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  1. Hello all, I have been planning to take the GRE exam by the end of this year and bought some GRE books on Amazon however, I am forced to sell them at short notice ($15 for all three) because I am leaving the US in three days due to a family emergency and these books are too heavy to fit into my suitcase. Condition: new, as I never got around to actually use them yet. The books are: 1. Manhattan's 5lb Book of GRE Practice Problems, latest edition 2. Official GRE Verbal Reasoning Practice Questions, 2nd edition 3. Official GRE QUANTITITATIVE Reasoning Practice Questions, 2nd edition I am based in Washington DC metro area. Please send me a message if you are interested. This is an urgent sale. Thank you, greekgoddess
  2. I did an at-home test in September - happy with the result all things considered. Resources Used Manhatttan 5 lb. (Quant Only) (Strongly Recommend) ETS official practice book (Strongly Recommend) Nova Maths Bible (Only use if you've exhausted the other resources) Magoosh (Strongly Recommend). Buying the service a couple of weeks out bumped up my score from about 155V/160Q. Test Day The test itself was a lot longer than I had practiced due to the extra hoops that they make you jump through in securing the testing environment. I spent little time on the AWA section (less than 20 minutes each), as the section isn't relevant for the grad schools I'm applying to. General Advice Start early - I began studying about 3 and a half months out and I needed all of this time. It only came together in the last 2 weeks or so, before that my practice results were around 155V/160Q Emphasize practice - The concepts themselves can be learned through doing questions - I did over 2000 practice questions and didn't spend any time on the 'theory' as such Be organised - this is critical. Mock up spreadsheets to track progress, make sure you allocate enough time to practicing each section and ensure that you can find practice materials easily. Simulate test conditions - This is probably the most important aspect of preparation. Simulate the test conditions as closely as possible (including the time of day you take the test) and take full practice tests (including all sections). I found it difficult in the first few full-length practice tests to remain focused, but improved after the 5th practice test. Plan to take the test multiple times - Even if you ace the first test (which I was lucky enough to do) make sure you have enough time to take another before applications are due. I planned (and booked) another test before taking my first test, which relieved some of the pressure. Hopefully the above helps. Remember that the GRE is a specific test and needs to be prepared for as a test. The test itself has its own quirks are requires tailored preparation. The topics and questions themselves are not difficult in a vacuum, but the test itself is due to the way it is structured. Best of luck! Happy to answer questions.
  3. Hi all, I just took the GRE. I got a 166 Q and 156 V. I understand that 166Q might not be enough for top 20 and I am anyway applying to top 25-50. I gave all the free ETS practice tests, and even one of the paid tests -- I found quants on the actual test much harder than any practice test. I am a little apprehensive to take the test again and also financially constrained - I don't want to retake unless I have to. Should I let it go and focus on my SoP and research? I have been working an RA for more than a year now, have a work-in-progress paper and also have summer RA experience. Any suggestion would be appreciated! Thanks!
  4. Hi guys. Any website with practice question or quizes ? . Also how important is bio-statics in fpgee ?
  5. Hello, everyone! Recently, I took a practice GRE exam—which, of course, involves two AWA essays (one issue task and one argument task.) I wanted these essays to be reviewed by someone who would be relatively unbiased so that I can have an idea of how I might be able to improve upon my writing for the GRE. Would anyone mind looking over these essays for me and giving me your comments as well as, possibly, the score you would estimate each essay to receive? The prompts for each essay are included at the top of each essay's respective page without the italicized directions, since I figure most people will know what each essay is intended to accomplish. Also, you can find the prompts for each essay from the practice book "GRE Prep by Magoosh", which is available on Amazon (I highly suggest this book, as it has greatly helped me so far!)
  6. Hello, everyone—I have a question I want to ask. Would it be a violation of copyright laws if I posted the prompt for a practice essay (not one from the actual test) that I once used? I am looking to get feedback on a couple of practice essays, which is, of course, easier when people know what the prompt for the essay was, but I want to make sure I am not breaking any copyright laws first. Thank you all so much!
