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  1. Hey guys: What are my possibilities to get into PhD in economics in Europe? Like Zurich, Bocconi, SSE or EUI? I am not considering US My grades are pretty low: Masters in economics (8.2/10) at Carlos III Bachelor in economics (7.3/10) at Carlos III But I have a lot of research experience: Research intern at Bank of Italy Research assistant at UPF (Pompeu Fabra) Research intern at a famous German institute Research Fellow at Barcelona school of economics Soon I will join DG Research at ECB Really good recommendation letters Do I have any chance? I did not take GRE yet.
  2. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: BA Math and Economics, Ivy League (starts with P) Cumulative GPA: 3.51 / 4.00 GRE: 169 Q/166 V/4.0 AWA Math Courses: Calc II-Multivariate (A), Calc III-ODE ©, Calc IV-PDE (A-), Linear Algebra (A), Math of Finance (A), Real Analysis I & II (C/A), Adv ODEs (A) Stats Courses: Probability (A), Regression (A), Time Series (A), Stochastics (A), Math Stat (A-), Bayes (A-), Machine Learning (A-) Econ Courses: Intermediate Micro/Macro (A-/A+), Game Theory (B-), Adv Micro (A), Adv Game Theory (A), Economic Development (A) Letters of Recommendation: - Prof - Fed economist - Current boss (was previously an Asst Prof at a top-5, well-known in finance) [assume generally positive but maybe not superlative - all agreed to write without reservation. I honestly don't have a great sense] Research Experience: 2 years at Federal Reserve 1.5 years of independent work with an Asst Prof at a top-25 (couple of presentations, still WIP stage) Teaching Experience: None Work Experience: Internship at top DC think tank - economic policy 2 years at Federal Reserve 3 years Data Scientist at Silicon Valley tech/finance company, currently senior level (~200K salary). Have a couple of mathy blog posts which can be adapted for writing sample. Programming skills: R, Python, Scala Questions/Context: ​ Wondering how competitive I'll be at top 10. Also looking at business programs. Have low/mediocre GPA with some unfortunate Cs which I think is my biggest weakness. Should I do a Master's? I've saved enough (350K, no debt) that I can afford it easily. Honestly a PhD wasn't really on my radar until end of senior year, would have studied a bit harder had I known earlier
  3. I decided a bit late to try to pursue an Econ PhD--it's been a major of mine for a while, and I've been taking some math courses, but I do graduate in a year, so there's not just a whole lot of adapting I can do at this point. I understand the programs are competitive, and that's okay. I'd just like some thoughts on what I can do with what little wiggle room I've got, and what rank of school (Top 20? Top 50?) I should focus on. I'll work on my applications plenty, but that's easier to change. Graduating: May 2021 Type of Undergrad: Unranked (top ~120) U.S. University. BS in Econ, BA in Political Science & Spanish, Data Science minor. Think liberal arts school for what I’m studying--some research, but teaching-oriented. Undergrad GPA: 3.9+, should remain above or maybe dip into high 3.8s GRE: 170Q/170V/5.5 Undergrad Econ Courses: AP Macro, Intro Micro, Intermediate Macro/Micro, Applied Econometrics, Theories of Economic Growth, Labor (As). Game Theory and History of Econ (the latter required, unfortunately) planned. Math Courses: Linear Algebra (A), Stats (A). Calc III (summer), Mathematical Statistics planned. I have two spots open, and I’m trying to get into Advanced Calc I, but I don’t have the prerequisites; without a waiver, ODE + PDE or ODE + some proofs course. Other (Relevant?) Courses: Intro to Data Science (A). Data Mining planned. LORs: Professor I had for Intro Micro and will have for Game Theory (Dept Head), other I had for three courses and will assist with (informal) research over the summer. Unsure on 3rd, so will be shakier--but could be related to a fall research project. Programming: R, limited Python Research Experience: None in Econ at the moment, will have limited experience after summer. Was chosen for a Canadian Fulbright for the summer, but, y'know, pandemic. Fall project and (Spring) senior thesis planned. Teaching Experience: I tutored HS students (in government and US history) this past year; TAs are basically STEM-only at my UG. Work Experience: Nothing relevant to Econ/PhD. Research Interests: Transit/Transportation is a hobby interest of mine, so I’m looking at UC Irvine. Other than that, I’m fairly open, but skew toward Labor, Development (Micro), Public, maybe Resource. Concerns: At this stage, I feel like I’m doing what I can in terms of making myself competitive--I’d just prefer not to waste my time and money applying and getting rejected from schools beyond my reach. What kind of schools (rankings, though specific ones are good, too) should I be focusing on? I’m also not really sure where ranks lie (I’ve been using thissince it has subfields). I’m hesitant about going to a “low-ranked” PhD program, even though I’m not sure where that cutoff is. Thanks for your help!
