: Linear Algebra, Ordinary Differential Equations, Fourier series,Laplace and Fourier Transforms,Probability A (9/10) Mathematics III:Partial Differential Equations (PDE),Numerical Method,Complex Analysis,Optimization: (LPP)A (9/10) Advanced Numerical Analysis: Eigen Values A(9/10) Probability & Statistics A (3.783/4.33) INTRODUCTION TO QUANTITATIVE DECISION MAKING:LINEAR PROGRAMMING; B (3.367/4.33) Microeconomics Introductory Microeconomics Course A (3.867/4.33) Macroeconomics Introductory Macroeconomics Course A (3.917/4.33) Economics of Strategic Interactions Market Structures and Organization A ( 4.1/4.33) Macroeconomics of Developing economies: Growth Models ( Solow etc)A ( 4.1/4.33) Financial Markets & Central Banking, Monetary Theory & Policy B+(3.433/4.33) International Finance/ Economics B (3.1/4.33)
  6. Hi everyone! I am applying this year intake for PhD Economics. In my SOP I have cited a couple of paper as my inspiration/motivation; shall I make a reference list at the end of my SOP? or I skip it since it increases number of pages ? Thank you
  7. Hello all. I'm a current undergraduate and I'm looking for advice on my chances at getting into a PhD program. I'm not very concerned with the prestige of the program; I really just want the degree. I'm concerned my grades aren't quite good enough so I figured I could try and find some knowledgable people on here. Here's my profile: Top 20 econ program undergrad degree in economics (in progress) Grades (A:4.0,B+:3.5,B:3.0,C+:2.5,C:2.0,IP:In Progress) Math - Calc1,2,3(A,C+,C+)DiffEq©,Linear Algebra(IP, going well), Probability Theory (IP, going ok) Econ - Intermediate Micro/Macro Theory(A/B+) Intro Econ Stats (B), Intro Applied Econometrics (B), Masters Level Econometrics, 2 semesters (IP) Research - independent senior research project. Working closely with a faculty member and working on original research. LOR - One (probably) great one from my research advisor. ... a couple others that should be passable,..... Electives - a few econ and political econ courses that aren't important. Motly As and B+s. Overall GPA: 3.2 GRE Quant: 168 GRE Verbal: 163 (I've heard this doesn't matter) I plan to complete a course in Stochastic Analysis and Real Analysis before applying to programs. My theory is if I do well in future math and masters level econometrics courses, paired with my research and good LOR I can get into an ok program. Any comments or concerns are appreciated! I love economics and I really want to spend my life doing this stuff so please let me know if I have chance out here
  8. Hi everyone, I am currently applying to US universities for a PhD in economics, starting fall next year, but I'm not sure which unis I should be applying to with my results. Universities in Spain don't give out many As, but I don't know whether that is known in American universities, so my GPA and grades are my biggest doubt. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: Top Spanish university GPA: 8.8/10, self calculated GPA (Scholaro) 3.7. Ranked second in my class and did an honors thesis. Math Courses: Calculus I and II (A+), Linear Algebra and Topology (B), Statistics & Probability I and II (A+ and B), econometrics (A), Time Series (A). Econ Courses: Micro and Macro I and II, growth economics, decision making theory, health economics, industrial organization... all the usual courses for an economics major. They're all As and Bs. GRE: 168 Quant, 168 Verbal, 4 AWA. TOEFL: 119/120 Letters of Recommendation: 2 econ professors, 1 statistics professor (they are PhDs from Northwestern, Columbia and Carnegie Mellon) Research Experience: honors thesis, research paper for university forum Research Interests: development, public and environmental economics I've also worked for 6 months at the European Central Bank and as a macroeconomic analyst at the Spanish Embassy in Brazil for 1 year. The list of universities for now is made of two long shots (Berkeley and Columbia) around 6 unis like U Michigan, UIUC, UC Davis, and another 6 from slightly less competitive unis like CU Boulder, UC Irvine, Arizona. Am I on the right track? Or should I aim lower? (I doubt I should be aiming higher). Thanks to anyone who'll answer! :)
  9. Hi, I'm applying for a PhD in economics for fall 2020. I did my GRE exam and obtained a 166 in the quant section and 159 in the verbal section (still waiting for the AW score) -I'm not an English native speaker by the way-. I have read in some forums people who state similar situations, but my intention is not to repeat another discussion like those. What I think would be useful is to hear about how adcoms use the GRE scores, for example, if they just say "applicants with less than X in the quant section are dismissed" for a fixed X value or if that value X differs along applicants. I have heard first-handly that in Berkeley they have a cutoff of 166 in the quant section, and from there GRE score is completely superfluous. However, that is just one university, and is not representative. Does this cutoff applies for most universities or is it higher or lower? I will probably retake the exam on september or october and I think it won't be that difficult to increase my score to a 169-170 in quant and to 165-167 in verbal. Still I think this information may be valuable for many future applicants so that they have a better idea about the cutoff. Being Berkeley one of the top 10 programs I imagine the cutoff may round 166 or 167 across top programs. Moreover, I don't really think that a top 25 program may have (if they do) a cutoff lower than 165.
