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  1. Twitter raised a storm on the predoc culture of Econ academia, but from what I understand having research experience is no longer an exception but a requirement for pursuing a doctorate degree. This leads to my current dilemma. I have completed both a bachelors and a masters degree (this year), and have worked directly as an RA for two incredible professors. But because of the pandemic, I figured I will take this year to try to apply at institution/industry (university positions/think tanks, NGO's, etc) based research positions to bring some diversity on my resume. However these seem both hard to come by and highly competitive. For background, I got my degrees from one of the best institutions that my (developing) country has to offer, grades are above average, expertise in Stata, some experience in GIS and python, etc. However, the onslaught of rejections is hard to bear. So to now come to the question, how important is a high profile research experience, if I am targeting some of the better institutions (especially considering my education background is not in a top tier class at the global level)? Is the amount of rejections normal, even with previous experience, considering I am not even making to the interview stage? And finally, should I try writing to professors directly for RA opportunities, or would you suggest some alternative way I can boost up my CV? I've been without a 'job' for over a month now, and no offers in sight, leading to my post here.
  2. PROFILE:Indian with research and teaching experience Type of Undergrad:BA Econ from top 5 undergrad college in India Undergrad GPA: 7.5/10 Type of Grad: Masters in Econ from Tier 2 Private University (Research + Teaching uni) Grad GPA:3.4/4 GRE:167 Quant, 168 Verbal, 5 AW Further education: MPhil Econ from a top 3 econ dept in India to be completed in April 2021 Math Courses in Masters & MPhil(grade): Mathematical Economics (C+), Econometrics 1 & 2 (C+ & B+), Econometrics at Mphil included IV, GLS, NLS, Quantile,DID (B) Econ Courses Undergrad(grade):Micro 1 & 2 (A+ & B+),Macro 1 & 2 (C+ & B), International Economics(A+), Public Economics (B) Econ Courses Masters & MPhil (grade):Micro 1 & 2 (B & B),Macro 1 & 2 (B+ & C+), Growth Theory(C+), Development Models(B+), Public Economics(B+), Trade theory (B), Macro (MPhil)(B), Financial Economics (MPhil)(B). Other Courses: Urban Development(A), Rural Development(B), Letters of Recommendation:(1) Very strong from a professor from masters I took a course with and also assisted in research with.( 2) Strong from my MPhil guide (3) Strong from an assoc. prof I took two courses with during MPhil (4) Strong from a prof whose course I took and did a term paper for. Research Experience: 1 yr field research experience at a think tank in India. Co-authored two book chapters (not on macro which I want to do a PhD in) Teaching Experience: 2 yr teaching experience at undergraduate (taught Econometrics 1, Growth Theory and Statistics & Probability) Other (Notes, concerns etc.):GRE Quant score, less math courses.