  4. Hi everyone, I am currently applying to US universities for a PhD in economics, starting fall next year, but I'm not sure which unis I should be applying to with my results. Universities in Spain don't give out many As, but I don't know whether that is known in American universities, so my GPA and grades are my biggest doubt. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: Top Spanish university GPA: 8.8/10, self calculated GPA (Scholaro) 3.7. Ranked second in my class and did an honors thesis. Math Courses: Calculus I and II (A+), Linear Algebra and Topology (B), Statistics & Probability I and II (A+ and B), econometrics (A), Time Series (A). Econ Courses: Micro and Macro I and II, growth economics, decision making theory, health economics, industrial organization... all the usual courses for an economics major. They're all As and Bs. GRE: 168 Quant, 168 Verbal, 4 AWA. TOEFL: 119/120 Letters of Recommendation: 2 econ professors, 1 statistics professor (they are PhDs from Northwestern, Columbia and Carnegie Mellon) Research Experience: honors thesis, research paper for university forum Research Interests: development, public and environmental economics I've also worked for 6 months at the European Central Bank and as a macroeconomic analyst at the Spanish Embassy in Brazil for 1 year. The list of universities for now is made of two long shots (Berkeley and Columbia) around 6 unis like U Michigan, UIUC, UC Davis, and another 6 from slightly less competitive unis like CU Boulder, UC Irvine, Arizona. Am I on the right track? Or should I aim lower? (I doubt I should be aiming higher). Thanks to anyone who'll answer! :)
  5. Test Scores: GMAT: 720; Quant: 44, Verbal: 44, IR: 7 Undergrad GPA: ​3.7; accounting major at a Big 10 school Graduate GPA: 3.7; MSA with concentration in tax from Notre Dame Research Experience: None Teaching Experience: None Work Experience: 2 years as a tax associate at a Big Four firm Additional Info: CPA licensed Computer science minor Plan on receiving letters of recommendation from professors at ND Plan on retaking GMAT and improving quant score No calculus taken in college Interested in research-focused program Research Areas of Interest: the intersection of technology and accounting Questions: 1. With my masters in tax and tax experience will I be limited to tax research? Or have better chances of getting into a program with a focus on tax? 2. Should I take a calculus course or other math course before applying? Online or community college? If online, what are good options? 3. Would I need to find schools that have professors publishing about my research area of interest or is that too specific a criteria? 4. What tier of schools should I be looking at, given my profile? Thank you!
