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  1. Test Scores (GMAT/GRE): GRE: Verbal 95th percentile, Quant 98th percentile, writing 98th percentile Undegrad GPA: 3.4 overall (Chemistry major), 3.95 in math + stat courses Graduate GPA: 4.00 (Applied Statistics & Analytics) Research Experience: Undergrad: Research in chemistry education, biochem, and analytics (presented at conferences and all that jazz), no journal publications though. Grad: Independent research in time series, bioinformatics/medical analytics, and data science. Research in multiple programming languages (Python, R and SAS) with all sorts of machine learning and statistical schools. Teaching Experience: I am a lecturer of introductory statistics and teach classes along with taking my grad courses. Work Experience: College instructor, data science graduate student consultant for 2 semester (1 semester was for a Fortune 100 Company). Might possibly get a data science internship this summer after I graduate. Concentration Applying to: Quantitative Marketing/Modelling Number of programs planned to apply to: 5-6 (in Fall 2022) Dream Schools: UT Dallas, GA Tech (I'm from Georgia), UGA, Texas A&M (they publish a LOT). -Additional information: US Citizen but a minority in terms of ethnicity Other Questions: What made you want to pursue a PhD? I currently teach at the university level and absolutely see myself doing this the rest of my life. I am interested in Marketing because the quantitative side seems to be heading to a unique intersection of business and data science, both of which interest me. Questions or concerns you have about your profile? 1. I have tons of math and stat courses (all the calculuses, linear algebra, mathematical statistics etc), but no business classes. Keep in mind that I am wanting to go the quantitative side and not the CB side of marketing. Still though, how "bad" is it that I would be applying with no previous MBA or business classes? 2. I have failed classes in my undergrad, BUT those were organic chemistry classes. My math and stat classes are literally all A's, and have made up for my mediocre undergrad science grades with all A"s in my master's in applied stats program. Would those failed chemistry classes hurt my chance of admission, or would they not care since I didn't fail a class related to anything quantitative? Any additional specific questions you may have: 1. Any specific PhD in Quant Marketing programs that would be willing to "take a chance" on someone like me who does not have business classes on their transcript but lots of quantitative experience? 2. Do I have any sort of chance at Quantitative Marketing PhD programs given my heavy stat background but minimal "business" background? 3. If I do have a chance, what program rankings would I have the best shot at getting into (top 20, nothing above top 30 etc.)? 4. I am fine with taking "remedy" classes my first semester or 2 if they want me to have more of a business background. Do PhD programs do this or they want someone with all that already on their transcript?
  2. I need help planning what I am going to do over the next two years to maximize my chances of getting into a good Accounting PhD program. To start, here is my current profile: GMAT: Have not taken yet but my mock scores average 720 with a high quant score. I plan to take the test when my application draws nearer. Undergrad degree: BS Accounting. I graduated with honors from the top university in my country in Southeast Asia (but not Singapore or HK) and in the top 10% of my batch. Grad degree: MS in Public Policy and Management from a good US School (think Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, Texas A&M). I pursued this masters because of a scholarship. My quality point average was 4.0/4.0 and I graduated with high honors. Relevant subjects taken: During undergrad, I took Intro to Microecon (A), Intro to Macroecon (A), Calculus 1 and 2 (A+), Foundations of abstract math (A-), International Trade and Dev’t Policy (A), and Intro to Stat (A+) I also took heaps of accounting and finance subjects for my bachelor’s degree. During my masters, I took Applied Microecon (A), Applied Macroecon (A+), and Statistical Reasoning (A+). I also took a subject on Data Analytics and Database Management (don't know if these are relevant) I am currently planning to enroll in Calc 3 and Linear Algebra which I will likely finish by the time I apply. Work experience: 5 months with a Big4 office