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  1. Profile: Undergraduate University: UC Santa Barbara Undergraduate Major: Economics Undergraduate GPA: 3.86 GRE: 166 Q/161 V/4 AWA *Should I retake the GRE? What are the consequences if I don’t score 167 + on the quantitative reasoning section?* Econ Courses Microeconomic Theory (A), Intermediate Microeconomic Theory (-A), Advanced Microeconomic Theory (B+), Econometrics (A), Advanced Econometrics (A), Game Theory (A), Senior Thesis (A) Math Course Multivariable Calculus (A), Linear Algebra (A), Advanced Linear Algebra (A), Differential Equations (A), Methods of Analysis (A+), and Real Analysis (A) Statistics, Computer Science, and Data Science Courses Introduction to Computer Science (A), Probability Theory (A-), and Introduction to Data Science (A) Research Experience I’ve spent the last two years working as a research assistant at the Federal Reserve. I currently work as the Corporate Bonds and Credit Quality RA in the Capital Markets section. I regularly prepare charts and answer ad hoc questions for economists and board members. I also dedicate time towards economist’s independent research; I’m currently working on two papers concerning monetary policy. Before joining the Board, I wrote a senior thesis and did some cleaning/entry work for a professor at UCSB. Letters of Recommendation Two Board economists and one economist from UCSB; I have worked with each of them all for at least a year. Teaching Experience I recently revamped the R and Linux training in Capital Markets for incoming RAs. I also volunteer for a data science course taught at Howard University in collaboration with the Federal Reserve. Research Interests I’m broadly interested in applied economic research. Although I enjoy my work surrounding empirical corporate finance, I also have an interest in household finance. Applications Top 25 economics Ph.D. programs and a handful of finance Ph.D. programs. *Should I consider applying to more finance programs given my research interests and the state of my profile?* My questions are highlighted in red. All other comments and suggestions welcome. Thank you for reviewing my profile :)
  2. Hello everyone, My situation is a little bit different from other common applicants: My Profile: Bachler's GPA: 3.0, Major: Computer Science Master's GPA: 3.6, Major: Computer Science Current PhD's GPA: 3.8, Major: Computer Science, Area: Theory (mainly Combinatorics) Current PhD program (around 50-70 in the U.S., also has a 50-ish Eco PhD Program) GRE: Q-170 Econ course: I'm going to take PhD level micro-econ theory next semester and looking forward to getting an A. Math course: calculus/linear algebra from my undergrad (but have a good knowledge of math tools, I did my phd research mainly on stochastic optimization problems) Research Experience: 3 papers in theoretical computer science, 2 papers in application area (data mining). Research Interests: micro-econ theory: matching, allocation and mechanism design Applying to: not sure yet, but say T30-100 world wide. e.g. U Zurich, Bonn, Aalto, U Geneva, etc. Teaching experience: 1 course in CS, 1 TA in CS Recommendation letters: 2-3 from CS/Math (strong, coauthors and advisor), 1 from Econ (not sure yet) Concerns: I started to get interested in micro-econ theory during my current study, and I'm planning to continue my study on econ problems after obtaining my PhD in CS. I have read several papers in micro-econ field and know exactly what kinds of problems that I'm interested in. My main concern is that my background in economics is weak. I have several Profs in my mind since I'm quite interested in their research, but I'm not sure if they would consider me as a strong/weak candidate. I would love to hear any comments and suggestions. Your help would be much appreciated!
  3. Hey guys I'm a master student in Economics and want to do a PhD after I graduate. I have the opportunity to apply for a RA but it's not in Economics but in Political Science (Negotiation Management). I haven't worked as a RA so far and was wondering if doing one in political science will still be useful when it comes to applying for my PhD? Thanks for your help!
  4. Area of Interest MS in Computer Science | Fall 2021 Bachelor of Engineering Major: Computer Science Score: 8.84 (Out of 10) University: SRM University,India Completion Year: 2018 Scores GRE: 312 | Q: 161 | V: 151 | AWA: - (Just gave my exam a week ago) TOEFL: 101 Work Experience 2 Years Experience in Infosys (recently promoted), working in project using python framework.