  7. Hi all, Having received my TOEFL scores just yesterday, I figured it would be helpful to those out there preparing to sit the TOEFL IBT. I should start my saying that I am from a country whose native language is English. However, with that being said, I stressed out so much over this exam, so I understand how nerve-wrecking it can be for those who have another foreign language. *Preparation* I had exactly one month to prepare for the Toefl. As I had just completed another exam, I took the first 4-5 days off and didn't really go hard with my studying till the last two weeks, and especially the last week. I had purchased the official toefl prep book from the website which I went through first. I found it to be quite overwhelming for two reasons. First, the written English in the book was complex as it is; I ended up restarting before I started the practice exercises as I didn't quite catch their learning points. I did have a tiny hiccup with the listening section as I wasn't given the audio files but these were emailed to me pretty fast. They have the audio written down if you want to read as you listen to really understand the language. I didn't practice the speaking and writing sections as I thought it would be better to start with youtube videos. There are really good Toefl prep videos on youtube, specifically by a Professor Joseph who works at Notefull. Definitely watch them and nail those tips! Despite being an English speaker, I have severe test anxiety so I focused a lot in this area. When I'm nervous, I speak fast. I had to drastically change this as it made my speech lose order, made it seem like I was missing out words, going wrong with pronunciations, and especially made mistakes. I used Notefull's tips on how to approach the speaking sections. Then just practiced everyday. It is tempting to bring in a lot of information in hopes of scoring higher. Take it from me, it's more important to slow down even if that means you'll lose detail. As long as you answer the question, you're fine! I also did some research and bought a one month access to a learning platform called Bestmytest. The reason I bought this was to have an expert answer my questions, and most importantly, review my spoken and written English. This platform was super helpful in my opinion. Not only was the personalized feedback helpful (you get a set number of reviews but you can purchase more), but they had a host of excellent features: 1. Of course, expert help which highlighted my flaws. Their response time was really quick. 2. Additional videos and written tips. 3. Progress tracker including the percentile of each completed section, a score board to monitor your performance based on your ideal score and an excellent breakdown, especially in the Reading section, of which question type you are really struggling with. Mine was the insert the questions and gist content questions for which I sought further help from experts. 4. A massive question bank; practice makes perfect, remember that! 5. Additional lessons that really dig into the foundation of the language. 6. I found the questions quite hard, and the expert feedback to be very constructive and non-lenient with scores which prompted me to really smooth out the rough edges. This prepares you for the worst case as I was pretty much fighting to get up to my target scores during preparation. The last week, I focused on my weak points. I didn't learn anything new; just practiced. My written English is my strength but I still focused copious amounts of time getting Bestmytest's written template etched into my memory. If found myself to be quite tight with time, leaving under 2 minutes for a complete review. I had to improve this. Naturally, the introduction took the longest as you're thinking of what to write. Below are the strategies I employed: 1. A short introduction. I tend to introduce 2-3 ideas I'll be dedicating a paragraph to in the passage. I start off with one idea and start writing the main body. This gave me time to think of the second paragraph. I would then go back to the introduction to write it down, lest I forgot. This allowed me to think of ideas and make my introduction specific. 2. For those who struggle with detail, try this: a neutral approach. For example, you may be asked if you agree or disagree with a learning style. I would dedicate the first paragraph to 'agree', with an example, the second to 'disagree', with an example and the third (if I can), a combination of how the learning style, which I disagreed with can still work and how, even though I agree with the learning style, an issue it has. Give examples. 3. Conclusion is quick; summarize the main points. There are many ways to end a conclusion but I like ending it with a thought provoking sentence which I haven't discussed. 4. Try to learn complex words which are general and can be applied across a range of topics. When used right, they really boost your score. Tips on speaking: 1. Slow and controlled. 2. I downloaded a free voice recorder app with a playback and timer feature to train me to speak within the time limit and allow me to listen to how I would sound to the examiner. I highly recommend this as my partner and I listened back and caught potentially significant errors I didn't realize I was making. 3. The Bestmytest platform offers expert reviews. I practiced a few questions of each question type and sent one of each type for review. 