in my country in the Transaction Advisory Group, 1 year of full-time work with a small firm that provides accounting services to SMEs. I also have close to 2 years work experience of part-time work with the small firm. Teaching Experience: After working in industry, I got a job as a full-time instructor in the top university in my country. I have 4 years of teaching experience and have taught heaps of accounting and finance subjects. I've also had several small projects consulting for small businesses. Research experience: I am expecting a sole-authored journal article to be published in my college’s local journal (a low-tier journal) some time next year. I am also expecting a book chapter I’ve co-authored to be published soon. LORs: No popular LORs but all from academics Research interests: Earnings management, disclosures Other: I am a CPA in my country and I have also passed the level 1 exam of the CFA. I also know Python and STATA (used them for my research). Based on my personal evaluation, here are the weaknesses of my current profile: I have little work experience with a large company. I can still improve my quant and econ background. My masters isn’t a MAcc like those of most accounting PhD students (I don't have the resources to pursue one) I can improve my GMAT (working on this) No rockstar LORs Little research experience Currently, I’m still employed as faculty member by the university and I have the benefit of taking Econ Stats and Econometrics if I wanted to. However, I will have to take those subjects on the side and it will take me a year to finish both. I also have the option of looking for a job now to address the first weakness I identified. My main question is this: should I stay in my current workplace and take the econ subjects or should I leave and get another job to improve my work experience? What would maximize my chances of landing a top accounting PhD? Also, given my current profile, how likely am I to get into the top 20 to 40 schools? Thanks in advance to anyone who can give their insights!
  3. Hello Everybody I plan to apply for a PhD in Economics at LSE, UCL, Oxford and Cambridge. My grades are pretty good (top 5% of my class) but I am a bit worried regarding the GRE. I recently did the GRE but I had a bad day and didn't score as high as I wanted. To be precise I had the following score: Quant 165 Verbal 154 AWA 4.0 I know that US Universities are very strict about the GRE and that many top Universities will filter your application out if you have a Quant GRE lower than 166 or 167. Does anyone know hows the situation at the British Universities (especially LSE, UCL and Oxbridge)? Do you guys think I should retake the GRE and aim for a higher quant score (maybe also Verbal and AWA)? Or are the GRE scores for a PhD in England not that important? Thank you so much for your help!
  4. How to Solve: LCM, GCD and Properties of LCM and GCD Hi All, I have recently uploaded a Video on YouTube to discuss LCM and GCD in detail. Following is covered in the video: What is LCM and how to find LCM of 2 or more numbers using three methods. What is GCD and how to find GCD of 2 or more numbers using three methods. • Listing Out Multiples • Common Division Method • Prime Factorization Method How to find LCM and GCD of Exponents and Fractions. Properties of LCM and GCD Prop 1: LCM of 0 and any number does not exist • LCM ( 0 , a ) = Does not exist Prop 2: GCD of 0 and any number is equal to the number itself. (Because all whole numbers are factors of 0. So, a will be also be a factor of 0.) • GCD ( 0 , a ) = a Prop 3: LCM of 1 and any number is equal to the number itself • LCM ( 1 , a ) = a Prop 4: GCD of 1 and any number is equal to 1 • GCD ( 1 , a ) = 1 Prop 5: Product of two numbers = Product of their LCM and GCD • a*b = LCM(a,b) * GCD(a,b) Prop 6: LCM of two numbers is always a multiple of their GCD • LCM(a,b) = GCD(a,b) * k [where k is an integer] Prop 7: LCM of two numbers always lies between the larger of the two numbers and the product of those two numbers • Larger (a,b) Prop 8: GCD of two numbers is always smaller than or equal to the smaller of those two numbers • GCD (a,b) Prop 9: LCM of two numbers is equal to the larger of the two numbers when one number is multiple of other • LCM(a,b) = Larger(a,b) => either a is a multiple of b or b is a multiple of a Prop 10: LCM of two numbers is equal to the product of those two numbers when the numbers are co-prime • LCM(a,b) = a*b => a and