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  1. Undergraduate - Top 5 Australian econ school Field : Major in Economics and Finance Undergraduate G.P.A - 6.97/7, university medal Economics courses (Undergrad) : Intro, Intermediate and Honours Level Micro and Macro - all 7s. Micro Policy (7), Macro Policy (7), Intro Metrics (7), Intermediate Metrics (7), Mathematical Economics (6) Maths courses (Undergrad): Advanced Calculus and Linear Algebra 1, Advanced Multivariate Calculus and Ord Differential Equations, Mathematical Analysis and Advanced Topics, Calc and Linear Algebra 2, Mathematical Probability, Applied Mathematical Analysis, Statistical Modelling - All 7s GRE: 169 Q LORS : 2 from thesis supervisors and 1 from summer RA at ANU. Advisors should be strong. Applying to : US top 20, Oxbridge and LSE. Top ARE programs Research/Teaching : Corporate Finance TA during uni. Honours thesis awarded undergraduate thesis prize. Concerns : Not too much guidance online regarding Australian applicants. How much would the 6 in math econ hurt me? Looking for : Looking to apply in the cycle at the end of 2022, is there any benefit to additional maths courses? Curious to gain some perspective on the range I should target and competitiveness for ARE programs as well. Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. Good forums for everyone, Does any of the Philosophy, Political Sci., Sociology, Psychology, History, etc. social science double major will add value for an economics major who wants to do a Ph.D.? Instead of doing one of these, I'm taking as many math classes as I can for my elective spaces. Is it the right path in the undergraduate? Note: I cannot do math double major, unfortunately.
  3. Hi All! I am currently in my second year at American University in D.C. I'm graduating in 3 years in may 2022, making me a junior in credits. I am an economics major and math minor with a 3.88 GPA I plan to apply for PhD in economics programs as well as some dual-degree or combined econ/public policy PhD programs. Right now I am planning on applying to top 30-60 for my target schools as well as potentially some reach schools in the top 30. I wrote a brief summary of my statistics below: Math Classes: Calc 1 (A), Calc 2 (A-), Statistics (passed because of COVID grade changes), Linear (A), and Calc 3 (A). I also plan on taking Foundations of Math (Math 403) and Real Analysis, both of which I hope to get an A or A-. Economics Classes: Basic Macro and Micro (A), Intermediate Macro (A-), Intermediate Micro (A), and 3 econ 3xx electives (A). I also will take both econometrics 1 and 2 as well as 2 more upper level econ electives and mathematical economics. I expect that those classes will also be mainly A or A-. Internship Experience: I have interned at the Treasury Department, worked at the Smithsonian, and interned for a consulting company. Research Experience: I have worked as a RA for a year and have co-authored a historical economics paper (and one more on the way) with my economics professor. The papers will be presented at various conferences in Spring/Summer 2021. I also am working as a RA in the mathematics department on a federally funded project that identifies malware in data documents using comp sci theory. I hope to do some sort of research position next summer as well. I also have significant diversity in my background although I don't know how much that would help. I would appreciate any advice on my chances for grad school or classes to take!