  10. Hey guys, I'm thinking about what range of PhD/Masters/RA Positions to apply to and would love any advice/opinions I can get on the matter. School: Almost unknown in the social sciences, Top 150 in US News Rankings Econ classes: Principles of Micro/Macro, Intermediate Micro/Macro, Econometrics, Game Theory, Health Care, Behavioral, Empirical Research (All As) Math classes: Calculus I-III (A), Probability (A), Mathematical Statistics (A), Mathematical Modeling (A), Intro to Differential Equations (A), Linear Algebra (A), Complex Analysis ©, Advanced Calculus I-II (A), Graduate Real Analysis I-II (A), Research in Mathematics (A), Mathematics Seminar (A) Research experience: an empirical project using Stata for 2 years with one professor and a theoretical project in I/O with another, both of whom will write rec letters Research Interests: I/O, Development I haven't taken the GRE yet, but I'll be studying for it throughout the summer and anticipate on doing really well in it. Thanks!
  11. Hi. A short question. Is it a good idea to describe what was taught in courses(especially math) you took in your SOP? Here we say "introduction to analysis" instead of "real analysis" and "real analysis" instead of "measure theory" Also I have some seminar courses that do not say what were their topic. So, all in all, is it a good strategy to describe the courses? Thank you:)
  12. Hi all, I really don't know what range of schools to be looking at, or if I even have a chance of getting into an econ PhD program at all right now. I definitely want to at least keep that option open, perhaps by pursuing a masters or RA job first. Any brutally honest advice/info would be appreciated. Undergrad: Solid flagship state school, T50 econ GPA: 3.6 overall, 3.9 in economics classes Scores: 166Q/165V Classes Mathematical economics -- Varian Analysis (B+), Multivariable calc (B), Linear Algebra (C+), Diff Eqs ©, Statistics (B+) A's in Intermediate Micro/Macro, Econometrics, Econ of Taxation, Environmental Econ, Law and Econ, Banking and Finance, etc... Experience: Summer internship at policy think tank, econ tutor LORs: Should be solid Interests:Policy, tax, public econ, macro I know, my math is really a weak spot. Will I be able to get into a PhD program at all? Should I aim for an MSc/MA instead? How about a Public Policy PhD? Some PhD programs I'm interested in: UC Boulder, GWU, Georgetown, Oregon, Harris (policy), Duke (Sanford policy)... Masters: LSE, PSE, Barcelona, Duke, Tillburg, Tolouse Am I in over my head or just psyching myself out? Thanks!
