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  1. Both the passage and the professor discuss the impact of the internet on today's society. In contrast to the reading passage which emphasises on the adverse impact of the internet, the lecturer focuses on the positive change that the internet has brought to our society. According to the passage, the internet is making people less adventurous and innovative as they depend more on the internet to look for solutions to their problems. The passage also mentions that the internet has adversely impacted the attention span and one's ability to focus on a task. The reason for this is the distractions due to advertisements, hyperlinks, etc. Due to this, people are losing the capacity to understand things well. However, the lecturer contradicts all the points mentioned in the passage. According to the lecturer, the internet is instead making people smarter. Research shows that the IQ of the people in the area with better internet access has increased by up to 10 points in the last 20 years. It proves that access to more information is making people smarter. Also, the internet has helped school students as they have access to unlimited information so they don't have to rely only on the information shared by the teachers. The lecturer also discusses the improvement in the attention span. People have become much better at multitasking. And also it is seen that kids with access to more information about their favorite topics have a longer attention span. To sum up, this is how the listening passage causes doubts on the points made in the reading passage.
  2. I'm a master's student in economics in Brazil and I intend to apply for some PhD programs in economics this year. I did TOEFL and GRE. On the GRE my grades were good, I got 170 in the quant, 163 in the verbal, and 4.5 in the Analytical writing. However, on the TOEFL, I had a problem in the writing (I got 19, I think my arguments in the independent text were contradictory), but I did pretty good in the other parts (30 in the reading and listening and 24 in the speaking). So, my overall was 103, which is above the 100 that the greatest universities generally require. Moreover, I am only intending to apply for universities in which the TOEFL requirement is an overall score (like Berkeley that the minimum requirement is 90, Columbia that the minimum requirement is 100 or UCSD that the minimum requirement is 80). Do you think that I need to retake the TOEFL just because of my grade in the writing? I would not like to take it again because it is an extremely expensive exam here in Brazil and it's extremely stressful.
  3. Hi you all! I'm applying this cycle and have a couple of questions regarding the writing sample: 1) Is it frowned upon to send a co-authored writing sample? I wrote an M.A. thesis that later developed into a joint paper with my former advisor. I could send the "thesis version" which is entirely written by me, but it's notoriously less polished and has just the main results so in terms of quality it would be clearly better to send the working paper version (though I should say we haven't released it publicly yet, as it still needs more work). Among the ~15 programs I'm applying to, only one states explicitly that the WS should be solo-authored. 2) Should I send the WS to programs in which it is optional to do so? Specially if it's better not to send the coauthored version, I'm not particularly proud of my thesis to be honest. It's a reasonably well written piece but the results are not really groundbreaking whatsoever (it's a theory paper btw). If it helps, I have a strong profile and should be aiming at the top 10 with a reasonable chance at the top 5 (on a regular year, at least, no idea how things will work out with covid and all). Thanks in advance!
  4. I hope no one minds me creating a new thread for these questions without an informative title. I preface my post in this way because the questions are based on my own personal problems. I am creating a thread about them because they are probably relevant to others. (1) is obviously of interest to everyone, (2)-(4) are based on me either being stupid or lazy or both but maybe you are like me! 1. COVID-19 means that the GRE is not required at many (most?) programs. My GRE is strong but not perfect - should I light some money on fire and report or leave it be? A corollary question: could this mess up the screening process? 2. Some programs require writing samples of significant length. I have a writing sample from undergrad, the writing is passable. The content is "cringe" - I reviewed the literature like an arrogant little pissant and I use a weenie hut jr methodology in the paper, my tone is not warranted! Insofar as anyone decides to read the writing sample (why do programs create work for poor admissions committee people by making them read this drivel?), do you think they'll be aware that an undergrad thesis should be evaluated different from a MA thesis? Corollary question: when writing samples are optional, is the ideal something like a NSF research proposal? 3. Statement of Purpose - I assume that no one actually wants to read this and they want to look at LORs, transcripts and so on instead. How do I play to the desire of an admissions evaluator to daydream about literally anything else without turning in a blank piece of paper? This question is as open-ended as possible - basically everything that makes me a strong candidate is in my transcripts, should be in my letters (probably true of almost all applicants!). 4. resume/cv - is this actually examined closely? if so, is it "safe" to keep it toned down if any extra additions are obvious fluff and let letter writers do the lifting?