  4. Dear All, I am posting below a brief overview of various aspects of my profile. I am looking for a profile evaluation and sources to improve it. Depending on my current profile, what sort of schools should I target? What ranking range should I be targeting? Education: ā€‹Undergraduate: B.A. (Hons.) Economics from the top University in India. [Grade: 85.7%/top 50 in the University] Master's: M.A. Economics from the top school in India. [Grade: First Class/First Division] [*]GRE: Quant: 168 Verbal: 162 AWA: 4.5 [*]Courses: [TABLE=class: grid, width: 600] [TR] [TD]Level[/TD] [TD]Type of Course[/TD] [TD]Number of Courses[/TD] [TD]Grades[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Undergraduate[/TD] [TD]Calculus[/TD] [TD]3[/TD] [TD]More than 90/100 on each[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Undergraduate[/TD] [TD]Linear Algebra[/TD] [TD]3[/TD] [TD]More than 90/100 on each[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Undergraduate[/TD] [TD]Advanced Micro[/TD] [TD]4[/TD] [TD]More than 95/100 on each[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Undergraduate[/TD] [TD]Advanced Macro[/TD] [TD]2[/TD] [TD]More than 90/100 on each[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Undergraduate[/TD] [TD]Econometrics/Statistics[/TD] [TD]3[/TD] [TD]More than 95/100 on each[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Master's[/TD] [TD]Calculus/Linear Algebra[/TD] [TD]3[/TD] [TD]More than 60/100 on each[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Master's[/TD] [TD]Advanced Micro[/TD] [TD]6[/TD] [TD]More than 70/100 on each[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Master's[/TD] [TD]Advanced Macro[/TD] [TD]2[/TD] [TD]More than 60/100 on each[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Master's[/TD] [TD]Econometrics/Statistics[/TD] [TD]3[/TD] [TD]More than 70/100 on each[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] [TABLE=width: 500] [TR] [TD][/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] Research Experience: Two years RA at a business school working on projects related to political economy, finance, and development 6+ months RA at a foreign university working on a project related to political economy One solo-authored working paper related to environmental economics and development, one solo-authored paper on political economy and finance. Two ongoing projects with co-authorships related to environment and development. Other relevant information: Highly proficient in STATA, R, GIS, and HTML. Working knowledge of Python Thanks a lot for your help! šŸ˜Š
  5. Dear all, I am posting below a brief information on various aspects of my profile. I am looking for an evaluation and sources for improvement. Any schools in particular I should target? What ranking bracket should I be targeting? Any help is greatly appreciated. Degrees Undergraduate: B.A.(Hons.) Economics from the top Indian University. [Grade: top 50 in the University/85.7%] Postgraduate: M.A. Economics from the top Indian school. [Grade: First class/First division] GRE 168Q/162V/4.5 Courses [TABLE=class: grid, width: 500] [TR] [TD]Level[/TD] [TD]Course Type[/TD] [TD]Number of Courses[/TD] [TD]Score[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Undergraduate[/TD] [TD]Calculus[/TD] [TD]3[/TD] [TD]More than 90/100 on each[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Undergraduate[/TD] [TD]Linear Algebra[/TD] [TD]3[/TD] [TD]More than 90/100 on each[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Undergraduate[/TD] [TD]Advanced Micro[/TD] [TD]3[/TD] [TD]More than 90/100 on each[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Undergraduate[/TD] [TD]Advanced Macro[/TD] [TD]2[/TD] [TD]More than 90/100 on each[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Undergraduate[/TD] [TD]Econometrics/Statistics[/TD] [TD]3[/TD] [TD]More than 95/100 on each[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Master's[/TD] [TD]Calculus/Linear Algebra[/TD] [TD]2[/TD] [TD]More than 60/100 on each[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Master's[/TD] [TD]Advanced Micro[/TD] [TD]5[/TD] [TD]More than 70/100 on each[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Master's[/TD] [TD]Advanced Macro[/TD] [TD]2[/TD] [TD]More than 60/100 on each[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Master's[/TD] [TD]Statistics/Econometrics[/TD] [TD]3[/TD] [TD]More than 70/100 on each[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] Research experience RA: 2 years at a business school on projects related to political economy, finance, and development. RA: 6 months+ at a foreign university on a project related to political economy. One solo authored working paper on environmental economics and development. One solo authored working paper on political economy and finance. Two ongoing projects on environmental economics and development. Recommendation Letters One each from the two PIs I have RA'ed for. Expect them to be strong. One from the master's program. Expect it to be between average and strong. Other Information Good programming skills. Highly proficient in STATA, R, GIS,HTML. Working knowledge of Python. Ability to identify gaps in the literature and come up with novel research questions. Can work independently. Thanks a lot! :)
  6. Hey all! I am an undergraduate student graduating in 2021, and applying for programs in fall 2020. I am from the US, but am studying in the UK. Iā€™m just having trouble trying to gauge what schools to apply to, and where exactly I have a chance at getting in. I want to aim as high as possible, but of course I want to be reasonable and not overestimate! Thanks in advance! Undergraduate Degree: BA in Economics and Political Science (double major, from top 20 global university in the UK) Undergraduate GPA: First Class Honors predicted (I think roughly equates to 3.8+/4.0) GRE: Q 167, V 166, AW 5.5 Math Courses: (this is a bit difficult to show, because a lot of math is integrated into the Economics courses themselves, but Iā€™ll try to explain here) Economics 1 (A, included single and multivariable calculus, some linear algebra, differential equations, partial differentiation, optimization), Economics 2 (A+, constrained optimization, Lagrangians, matrix algebra, hessians etc.), Statistics for Economics (A+, probability theory, general statistics and applications), Advanced Mathematical Economics (A, set theory, real analysis, metric spaces, dynamic programming) Economics Courses: Economics 1 (A), Economics 2 (A+), Topics in Microeconomics (A-), Topics in Macroeconomics (A-), Development Economics (A), Essentials of Econometrics (A), Applications of Econometrics (A) Related Experience: Summer Research Intern for Federal Reserve Board of Governors (got lots of experience with R, Stata, SQL, python); Going into my senior year now I will be doing research for my undergraduate dissertation Letters of Recommendation: 1 from my academic advisor, 1 from my dissertation advisor, 1 from my maths professor, and 1 from an economist I worked with at the FED Research Interest: I need to work on narrowing this down, everything seems interesting to me! I think development/transition economics, applied econometrics, political economy/international relations in economics Thanks again everyone!