  3. I've been pretty dead-set on pursuing an Economics PhD since my sophomore year of undergrad, but I came into college with a very bad math foundation. In high school I almost failed Algebra 2, and that poor early exposure has haunted me through undergraduate courses. I feel like I've definitely improved, and my math grades this semester should be As or at least A- (doing well so far), but I would like some blunt honesty here. There is no doubt in my mind that I want to do an Econ PhD, I just would like to know exactly what I'll need to do in order to compensate for my mistakes/deficiencies. I am open to RA-ships or masters programs to strengthen my application, but only if absolutely necessary. Thanks! Type of Undergrad: State flagship, ranked top 20 USNews for Public Schools, Top 40 Econ IdeasRepec Undergrad GPA: Overall 3.63, Math GPA 2.51, Econ GPA 3.81 Type of Grad: N/A (1 course taken while undergrad) Grad GPA: N/A (A) GRE: 170Q, 170V, 4.5W Math: Calc 1/2/3 (B-, A, C), Linear Algebra (B), Intro Proofs (B-), Math Probability( IP), Real Analysis 1 (IP) Econ: Intermediate Micro (A), Intermediate Macro (B-), Wrld Econ Hist (A), Econometrics 1 (A), International Econ (A), Pub Econ(A), Global Econ Dev(A), Econometrics 2 (A-), Labor Econ(A), Graduate Micro Theory (A) Other Courses: Intro Stat Analysis (B+), Data Analysis w/ R (A), ArcGIS(IP), Land Use (IP), Econ Research Methods (IP) Recommendations: 3 currently ready, looking for more. One is my grad micro theory prof that I also RA'd for, he is an Assistant Prof. The second is full professor from our agricultural/environmental econ dept, she is my thesis advisor and I've been in her graduate research group for 2 years. Third is Fed economist that I RA'd for over a summer. Research Experience: RA for micro professor, RA for Regional Fed economist (top 10 PhD), senior thesis, NSF-REU internship. Research Interests: Rural/Urban economics, Labor Economics, Political Economy, Environmental Concerns: My math grades are abysmal, but I believe with an upward trend (will be too late for my real analysis/probability grades to show up on applications). Also my strongest/most passionate letter is from an AP who is well published (two top 5 pubs) but not well known. Other: I have the option to return to the regional fed I interned at and work as an RA for 2-3 years. I would take this option but I would much prefer to pursue a PhD now, unless I have a clear plan on how to maximize the return from the RAship. Applying to: I want to leave nothing to chance, so ~30 schools (using internship money to finance app fees). All top 10s (reach), majority of top 20, then regional preferences from 30 to 40. I would be very happy to get into specifically Penn State or Michigan State, but I know that I'm probably a weak candidate so I'll be grateful for anything.
  4. I’m planning to apply to Marketing PhD programs next year (2020 matriculation). I have my MBA in marketing from a top program and have been working in brand marketing and strategy roles for four years. I’m currently in a supervisory role and work with vendors and analysts who conduct the actual data manipulation, my role is to develop and implement the strategy. I myself conduct very little analysis (aside from simple scanner and panel data work) and worry this will make me less attractive to admissions committees. Would you recommend I try to identify a professor to work with over the next year to gain academic research experience? Willing to put in the hours if it boosts my profile. Thanks!
  5. Hello, I will likely be attending a 100-150 RePEc ranked institution in Canada in fall 2018 for an MA degree. I wasn't able to get into Toronto and haven't heard back from Western, although I doubt I will get in here. I have a pretty low undergrad GPA (3.0) with grades all over the place: My Profile: Math: Calculus B+, Calculus of Several Variables A, Linear Algebra B+, Intro to Proofs A-, Stats I A-, Stats II C, Differential Equations C, Groups and Symmetries B+, Vector Calculus C-, Combinatorics B- Intro Economics B+, Intermediate Micro (No grade basis), Intermediate Macro C-, Urban Economics A, Public Economics A, Econometrics A+, Advanced Micro A+, Advanced Macro B+. My question is what should I do with the MA? Let's assume best case scenario and I get very high marks in the MA for which I am confident I can as well as high GRE scores. Do I have any chance at a top 30 Ph.D. in my field? Or even top 50 Ph.D.? I want to end up in academia somewhere that is strong in my field. My fields of interest are in econometrics, micro theory, and experimental economics. If I cannot get into such a program should I take some time off to get some research experience with professors or work in government?