b are co-prime numbers Co-prime numbers are numbers which have only one factor in common (i.e. 1) Prop 11: GCD of two numbers is equal to the smaller of the two numbers when one number is multiple of other • GCD(a,b) = Smaller(a,b) => either a is a multiple of b or b is a multiple of a Prop 12: GCD of two numbers is 1 when the numbers are co-prime • GCD(a,b)=1 => a and b are co-prime numbers Prop 13: All numbers can be written as a multiple of their GCD • a and b can be written as a multiple of their GCD • a = GCD(a,b) * k [where k is an integer] • b = GCD(a,b) * t [where t is an integer] Prop 14: All multiples of LCM are divisible by the numbers whose LCM we have calculated • Multiples of LCM(a,b) will be divisible by both a and b Prop 15: a + b and a -b will always be divisible by GCD(a,b) • a+bGCD(a,b)=k[where k is an integer] • a−bGCD(a,b)=t [where t is an integer] Sample Word Problems: Prob 1: Joe has 12 A-grade projects and Chris has 18 B-grade projects. They have to divide up the projects into small teams with equal number of projects in each team; each team can have either A-grade project or B-grade project only. If there is no remainder, find the largest possible number of projects in each team. Prob 2: Joe and Chris were each given a piece of wood of equal length. Joe cuts his wood piece into equal lengths of 12 cm, while Chris cuts his wood piece into equal lengths of 18 cm. If there was no remainder in both cases, find the shortest possible length of wood given to them. Prob 3: Two steel pieces of length 340 cm and 408 cm are to be cut into pieces of all the same length without remainder. Find the greatest possible length of the pieces. Solutions: Prob 1: GCD (12,18) =6 Prob 2: LCM(12,18) = 36 Prob 3: GCD(340,408) = 68 Hope it helps!
  5. Hi all, I'm wondering whether it would be possible for a PhD student to switch between Quant, CB and Strategy? I'm planning to apply to CB track, as my profile is not quant-heavy enough for Quant and I have research experience in Psychology. However, recently I've become interested in some quant methods such as Machine Learning, structural models... If I get admitted to a program, would it be feasible for me to switch to Quant or Strategy?
  6. Hi, i just got 164 Quant Gre, unluckily, TSE usually admits students with Quant over 165. should i retake or just apply and pray guys ? such a bad day, just one more point.Frequently asked questions | TSE
  7. Hello, I thought that I would post this question here, as I feel the question would have the greatest probability of being answered in this forum. I have been preparing to apply to a Finance PhD program for probably 7 years now. After getting my MBA (state school) and working as a portfolio accountant for about a year, I became a high school math teacher and for the past 6-7 years have taken math courses during the summers at various universities. I have taken cal 1-3 (A,A,B) , linear algebra (B) , ordinary dif eq (C - I know this isnt so good), intro to partial dif eq (B), intro to math proofs (A), intro to real analysis (A), intro to (calculus based) probability (A), mathematical statistics (A), PhD level Microecomic Theory I (T100 state school. We covered optimization, Kuhn - Tucker conditions, equilibrium etc. - We used the Varian grad text) (A), and I have worked on a project as a research assistant for a finance professor (T150 State School). At this point, I feel like my profile is mostly pretty decent, and I am just preparing for the GMAT at this point. So far in my prep, I am getting pretty close to the 700 mark. My two most recent practice tests (MGMT CAT and GMAT Prep) gave me 690 (Q47 V 38) I realize that 700 is usually a cutoff score, but I also know that in finance there is often a pretty high quant cut-off. I see myself having a difficult time getting my quant up to Q50-51, but I feel that Q48-49 is attainable/realistic. My question to anyone who feels confident answering is as follows : will a 700 GMAT with Q48-49 get me desk rejected at a T100 program? My research interests are aligned to empirical corporate finance/corporate governance, but I am also open to behavioral finance (although I know it is rare to find professors who specialize in behavioral finance outside T30). I plan on applying to about 26 programs in the Top 100 including Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, LSU, Tennessee etc. Also any additional input aside from GMAT Quant would be greatly welcomed. Thanks so much.