  7. Hi there! As an undergraduate student graduating 2021 and applying in fall 2020, I am still struggling between several choices: either applying to a PhD program directly, or applying to a MA program at first, or applying to a full-time RA position to strengthen my profile. Therefore, I really appreciate any feedback from you so that I can understand better and make clearer decision. Undergraduate Degree: BAs in Economics, Mathematics, and International Studies from a 30-40 ranked private research university Undergraduate GPA: 3.96/4.0 GRE: Q 169 V 164 AW 4.5 Math Courses: Calculus (A), Linear Algebra (A), Differential Equation (A), Probability (A), Statistics (A), Introduction to Proof (A). Plan to take Real Analysis in my Senior year. Econ Courses: Industrial Organization (A), Econometrics (A), Grad Antitrust Economics (A) Related Experience: I believe this is my weakest part since I did not RA for any professor. I only TAed Econometrics. Letter of Recommendation: Not secured yet. I believe I can get one from the chair of the Econ department who taught me Econometrics, another from the professor that I TAed for, the last one probably from a professor who taught me Chinese Economy. Research Interest: Not sure yet. I am interested in Econometrics and Antitrust or Industrial Organization. My biggest concern is that my research experience is not strong. I was more inclined to find a job and apply to a PhD after working for a couple of years so my summer experiences were internships rather than research. However, the current situation interrupted my plan.
  8. I'm an undergraduate student at Michigan State University and in a few years I want to apply for a PhD in either Applied/Computational Mathematics or Economics. I've been lurking on this forum for some time now, and see a lot of importance in choosing the right coursework, so I'm looking for suggestions on my coursework outline and for things that I may be unintentionally neglecting that are important, etc. My profile (GPA, research, etc.) is included in another post from this account. 1st year (19 - 20) Partial Differential Equations (MTH 442), Discrete Mathematics I (MTH 481), C++ Programming (CSE 232), Intro Econometrics (EC 420), Behavioral Econ (EC 404), Honors Micro (EC 251H), Discrete Structures for CS (CSE 260), Honors Linalg (MTH 317H), and Intro Engineering (EGR 100). 2nd year (20 - 21) FS20: Parallel Computing (CMSE 822), Stats & Prob I (STT 861), Econometrics IA (EC 820a), and Honors Abstract Algebra I (MTH 418H) SS21: Numerical Linalg (CMSE 823), Stats & Prob II (STT 862), Econometrics IB (EC 820b), and Honors Abstract Algebra II (MTH 419H) 3rd year (21 - 22) FS21: Microeconomics I (EC 812A), Macroeconomics I (EC 813A), Intro Analysis (327H, may skip this since I have Analysis credit from high school), and Selected Topics in Computational Math (CMSE 890). SS22: Microeconomics II (EC 812B), Macroeconomics II (EC 813B), Real Analysis (429H, may elect to take graduate Complex Analysis (MTH 829) instead), and Selected Topics in Computational Math (CMSE 890). 4th year (22 - 23) FS22: Time Series Econometrics I (EC 822A), Cross Section Econometrics I (EC 821A), Special Topics in Applied Math (MTH 994), and Numerical Analysis I (MTH 850), and Capstone in Mathematics (EC 496W). SS23: International Trade: Theory and Commercial (EC 840), Applied Econometrics (EC 823), Special Topics in Applied Math (MTH 994), Partial Differential Equations (MTH 849), and Capstone in Mathematics (MTH 496W).