  6. Hi Guys! Any thoughts, suggestions would be greatly appreciated! This isn't (obviously) for this go around of applications but the following year. Wondering what would be considered a realistic for Econ PhD programs? Top 10? Top 20? Top 50? Looking to see where I relatively hold up. More details about my profile: Undergrad GPA: 3.78 Top 50 National University with honors Major: Econ major, math minor. I took principles of macro & micro (both As) intermediate macro and micro (both As) econometrics (A-) History of monetary economics (A-) Economic Policy Analysis (A-), Public Economics (A), IO (A-) Senior Capstone, written on a topic in financial economics,(A), Calc 1 (A) Calc 2 (A), Calc 3 (B+), Stats (A-), Linear (A-), intro to proofs (A-) Time series analysis (A) Grad GPA: 3.9 (Same university) Major: Mathematics Real Analysis (A-), Measure Theory (A), Probability (A-), Statistical Inference (A) Algebra 1 (A) Algebra 2 (A) Thesis: Applying methods of topological and symbolic dynamics to complex economic modeling problems (A) I was also a TA for undergraduate Analysis (if that counts for anything) GREs: Not taken yet! Although practice tests, including the 2 ETS tests have been 166-170 Q, 157-160V. Letters: Professors from 1) (Grad) Math Thesis advisor. We're in the process of publishing some of the results that came out of my thesis and 2 years of research I did for him. 2) Undergraduate Capstone advisor in which I wrote a paper on quantifying reputational losses that are felt by publicly traded firms when they are accused of misconduct.3) Economist at Federal Reserve Board. Research Experience: I spent 2 years as a graduate research assistant to a professor which involved mathematical modeling of complex systems. Research is funded by a DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) grant. My focus was on applying some of the abstract general modeling approaches to concrete economic models. I am currently working at the Federal Reserve Board doing applied macro research on linkages between real and financial market behavior. Includes policy simulations and projections of macro activity. A lot of DSGE modeling and some statistical inferences. I'm not entirely sure what to think of my profile and how competitive I am for some of the top schools. I think my research background is good and my letters of rec will be strong as well, but I want to hear what everyone's thoughts are. I'm concerned about my GREs. Not quant, but verbal. Is a verbal score in that range too low? Overall, thoughts and chances? Please be realistic. Thank you! (Also posted in "Grad School" forum)
  7. Hello, I really appreciate any thoughts on my profile. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: Economics with honors, Math, and poli sci Majors from Top 15 economics program Undergrad GPA: 3.97 overall, 4.0 in econ and poli sci, 3.9 in math Type of Grad: NA Grad GPA:NA GRE: GRE: Q170 / V166 / AWA 5 Math Courses: calc 1-3, probability theory, linear algebra, Analysis 1, intro to Stochastic Processes, all A's , diff EQ's, and Theory of Single Variable Calc (AB's), Abstract algebra (IP). Econ Courses (grad-level): , Phd micro theory (IP) Econ Courses (undergrad-level): into micro and macro, honors intermediate micro and macro, stats for econ, econometrics, behavioral econ, public finance, senior thesis class Other Courses: Three poli sci classes I wrote data based analytical papers for. Letters of Recommendation: One from a Poli sci professor who knows me well and I wrote a quantitative paper for. One from my Honors thesis prof. He is a senior lecturer not a professor, but has a PhD from a top program and has taught at top programs. One from CEO of the research company I work for who also runs a research center at my University, PhD in public Policy from top Program. Research Experience: Data driven papers in 3 poli sci courses. Senior thesis for econ. Worked full time last summer and about 25 hours a week during this semester at an education research company, working with large data sets in R. Will work as a full time research analyst after graduating in December. Teaching Experience: Tutored for the athletic department. Worked a lot there last year and a few hours week this year. Tutored a variety of classes, intro intermediate micro/macro and advanced electives. Met with students individually and in groups on a weakly basis so I feel its comparable to TA. Research Interests: Public Policy, labour, political economy SOP: talked about papers and work experience. Emphasized my interest in public policy. Spent way too much time looking at it so hoping its pretty good. Other: This is my fifth year of undergrad; I am only in two classes right now. Applying to: Mostly top 15 with a few 20-40 range, and Harvard Kennedy school for Public Policy PhD Concerns: working a lot and spent a lot of time on apps and GRE. I couldn’t put as much time into PhD Micro theory as I would have liked, at least that’s the excuse I am currently using haha. Will likely get a B, maybe an AB. I’d be personally happy with that, but I have heard this does not look good to graduate schools, and am worried I will have overreached with most of my apps if this is the case. Very grateful for any input!!