  8. Hi Guys, A colleague of mine has an open RA position for quant marketing. This would be a great position to strengthen your profile if you're looking to apply in the next year or two. Dropbox - RA job description.docx
  9. Hi guys, I just took my GRE and received Q: 167 and V: 155. As far as I have heard, verbal does not matter much and 155 shouldn't matter much; correct me if I'm wrong please. I know 167 for quant gets me into the door but nothing exceptional. So I was wondering if I should retake the GRE and try to receive a higher score on quant? I have solved several ETS powerprep full practice exams and thought today's quant sections were definitely harder (maybe because I was nervous and etc). So I think I would be able to get a higher score if I retake it. How do you guys think? Should I just get over it and focus on SOPs and my research (I am doing summer research with two professors)? I am going for top 15-40 econ PhD programs. Thanks for any input!
  10. Just started GRE novice learning. need Quant section tips and technics
  11. I'm wondering how strong of a Quant background someone applying for an Accounting PhD should have for a T-15 school? I've taken the GRE, and by quant score was 169. In my undergrad, I've taken Intro Calc, Linear Algebra, Intro Statistics, and Multivariable Calculus. As for Economics courses, I've taken intro, intermediate and advanced microeconomics, intermediate macroeconomics, economic analysis of law, econometrics and labour economics. Before I apply for PhD programs, I will be pursuing a masters of economics program, so I will have some graduate level economics courses, and can take extra math courses if my quant background is too weak. Does this quant profile look too weak for an Accounting PhD application, or is it about average?
  12. accidentally started 2 threads. Mods, please delete this one! Sorry!
  13. Long time reader who is finally taking the plunge to apply for schools for 2019.Test Scores: GMAT: 710 (91%), Verbal 42 (96%), Quant 46 (60%), IR 6 (70%), AWA 6.0 (89%) GRE: Verbal 159 (83%), Quant 161 (78%)Undegrad GPA: 3.76 (Economics - Honors Thesis - Large State School) Graduate GPA: 3.5 (Data Science - part time at smaller public school) Research Experience: 2 years as undergrad RA with 3 non peer reviewed publications (research conducted by think tank) Teaching Experience: N/A Work Experience: 3 years in analytics role at large bank while pursing part time masters degree Concentration Applying to: Strategy or Management & OB Number of programs planned to apply to: 5 Dream Schools: Duke, Washington, Wisconsin, UNC, UT-Austin Other Questions: Should I even send my GRE score? How do I communicate that I want to make a career switch from a more technical role to one whose focuses is closer to psychological research? Will my low quant scores be offset by a STEM masters and that I have been working in a technical role? Any schools that might be better fits? What made you want to pursue a PhD? Enjoyed my time as an RA and was originally planning on pursuing my PhD in Economics but did not due to low quant scores, and inability to do proof based mathematics. Time in corporate America has led to a number of questions about how and why we conduct work the way we do and how things are organized, fascinated with the idea about testing how things like how executives respond to new information and how email impacts our ability to do real work.
  14. Hey guys, I'm an international student and want to apply for top 20 Econ PhD programs. The rest of my profile looks good, but my GRE AWA is 3.5, which makes me very nervous. I got 161 on Verbal (88 percentile) and 170 Quant. Do you guys know if I could update new GRE score after the application deadline? I really appreciate any advice from you guys. Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi everyone, I was wondering if it is possible to only take the quant section when retaking the GRE. I've only written it once, and had (V=160-165/Q=160-165/AWA=4.0). I'm actually okay with the V and AWA scores, but I really need to improve my Q score. Do admission committees for Econ PhD care if you send both scores, but with a second try with only scores for Q? Cheers,
  16. I did not understand how to solve the problems from Q.36 to Q.40 in Standard Deviation and Normal Distribution topic from the Manhattan 5lb material. Can anyone please help me out. :)
  17. Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Having a lot of trouble... "In a certain dormitory, each person is either a hockey fan or a football fan but not both. On Friday, the ratio of hockey fans to football fans was 2 to 3. However, on Saturday, 18 of the football fans switched and became hockey fans, and the ratio of hockey fans to football fans became 5 to 3. How many people are in the dorm?"