  5. Hi all, I have planned for some time to apply to PhD programs in economics a year from now after I finish a two-year RA stint. I’ve recently been debating, however, if I should also look into applying to political science PhDs. I’m primarily interested in political economy, so I believe that I would enjoy doing either program (although I realize that there are trade-offs in choosing one program over the other). I know that it’s not uncommon for econ applicants to also apply to PPOL PhDs, but I rarely hear of them also applying to political science programs. My question then is this - would it look bad in anyway to apply to both programs potentially at the same school(s)? I don’t want to give off the impression that I’m not serious/committed enough to one particular field, but it’d be nice to keep my options open and learn more thoroughly about the pros/cons specific to each department. Thanks for any advice!
  6. Test Scores (GMAT/GRE): Haven't taken yet, aiming for 165+ quant and verbal Undegrad GPA: 3.85 at an ivy in political science, minor in psychology Graduate GPA: N/A Research Experience: ~10 months of RA work with 3 professors at a top 5 business school. No relevant publications (only 1 in philosophy) Teaching Experience: 1 semester for a community service-based class Work Experience: summer internships at random schools, not really relevant Concentration Applying to: consumer behavior/behavioral marketing Number of programs planned to apply to: ~15 or so Dream Schools: Wharton (Penn), Stanford, Kellogg (Northwestern), Fuqua (Duke) Other Questions: What made you want to pursue a PhD? Love academia and interested in advancing general theories of human/consumer behavior. Hoping to frame my background in political science and TA experience for community service class as my motivation for possibly researching prosocial behavior Questions or concerns you have about your profile? Only formal stats experiences is a B in intro stats. Taking a PhD level marketing class in research methods next semester and have 3 computer science classes and 1 data science class under my belt (all A's), so hoping that can offset my lack of formal stats classes. Also concerned about not having any publications or co-authored papers in progress. I'm contributing significantly to the professors that I currently research with (e.g., helping formulate hypotheses, research methods, etc. in addition to lit reviews/data entry) so hopefully that should offset things via good LOR's? Any additional specific questions you may have:~
  7. I'm currently an ugrad at a top 30 Econ uni (top 10 US public uni). Currently entering my 3rd year and I've been doing RA in a social science lab (non-Econ however). The work I've been doing is rather rewarding for an undergraduate. I'm creating datasets, cleaning data, generating figures in STATA/R, and doing other explanatory/descriptive data analysis in R/STATA. My question is, how will this be looked upon in PhD admissions? The faculty I'm working under do quantitative social science work (think field of public policy, education, psychology, etc...) that relates heavily to economics and have connections to the field of economics (some have Econ PhDs others have published with Economist and in Econ Journals). I'm hoping to get LORs from some of these faculty but was ultimately wondering how strict adcom committees are (especially at t-15 schools) about getting RA work strictly under economist. For reference I'm also majoring in Math so I have taken linear algebra, prob theory, and will be taking classes like real analysis in the future.
  8. Issue question: Science and technology will one day be able to solve all of society’s problems. Science and technology have solved many social issues in the past decade. I agree that science and technology can solve some issues but not all. First, several social issues are related to institutions, culture and social norms, which cannot be altered by only science and technology. For example, many women face multiple layers of gender inequality at the workplace. Women are still under-represented in managerial or leadership positions even in high-income countries while many women in developing countries suffer from heavy burden on household responsibility. Moreover, discrimination against the black-skinned race still exists, resulting in inequality of economic opportunities in today's society. Changing social norms and institutions requires a huge amount of time to change an individual's perception, which science and technology solely cannot change. Second, social issues such as poverty and unemployment arise from systemic or market failures. For instance, countries need strong private sector companies to create employment opportunities. Private companies need an enabling environment for their growth, such as access to finance, market, and better regulatory environments. The improvement of market system and business environments cannot be achieved only using science and technology but require context-specific solutions developed by local people. It is important to note that science and technology have solved many social problems in the past. For instance, it has improved the quality of and the accessibility to education for marginalized people or areas using the internet, online courses and digital devices. Many diseases have been treated or eliminated by advanced medical sciences such as vaccinations to yellow fever. However, solely science and technology cannot solve all the social issues inherited to social institutions, cultures as well as systemic issues. In summary, I disagree that science and technology will be able to solved all of society's issues while it has still helped to improve our society.