  8. Hi Everyone, I'm a forensic accountant that has done much research upon applying to PHD in Accountancy programs. I've attended conferences and spoken to quite a few past professor to prepare. I'm looking for some advice from this forum as it's been helpful to me as I've done my research. Here are my specs. Bachelors: Ivy League, Economics, GPA: 3.46/4.0 Masters: Top Northeast Program, Accounting, GPA 3.6/4.0 Credentials: CPA, CFF Teaching/Research Experience: None Experience: 2 years as a Big 4 Audit Associate 3 years as a Senior/Manager focusing in Expert Witness Reports for Securities' Litigations (SEC Cases, think Enron, Worldcom, ect.) GMAT: Jun 2016 - 700 (Q48/V38/IR: 8/AWA: 6) Aug 2014 680 (Q49/V34/IR: 7/AWA: 6) Addl. Online Coursework Completed or Planned to Complete Pre: Fall 2017: Calculus Series 1-3 Linear Algebra Econometrics Probability & Stats Recommendations: 3 masters professors who still actively publish/write text books I understand the nature of any US PHD in Accountancy is research. I would like to go to a program focusing in auditor related issues as that's my background. I'd like to focus in auditor biases and GAAP/GAAS/IFRS/PCAOB/SEC interpretations of accounting guidance/literature and violations. Think when audits go wrong. I know there's the experimental, financial archival, and audit/tax buckets for most programs. However, I know of many PHDs who perform expert witness work and was hoping that I could find a program with professors who also dabble in that wheelhouse. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. I plan on taking the GMAT one more time. I'm sitting at that 700 threshold, but know the higher the score the better, so I'm going to take it again in August. Whether I score higher or not, I feel my quant scores are there, but just need to bring up the verbal (but I'll let you guys be the judge of that). I've taken math classes online and want to be prepared as possible. I did not have a quant focused education, so felt that I needed to beef up my math skills. I've taken the Calc series and plan to start with Stats/Probability in the fall. It's a process as I'm doing these with a full-time public accounting job, so try to do one class a quarter. I'm a little older (early 30s) and am also a bit conscious program fit. Although age may not be a factor on the surface, I'm sure some programs will not be as quick to jump on a 30+ applicant with quite a bit of work experience. I've met people who have done it, but not necessarily people in programs in the geographic region that I'm focusing. So here are my questions overall: What programs in the Northeast do you think would be a good fit? I've got a list of programs, but more interested in those who might of had students with quite a bit of work experience as well. For family reasons, I'm focusing in the Northeast as far south as University of Maryland and as far north as Boston. Think the Amtrak corridor. Based on my GMAT score, is it worth applying to top flight programs? I don't know if my experience would be helpful or hurt me unless I had a magic GMAT score. Just want to focus upon programs that would be a fit for a professional in my 30s than simply looking for quants (if that makes sense). Any thoughts on how online quant courses are viewed from reputable universities? I could take Coursera (or similar) classes, but figured there are distance classes at many CC or Universities that I could take. I know the topic has been covered before, but just interested in any economical suggestions to continue beefing up my quant skills. Any other thoughts or issues that would help bolster my applications to programs would be greatly appreciated? (edited for grammar/spelling)
  9. Hi Everyone, I wanted a reality check on my prospects for a PhD in Organizational Behavior Age : 28 Education : UG : India, Engineering (Top 10 not IITs) 67% Exp : Working in IT consulting for a couple of years, started a non profit initiative in India Masters : MBA from Korea ( Among the Top 3 Schools here, internationally quite well known) GPA : (3.73 out of 4.2) Currently : Working in a Korean Conglomerate in Global Sales division GRE : QA 163, Verbal 157. TOEFL : 113 Research : Did my thesis in marketing . Have published 2 papers till now, 1 in an International peer reviewed journal ( C level though) on "Internationalization of family firms in japan" , 1 in Indian marketing journal ( peer reviewed) Initially, was inclined towards marketing , but as i started delving more into topics that interest me, I finally veered towards OB. My Interest are : Internationalization, Negotiations, Ethics, Family firms ( And their permutations and combinations) I am trying my best to publish another paper in a peer reviewed journal. But that would at best be in a C level journal. I will have 2 years of International experience ( in Korea) before I start my PhD. As of now I am thinking of applying to : Harvard, NorthWestern, USC, Penn State, Toronto, UBC and Western Ontario. What do you think about my chances? And it would be great if you guys could suggest departments that are doing research relevant to my interests . Thanks a tonne !!