  18. I got 170 on the GRE quant section. But the percentile rank ends up being only 98 percent. Should I retake the test? Sorry in advance if I do not understand the workings of the GRE. I just want to make everything crystal clear. I remember reading somewhere that top schools have no qualm about rejecting applications below 99 percentile on the quant section.
  19. Only 4 days of prep! Finished exam passing only quant part 160points! Used no books or anything else - powerprep from the website and this forum 4 days of preparation on this website was totally sufficient!! Thank You Guys!!)) and.... Just received my TOEFL Score -106 (Reading - 29; Listening - 29; Speaking -20(damned throat problems because of flue:( ; writing - 28 )) Everything is possible!! TOEFL preparation 1 month!
  20. I am studying for my GREs and I came across a Counting Problem in the MGMAT Word Translations Guide that I am having difficulty solving. The question is: Gordon buys 5 dolls for his 5 nieces. The gifts include two identical Sun-and-Fun beach dolls, one Elegant Eddie dress-up doll, one G.I. Josie army doll, and one Tulip Troll doll. If the youngest niece does not want the G.I. Josie doll, in how many different ways can he give the gifts? My initial approach was to do the # of ways to ignore the rule: 2 x 1 [sun-fun dolls] x 3 x 2 x 1 = 12. Number of ways to break the rule: 2 x 1 [sun-fun dolls] x 2 x 1 x 1 = 4. Subtracting the # of ways to break the rule from # way to ignore the rule = 12 - 4 = 8. This is not correct though.
  21. Just gave my general test and found my Quant score to be 8 point lower than practice. I was scoring in the range 168-170 in practice but got 162 in actual. Difficulty for some questions were beyond that of the practice. Did someone else experience this? Could it be that I got a curve-ball set and would it be possible that ETS would accordingly update the %ile based on the set or am I expecting too much? Btw, my verbal score were spot-on.
  22. Dear Posters, I have been working as a math teacher (university lecturer) for the past 6 years. Very interested in seeking a math related career outside of academia. I plan to go back to school to complete another degree & am looking for the degree that will allow for the most job flexibility. Which degree do you think would provide most flexibility and help land good job? -1-M.S. in Applied Statistics -2-M.S. in Financial engineering -3-M.S. in Applied mathematics Any advice would be great.
  23. Hi, I really really need your help. I would be applying to PhD programs this year to enter a PhD program (Quant) in Fall 2013. Wanted to seek advice on my profile. Undergrad: Engineering (Comp. Sc.) Grad: MBA in Marketing from Top 20 School of India GPAs: Have been decent Letter of Recommendation: I can get two recommendation from my MBA college professors. I did a programming project in my engineering that has gone live. Would a recommendation from the professor in the engineering add value to my profile? Research paper: I have one paper published in a marketing journal. GMAT: Would be taking it in a month or two. I am working as a Marketing Manager and have close to 7 years of experience. With the job in hand it is difficult to get hands-on research experience. Please suggest how can I improve my profile as I still have some time in hand. Thanks!
  24. Hi, Nationality- Indian I am trying for an phd in marketing. my profile is Undergrad- 74% (Engg- Electrical and Electronics- Anna University) Grad- MBA- MArketing - 3.7 GMAT-770 do i have an chance in top tier colleges??should i take quant or CB - since i am good at both( scored first in statistical research and consumer behavior oriented subjects in class of 60) What colleges should i apply to?? Can anyone give me list of colleges good at quant and list for CB?? How can i improve my profile? should i try writing papers or taking new courses?? if papers- in what journals??(quant or CB) Please give me tips on how i should improve my profile to get into top 10 colleges??
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