  6. Test Scores: GRE:Verbal 156 (73%) , Quantitative one is 164 (87%) the other is 169 (96%) Undegrad GPA:: Top 30 US University, major: economics, special coursework: mathematics, Overall GPA: 3.2, Econ Major GPA: 3.8, Math/statistics GPA: 3.8, Dean's research fellowship (1 out of 500+ students) Graduate GPA: Top 1/2 European Business School, EU grade scale: Very Good/ Excellent (US GPA: 3.9/4.0). Top 1 out of 100 on the master dissertation. Research Experience: 5 years. (Have been selected as Ph.D. in other department, but did not pursue that degree because of lacking appropriate supervision) RA for an internationally well-known professor (a professor of 4 departments) at Top 30 US University Research fellow in a sociology research team at Top 10 US University Collaboration with Top 2 European B-school professor One competitive paper(quant) on AMA and one interactive paper(behavioral) on AIB (both solo-authored), one co-authored book with Top 10 US university professors. Some other research papers and writing samples. Teaching Experience: have mentored MBA students in business school and drafted course note for them. Work Experience: Manager at Internationally well-known luxury group(HQ); part-time consultant for Top 3 consulting firms. Recommendations: one from master dissertation supervisor (chair of a department), one from another professor in my graduate school (we have a collaboration), one from Top 10 US university professor (we co-authored a book) Dream Schools: I already applied for most of the Top 25 marketing programs. Since the deadlines for some other schools are in Mid(15-20th). January, I expect to receive some suggestions for backup schools? Questions or concerns you have about your profile? 1. not sure V156 could pass the cutline in most B-schools. 2. I think my major GPA and math GPA should be fine, and I have provided a list of relevant courses for all the schools I've applied. But I am not sure whether a low overall GPA will be a big drawback ( I have lower grades in some courses that are completely irrelevant, such as Astrology, French cinema, etc.) 3. Yesterday, I received a long reply from a Wharton professor (who perfectly match with my research interests), he briefly discussed my research ideas, and then introduced me to the admission chair and coordinator, he also told me to talk to his previous student, is it a positive sign? 4. Where could be my backup choices? Thank you, guys.
  7. Dear all, I am a econ master student in China. I will apply to PhD next fall. GPA and English scores are OK to me, but my current research experience bothers me a little bit. For now I have two sets of research ongoing, in different fields. One is labor and marriage, coauthored with my advisor and another prof. We will have two working papers ready by next summer and I will present in conferences. My advisor will also give seminars in US (including a top10 dept.) in spring about these projects. I also have a coauthored labor paper ready to submit (we will try from an A journal but maybe ended up in a tier-2). I think I will choose labor to be the primary field in my application. However, I also have a submitted paper in international finance, which was coauthored with a junior faculty one year ago. But it will be, if published, only a tier-3 paper and really not my field in the future. With this prof., we also have an ongoing project on corporate finance. It's very likely this one can also generate a working paper and start conference presentation upon my application. Corporate finance may be my secondary field because I am also interested in it. Will these experience make me look like not focusing and hurt my application to labor? I think I will say in my PS that through all these research my interest in labor becomes more clear, and I may consider combine labor and corporate governance in future research. But not sure whether that's enough. I will appreciate it a lot if you could provide some advice on how I can make my application sharper. Thanks in advance!
  8. Research Interest: business and society, corporate social responsibility(ethical, institutional approach, but not instrumental) BA: one of universities in Seoul, Public Administration, GPA: 3.95/4.5 MA: one of three best universities in Seoul, Public Administration, GPA: 4.31/4.5 GRE: V 160, Q 170, W 4.0 TOEFL: 111 Work Experience: Republic of Korean Army 2 years(a mandatory duty, during BA degree) Research Experience: research assistant for 6 months in a project team(not related to CSR.), I expect to finish my MA dissertation next semester. a co-presenter in a domestic conference. Course work: some basic courses in both economics and political science. In fact, PA covers broad subjects as it studies government's work... 1 quant methodology, 1 quali methodology for MA students. Activities: a few voluntary works, many student clubs such as music, sports, and presentation skills. As you can see, I do not have any experience to emphasize. My research interest is focused on the role of business in society. I approached it with a lens of PA students since balancing the power of market has long been a core work of governments. But, I decided to move to the field of business because I now believe a change inside the market,CSR, is better than coercive regulations. 1. Can anyone tell me if I still have a chance to be admitted in spite of insufficient research experience? 2. What schools would you apply to if you were me? I heard PhD in business doesn't require as much work experience as MBA.. but the fact that I haven't even finished MA dissertation makes me hesitate. Thank you very much..!!