  10. [h=2][/h] PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: BA Economics and Political Science; Minor in Mathematics from a top 30 Liberal arts college. Studied abroad in Oxford during junior year. Undergrad GPA: 3.96 Type of Grad: N/A Grad GPA: N/A GRE: 163V/170Q/4.0 Math Courses: Calc I/II/III (A/A/A), Linear Algebra (A-), Real Analysis I/II @ Oxford (A), Intro to Statistics (A), Probability (A) Econ Courses (grad-level): Financial Economics @ Oxford (A) Econ Courses (undergrad-level): Econ Principles (A), Intermediate Mathematical Micro (A), Intermediate Macro (A), Political Economy (A), European Economic Models @ Oxford (A); Econometrics (senior first semester) Letters of Recommendation: 1 Econ Prof (Honor Thesis Advisor) not from famous PHD program but really close relationship, 1 Duke Political Science PHD (advisor, excellent relationship), 1 Mathematics prof (Oxford D Phil) decent for sure Research Experience: Honor thesis about take over, M&A , etc Teaching Experience: N/A Research Interests: Micro / Financial Economics SOP: will talk about my Interest in financial market since 7th grade and my past investment experience; would like to explore more about economic perspective of financial market; currently interning at JP Morgan. Concerns: 1. Too few mathematics courses/ too few hgrad level econ courses 2. no teaching experience/ few research experience 3. recommendations are not from econ prof from excellent programs even though these letters will be very personal and very strong. 4. GRE writing is too low I know I will not be eligible to get in top phd programs, but I have no idea what kind of programs, especially PHD program, I should aim for. If I want to go to the top PHD program in US, what kind of master I should apply? Will attending a master be beneficial for me to get to top ECON phd programs? Thank you in advance for the advice!
  11. Undergrad: B.Sc. in Economics with minors in Mathematics and Political Science, from top 3 in India for Economics.(Specialised in Financial Economics.) CGPA: 7.06/10 (non-relative) Research: Joint Econometric Research on Microfinance Models in India (Top Ranking paper in University) GRE: VA:650/QA:760/AW:4.0 (defintely re-taking) IELTS score: 8.5/9.0 Grad: MBA in Finance/Capital Markets (from top 10 Indian B Schools) CGPA: 3.15/4.0 (relative) (always been in top 10 of batch) Work: Working as a financial consultant/ business analyst for 10 months now. LOR: Professors who are not famous but head one of the best foreign policy think tanks in India. Achievements: CFA Research Challenge 2013-14: Asia-Pacific Champion, 1st Runner-up at Global Finals (only four teams qualify globally) Research areas: Finance, Rural, Development. What Should be my min GRE target? Do I have any chance in LSE/Oxbridge for MFE, if not what should I be looking at? Other Unis im considering are University of Texas, Toulouse, California-Berkeley. Which Unis should I aim for in the US for Ph.D Finance?