  5. Hi there, I am going to take my TOEFL exam in 5 days and I am pretty confident about my vocabulary, grammar etc. There is only one minor clue that scares me: My integrated essay is ALWAYS between 390 and 450 words long instead of the expected 175-225. The reason for this is that I always include as many details, examples and specific numbers I can remeber from the listening, which I just can not turn off since I remember them and therefore I want to use them. Will this affect my score? I am not sure since the directions say something about "summarizing important points". I do summarize the reading and keep that pretty short, but not the counterpart of the listening. I consider examples and exact details from the listening, which most often counter the reading, as very important. So again: Does anyone know if that may hurt my score? Thanks! Kindest regards
  6. Hi, I am considering applying for PhD in OB for Fall 2021. I am looking for advice on whether my profile needs some work and which schools might be feasible options. Test Scores (GRE): verbal 165 (96%); quant 169 (96%) writing:4.5 Undegrad GPA: 3.85 Graduate GPA: 3.97 Research Experience: 1. MA thesis on social networks during org changes 2. Pre-doc at a Top 10 business school researching on corporate culture using statistical and machine learning methods Teaching Experience: NA Work Experience: 3 years at a global financial technology firm as a strategy analyst Concentration Applying to: Organizational Behavior (MACRO) Number of programs planned to apply to: 9-12 Dream Schools: MIT, HBS, INSEAD, Kellogg Questions: What made you want to pursue a PhD? Would like to continue exploring the questions regarding networks and uncertainties inside corporations using innovative methods. Questions or concerns you have about your profile? 1. My MA thesis used qualitative method (interview+survey), would it be ok to use it as my writing sample? I have background in economics and big data analysis. Just wasn't sure if the committee may view the writing sample as ill-fit for the types of research I plan to do there (mixed-method). 2. How to differentiate myself with my training in qualitative methods from the applicant pool with most people with strong quant background?
  7. Hey, I am from India and I am writing TOEFL on 13th June. I have a fair knowledge in English and looking for a partner to hone my Speaking and Writing Skills. Hit me up if you are interested. Thanks!
  8. [TABLE=width: 482] [TR] [TD=class: xl64, width: 482]Medical writing skills of a Healthcare Professional helps to communicate clinical data in a more effective way[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] Check out the blog:Why is medical writing required for Healthcare Professionals? | i-cme Blog
  9. Some parents forbid young children from owning smart phones (cell phones with Internet access), while others disagree and believe that they are important tools for keeping in touch. Which point of view do you think is better, and why? With advent of new technologies we stepped into new era of mordenization where everyone including some children have technologies like smartphones with them. More and more parents at giving access to smartphones to the children day by day.While it seems to be the part of mordenization to equip children with smartphones, it has got some demerits as well. To balance both sides will be the correct way to proceed. Firstly, lets talk about some advantages of giving smart phones to the children. With the evolution of the smart phones it is not just a piece of equipment to call and do text messaging, rather it has become the most versatile and multipurpose utility today. So getting familiar with it is nice thing to donot too early but early enough. From this they can learn new things easily as it has got some multimedia in it and the internet has all the information they need in an instance. Next, as the technology in developing the smart phones are getting smarter every day ,it contain more and more information updated. so children of today will get updated and needed information with much ease with it. They will learn more things from it easily and quickly. Before some children couldnot get the knowlege they needed due to unavailability or low number of books or material in the library, now with smart phone they can overcome the problem and they can easily access the material anywhere anytime. Similarly , new online study platforms will help share some great way of learning. some of the examples are like khanacademy, tedx,and othe youtube channels. this will help some children in remote area where providing quaity education is hard. Having listed all of above advantages of the smartphone in a hand of a child, we shouldnt for a second beleive that it is all good. like many things it has also different dimerits aswell. Some child may have smart phones from very young age and that is also without any limitation; in that case the child may deeply invole in virtual reality and may be lessee and lesser intouch with reality. this may create problem in him later ; later in life he may have problem communicationg with people . There as some things which needs to be experienced in reality not in virtual reality. smartphone should never be the replacement for that. Like playing outdoor and indoor game in reality is far more better than playing a smartphone games. Communicating with friends in person will have some human emotions involved rather than communicating via chatting. Besides, smart phones have many other problem like child pornography,cyber bullying and many other under researched hamful effects . In conclusion cautious and limited use of cellphone by children under parental guidance in helpful to their future. time: took 29minutes and 2 sec
  10. Hi, So, there are a number of RA positions/pre-doctoral fellowships that require a writing sample to apply. However, some of these requests ask for samples restricted in length (e.g.