  9. Hi I wouldn't ask a general question without doing any research. I have selected about 8 universities matching with my profile and would want all of you to kindly advice me whether I am on the right track or whether I am missing some places or if I am overconfident with some. I am in the final year of Undergrad in Economics from University of London (International Program) from an affiliate center (of Uof london) in India and I have completed some introductory and intermediate coursework in economics as well as completing advanced coursework in math and economics Firstly, I want to pursue a Masters in Economics simply in order to grab the full story. By that I mean, after learning Econometrics and Macroeconomics, I am very inclined towards real econometric theory with applications of linear algebra and real macroeconomic theory with math. This is the reason why I am choosing institutes which are not money-making ones, for e.g. LSE, no offence to LSE but I judge it as a money maker including all other institutes in UK. When I go to graduate school to do economics, I want it to be more of investment of time and less of money (I am aware that masters students don't receive full funding but I do see tuition fees as a major constraint when looking at institutes) . I want to apply Masters to non-academic areas like economic research (like consulting agencies), official institutions (banks, funds). So overall, at the moment, I am not committed to a PhD, I feel that actually spending a year in graduate school will make me realize if I am capable enough or not. So I want to use Masters in Economics as a terminal degree for job market, particularly research institutions. Please look at my profile and choice of institutes and give me any input or advice, I highly appreciate your time and advice. PROFILE Type of undergrad: Bachelor of Science, Economics Undergrad GPA: Upper Second Class (UK) (Expected in 2015) (Prediction based on current sem grades) If I convert on random online websites, I get 3.61 but don't know how accurate that is , any legitimate websites? Math Courses: Mathematics I (A-) [basic Calc - single and multi var, Matrices, Sequences] Mathematics II (A-) [Further Calc (multi-var), Differential Eq, Difference Eq, Basic Linear Algebra] Further Mathematics (A-) [ Linear Algebra, Real Analysis, Optimisation Theory] Book Used: Simon and Blume ; Bartle Real Analysis Mathematical Economics (A-) [Constrained, Intertemporal Optimisation; Optimal control using diff. eq] Book Used: Hammond and Dixit Stats Courses Statistics I (B) [basic Distributional Theory and Regression] Statistics II (A-) [Prob Theory, Distributional Theory incl. Random var and expectations, Inference Theory, Regression] Econometrics (A-) [book used: Dougherty Econometrics) Econ Courses Introduction to Economics (A-) [Micro : Cons, Prod, Mkt structures, extern Macro: goods mkt, money mkt, employment and eq, infl and unempl and open econ] Book used : Amos witztum economics Intermediate Microeconomics (A) [Cons, Intertemporal choice, Uncertainty, firm, comp and monopoly, oligopoly and game theory, asymmetric info, externalities and pg] Books used: Perloff, Varian Intermediate Macroeconmics (B+) [iS-LM, AS-AD, Inflation and PC, Solow Growth, BP and Mundel Flemming OE, Theories of Cons,Inv, Money demand and supply, Monetary and Fiscal Policy] Books Used: Blanchard, Dornbusch, Mankiw International Economics (A-) [book followed: Krugman and Obstfeld] Monetary Economics (A) [ Books followed: Lewis and Mizen, Walsh, Maccallum] Other Courses Corporate Finance (Failed) - Retaking this year Business and Management (B) Graduate Work: None GRE: Q 165 TOEFL: 104 (Speaking: 29, Writing:27) Research Interests: Macroeconometrics - want to use or learn tools in econometrics (mainly time series and forecasting) to analyze tools of monetary policy like inflation targeting (currently a big thing in India right now) International Economics (International Finance in particular) Research Experience: None so far Teaching Experience: None Letters of Recommendation: 1 from LSE graduate who taught me for 2 years, and I was consistently in top 1% in his class, also got an achievement award from him given to only one student every year , 1 from UPF