  9. I am an Indian student who is about to start his undergraduate degree in Economics (B.A. Hons.) from one of the top universities in India. While my academic experience of economics is still inadequate, my interest in the social sciences and mathematics is quite deep, based on my reading outside the curriculum and experience with some college textbooks. Additionally, I feel my talents have always been academic. Even though I have yet to decide for sure, I am most probably going to do research in Economics. At the very least, I plan to do a master's in the subject. My question is a general one: given that I am going to do a three-year undergraduate degree (with no double major option, so direct admission to a PhD is anyway impossible), how should I proceed to eventually end up in a T20 PhD? More specifically, (1) which master's degree will prepare me the best for a T20? (2) which master's degree is reasonably priced and/or funded? (a maximum, say, of 50,000 USD) (3) are UK M.Phil/MSc courses worth the high fees given that paying 50,000 USD in a single year, while possible, will be tough for my family (4) if possible, should I get 2-3 years work experience after my B.A. to fund further studies (will it hurt future applications?) and (5) what are the particular things I should try to add to my CV from now onwards? Obviously, my academic track record is yet to be proven. But I was a 99 percentile SAT student and my high school marks are among the best in my school (top 5 in a batch of 1000). So for the sake of this discussion, I am assuming that I shall perform at a similar level in my GRE and undergraduate courses. Thank you!
  10. If I wanted to get a solid math background (I also enjoy it along with Econ) would it be just as beneficial to take a math major as well as grad Econ courses? Taking the honors theory sequence now and planning for first year PhD sequence in the fall of 2021. As long as I have sufficient math background and good grades in the grad courses that is the most I can do from an academic point of view correct?
  11. Hello, Some schools are making classes taken this semester pass/fail while others are giving the option to choose which classes. How will this look on a transcript to adcoms? If I'm taking honors classes and math courses to try and go onto graduate school, will this hurt me? Thanks
  12. I'm an undergraduate student studying economics, and I am planning my courses over my junior and senior year. My goal is to as an equity analyst covering the financial sector (because it is so directly driven by economics), or working at a macro hedge fund. I am trying to plan my courses accordingly, but I'm having difficulty choosing a path. Would anyone be willing to help me map out the courses that I should be taking? These are the related courses I've taken so far: Finite Mathematics Principles of Statistics Calculus I Linear Algebra Microeconomics Macroeconomics Financial Accounting I am trying to decide if, given my situation, I would be better off choosing more qualitative classes, or more quantitative. I am at a top 20 undergrad school with all the typical classes. I will definitely take: Micro Theory Macro Theory Money and Banking Industrial Organizations Instruments and Markets Corporate Finance Investment Analysis The courses I'm considering are: Calculus II Differential Equations Intro to Econometrics Topics in Econometrics Development Economics Game Theory Economic Growth International Finance Strategic Analysis Economic History of the U.S. Wages, Employment & Labor Markets I don't know enough about economics to judge whether or not courses like econometrics and calculus II will be applicable to understanding the economy from an investing perspective (I'm not a quant or trader type). I plan to get my MBA, not a higher degree in economics, so positioning myself for graduate admissions isn't an issue. I apologize for the lengthy post, but if anyone is willing to point me in the right direction (qualitative vs quantitative, most useful courses), I would be greatly appreciative.