  12. Hello All, This is Rajashekar, did computer science and engineering from Jawaharl Nehru Technological University, kakinada University college(JNTUCEK). Could you please evaluate my profile with hereunder info: GRE 309 Quant-162 (84%), verbal-145 (24%), awa 3 (14%) TOEFL 100 BTech 69% (79% topper) JNTU, Kakinada University college Class XII 95% Class X 85% Work experience: 3+ years in Tata Consultancy Services as C/C++/Unix developer and Linux Kernel Integration R&D Engineer Achievements: 1. Worked as consultant and onsite coordinator at client location, Espoo, Finland for Nokia Siemens Networks as SW R&D Engineer. 2. Worked on Telecommunication ATCA servers 3. Worked on Board Support Package Integration and Board Bringup using Windriver 4. Worked on virtualization on Base Station Servers to make them as cloud servers and provide cloud based services. 5. I have worked on kernel and device drivers. Presentation: One National level paper National Science Olympiad certificate. I would like to pursue my graduation in computer systems and cloud computing. I am planning to apply for 10 universities Please suggest amb/mod/safe universities from my list of universities: University of California, Davis University of California, Irvine University of California, Riverside University of California, Santa Barbara University of California, Santa Cruz University of Southern California San Diego State University San Jose State University Santa Clara University San Francisco State University Purdue University-West Lafayette University of Massachusetts-Amherst University of Utah Salt Lake City, UT Texas A&M University-College Station Northeastern University Boston, MA University at Buffalo—SUNY University of Kansas University of Texas-Dallas University of Texas-Arlington Texas Tech University California State University, Sacramento California State University, Chico California State University, Fresno California State University, Northridge California State University, Long Beach California State University, Fullerton Please let me know if you need further info and let me know your valuable suggestion. Thanking you all beforehand for your precious time and efforts. Awaiting valuable response -br Rajashekar Kasi
  13. Hello, I'm a recent graduate and hoping to enter graduate school within the next two years. Currently, I'm working as a research assistant for a large international organization in Washington, DC. I am under a two year contract, but I can terminate it if I please (although I'm definitely leaning more toward doing the full two years) Here's my profile: PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: BA Economics, Minor mathematics from Top-100 institution Undergad GPA: 3.810 Grad GPA: N/A GRE: 163Q/155V/4.5 AW (retake?) Math Courses: Calculus 1 (B+) Calculus 2 (A) Multivariate Calc (B+) Number Theory (A-) Linear Algebra (A-) Mathematical Statistics (A) Differential Equations (A) Real Analysis (A) Econ Courses: Intro to Micro (A) Intro to Macro (A) Intermediate Micro (B+, taken abroad[most failed class at the university]) Intermediate Macro (A) Labor Economics (A) Econometrics (A) Economics of Development (A) I/O Independent Study (A) History of Economic Thought (B, also taken abroad) Letters of Recommendation: Econ Prof who is within the top 1% of cited professors (2 PhDs: Math and Econ); Econ Prof from Top-20 institution; Economist at the international organization I work at (Econ PhD from top 5) Research Experience: Three undergraduate empirical papers (unpublished); Research Assistantship for a Top 1% cited Econ Prof (1 year); Research Assistantship at large international organization (2 years) Concerns: I think the B+'s in Intermediate Micro and especially multivariate calc could hurt me. I'm also concerned that my GRE Q score is not high enough. But from what I understand, the grades in diff eqs and analysis help out in determining my mathematical ability. Interests: Applied Micro Computational Economics Behavioral/Experimental Economics Econometrics (Applied and Theoretical) Monetary Policy (and its effect on capital markets) Financial Economics I realize the above is a long list, but at this point it's very hard for me to choose just one field. Of the above, I'm most interested in behavioral/experimental and financial economics (which I think pair well together, no? Reach Schools: Chicago (my dream) Northwestern NYU Columbia Berkeley Stanford Yale Princeton Harvard MIT UPenn (Applied Economics Program) Target Schools: Wisconsin Michigan Caltech UCSD UCLA Penn State Maryland Brown Purdue "Safety" Schools Boston U Boston College Illinois Iowa Virginia I'm definitely open to suggestions if you think there's a good fit for me to go (whether abroad or here). Thank you all for your help.