4. Whilst recording, it is tempting to start again when you make a mistake. Avoid this as you cannot start again on the day. I employed a method of adding a 'sorry' and restarting the sentence where I made the error. This allowed for correction and hopefully mimimized confusion. With that being said, avoid getting to this stage. If you speak slowly, you are less likely to make errors. It's all about practice. 5. Try to be less generous with time when practicing. I gave myself 5 less seconds per section. This allowed me to get my main points in on time just incase I end up wasting valuable seconds on the day. On the day, I had time left over which I let run out. This is a luxury as I had said my main points. Plus, this also allows you time to add crucial points that you missed. I found the listening section to be the easier one during practice but did find this section the hardest on the day. This was quite weird for me as my learning style at college and university was to write down pretty much everything the professor said. I gained my speed of writing whilst listening this way. Here are my tips for it: 1. Even if you find a section to be easier, don't overlook practice. A way to force you to get the practice done is to work on full mock exams. When I purchased the official Toefl guide, I also got access to 4 practice tests. I left these for just before the exam. They are the closest representation to the exam with difficulty level and on screen experience. 2. Practice listening and writing. If you don't have friends that speak English, go to a Starbucks or other cafe. Just sit and write down conversations you hear (non-private ones of course), and the exchange between the cashier and customer etc etc. Find your own place that gives you access to a wealth of conversations by English speakers. The next time you watch an English movie or tv show, practice writing! 3. If you miss some information, forget it. Move on. Or you'll miss more. I ended up making a lot of educated guesses. 4. Underline words you think they'll ask you questions on. As far as timing goes, this section is stingey. It is very important to find information fast. Underlining words helped me locate the right sentences faster. Overall tips: 1. I learnt the entire content in a quiet study area but went to the library in the last week to get used to working with noise as there is a high likelihood of noise on the day. 2. Get to your venue early. My exam was really early (8am) plus you need to get there at least half an hour before you start. I had issues with rush hour traffic and confusing location so I ran into the venue panicking. Practice getting to the venue and definitely adjust your sleep cycle the last two or three days, to wake up for the exoected time on the day of the exam. 3. Added bonus: if you get there before other students, you can start earlier which means you reach the speaking section quicker, therefore, will be less distracted by the noise. I was distracted in the reading section by noise as you all test your microphone before starting. Also, get used to wearing headphones while practicing. They genuinely help with minimizing audio distraction on the day. 4. The actual exam may be longer. I had an extra exercise in the Reading and Writing sections. When preparing, really make use of your day to get used to the long duration of the exam. I know it's a lot I have written but that's just because I understand how daunting the entire process is. Find your own additional strategies which only come with practice. I'll finish off with my scores: Reading: 24 (when preparing) -29 (actual) Listening: >25 (when preparing) -25 (actual) Speaking: 26 (when preparing)- 30 (actual) Writing: 28 (when preparing)- 30 (actual) I wish you all the best! Just keep practising! In my opinion, it is worth investing in study materials and expert help as retakes will be so much more expensive. Practicing really calmed me down too. Many fail because of nerves, not because of lack of knowledge. Train yourself to leap over this pit; let your confidence guide you to success!
  8. Dear group members, I am done with my GRE and hence am selling off the remaining few months of my Magoosh and Manhattan mock exam subscription. Let me know if anyone is keen on buying it. I can offer it at a decently discounted price. Also, hit me up if you want me to share my GRE experience. I scored 330/340. Might offer some advice to the aspirants in this group. Regards, Vandan Jain
  9. Hi everyone, I took the GRE last fall and remember how hectic my experience with the Verbal section was. So as a part of my course project at the Stanford Graduate School of Education, I created a set of quizzes to practice 100 GRE Words from the list created by Grishma Jena (100 GRE words and their synonyms – Grishma Jena – Medium) How it works - Each quiz contains 15 multiple choice questions about 15 GRE words - Every day you will receive a set of quizzes to go through in the next 24 hours - Spaced repetition practice: you will have a chance to repeat each word at least 5 times over the course of 2 weeks - Different contexts: every time you see a GRE word in a quiz, it will appear in a new sentence (taken from a book or a news article) If you want to give it a try, please subscribe here: GRE 100 Words
  10. Seeking a motivated partner to practice via Skype or if located in the DMV area can do it in person, I can be reach via ncstankeu@hotmail.com. Thank you .