  13. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: Bsc. in Economics from a top university in my home country Undergrad GPA: 3.3 GRE: 163 (Q) ,161 (V), 4 (AWA). I plan on retaking the GRE as I think that i could get a 165-167 (Q). COURSES: Math Courses: Math I-III (A, B, B) this included calculus, differential equations, static and dynamic optimization, etc. Econ Courses: Intro to Econometrics (A), Cross Sectional Econometrics (A), Time Series Econometrics (A), Microeconomics I-III (B,B,A) this includes consumer and producer theory, general equilibrium and game theory, Macroeconomics I-III (B,A,A). Letters of Recommendation: 1). Economics profesor I RAed for in my home country. 2). Well-known economics professor I am currently working with as an RA . 3). Maybe my thesis chair or the economics department chair. Research Experience: I worked as an RA last year (2017) doing work related to labor economics using large datasets in Stata. Right now I am working remotely with a well-known professor doing research also related to labor economics. Teaching Experience: I have been a TA for microeconomics II (Market failures, general equilibrium) and Intro to Econometrics . Research Interests: Labor economics, political economy. I would like to go to a PhD in a top 50 US school or a MRes/PhD track in top european universities (BonnGSE, BarcelonaGSE, CEMFI, Mannheim, Zürich,etc.) Questions/Concerns: 1. What are my chances of being admitted to any of the aforementioned programs? 2. How bad would it be if I failed to improve my GRE(Q) score?
  14. I'm an incoming third-year undergraduate planning to apply to start my PhD in fall of 2020. I'll be applying in 2019. Since I've only finished two years, I don't have grades information for all the classes I plan to take, but I just want to know if I'm generally on the right track so far. Profile: Gender: Female Ethnicity: Caucasian Undergraduate Major: Applied Math and Economics- top Ivy League university Undergraduate GPA (overall): 3.9 Undergraduate GPA (math): 3.92 Undergraduate GPA (econ, all mathematical/quantitative courses): 3.75 Math/Statistics Courses: Multivariable Calculus (A), Linear Algebra I (A-), Applied Math Modeling (A), Intro to Set Theory, Group Theory, and Real Analysis (A), Advanced Econometrics (forthcoming), Probability Theory (forthcoming), Real Analysis (forthcoming), Linear Algebra II or Differential Equations (forthcoming-see below) Economics Courses: Advanced Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory (mathematical) (A-), Advanced Intermediate Microeconomic Theory (mathematical) (A-), Political Economics (empirical research seminar) (A), Capital Markets (mathematical finance theory) (A-), Monetary Policy (forthcoming), Economics Seminar (forthcoming) Research Experience: I've worked as an RA for a well-known professor at my university for the past year and plan to continue researching for them throughout my remaining two years of undergrad. I have done one summer of economic research work as an intern for a well-known top financial institution, I'm planning to work as an RA on campus for an entire additional summer (forthcoming), and I'm planning to write a senior thesis (forthcoming). Programming: Basic/intermediate econometrics work in R, pretty proficient in MATLAB, I will learn advanced econometrics in Stata (forthcoming) and a solid introduction to about six other languages in forthcoming computer science classes. Questions/Concerns: 1. Am I on the right track so far? Is there anything I'm missing? 2. What are my chances of being admitted to a top 5, or top 10, program? 3. Will my research experience be enough, or should I take two years after undergrad before applying? 4. I will likely only be able to take one of Linear Algebra II/Data Analysis or Differential Equations (ODE and PDE) next year. My intro to linear class was very badly taught and I got an A- in it; I'm confident I can learn linear better with another course. However, I have no experience with differential equations at all. Which of these classes should I take if I can only take one? 5. Do I need a lot more math or statistics than what I already have taken and have planned?
  15. Hello, I am graduating from REDACTED this year, and I am likely going to a 100-150 RePEc ranking (REDACTED) Economics university for my MA degree in Canada in fall 2018. I wasn't able to get into Toronto MA and likely will not get into Western MA. Here is my undergrad profile: Math: Intro to Proofs A-, First Year Calculus B+, Linear Algebra B+, Calculus of Several Variables A, Stats I A-, Stats II C, Discrete Math B, Differential Equations C, Groups and Symmetries B+, Vector Calculus C-, Combinatorics B- Economics: Intro to Economics B+, Intermediate Micro (Credit/No Credit Basis), Intermediate Macro C-, Urban Economics A, Econometrics I A+, Advanced Macro B+, Advanced Micro A+, Public Economics A, Econometrics II A+ I am going to put in a lot of effort during my MA and am confident that I can do really well in it as well as on the GRE. If this happens along with my poor undergrad GPA (3.0 cumulative), do I have any chance at a strong PhD program in my fields of interest? I am interested in econometrics and micro theory. Experimental economics also seems interesting to me. Would I have any chance at say a top 30 program in these fields? Ranking doesn't matter too much to me but I'd like to end up in academia at a relatively strong department so it does play a part. I was thinking that if I am not able to get into a strong program I can also try to work in the government for a year or two and apply after. I am willing to do a lot if it means getting into a strong program. Any help is appreciated.