Barcelona GSE Graduate who knows me since 1.5 years, again was in top 1% in his class and last from a grad from local institution here in India who taught me for more than 2 years and 2 different subjects where in the first I was somewhere in top 10% and top 1% in next Applying to : 1 UBC Vancouver MA Economics 2 Barcelona GSE MS Economics 3 Tufts University MS Economics 4 Wisconsin Madison MS Economics 5 CEMFI MS Economics 6 UCL MSc Economics 7 NUS MS Applied Economics 8 Stockholm MS International Economics 9 Grad Geneva MS International Economics Concerns 1. Reputation of Undergrad degree: The course can be pursued anywhere in world as University of London has recognised teaching centers throughout the world, it is also mentioned on LSE's website as it has been designed by LSE University of London International Programmes with academic direction provided by LSE. - University of London International Programmes - Study - Home. I am not sure if this course will be a downside when applying to USA and Canada and Europe. Based on books I mentioned being followed, what do you guys think? One Uni in switzerland told me that where university doesnt have a seat in your country, then the degree is not recognized. I didn't face any other problems, not sure if this is a disadvantage. 2. No Research Experience: There is no requirement other than completion of coursework and my institute being a teaching center of a much larger institute (Uni of london) there is no research work that goes on here. Hence that part of the window is shut and on top of that, finding research assistant opportunities in my city paid no dividends as undergrads aren't given much importance. I don't know how I could fill this gap in my application, any ideas? I thought of writing an independent thesis and get one of the teachers to supervise my work but not sure if that would be of any value. Any ideas? Having no research experience will be a major disadvantage in my SOP where I am forced to base the statement heavily on my interests, inspirations and upcoming work rather than relating it to any particular work or contribution I have made in the past. Please advice 3. Calculation of GPA for UK Grades: Our final exam papers go to LSE and are marked there according to UK grade classification and I don't know how to convert these into letter grades, any help ? I used the following: Percentage Grade 70-100 A 65-69 A- 60-64 B+ 55-59 B 50-54 C+ 45-49 C- 40-44 C Can anyone provide any legitimate source for conversion? I have eleven grades above 60, out of which eight are above 65,of which one is above 70; and the rest of three below 65 but greater than 60. I didn't count subjects not related to econ (finance and business) in gpa, is it acceptable to do that? I think failure in finance would significantly lower my cumulative gpa, kind of unfair. I can't find more than 2 good universities (under decent budget) in USA : Wisconsin-Madison (any input on this, they just started a masters) and Tufts (why is this not ranked anywhere? also cant find any discussion threads on this) I am not considering the money makers Boston, Duke, New York, Columbia, Texas Austin, Michigan, Minnesota and Cornell, is any of them worth giving a shot? How about the lower ranked ones like Houston, Colorado-Denver and Florida State? Also as per advice by professor, not considering anything apart from UBC in Canada, like toronto, waterloo, york, queens, mcgill etc, what do you guys think? Plus any other unis outside of usa and canada? Whoa, I asked a whole lot of questions, I am really sorry But Extremely pleased about this forum and quality of people here and really appreciate your advice on my issue!!!
  10. Dear all, Chris Blattman writes that his experience in admission committees at Columbia suggests that work (especially research) experiece strengthen PhD application, especially in applied fields (cf. Frequently asked questions on PhD applications - Chris Blattman). Other than this advice, I have found little on this point on the internet, except that graduate profiles show that most graduates have such experience prior to their PhD in Political Science and Political Economy. Any thoughts/insights as to how important work experience might be? Many thanks in advance!