  9. Hi, I am interested in applying for Ph.D in Information Systems and I'd like to know what's my edge for getting into top program. I acknowledge that my GRE is a little shy of good score (esp. quant... I had full mark score but the verbal part is not competitive) but a professor that I am working with said I might get some advantages that I have MSCS from prestigious school and I can include working paper when I apply. However, I still cannot even weigh my chances because of lack of data & information. Here's my brief profile. Test Scores (GMAT/GRE): (Note: It often helps a lot more if you list the percentiles each of your raw/composite scores are associated with) GRE: Verbal 158, Quant: 167, GMAT conversion (from ETS): 700 Undegrad GPA: 92.8% (dual degree in Computer Engineering & Business Administration, out of US) Graduate GPA: 3.56/4 (Master's Science in Computer Science, school from undoubtably top 30 in CS, in the US) Research Experience: One domestic(non-English) conference publication in Computer Science, currently working on a research in Information Systems field with two professors. Teaching Experience: None Work Experience: only internships Concentration Applying to: Information Systems Number of programs planned to apply to: 10 Dream Schools: NYU, MIT, CMU, UPenn (I haven't explored the faculties though) What is average GMAT/GRE score for top-school accepted students? I have concentrated on machine learning during my master, will it make some differences? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi! I'm about to be finishing my sophomore year at a Private T-10 US University. I'm currently double majoring in Economics and Statistics with a minor in Political Science. I've had a passion for economics and economic research since high school. I find myself constantly reading papers on SSRN/NBER, communicating about economic issues, and engaging in lively debate with my professors. I'm interested in doing a PhD not for anything related to prestige or possible salary but rather that I think I've got a passion for teaching and would really love to contribute research to the field. That being said, I've been really interested in getting a PhD since I entered college and after my academic performance I've become really discouraged. I've found that I've had a hard time excelling academically in school - its not necessarily a lack of effort but I think that I took too many classes a little too early (have "overloaded" every semester) and having had no experience whatsoever with higher level math or computer science coming out of my high school I've faced a pretty steep learning curve. That being said, I would like some realistic advice about what my chances for grad school are as well as wether its worth it to pursue a PhD given my struggles (i.e. will math kill me). Side note: I have some very good opportunities in finance as well for my junior summer and I'm thinking about foregoing possible full time offers to pursue a research assistantship or graduate school. Here's my stats: Type of Undergrad: T-10 w/ top 5 Econ Dept B.S. Economics, B.S. Statistics Undergrad GPA: 3.7 Currently Math Courses: Multivariable Calculus (B+), Linear Algebra (A), Probability (B), Regression (A), will be taking Bayseian Statistics as well as Diff EQ/Analysis later (4.0 in all electives) Econ Courses: Intro Micro (B - no excuses, but got very sick the week of the final with an A leading up to it), Intermediate Micro (B - again, had an A until the final. Tough luck), Metrics (A), will be taking Intermediate Macro this coming fall (4.0 in all electives) Other Courses: Various CS/Polisci/etc. Letters of Recommendation: Have made some connections with professors in my department, including the chair and my metrics professor and have been making an effort to strengthen these. Research Experience: public policy research freshman summer, Work in an Applied Micro lab currently using R/Python and running analysis Teaching Experience: TA for computer Science Class, Teach a basics of investing class Research Interests: Behavioral Economics, Applied Micro Other: Internship at a Fortune 25 Company in Analytics, lot of professional experience related to finance, politics (interned at a think tank), and data science Any advice at all would be appreciated. Thank you!
  11. Hi: I'm hoping to start my MA in Economics next fall (2020) at the University of Hawaii, but really want to get another graduate degree from Harvard Extension School during my spare time to beef up my qualifications, and wanted to see what you guys thought, if I should choose (a) International Relations, or (b) Data Science. To me, data science seems redundant from what I learn in the economics curriculum, and maybe not as useful as a background in international relations, particularly since my research interests are either policy-related or international in scope. What do you think I should pursue?