  11. Hello everyone! I 'am planning to take TOEFL test sometime in the future, but till then I need to practice my speaking. I would tell that my present level of speech and fluency is probably OK, but there is still a lot work to do, to improve my overall fluency and the test score for speaking section. Please contact me via private message. I 'am available most the days from 6 pm (GMT+2).
  12. Hi urch, Would getting a letter from a Professor of Practice, who nonetheless has a PhD from a T7 and with whom you've done a research project, be a bad idea? For those unfamiliar, Professors of Practice are appointed to primarily teach (because they're good at teaching and the students love them) rather than do research (and hence their productivity is usually not so high). My other two letters will be stronger and from: 1. A tenured associate professor, productive, up and rising in his field. 2. A well-known full professor (top 5% IDEAS). For obvious reasons, I can't divulge too many details about my profile. I go to a well-known undergrad in the US, if that makes a difference regarding the professors' reputation. My other option is either 1) get a LOR from a professor I took a grad econ class with (though I didn't get to know them very well besides getting a good grade) or 2) do a one-year NBER/non-NBER RA stint to secure a good 3rd recommendation letter from an active researcher. The drawback of 2) is the opportunity cost of delaying the PhD by a year while my profile is probably already strong enough to not need to (?). Does anyone have any experience with using letters from professors who are not active in research? Thank you in advance for your thoughts and advice. nervousapp
  13. Hi,I am from Turkey. I have just graduated from the Northwestern University, USA. I will take a Toefl test within one month. However, I don't have any chance to practice my speaking skills in the homeland. If you are interested in, please contact me. Hamzasaracoglu2015@u.northwestern.edu
  14. Hi,I am from Turkey. I have just graduated from the Northwestern University, USA. I will take a Toefl test within six month. However, I don't have any chance to practice my speaking skills in the homeland. If you are interested in, please contact me. Hamzasaracoglu2015@u.northwestern.edu
  15. Looking for study partner to practice for TOEFL.
  16. Do you want to practice speaking English with a native English speaker? I am available to chat with you for 30 minutes. In exchange, I'd love to ask you a few questions about how you are studying for the TOEFL and answer any other question you may have about studying in the United States... reply below with your email or add me on Skype (yuanyuangeng). Good luck everyone!
  17. Hello all! I was wondering if anyone could provide me with some feedback and/or reviews regarding the GRE Ultimate 24-hour LiveOnline Course through The Princeton Review. Was it helpful or no? I have taken the GRE twice and got the same exact score so I am looking for some extra help. I want to retake the GRE as soon as possible rather than too far into the semester. Thank you in advance for your comments! Good luck... :encouragement:
  18. Hello everyone! I am posting my essay just in case anyone could grade it and-or note any mistakes etc. Btw, english is not my native language. Here is the subject: “People most respect the powerful not when they exercise their power, but when they refrain from exercising it.” Write an essay in which you develop and support a position on the statement above. In writing your essay, you should consider both when the statement may be true and when it may be false. And here is my essay: There is an old Chinese saying that true wisdom lies not when someone knows when to exercise his power for good or evil but when he truly knows when to not act at all. That said, how can anyone determine the correlation of respect and the exercise of power? In the political context, as it is commonly correlated with power, it raises an obscure argument that exercised power inspires respect since its the only way to actually change the flow of things and of course history itself. On the contrary, others would support the notion that true respect comes from the ability to restrain power. After carefully weighting historical facts, it becomes clear that people mostly respect leaders who act and exercise their power. To begin with, the ability to show restrain can engender respect. A bright example that most people have heard of is the trial of Jesus in Pilate's court. Pilate, after carefully examining the facts that were presented he quoted "I wash my hands" implying that he was not in a position to clearly declare any sentence although historians have concluded that he was eager to favour Jesus. Nevertheless, as Jesus was later on sentenced to crucifixion, and since Pilate was the only man who could actually set him free, his stasis and his inability to exercise his power has was the primary reason for losing his respect among the Christian people. On the other hand, one solid example of exercised power relates to