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  1. hi there , i'm involving in GRE wordlist and flash cards , but i need some help to clarify wich is best words i can memorize for the New GRE , provide me with links or wordlist please
  2. question : Let S be the set of all positive integers n such that n^2 is a multiple of both 24 and 108 , wich of the following integers are divisors of every integers in S multi choice , select all answers that apply A : 12 B : 24 C : 36 D : 72 i know that answer is A,C --------------------- what i didnt understand is ? at the answer explaination part , we gives at the question that the set of integers will be in form n^2 okay then we can create our conclusion of the set of S on that way , so and said n^2 is multiple of 24 and 108 , i didnt understand what mean of multiple of this two numbers ? ok this is my first ask i really dont want bother you with answer explaination , i just need to know the most simple way to asnwer question like that and explain about multiple of etc ok thanks anyway something ealse confusing me in Data interpertations : if i have a figure show percents , total of female faculty = 200 total of male faculty = 250 the figure gives us as example percent for engineering males 2% and engineering females 12% then the questions as us this way , i need to understand what question - there are 275 students in field of engineering at university X approximately what is the ratio of number of students in engineering to the number of faculty in engineering i need to understand , what is different between faculty mentiones and student of engineering the questions said number of them is 275 thanks , i knew its long answers but hope someone help
  3. hi there , i'm still not enough expert to share questions , but i just feel when i share something i understand it more deeply in great way , when i was reading Barron's book , i'm still exploring the way of barrons book and compare it with real ETS Revised GRE questions in Book , and power prep , so we dont need to study something out of track anyway , we dont need to waste time , this question is a bit tricky but easy to understand it , [ATTACH=CONFIG]6442[/ATTACH] guess which one is the right answer ?
  4. Hey , am always find it hard to read this RC - and also understand it to answer the questions right , how to practice it In Raisin in the Sun, Lorraine Hansberry does not reject integration or the economic and moral promise of the American dream; rather, she remains loyal to Line this dream while looking, realistically, at its 5 incomplete realization. Once we recognize this dual vision, we can accept the play’s ironic nuances as deliberate social commentaries by Hansberry rather than as the “unintentional” irony that Bigsby attributes to the work. Indeed, a curiously persistent 10 refusal to credit Hansberry with a capacity for intentional irony has led some critics to interpret the play’s thematic conflicts as mere confusion, contradiction, or eclecticism. Isaacs, for example, cannot easily reconcile Hansberry’s intense concern 15 for her race with her ideal of human reconciliation. But the play’s complex view of Black self-esteem and human solidarity as compatible is no more “contradictory” than Du Bois’ famous, well-considered ideal of ethnic self-awareness 20 coexisting with human unity, or Fanon’s emphasis on an ideal internationalism that also accommodates national identities and roles. The author of the passage would probably consider which of the following judgments to be most similar to the reasoning of the critics mentioned in line 11? (A) The world is certainly flat; therefore, the person proposing to sail around it is unquestionably foolhardy. (B) Radioactivity cannot be directly perceived; therefore, a scientist could not possibly control it in a laboratory. © The painter of this picture could not intend it to be funny; therefore, its humor must result from a lack of skill. (D) Traditional social mores are beneficial to culture; therefore, anyone who deviates from them acts destructively. (E) Filmmakers who produce documentaries deal exclusively with facts; therefore, a filmmaker who reinterprets particular events is misleading us. In which sentence of the passage does the author provide examples that reinforce an argument against a critical response cited earlier in the passage? (A) The first sentence (“In Raisin …realization”) (B) The second sentence (“Once we … work”) © The third sentence (“Indeed,… eclecticism”) (D) The fourth sentence (“Isaacs, …reconciliation”) (E) The fifth sentence (“But the … roles”)
  5. Hi , I was wondering if you guys could help me out with an issue I seem to be having. I’ve done all the Manhattan Tests and have got an average of 324, but I’m hoping for a 330+ score. I’ve finished all the questions on Magoosh and my projected score is 161-166 (Q) and 160-165 (V), but I’m actually struggling to get a score within that range on my MGRE Tests in Verbal. Apparently my weakest area is the RC portion where my average across all the tests is 60%. I have been reading articles in The Economist, etc. (which most prep centres suggest) over the last couple of weeks, but I honestly and am not improving at all on this one portion of the test. What do you reckon I should do to sort this out? Cheers!