  12. Essay topics: Government funding for pure science endeavors, such as space exploration, should be reduced in order to direct more funding towards humanitarian science projects. Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the claim. In developing and supporting your position, be sure to consider specific instances for which this statement may or may not be true. Over the last century we as humans have witnessed a phenomenal advancement in the space exploration sector. New private companies such as SpaceX and Blue Origin have pledged to take humans to planet Mars for the first time. NASA, which is an independent space agency of the United States has a budget of approximately $2 bilion dollars annually. It is difficult to account for the direct impact space exploration has caused on the socity as a whole. Space exploration has helped us in making various scientific discoveries and in providing a better understanding of the functions of our cosmos. The question is whether is it worth spending so much to see space as venue for futhure scientific discoveries rather than directing such funds towards humanitarian science projetcs? Humanity’s imagination and curiosity is one of the biggest factor which has lead us to explore the space frontiers and solve one of our basic questions, who are we? Space explorartion has played a big role in proving few answers to our existential questions. Humans are still at the rudimentary stage in exploring our unimginably vast universe. Our home, which is planet Earth has only a limited amount of resources which is depleting at an unprecedented rate. There will come a time when we have used up all our resources and will not be able to provide basic necessities to our growing population. The only way to meet these demands is if we have mastered and made space travel cheaper. Humans will then be able to extract resources from other planets or their moons. With the help of space exploration we humans can find and colonize different planets in case of a natural catastrophe. Technology and communication play vital roles in our society. Today, within seconds we can locate malls or restaurants near us and send instant messages or share funny cat videos. Its because we humans have a good understanding of the Earth’s orbit we can launch satellites which is a great contributor to our existing fast communication system. Another major benefit derived from space exploration is that it helps us to detect any harmful radiation from explosion of stars near our solar system coming towards us. On the other hand, there are other fileds in science which requires immediate attention, such as finding cheaper ways to produce clean energy and redefining agriculture. Solving these issues will have an immediate and a direct impact on the society. Advancement in renewable energy will help us tackling climate change and will eradicate the need for resources from other celestial bodies. Given that there are limited funds priorities have to be determined. From a broader perspective and for the protection of the human race it is necessary to divert most of the funds to development of space travel and exploration.
  13. Hi Everyone - just trying to see whether I should widen my reach before sending my LOR writers my list of schools. Thank you for any advice!! -- PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: Top 10 private Undergrad GPA: 3.55/4.00 Major: Engineering Minor: Computer Science GRE: Q: 168, V:162, W:4.5 (might retake) Math Courses: Linear Algebra and Real Analysis (A-), Mathematical Methods (Multivar, Diff Eq) (B+), Graph Theory and Combinatorics (B+) Econ Courses: Intermediate Micro (B+, took without intro), Environmental Econ (A-) Computer Science Courses: Intro to CS, Networks, Visualization, Data Structures and Algorithms Other Courses: Lots of quantitative science, physics, engineering courses, mostly A- / B+. LORs: One from an engineering professor with whom I've taken two courses in college, will be strong. Two others from econ professors I'm currently working with (will be strong but have known me only for a few months and they're on the younger side). Research Experience: Currently a full-time RA for economists at a business school (at Top 10 econ program university). One summer internship from college. Work Experience: Worked in finance for two years before starting my current RA job. Research Interests: Applied Micro, IO, Environmental Basically, college was a pretty hard time for me for personal reasons. I worked a lot part-time (around 15 hours) and had family stuff going on, and often overwhelmed myself with too many pretty hard classes. So my grades are not great at all and back in the day, I just wanted to get a good job after graduation. After about a year in finance, thought more about long term goals and that's why I decided to switch to a full-time RA role, but for visa reasons can't stay for another year. I'm planning on applying to several Top 10 and many other Top 25ish programs but wondering if I should widen the range of schools... I'm also applying to a few Master's. Thanks everyone!
  14. Type of Undergrad: top 15 Econ Programme Undergrad GPA: 3.7 (but only 3.4 in Economics, 3,7 in Poli Sci, and 3.6 in Math - i did a double major in econ and poli science and econ, with a math minor). Math Courses: Calc II, Calc III, Statistics, Linear Algebra Econ Courses: Macro I, Macro II, Micro I, Micro II, Money and Banking, International Econ, Urban Econ, Econometrics I and Financial Econ Political Science Courses: Comparative politics, International Politics, Political Theory, German Politics, French Politics, Political Science Honors I and II, American Primacy, Political Economy GRE Scores: 165V, 166Q, 5.0 AW Letters of Recommendation: I understand one should be professional as I have been out of academia for a bit... This one shouldnt be a problem, as my bosses and directors have been very willing to write a good letter. The two others, one will be from a professor I took an intermediate course with, and got an A. The other from an associate professor who i took several classes with. Research Interests: Macroeconomics (more specifically monetary and fiscal policy), Political Economy, Financial Economics, Development economics g SOP: general, pretty confident about it actually. Research Experience: wrote some papers while at school, only one published (political science honors thesis), and did write another at the bank i work in. Teaching Experience: None whatsoever Other: Been working at a bank for the last few years. Speak five languages, and have some very light experience with coding (only VBA). I am scared that my application is weak, in particular my letters of recommendation, and my Math. I am applying to most top schools, in particular the ones focused in macro and political economy. But I am thinking of applying to some masters programs as backup - notably NYU, Columbia, LSE and some european ones.... But I have recently heard that Some of these masters programs arent well-rated. Does anyone have any tips? Do you think I'm getting scared over nothing, or should I really go for the masters? Going for a R.A. position is probably a no-go for me, as I'm a foreigner, and I think the idea of getting the visa just for that seems quite improbable for me.