  11. My undergrad is in history, so as far as admissions committees go, I have no undergrad. I have, however, an MPP from UT Austin with a graduate minor in stats. (Not too impressive, I know.) So my forte is my research experience using SAS and Stata. Allow me to explain in more detail: At UT Austin, I picked up Stata and SAS programming as part of my MPP. I really liked econ, especially econometrics. I RA'd for an economist my last year at UT. After graduation, I took a programmer job with Mathematica Policy Research and have now been working for for them as a senior Stata/SAS programmer for the last 1.5 years. I am the author of 6 Stata commands (ado files) and have written dozens of do files for data management and data analysis (fitting all kinds of models from OLS and FE to PSM and regression discontinuity). Bottom line, I am very comfortable with SAS and Stata and have over two years of relevant economic research experience. I know that to make the application stronger I have to put more math in my transcripts. So, I took several math courses from a local community college. Here is a breakdown of my courses: Math GPA 3.5 (from the courses I have taken) Calc I, Calc II, Multivariable, Linear Algebra, (Real Analysis this summer), (Differential Eqs this fall--possibly) Stats GPA 3.9 Stat Methods I, Stat Methods II, Discrete Multivariate Models, Program Evaluation, Advanced Research Methods Econ GPA 3.75 Economics 101, Microeconomics, International Trade and Finance, Applied Econometrics I, Applied Econometrics What schools would be realistic for me to be admitted? (top 15? top 25? top 35?) What's the value added of my research experience given my background? What could I do this year (besides taking Real Analysis) to make my application stronger? Thanks
  12. I am planning to apply for a Phd in Finance. I currently have a PhD degree in Financial Economics from Turkey with some teaching experience (8 months) and afterwards worked for 1 year as a researcher. I have published 2 sci papers, 2 papers in other indexed field journals, and 1 contributed book chapter published in NewYork+some conference activity. I took the GRE, my unoffical results are about average (V+Q=300). So,I hope that the GRE score won't play a central decisive role in the selection. My purpose for applying to a second PhD are job prospectives in Europe or USA. What do you think will be my admission and funding chances? Thanks for your responses and advices.
  13. Hi everyone, I will apply next year and am very interested in micro theory. My aim is top 15. I am taking a couple theory phd field classes at a top 15 econ department and think I have a chance of getting a good score. But I am concerned what kind of research work I should do to make my cv shine. The consensus is theorists need very few ras, even fewer undergrad ras. Have any of you done theory ra before? If so, could you tell me what your work is like and what skills it requires? Or should I do independent research and ask a professor to advise me? Thank you in advance.
  14. Need Guidance for safe/mod/ ambi Univ. Profile :- Btech CSE GRE 316(155-v 161-q 3.5awa) TOEFL(108) CGPA(6.7/10) Work Ex :- Worked on SBand Doppler Weather Radar-ISRO Bangalore and Shri Hari Kota Data Image Display (2 projects under ISRO) Best Research Paper Award in DRDO Conf Interviewed by Hindustan Times , National Daily and A famous blog online Got Job Software Eng. Capgemini India Got featured on Univ. Website for Genome Project Representative of AI Dept. Built Robot and begged first prizes Member, Federation of Indian Chambers of Agriculture, Trade andServices Worked in Haryana Space Application Centre, On Digital Image processing and and GIS Worked for a reputed NGO for 2 months during 1 year of Btech, got media coverage for the work in national daily Plotted Shuttle Radar Topography mission plots NASA Data using JAVA Worked on DATA Mining and Predicted Social Networking Algorithms for Friendship (J48 Algo) Framed A Public Data Cloud for Univ. Made a new algo to beat the Hearts algo. Algo is OS independent. 1 international Publication International Journal of Applied Engineering Research 1 national publication Proceedings of National Conference, Ministry of Science and Technology, CSIR, 2 Papers presented at DRDO National Conf *cant publish it coz work was classified and IIT-Delhi* One live DNA _ Computing project. Got publication. Univ. Selected :- 1.Univ of Maryland College park 2. Univ of California Irvine 3. Duke University 4. Cornell 5. North Carolina State Univ 6. Dartmouth Univ 7. Columbia Univ 8. Univ of Toronoto 9.Univ. of Washington 10. Ohio State Univ. 11.John Hopkins Thanks !