  13. Profile Type of Undergrad: US Institution (around 50th in the country) GPA: 4.0/4.0 up to this point Graduating: May 2020 Math Courses 3 semester of calculus (including multivariable) Linear Algebra Differential Equations (taking now) Real Analysis (taking now) Statistics Courses Statistics for Applied Scientists Mathematical Statistics (taking now) Mathematical Statistics II (taking next spring) Econ Courses Intro Micro Intro Macro Intermediate Micro Intermediate Macro Money and Banking International Trade Labor Behavioral Econometrics Strategic Behavior (Game Theory) (taking now) Departmental Distinction Thesis (taking now) International Macroeconomic Theory (taking next spring) Programming/software knowledge C++, Java, Matlab, STATA Research Experience: I have been a research assistant for several academic institutions (both on campus, abroad, and in Washington DC) including at the Federal Reserve Bank. However, many of these research assistantships were at public policy research institutions, and thus my work was not necessarily strictly on economic research, but more on the impact of certain economic policies on other issues, etc. I am also in the process of finishing a Departmental Thesis on International Trade issues with one of the individuals who will be writing my recommendation letter. In addition, this summer I received a university fellowship to pursue independent research abroad on labor market concerns. My mentor for this project will also be writing a recommendation letter for me. I have not published a paper yet though. Letters of Recommendation: 3 economics professors (including 2 research mentors - one for my trade project and one for my labor project described below) Research Interests: International trade, labor, game theory
  14. [h=2]Profile Evaluation (Finance PhD)[/h]Hi, I plan to apply for finance phd this year. I would appreciate a lot if anyone can give advice on my profile and potential school ranges. Thanks very much in advance! Below are my profile: Education: - Undergraduate: US top 10 (US News); marjor: Finance, double major: Economics; GPA:3.8, Magna Cum Laude; Honor Thesis - Graduate study: US top 5; major: mathematics of finance: GPA:3.7 - Econ class (advanced): advanced macro, advanced micro, advanced econometric, time series - Math: calculus, linear algebra, probability and statistics, ODE, math for economist (undergrad), stochastic calculus, stochastic process for finance (basically is all about asset pricing), mathematics for finance (graduate) Test score: - GRE: 160 (verb) + 170 (quant) + 4.0 (writing) Research experience: - Undergraduate paper, co-author with a b-school senior professor, published (very low rank journal) (letter) - Undergraduate honor thesis - Undergraduate research assistant (one year) - Research assistant for a senior professor during graduate study (more than one year by now, potential co-authorship) (letter) - One year full time research assistant at a b-school (top 5) (letter) Work experience: - part time research analyst at a start-up - two short undergraduate industry internships Letter: All three writers are senior full professor at b-school, the letters should be strong. - professor co-authored undergraduate paper - professor from graduate RA work - professor from full time RA work Other: age:24 nationality: International Questions or concerns you have about your profile? - How lacking of real analysis and other more advanced pure math classes will affect my application. - For now I only plan to apply for all top 15 b-school. Is that too risky? Any advice are much appreciated, thanks a lot!
  15. I have an engineering undergraduate degree from a generally well-known college in a developing country, but with a GPA which is good but not stellar (some of my courses grades are bad, some decent, some great). I also have a Master's in economics with the best grades. I have two questions - first, would admission committees (top 10, top 20, or top 30) care about my undergraduate grades at all? If yes, how would they evaluate my grades (given that they would not have seen too many applicants with the same undergraduate degree)?
  16. Type of Undergrad: BA in Economics in a top Europe university (it consistently places both its undergraduate and graduate students into top20) Undergrad GPA: 3.75 (summa cum laude) Type of Grad : One of the top Euro master`s program that teaches the first year PhD courses (not LSE or Oxbridge but like Bocconi, UPF, TSE, Bonn etc). It is ranked around top25-30 worldwide according to Tilburg and Repec rankings. Grad GPA: 7.5/10 (it seems low but this program is like LSE EME, so I have distinction in the program) GRE: 155V/169Q/ AWA 5 Math Courses: Undergrad: Calc 1/2/3 (all A), Probability and Statistics I-II (A), Linear Algebra (A) , Differential Eq. (A), Stochastic Processes (A-), Real Analysis I (A-), Real Analysis II (C+), Linear and Integer Optimization (A), Discrete Math (A) Econ Courses: Undergrad: Usual two semesters Micro-Macro-Metrics sequence (all A, some A+). Growth Theory (A), Econ of Information (A), Institutional Economics (A) Graduate: All the first year PhD courses at the graduate institution that I mentioned above. Research Experience: No RA experience, but I was a summer research intern at a top Think-Tank in my country. I also wrote a honors thesis in undergraduate, and currently I`m in the process of writing a master`s thesis. IĀ“m also a teaching assistant at my current graduate school if it counts. LORs : I havenĀ“t decided on this yet. My undergraduate professors would write me a better letter since I have a closer relationship with them. Graduate professors canĀ“t write anything beyond `this guy got a good grade in one of my hardest coursesĀ“, but not including a letter from my graduate profs may also signal erroneously that I did bad in master`s. So probably I will include 2 letters from my undergraduate institution ( both of them publish in top journals, and would write a stellar letter for me), and one mediocre letter from a graduate prof. I can stay at my current graduate institution for my PhD (I am already qualified to proceed to PhD here as a result of my master`s gpa), and its PhD placements are nice especially within Europe. So I donĀ“t want to go to a mediocre US school just because it is in the US. JHU or Carniege Mellon would be the bottom line in my application list. Do you think I have high enough chances for top15 places like Brown, Cornell, UMich or UCLA?