  6. Hi all, Here's a Sentence Equivalence question for the new GRE takers: Notwithstanding the odds against him, he _________ the general principle very forcefully. A. Enunciated B. Articulated C. Nullified D. Refined E. Weakened I thought the answer was: But the OA is: Any thoughts on this? Regards, mantrapad
  7. Dear Readers , many times i'm full of frustration of understanding reading comprehension questions , specially the one require reason thinking , and deep understanding of the question , today i was stuck on this question and can't find help any where , but i keep fight and read deeply many times , but this way for sure is bad for timing exam , but at least you passed on this question and then you can remember you face it and solve it before , here is the example , [ATTACH=CONFIG]6383[/ATTACH] i hope the image of question is show in clearly way : Lets see my Explain for this question maybe its help non-english natives as helped me , fast analyze to kill this short reading passage : Paragraph 1 the author start with name of something , play , and mention name of the name related to the play and describe her view with few lines and the author said or conclude her view as realistically incomplete view paragraph 2 then the author said we , that's mean he talking in public view tone , when they see her dual view , then the author say we can accept her play's ironic as deliberately intentional , rather than "unintentional" irony attributes by the other one called Bigsby . paragraph 3 then from indeed to the last part of this paragraph the author said that she didn't get credit for her work , but her work was full of intentional irony work , and therefore some of critics describe her work as thematic conflict this last paragraph is what the question as which answer have the same situation Guess which one is the answer wait for reply
  8. I took the Revised GRE's a week ago and got 750-800 Q and 700-800 V. I was wondering if I should retake it. I won't get my actual score until November, and by then it will be too late to get the scores in for some schools. I think I probably got 3-5 wrong in the quantitative section. I ran out of time and blindly guessed on the last 3 questions. Thank you for your advice!
  9. Dear Friends, I am planning to appear in revised GRE. Here is a list of Books that are currently available for Revised GRE. Unfortunately I cant buy these books. But I would really love you if you have soft copy of any of these books and pass on to me. I badly needed some book on revised GRE. Amazon.com: Best New GRE Books 2011 Thanks in advance Regards
  10. For international GRE general, there is no need of this group now cuz new GRE no longer has analogies and antonyms, how about removing this forum altogether? 1 do you agree 2. disagree 3. not sure
  11. Hi All, Scores for August test takers are now available on mygre.ets.org. Anyone who was waiting to hear their official scores can go check it out! Best, Taylor
  12. Hello everyone, Here is a link to 80 video explanations to the Quantitative/Math problems in the Official PowerPrep II software for the Revised GRE. GRE Quantum - grepowerprep In PowerPrep II, the first math section, which is Section#3, is identical for all the students. Depending on how you do on that section, the difficulty level of the second section(Section#5) will vary. The software has three options for Section#5, I have labeled them Easy, Medium, and Hard. To identify which of the three variations of Section#5 you were administered, look at you first question and use it to identify the appropriate set of video explanations. Feel free to send me feedback or questions. Cheers, Dabral
  13. Recently I took the gre in July and got my scores q-700 v-460.. I decided to retake GRE in the revised pattern in october and got q-630-730 v-400-500. I nearly took six practice tests and all the score were between the range q-750-800 v-520-620, Q-750-800 V-500-600 q-750-800 v-480-580 q-730-800 v-520-620 q-750-800 v-460-560 q-750-800 v-540-640 Before the exam day i had severe viral fever and it continued onto the exam day. Guys I was feeling totally sick and had the feeling to quit the test. But I gave my best(:() during the exam. Guys what am I supposed to do? I was very much interested in wireless communication and I worked hard in my UG and published a research paper in IEEE. Now I fear whether my admission in a research university are totally down to zero. Branch: ECE UG percentage: 72 Achievements: Published a research paper 4G mobile communications (IEEE explore) Published a research paper based in RFID (BCS- British Computing Society) Published a research paper in SQL injection(BCS- British Computing Society) Present 3 papers in college level symposiums. Started a website with my friends and it will be launched in November. Received the best student award from my college for two consecutive years for publishing papers. The publications mentioned above are done with my friends. For every one reading my post please comment, because it will help me to take clear decisions. I am applying to eth zurich, nus, ntu,epfl, university of Toronto, Mcgill university, British columbia university. Please review my profile and suggest me some more universities in the US. Also do I stand a chance in getting admissions in the above listed universities.?????????????????????? Waiting for your valuable replies... ILLUMINATE ME ....................................................................................................................................................................
  14. Mash

    Revised GRE verbal

    link to a video on strategies for revised GRE verbal
  15. hi i am planning to take the new GRE could some one tell me what to prepare? I have started studying the wordlists... Could you suggest me which book to buy for further prep?
  16. Hi everyone, I am going to sit for GRE on September 2011 on new format. Is there anyone preparing for revised format?
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