a politician named Margaret Thatcher. Also known as the "Iron Lady", she is the longest-serving British Prime minister of the 20th century. Thatcher became a noticeable politician due to her determination to apply really innovative political and economical initiatives that contributed in Britain's recovery during the 80s. It is clear that Thatcher would have not succeed if she was not resolute in exercising her power as a politician, a fact that justifies her great reputation and admiration by British people and a base argument that has granted her a title in the House of Lords. In addition, another luminary persona of the ancient Greek political scene is Pericles, a man with a profound influence on the Athenian society. Referred to as the "first citizen", Pericles has gained his reputation by exercising power to benefit the citizens of Athens. Credited for many positive deeds, like the promotion of arts and Parthenon's construction, his greatest achievement was to exercise his power and declare the Athenean democracy, an act that has changed history and set the foundations of the modern civilization as we know it. He is the brightest example of a man who has gained peoples' respect from wisely exercising his power. To sum up, after considering both sides of the issue, it is inevitably concluded that the exercise of power is mostly respected. The examples aforementioned, clearly show that if the entity in power chooses not to exercise power at all, it is that option itself that makes the entity lose respect. The exercise of power, has created personas that are still admired and respected. Hence, it is not the restraint of power that people most respect, it is the exercise of power that matters most. I can also offer my evaluation to anyone who can help me here :) Thanks in advance!
  19. Hi, I'm looking for people who want to practice english, especially in order to succeed at TOEFL exam with an impeccable score. My aim is to get 104 to be able to attend Berkeley University and I'm really willing to use any means I have at my disposal to do so. Toefl test,we're going to kick your butt :P
  20. Good day everybody! My name is Kaye, and I'm a Filipino currently residing in the US (Just new here, no friends or acquaintances to converse with). I'm about to take TOEFL ibt this coming 20th of December. In my assessment, my speaking skill needs a lot of improvement. So what I am thinking right now is to find someone to practice speaking with. I don't know how it can be done since I can't post any contact details here. Suggestions are most welcome, and those who are interested to practice their speaking skill with me can freely express their interest in this forum. (Note: Just intellectual and decent discussions please) Thanks everybody! Hope to hear from you all!
  21. Hi, Just to acclimatize myself to ETS RCs and way these RCs flow, I have started reading articles from The Washington Post, The New Yorker, The New York Times etc as suggested by many GRE prep sites and Tutors. I read an article at Laura Kipnis's "How to Become a Scandal," reviewed by Ellen McCarthy and failed to grasp certain sentences and the overall idea of it. Can some explain what is exactly meant by the underlined portions following sentences from the above mentioned article? 1. Kipnis expertly rebuilds the tension of each case, unraveling the details of her subjects' downfalls so methodically that I held my breath, willing these people to avoid catastrophes that have long since passed. And she treats her subjects with great humanity and an empathetic there-but-for-the-grace-of-God-go-I reverence. Kipnis knows that, for all of us, the edge is a little too close for comfort. 2. A teasing highlight of the book comes in a parenthetical aside, when Kipnis notes that psychologists have found that schadenfreude is always most potent in "areas of what they call 'self-relevance.' By the article, the author "Ellen McCarthy" clearly says "The book is most effective as a collection of well-told parables, but in the end fails to offer any illuminating revelations about a world habitually riveted by the humiliation of others". Can someone please explain what idea is presented by the following ending lines: "So, a confession: I almost always choose the longest supermarket line. More time to check out what other people have in their baskets and to make my way through this week's People magazine (which I don't buy, just devour from cover to cover)." Thanks a lot in advance. Please note that the excerpts have been provided from the article at the link : Laura Kipnis's "How to Become a Scandal," reviewed by Ellen McCarthy
  22. The following website has newly added a section for IELTS vocabulary in 20 lessons which will be uploaded regularly. When you open the page by clicking on each vocabulary you can hear the correct pronunciation and read its definitions, origin and forms. http://www.learnenglish-test.com/index.php/toefl-vocabulary/ielts-vocabulary/ielts-vocabulary-practice1 Having a good vocabulary knowledge will help you a great deal in your exam. Good Luck!