  16. Hi everyone, I am currently a Ph.D. student at one of the top school in Economics in Turkey. However, I applied 7 schools for Ph.D. in Europe( SSE, Maastricht, Lund, EUI, PSE, BGSE, MGSE). I am very nervous about taking rejection all of them. Since I don't want to pursue my education here, I am searching one safety option in Europe. I will be very appreciated if someone helps me. My profile: Undergrad GPA: 2.77 in Economics (a French spoken university in Turkey, I am ranked top 1000 among 2 million people at university entrance exam) Grad GPA: 3.11 in Economics (one of the top three universities in Turkey) Published paper in Economics Letters. Current GPA in Ph.D.: 3.39 (one of the top three universities in Turkey) References from well-known professors who took their Ph.D. from top universities.
  17. Hello Urch, I am going to apply for a Phd program this year. I have some concerns regarding my chances because I have a bit controversial profile. If there is one who have some knowledge regarding my situation could you please share your opinion? Type of Undergrad: Unknown University in Asia in Finance Undergrad GPA: 3.5 (good finance courses grades) Type of Grad: Masters at the same university in Finance Grad GPA: 3.8 (good finance courses grades) GRE: Q168, V156 Econ Courses (undergrad-level): Microeconomic (B+), Statistics © Statistics II (B-), Macroeconomics (A-), Principles of Economics (C-), Principles of Economics ll (B+), Econometrics (B), Government Regulation of Economy (A). Math Courses (undergrad-level): Mathematics for Economists I to IV (All A- or A), the courses covered calculus, linear algebra, differential equations matrixes, and from all of them I got either A or A- Econ Courses (grad-level): Macro and Micro Economic (A-) Letters of Recommendation: I am currently working in a research institute in country which is not know abroad. And I plan to get one reference letter from 2 of my coworkers (I think they are not known abroad), and 1 plan to get from my prof who taught me some finance courses at university. Research experience: I think it is the only thing that can help me to get into a phd program. I have a solely written empirical paper, which uses advanced econometric techniques and is accepted at a quite good journal. The Journal have an impact factor at about 1.6. It is a fairly new journal (founded about 20 years ago), but it has some good economists published there, some of them the Nobel laureates. The paper is on Institutional and Political economics. Concerns: Small amount of econ and math courses and bad econ grades. Unknown university and references from unknown profs and scholars. By the way, i had bad grade only in the first two year of my undergrad, but in the last i got As from almost every course. Unfortunately, all econ, statistics and econometric courses were taken during the first two years. My question is: Can my paper and quite high GRE Q scores help me to get into a phd program. My thoughts are: Good gre can show that I do not have any problem with math. And the published paper can show that I can do original research, I am good in statistics and econometrics (since the paper is empirical and uses a lot of econometric techniques), and since it is on Institutional and Political economics it can show that I have quite good knowledge in these fields. Moreover, I have 2 years of experience in a research institute as a junior research fellow, and about 2 years as a market risk manager (requires a lot of econometrics and statistics) in financial institutes in my country. I know my application is really controversial. If someone had such profile or know someone who has, could you please share your experience. I am planning to apply to top 30-60. Any help will be appreciated! :snowhuman:
  18. Hi, Long time lurker, first-time poster. I want to apply for PhD Economics programs. I am open to pursuing a masters too if that may seem more appropriate. International student Undergraduate degree: Electrical Engineering Undergrad University: (university in top 20 in India- not IIT/IIM/NIT) Undergrad CGPA 60/100 (2.88/4 as per WES- helps calculates GPAs but I think its an approximation and depends on how universities calculate it) Grad program: Masters in Public Policy Grad university: Low ranked state university (+100 rank in public policy, relatively newer program in USA. Has placed students in Indiana, Cornell, UT Austin PhD Policy programs amongst a few) Grad GPA- 3.75/4 Quantitative: Engineering maths (3+ maths subjects with advanced calculus: grades are A, A-and C ) and microeconomics (A-), econometrics (B+), Quantiative methods (regression analysis) A- Recommendations: University program director (political science), professor at University (economist), boss at federal research lab (Architect & Planner- Oxford) Relevant Work Experience (6) (limited economics research, more quantiative policy research): -Research work experience in India for about 3 years in a non-profit on climate change, clean energy policy, and implementation- local, national and international (researcher) -Full time research work experience in USA for about 2 years in a national research lab on clean energy policy and implementation, looking at markets, local and state policy, utility regulation etc.. published at the lab (research assistant) -Part time research work experience at OSU on local clean energy policy issues for 2 years as