  15. Type of Undergrad: top 15 Econ Programme Undergrad GPA: 3.7 (but only 3.4 in Economics, 3,8 in Poli Sci, and 3.6 in Math - i did a double major in econ and poli science, with a math minor). Math Courses: Calc II, Calc III, Statistics, Linear Algebra Econ Courses: Macro I, Macro II, Micro I, Micro II, Money and Banking, International Econ, Urban Econ, Econometrics I and Financial Econ Political Science Courses: Comparative politics, International Politics, Political Theory, German Politics, French Politics, Political Science Honors I and II, American Primacy, Political Economy GRE Scores: 165V, 166Q, 5.0 AW Letters of Recommendation: I understand one should be professional as I have been out of academia for a bit... This one shouldnt be a problem, as my bosses and directors have been very willing to write a good letter. The two others, one will be from a professor I took an intermediate course with, and got an A. The other from an associate professor who i took several classes with. Research Interests: Macroeconomics (more specifically monetary and fiscal policy), Political Economy, Financial Economics, Development economics SOP: General Research Experience: wrote some papers while at school, only one published (political science honors thesis), and did write another at the bank i work in. Teaching Experience: None whatsoever Other: Been working at a bank for the last few years. Speak five languages, and have some very light experience with coding (only VBA). I was thinking of applying to top phd programs, but the more I look at these forums I realize I had been underestimating the difficulty. I’ve since pivoted into applying to schools in the 15-30 range, and to masters programs that can help me get into PhD programs later. I am scared that my application is still weak though- what are my odds of getting into TSE, GSE, LSE, Bocconi, Mannheim, UBC, UWO or U of T- if these would be hard to get into, what are realistic Canadian/European options? What are good American masters programs to help for PHD that would be within my range?
  16. Hello guys, Does any of you have any direct or indirect experience with USC (southern cal), BC (Boston College), UVa (Virginia)? I was wondering if anyone could evaluate my chance for those three schools as they are my top 3 choices! Undergrad GPA: 3.83/4.0 Major: Mathematics, Economics Minor: Computer Science GRE: Q: 168, V:155 Math: Single Calc (AP), Multivariable Calculus (A), Discrete Mathematics (A), Linear Algebra (credit, taken during summer), Probability and Statistics 1 (A), Real Analysis (A) Econ Courses: Intro Micro (A-), Intro Macro (A), Intermediate Micro (A), Intermediate Macro (W, but will take it again this fall with my advisor), Econometrics (A), Independent Study (A) Computer Science Courses: Intro to Comp Sci 1,2 (A) (A-), Data Structures and Problem Solving (A-), Computer Organization and Architecutre (A-), Theoretical Foundation of Computer Science (A-) This Fall: Algorithms, Intermediate Macro, Law and Economics, Independent Research (in continuation of this summer's research) Letters of Recommendation: 2 econ assistant professors 1 computer science professor Research Experience: Summer Research Grant this summer with two professors. It will be continued this fall semester as an independent research. Most likely will be a working paper or under-review by the application time. Teaching Experience: Tutor for 3 semesters. TA for Econometrics this fall. Thanks guys!
  17. Is UTD as good as it's ranking suggests? I'm talking about marketing (quant) specifically but the whole business school seems to be very solid. I considered the possibility that their ranking was built to make them look (way) better, but even if we choose only Marketing Science and Management Science and order by number of articles they are still top 10. This is way better than Yale, Berkeley and Stanford for example. Maybe it doesn't adjust for department size but still wouldn't explain the discrepancy between how it ranks and how it seems to be regarded (or maybe they really are pretty good and I have the wrong impression). Thoughts?