  15. Hey everyone! I've been combing through these threads for a couple of weeks, but I would still like a little bit of guidance. I'll keep this short, hopefully. I'm a junior Economic and Mathematics double major at a fairly large private university in a big US city, with a decent reputation of its grad business and law schools, but not much beyond that, and there is a lack of substantial research in most areas. My economics advisor has expressed some concern over the reputation (or lack thereof) of my school making admission to a good PhD program difficult. So, I'm wondering if my course choices are alright considering my school. Relevant Courses taken: Honors "States, Markets and Society" (political economy course), Principles and Intermediate Micro, Principles Macro, Calc I-III with Scientific Applications, Mathematical Reasoning and Proofs Somewhat relevant?: Year of bio, two trimesters chemistry, two trimesters physics This term, I'll be taking: Real Analysis I, Multivariable Calculus I, Advanced Microeconomics (grad level) and an Honors Program Junior Requirement course. The rest of Junior Year: Real Analysis II, Multivariable Calculus II, Linear Algebra, [Grad] Research Methods for Policy Analysis I (closest thing to econometrics), Intro to Econometrics... and then Differential Equations or Game Theory or some other math course? I considered Mathematical Economics but apparently it's too low-level in terms of math. Senior year: Full year of 300-level Prob and Statistics, intermediate macro, hopefully [grad] Advanced Macro, and a bunch of other econ and math courses (suggestions, anyone?). Some of the courses that I mentioned as possibilities can definitely be taken senior year, but the question is whether it is better to take them junior year so they're on my apps to PhD programs? Also (what happened to keeping this short?), what else do I need? I'm going to RA for a young, top 5 PhD professor later this year. What kind of stuff should I aim for during the summer between junior and senior year? What about senior year? And I suppose I'll ask this now: Should I apply during my senior year to PhD programs, or wait a year or two while working at the Fed or in economic consulting, etc? I'm dead-set on an Econ PhD, so it's not an issue of 'getting a feel for the "real" world'. It's an issue of building my resume to compensate for the fact that I'm not coming from a well-ranked university (though I love it here), and a not-perfect GPA (darn pre-med sequences!). And I gotta say, though I've only been a creepy lurker, you guys and gals have impressed me with your intelligence, ambition and friendliness. I look forward to being more active here in the future. Thanks in advance for your help!
  16. I'm currently working at an economics consulting firm doing antitrust work, having graduated from college a few years ago. In college, although I double majored in economics and political science, I focused mostly on poli sci. I TAed for a few economics classes, but my research was with a political science professor. My job involves a decent amount of Stata programming, but I don't think I have had the type of research experience that grad programs in Economics are looking for. I am applying to PhD programs and MA programs in England and Canada, and I have two LORs from Econ professors and 1 from the Political Science professor I worked with (the project was not data intensive or policy oriented). I doubt that I will get into the PhD programs, so what most likely will happen is that I do a 1 yr masters. Because it will only be a year, I still will need another letter of recommendation. I'm hoping that I could use the summer before the masters program to do research with an economics professor (and thus get some more research experience and a letter), but these experiences seem only to be open to undergrads. Any tips on how I could land such an opportunity?
  17. Hi Guys, New to the forum. I am interested in applying to Marketing PhD programs (Consumer Behavior) for 2011. I have read some threads on here where candidates which applied this year gave their credentials, and many say they have good research experience, or research backgrounds. Though I have written a Senior Thesis which I received an A in my Undergrad, and have written many "research" type papers for my "MBA w/Marketing focus", I have never been published nor have I ever been approached to......honestly i am not even sure how I would go about it to be honest. I realize that this is an important part of the selection process and would like to gain some research experience. I spoke with a Professor at my university and she said she would be glad to help but wants me to teller what I mean by "Research Experience" so that she can better figure out what sort of project or work to give me. She said I should ask others who have applied and find out what they had in terms of research experience. Can someone describe what sort of research you did before applying to Marketing PhD or any Business PhD I suppose? Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated, Thank you!
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