  23. Hello All, To being a short introduction: I come from a quantitative background, and am applying to Ph.D. and Masters programs in a few fields of interest. In December of 2010 I took the GRE cold turkey(in other words I did not ever open a prep book, had no idea that you could not use a calculator on the GRE, and was not even aware of the "test format"--never heard of quantitative comparisons) needless to say my scores were dismal at 730 Quant, 540 Verbal, and 4.5 Writing. I should have cancelled the scores, but I was reluctant due to the prohibitively high cost of the exam and sheer indifference at that time. Nonetheless I am starting anew, and have begun studying for the GRE over the past two weeks. I feel overwhelmed with the amount of resources at hand: Vocabulary: TPR Word Smart for the GRE, and Barron's Essential Words for the GRE. General: PowerPrep, 800 Scores, Barrons, Kaplan, McGraw-Hill, Peterson's, and Dummies Guide. Verbal: BigBook(27 Real GRE tests) Quantitative: 1014 GRE Questions, and Barrons Math Workbook. I will be taking the GRE probably twice: at the end of June, and at the end of July. For the programs I am applying to the GRE cutoffs are 800 Quant, 600 Verbal, and 5 Writing. What most concerns me is the Quantitative section, as my arithmetic is in extreme desuetude(disuse) and I am prone to making careless errors, is that it is pretty much 800 or bust. Questions: 1. Which Vocabulary book is better WordSmart or Barrons? I am already on the P's in WordSmart, and Barron's Vocabulary book is arriving on Thursday. 2. At the end of the Peterson's book there is a section that many of the words on hot lists and even comprehensive vocabulary books may not be used as frequently as they once were, and that new words have come to supplant them. Can anyone confirm this? 3. At what level do I need to know the vocabulary in your opinion? Just a general sense of the word(i.e. synonym with a somewhat precise definition)? Or a very detailed definition? For instance sometimes I might forget in the definition that the action had to be done deliberately, or might confuse contempt/ridicule with criticize. Should these errors not be occurring? 4. What list of roots should I study? The ones in Barron's and WordSmart? Are they comprehensive enough? I printed a list of 500 roots/prefixes/suffixes from prefixsuffix.com, and am having quite some trouble memorizing them. Anyone have any tips for memorizing roots etc? 5. I am extremely prone to making silly/stupid/careless errors on both the Quant and Verbal parts of the exam. For instance calculation errors or accidentally missing a word or two in the hypothesis part of a quant problem. Or on the Verbal section, sometimes I accidentally pick the synonym, or on the analogies I might no read all the answers. Would practice remedy these careless errors? If not what would you suggest? 6. What other quantitative section resources do you know of? 7. How many practice tests come on PowerPrep and 800score? (I have been unwilling to install them since I want to at least get the hang of the test before I start doing CAT practices, also I need to install Windows--only have ArchLinux right now.) 8. The GRE will not be changing one bit until August 1, 2011? Or have they modified the test a little bit already? 9. Should I learn basic grammar for the writing section? If so do you know of any resources that start from the ground up(as I have no idea what a predicate or preposition etc. is)? Thank You for your Assistance and Comments, 1500hopeful
  24. Dear forum users. I am planing to take CS subject test and we want to study for the test by solving questions with some of my friends. Can you recommend me sources to find sample questions. (hopefully along with answers) I currently have ETS sample test and titanium bits guide. My major is computer architecture so I can solve the %15 part of the test related to logic design and computer architecture, but worst part is theory part for me. (automata, alg. theory etc.) I definitely need some advice on those topics. I have access to all major CS books but as you know it takes so much time to study by just reading text books.
  25. Anna-Maria asserted that she learned little from the presentation, but not so much because the lecturer was abstruse as because he was -------; that is, the lecturer was perfectly -------, but he simply would not commit to any one stance. (A) equivocal . . intelligible (B) exhausting . . understandable © ambiguous . . comprehensive (D) facile . . reasonable (E) recondite . . entertaining Answer: Any questions? Ask away. :)
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