  14. This is my first post, but I've been lurking here for a while. I'm trying to decide whether I should apply straight to PhD programs or get a Masters first. I'm currently out of school and considering taking a few classes to improve my resume. Here's my profile. Undergraduate GPA: 4.0 at a small liberal arts public university; Economics major (4.0), Political Science minor (4.0). GRE: 163V (93rd Percentile; 650 on old scale) 165Q (93rd Percentile; between 790 and 800 on old scale) 4.5 AW (72nd Percentile). Economics Courses (all A's): Intermediate Micro, Intermediate Macro, Industrial Organization, Econometrics, Economic Development, International Monetary Theory, American Economic History, Principles of Micro, Principles of Macro, Freshman/Sophomore Economics Seminar (included research paper), Senior Seminar (included journal style research paper). Statistics Courses (all A's): Statistics (with calculus), Linear Regression and Time Series. Mathematics Courses: Calculus I (AP test in high school), Calculus II (AP test in high school), Matrix Algebra (introductory Linear Algebra) A, Calculus III (taken credit/no credit; would have been a B). Other courses (all A's): (Political Science Minor) Intro to Political Science, American National Government, Comparative Politics (included journal style research paper), International Relations, Political Science Methodology (included journal style research paper), Politics of War (included journal style research paper), Public Policy, (included extensive research paper). Letters of Recommendation: unknown Economics professor, unknown Statistics professor, unknown Political Science professor. Applying to: Mostly mid-level Midwestern schools. Most ambitious will probably be WashU, University of Illinois, and maybe Northwestern. I feel more likely to get into lower ranked programs, though. And as the thread title suggests, I'm also considering getting a terminal masters first. I'm considering taking a few math courses: Differential Equations, an introductory proof-based course, and Real Analysis (which I won't be able to take until the spring before I would start grad school). What other math courses should I consider? I'm also thinking of doing a combined Economics and Applied Mathematics Masters at the University of Missouri. I have the feeling my math and stats courses are not good enough. Thank you in advance for evaluating my profile.
  15. I am interested in a PhD related to investments and asset allocation. Hmmm...am I too old to do this?... I retired this year as a Chief Investment Officer managing cash and investments within the Treasury department of a large U.S. tech company. The portfolio size was tens-of-billions but the volatility was low, as is typical for US Tech company portfolios. I would like to earn a PhD in Finance while continuing to learn about the latest research in asset allocation theory and practice. In the future I would enjoy teaching asset allocation and portfolio management as a professor and perhaps consulting to industry. I am fortunate that I already have enough money to live on (more or less) so my main goal is to be affiliated with a university while continuing to learn. I am looking at some practice tests to see what kind of GRE or GMAT I can score. The last time I took the GMAT I only got 640, but that was 25 years ago. I'm hoping that I have accumulated more abilities since then. I am guessing I can get a very high math GRE or GMAT score but not without a lot of effort! - Age: 49, single, excellent health -1987 BS Mech Eng Univ of MN 3.25 GPA - 9 years engineering/mgt experience at GM and Boeing -1996 MBA USC 3.65 GPA -1999 CFA -16 years portfolio management experience mostly in fixed income at 3 institutional buy side firms, a large city, and at 2 large corporations - At the large US Tech company I led a team of 4 PMs/Analysts. We managing managers and managed most of the portfolio internally. - No publications and only a few, stale, academic references. I'd like to attend a school that is actively involved in asset allocation research. Here are some schools I have in mind to apply at for Fall 2013: Berkeley Stanford UCLA USC UC San Diego Vanderbilt ASU UNR NYU EDHEC (3yr European program) Thanks for your comments!!
  16. Hello, am new to the forum but I spent the past couple of weeks reading up posts and profiles. I'd like to receive a couple of ideas/suggestions about mine: am new to the 'PhD application' field, hence any advice will certainly help :)! I am an MBA student in the US, originally from Europe and I am looking to apply for fall 13 intake. I understand that time is limited, but any suggestion on how to improve my profile, correctly select the target schools and hone my application would surely be very helpful, particularly from you. About me: male, European, 29 Undergrad: Economics, well recognized business university in Europe Undergrad GPA: (translated in 4.0 scale) 3.9 / top 5% Grad 1: Economics, well recognized business university in Europe (same as undergrad) Grad 1 GPA: (translated in 4.0 scale) 3.9 / top 5% Grad 1 academic prize: 30,000 Eur scholarship for academic merits (top 2.5% of the class) Grad 1 research: 6-months financial econometrics research on asset betas in infrastructure investments (using eviews), culminated with honor thesis (same topic) and graduation magna cum laude Grad 2: MBA program, Wharton @ Upenn Grad 2 GPA: 3.8 Grad 2 research: nil so far, apart from independent study with Professor on application of new technologies for queuing systems (do ISPs count?) Work experience: 4 years - 2 years in banking (BB) and 2 years in consulting (McK) GMAT: 760 (but Q=49) - looking to get GRE to address Q part Math Courses: Mathematics (year-long math course that encompasses calc 1-2-3 syllabi and linear/multivariate/matrix) A, Quantitative Methods for Finance (grad-level) A Econometrics/stat Courses:econometrics A+, statistics A-, financial econometrics (grad) A+, thesis (grad) rewarded with final honors (laude) Econ/Finance Courses: micro, macro, finance, entrepreneurship... - A or A+ in all finance classes (incl. Wharton) LORs: can get 2 strong LORs from Wharton professors (finance and op.s), but I am not sure about where to get third one (work / undergrad professor / other wharton professor) Research Experience: as per above, 6-months research with financial econometrics prof. culminated with honor thesis, although not formalized as a US RA position Teaching Experience: TA position (as part of the grad 1 scholarship) in undegrad classes, although not formalized; volounteer teacher in a primary school in London (underpriviledged students) Research Interests: intersection between private and public markets in financing energy new technologies, especially renewable energy SOP: main focus on my research interest and steps taken towards it - i.e. research experience in infrastructure financing/ work experience in energy Concerns: - different math courses format vs. US (one class encompassing large syllabus) - lack of formal RA/TA -ships, although extensive informal econometrics research - general profile more geared towards private employment than research Questions/ potential improvements to profile: 1- Which schools should I target? Can I aim at top-10 US business programs or cast wider net? would love to get in Stanford, the big H or MIT, but is it worth spending the time of the application? 2- Which department would fit best my research interest (financing energy new tech / renewables) - BE, Strategy, Finance, or pure Econ? Is my research topic too specific for a SOP? 3- How can I best communicate that my year-long math course in undergrad encompassed what is covered by 3-4 classes in a US program? should I get in touch with the universities? any other international applicant... 4- Who should I choose as third recommender: another prof. from Wharton or somebody from maybe my summer work experience (I will be researching within a private company on fund-raising for renewable energy investing) or an undergrad prof.? 5- I have the opportunity to work as RA with Wh prof. next semester (just before the application) - will this be perceived as 'last-minute fishy enhancement' :), or could be positively evaluated by AdCom ? Hope I did not bore you too much! Thanks for reading all of it!! :)
  17. I am applying for MS in Computer Science in Fall 2012. I have GRE 1430, TOEFL 110, ACADS 74% I have published 1 paper in DASFAA international conference. I also have one open source project. Unfortunately, no work experience :torn: I am applying to following universities: UC Berkeley Georgia tech UCLA UCSD Columbia UPenn USC Florida Ann Arbor Washington Saint Louis CMU INI I am applying to CMU INI as the acceptance rate is higher. But my interest would be more in my first six universities first. Any tips regarding the selection?
  18. Profile Undergrad: University of Wisconsin, 3.85 GPA, Math GPA 3.8, Econ GPA 4.0, Majored in International Business and Marketing GRE: 167 Verbal (98%), 163 Quant (88%), AWA 5.5 (96%) Econ: Honors intro Micro and Macro (A), Intermediate Micro (A), Intermediate Macro (A), Development Econ (A), Environmental Econ (A) Math: Finite Math (A), Stats (A), Calc 1 (AB), in progress Calc 2, will be taking Linear Algebra with Differential Equations, and Multivariable Calc in the upcoming semester LOR: 2 professors in the University of Wisc. Business school, 1 from a graduate class that I took with him, other recommendation from a well know professor in the ag. econ program at Wisconsin. concern: lack of math, and the fact that most of my math course work is still in progress -quality of recommendations? -low-ish quant score on the GRE Ideally I want to study development and environmental economics, and have been leaning towards an ag econ phd program. But, because of the many concerns I have I don't have the slightest idea of what my chances of getting into a competitive program are. I plan on applying to: UMN, UC-Davis, UC-Berkeley for ag econ phd Georgetown, Boston University, University of Colorado, and University of Santa Barbara for traditional Econ PhD Masters in Econ from UBC, UofT, UWO, and Queen's in Canada Any help, and the brutal truth would be greatly appreciated
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