  17. So I'm an undergraduate research assistant at my university right now but I don't necessarily think what I'm doing is going to be a strong signal to graduate programs - I could be wrong, but it's a lot of general news research, data collection and input, some light data analysis, minimal programming, and a touch of writing. I enjoy the work and it pays well but I guess I'm not sure what type of RA position I should be looking for in this. Some help would be appreciated. Also, I plan to do an undergraduate thesis- any tips for that? I think I'd be doing more of an empirical thesis but is a theory-thesis possible as an undergrad? If so, what kinds of preparation/exposure would I need beforehand?
  18. I was accepted to present my research at an undergraduate-level research conference, but turns out that I cannot stay for the entirety of the conference (I won't be able to be there for the last day which consists only of the awards ceremony), which bars me from potentially earning an award (according to their rules). I've heard from someone that it is not worth attending a conference as an undergraduate unless you're getting an award, but should I still attend this conference? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!
  19. Hi. At the moment I am thinking on applying for a Phd in the US (intl student). I have B.A. in Economics and I am currently finishing my master thesis (not before applying). I have good grades on math courses at Undergraduate (170 Q in gre), game theory and macro (at graduate), I am well placed on the ranking of undergraduate class (top 5%) and I did RA for the people who will write good letters. However, I did not so well at Micro and IO courses at the master's degree. I have no excuse. I just did not well and I have some bad grades. I know this hurts a lot my chances of a Top 30 program. But, how much this hurts my chances for a 30-50 program? Is there anything I could do to improve my chances?
  20. Hi, I am applying for Marketing CB track this fall. (For FALL 2019) I'm mostly concerned with my GMAT score and GPA, because I know lot of you bring in 700+ GMAT and something like 3.9/4.0 GPA... Anyhow, here is my profile Test Scores GMAT 680 (85th) (V 38 (85th), Q 47 (61th) IR 4) -- Another attemp, 660 (71th) (V 31, Q 49) (* Not sure how multiple attempts are evaluated... I'm re-taking it this Oct. That's my 5th attempt, and will be my last attempt) Undegrad GPA: 3.43 / 4.0 (Top 20 in the U.S. - Business major) Graduate GPA: 3.74 / 4.0 Research Experience: Poster presentation at SCP Poster presentation at ACR 2-years RA at graduate school Undergraduate research journal publication (sociology) Undergraduate RA (1-year, sociology) Undergraduate research symposium (sociology) Undergraduate sociology conference presentation (* I know, I happen to have a bunch in sociology, but I'm a business undergrad major) Teaching Experience: none Work Experience: 3 months internship (big 4 consulting) 6months internship (major insurance company, worked as a consultant) 1 year of full-time experience at a marketing division at a retail company Concentration Applying to: Marketing CB Number of programs planned to apply to: 20~25 Dream Schools: NYU, Columbia, USC, U Michigan, UCLA, U Indiana, UIUC, UT-Austin Recommendation : I think it's going to be pretty good.. 1 from my current advisor, 1 from the sociology professor (dept head I worked with during undergrad), 1 from a marketing professor at my undergrad (well-known in the field)
  21. I have two B's in undergraduate econometrics courses, but I have an A in PhD econometricsI If possible, I plan on taking PhD econometricsII and also measure theory (math). How will the two B's in undergraduate econometrics courses be viewed if I get As in these courses as well? I would like to be competitive as much as possible for Top15 Econ PhD programs. (I'm from Top20-25 Econ PhD institution.) Thanks!
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