a professors research assistant Research interests: Energy/ environmental economics, development economics, behavioral economics GRE: 155 v/ 157 q/ 4 analytical (will retake and aim for 165+ in quant to strengthen profile) Goals: Interested in a career in research in the policy world/government. I am not aure about academia yet. Questions: I am debating between a couple of questions and any insights would be helpful. I have read answers to similar questions on the forum and found them to improve my understanding. If I were to apply for a PhD econ now- what range of programs should I apply to? i.e 50-100 or 75-100? Is my profile suitable for PhD economics? Am I missing some key pre reqs from my coursework? Is it advisable to get a masters before applying for a PhD? If I want to apply for a higher ranked programs what are some key suggestions? With a masters degree with a low ranked university and good grades, what is the range of universities I can aim for? Thank you for reading through my profile. I look forward to receiving your comments.
  19. Hii, I am looking forward for some valuable suggestions for universities abroad (especially in Europe and US) for PhD in Economics, fall 2018. I have completed my graduation (3 years bachelor in economics from University of Delhi) and postgraduation (2 years masters from University of Hyderabad) in Economics from India. I am interested in the field of Cultural Economics, Labour Economics and New institutional Economics and am looking at schools abroad with good acceptance rate for Indian students. Below are some details pertaining to my academic record : General GRE - 323/340 (Verbal -160 , Quantitative -163, AWA - 3.5/6) TOEFL - 116/120 GPA (9.25/10 in postgraduation) with a level 1 course in Spanish. I am currently awaiting an offer letter from a bank for the post of business analyst, however I am planning to leave the job by March next year if my applications for fall 2018 are accepted (the results of which I expect will reach me by March next year if I start applications by November this year). It would be very helpful if someone could assess the above credentials and interests and provide names of some universities that I could focus early during my applications. Thank you.
  20. Hi , i want to know which of the two schools ,UC Santa Barbara or UC Irvine are better for a PhD in economics , especially in labor and public.
  21. hello, i am a master of finance student in Bocconi university. i have a bachelor degree in economics and wanted to continue on it but decided to switch to finance due to some restraints (my scholarship from European Union only allows me to register in one year programs; and as you know msc in econ programs are 2 year) i do not hate finance but i do not love it as much as economics. besides, i beleive that that business life is not suitable for me. i have a great interest in economics which -unfortunately- revealed in my last years in bachelor degree. therefore, i do not have a high gpa (2.86) but a great interst in economics. so i have some concerns about for pursuing a phd degree. i will be very happy if you can help me. although i have taken some math courses (calculus, statistics, linear algebra, econometrics), i am not sure that it is sufficient for a phd in economics. plus, i do not have very shiny grades on math (because i was not studying at all, i mostly entered the exams mostly 1-2 hours of study and survived with my previous high school math knowledge. as i mentioned above, i was not a hardworking student in my first years do to my lack of interest in economics). calculus101: c+ calculus102:c+ statistics1: c statistics2: c econometrics: c linear algebra: b+ so do you recommend me to get a phd? can i survive a phd program (especially the math part)? if so which masters program do you recommend for me (i assume taking an ma degree will improve my chances for phd admission, especially for a low gpa guy like me) thank you for your answers which will help me to shape next 50 years of my life
  22. Hello, Reading the posts from well-prepared candidates from all around the world, I thought I could give a try and hopefully, I hope I would get some useful advice from you! I am a senior student in Korea Univesity, majoring business administration. My GPA until now is 3.95/4.0. My mathematical background is Calculus, Linear algebra, PMA, Real analysis, Mathematical Analysis, Stochastic process, and DE. Though inadequate, I did take micro, macro and econometrics, international finance. Since it deemed appropriate, I plan to take linear regression, probability, multivariate statistics, elementary computational statistics, and two more courses to get a minor degree in Statistics. I know how to use MATLAB, R, SAS, C/C++ pending:) My GRE score is 160/170, but since my writing score is so frustrating that I plan to take another test... I plan to enroll for the PhD in finance, but it never seems enough to get prepared for the place. I already know that I need to supplement my resume with research experience, since I would only have a research experience as a RA under a professor in the college when I apply. What would you like to recommend for me to increase my chance to get accepted, given that I aim for finance in top 20? Or top 10? My second goal is to apply for Econ, since it was also fun to study in economics department. Could you recommend me some advice on this as well?