  18. Those who see their ideas through, regardless of doubts or criticism others may express, are the ones who tend to leave a lasting legacy. People generally criticize what they don't understand or what they think is impossible to do. They think, if I can't do it then nobody can. Even if someone is trying hard to do it, instead of motivating him they will criticize that person for thinking of impossible. However, It takes quite a vision and will power to go against the tide and achieve your goal. The people who do that leave a legacy behind them. For instance, Steve Jobs, The genius and the maverick. He had a vision for his company. That vision was to built a perfect product. When they were building iphone or imac, there was this huge decision, that either we should go for third party software or create our own OS. Everybody in the company was open towards third party software because it would save company a lot of cost and time. But, as maverick he is, he believed that a third party software would cause many problems in the devices. There could the issues of security, performance etc. Hence, he stuck to his vision. And now he has achieved his vision. Making apple a perfect company. If, he had accepted the decision to go for third party software, just because people were criticizing him. Apple would have reached great heights. And now everybody revere him and his company. Consider the example of Galileo, he was so much criticized by the church for his theory regarding earth. Since, he said earth is not the center but, it is planet revolving around sun. Everybody thought it is a blasphemy. But he didn't back down and proved his theory right. Now everybody know Galileo for his great contribution to the science. When everybody is against you, you feel in a state of despair. It is your believe, your vision and your hard work that can take you through all that criticism. If your vision is not strong enough you will fall prey to the criticism and end up failing in your mind right in the middle of your journey and may not achieve your object I think it is your sheer hard work and belief in yourself that takes you from normal to a expert. As they say genius in 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration
  19. University Type: Top Canadian Program : Science - Physics & CS GPA -3.5 (2.7 first year, 3.7 or more for the rest) GRE - 170 Q, 166 V 4.5 W Courses : full year macro, micro. The same ones the econ majors students take. Analysis I and II. Stochastic Processes (Graduate), Algorithmic Game Theory (Graduate), Computer Vision (Graduate) Research : 2nd of 3 authors on a paper accepted to a relatively well known CS conference(for the particular subfield). The paper itself is essentially a micro-econ problem approached from a CS point of view. Note: As far as I've heard, Conferences in CS tend to be more prestigious than journals. Misc : Graduated a year and a half ago. Been working as a software dev ever since. Will this count against me?
  20. Hey all, just looking to get some feedback on the strength of my app. as a whole. 158 Quant ; 154 Verbal ; 4.5 AW currently working in metallurgy/precious metals recovery lab Current supplemental instructor and tutor for Physics and Chem. 5 strong LOR's. 3 from professors I'm currently doing research with; one from the department head who has since gone to SUNY; and one from current employer at lab. Strong SOP (in my opinion) Overall GPA : 3.45 Major GPA: 3.92 Majoring in Chem with physics minor I want to study Mat. Sci. and I'd like to get in to a school like GA tech, but my quant could keep me out regardless of the rest of my app. I would be pleased to get in a school like ASU, UT Austin/A&M, NC State, and the like. Could the rest of my app with experience push the cards in my favor? I plan to retake and get >160 on the quant, and then I will be done. Thanks!
  21. Do Pharmaco-economists need to know anything about pharmacology, anatomy & physiology, biochemistry, etc to successfully do their job? :cower:
  22. Computer Science UG GPA:3.18/4.00 Computer Science MS GPA:3.88/4.00 TOEFL:108(28-30-26-24) (changed after rescore request. speaking 23->26) GRE: Q:800 V:320 A:3.5 (Will retake next week) One poster and a short paper in international conferences. (Might have 1-2 conference publications before deadlines.) 1-Carnegie Mellon (have talked to a prof and met personally at a conference. I am not expecting so much but he wanted me to inform him after I apply to let him know) 2-University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign 3-University of Texas - Austin 4-Georgia Tech 5-University of California - San Diego 6-Ohio State University 7-Penn State (my advisors university. his lor can help a lot. will work on a paper with possible advisor) 8-University of Rochester 9-Arizona State University Any other university recommendations are welcome. I have tried to find places where they have computer architecture research group or a professor who works on topics I like and have good publications.
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