  23. Hey guys, I am wondering about the potential implications for future Ph.D applications of flunking or getting a low grade in an advanced math undergrand course. The course is Real Analysis of the "Pure Math" School, so it is a bit hard. I recently graduated from my B.s in Economics, in December, and I am starting a masters in a top European Program (CEMFI) in September. I used this semester to improve my pure math skills and to earn some money. However, the course is being taught by the hardest professor ever, and with work, it has been the toughest. Consequently, I am a bit worried on how this course may impact my admission possibilities in future Ph.D programs, even if I would have completed a masters in between. Thanks!
  24. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: Delhi University (mid-tier college) Undergrad GPA: Quite bad. Below average. Type of Grad: MA in Economics from the topmost Indian college for a master's in econ. Grad GPA: We have percentages so 69%. Top 10% of my class, but I took the hardest courses made available so if you account for course load, I should easily be in the top 5%. GRE: Haven't given yet, but practice tests average around 167Q and I still have 5 weeks to go. Math Courses: Linear Algebra, Optimization, Dynamic Optimization, ODE, Topology and Stochastic Dynamics (includes stuff like Bellman Equation and Blackwell's Theorem etc) Econ Courses (grad-level): micro, macro, econometrics, game theory, social choice theory, dynamic macro, industrial organization, public economics, financial markets, issues in economic systems and institutions, topic in economic theory Econ Courses (undergrad-level): intro micro, intro macro, micro, macro, econometrics, development theory, money and financial markets Letters of Recommendation: One professor I'm RAing with (PhD from Cornell, best in her field- agriculture and nutrition economics), two professors whose classes I did well in-- one taught topology and advanced game (PhD from Princeton, pretty renowed), the other taught Industrial organization (PhD from an Indian University but he just one of the most prestigious awards in India for an economist). Research Experience: RAing for the past two months! Teaching Experience: none at all Research Interests: Game theory. Experimental econ. Behavioural econ. SOP: not yet written Concerns: my LORs are in all likelihood going to be lukewarm. I have done well in classes but not taken initiative and not particularly interactive with professors. ****** undergrad too. Other: Applying to: US top 30. Mostly top 10-30. Not going to apply to top 10 for obvious reasons. Basically, is there any chance I'd make it to top 30 with funding? Or should I wait a year and work on my writing sample/ LORs? Any comments will be very much appreciated by this super-confused soul.
  25. Hello everybody, time is running out for everyone who wish to start phd in fall 2015. I have a question to be addressed. I'd appreciate replies from both seniors and applicants. First, what are the pros/cons of going for PhD in Econ Department rather than in business school (such as stern, wharton, hbs...)? I have been looking around for while and some b-schools have doctoral student whose research area are applied micro, game theory, ind organiz, development econ, public econ...(this is really confusing me)* which category is more worthy in terms of future salary? Probability to be admitted in SOM/b-sch compared to Econ dep? How ow to choose b2n the 2? *course requirement are very similar to phd from Econ dep
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