  11. Hello community, I've been applying to phd programs and just realized that some schools provide an opportunity to upload a writing sample (optional) on their online application but other schools don't even ask for it nor do they offer an opportunity to upload one. I've been uploading my writing sample only if there is a place to attach it. However, I just realized it would help if I could upload it to school online apps that don't offer a place to attach it as a file.... Wouldn't it help to give a writing sample to the committee (if its good) regardless? Would I be at a disadvantage if I don't upload it to a school that doesn't ask for one? For those schools that don't provide a place to upload it, what should I do? Should I attach my writing sample to the end of my SOP and upload the entire file in the SOP uploading section? Or email the phd program or grad admissions if I can have them attach my writing sample manually? Advice would be much appreciated!!!
  12. I was kindly wondering what are the questions and categories I should hit on when writing the PS. Thank you!
  13. For this task, you will write an essay in response to a question that asks you to state, explain, and support your opinion on an issue. Typically, an effective essay will contain a minimum of 300 words. The quality of your writing includes the development of your ideas, the organization of your essay, and the quality and accuracy of the language you use to express your ideas. You have 30 minutes to plan and complete your essay. Some parents forbid young children from owning smart phones (cell phones with Internet access), while others disagree and believe that they are important tools for keeping in touch. Which point of view do you think is better, and why? With the advent of smart phones, the question of whether or not they should allow their children to own smart phones at a young age arises in many parents' minds. Some parents forbid young children from owning smart phones and some parents choose to allow, I agree with forbidding them from using smart phones. Smart phones have brought immense benefits in today's world to the human kind, but they come with their fair share of disadvantages. Young children fall prey to such dangers, and must be protected from these disadvantages of smart phones. Smart phones are extremely addicting. Once a child starts using a smart phone, they fail to realise the amount of time that passes by whilst using it. The plethora of games and social media sites have made it very tempting to use smart phones all the time. The different suggestions provided by the complex algorithms make it all the more difficult to resist. I have seen my cousin who is 7 years old ask her mother for her phone so that she can play the popular game "Subway Surfers". This wastes a lot of time and energy of her's, and is not necessarily productive. Since children are very influencible, they do not realise the harm these games and websites are causing. Thus, addiction is a severe issue that should considered before allowing young children to have their own smart phones. Addiction is not the only threat to a child from a smart phone. Another threat, and possibly more risky, is the danger from predators that prey on the innocence of young children. These predators often influence or brainwash the children via websites. Many kidnappings have occured because the child does not suspect the danger. Giving children their own phones, without parental supervision, increases the chances of such unfortunate incidents occuring. To avoid such situations, children must not be given smart phones; and if given, they should supervised and educated about these such incidents, and how to avoid them. Smart phones can be very useful as a technology, but they increase the dependence of an individual on smart phones, and reduce their own thinking power. Calculators, in-built in the smart phones, provide fast and easy math calculations; but increased reliance on calculators may diminish the ability of a child to think on their own. Similarly, GPS provides routes from source to destination, but reduce the memory dependence of the user. The user need not require to remember routes to places anymore. It can be said that technology, as easy as it makes our lives, hampers important development in a child if given access to at an early age. Thus, giving smart phones to young children will provide benefits such as keeping in touch and easy access to sources of knowledge, but also exposes them to numerous threats. The advantages come at a cost which is not worth the risk. Children should not be given smart phones at a young age so as to avoid such problems.
  14. Hi guys, i want to share with you a viewpoint: I think that many of us always struggle with the speaking and writing section, because we see a lot of exercises on the internet, but we can’t review our work by ourselves, so why there is no an online platform that afford many speaking and writing exercises and exams so the community review each other work by annotating words and phrases, commenting, liking or disliking. The essays can be texts (for the writing) or vocals recorded by a microphone of headphone (for the speaking).
  15. Statistics gathered over the past three decades show that the death rate is higher among those who do not have jobs than among those with regular employment. Unemployment, just like heart disease and cancer, is a significant health issue. While many health care advocates promote increased government funding for medical research and public health care, it would be folly to increase government spending if doing so were to affect the nation's economy adversely and ultimately cause a rise in unemployment. A healthy economy means healthy citizens. The argument suggests that the government should not increase government spending as it might affect the nation’s economy, causing a rise in unemployment to the detriment of people’s health. There are many flaws in the argument: some of them being analogous, statistical and causal. This essay will examine the assumptions on which the argument is built, prove that these are wrong and thereby illustrate that the argument’s implications are misleading. The text mentions that the statistics have been gathered over the past three decades and show that death rate is higher among the unemployed than those with regular employment without giving details of the data sample. It fails to mention the age range of the survey participants, their background, whether it is rural or urban, and most importantly their number. It may be possible that the sample range is small, rendering the study unfeasible; or that most participants are too old; or that a majority of the participants are from villages, where it is possible that they don’t have access to good healthcare. Without these details, we cannot come to any conclusion, leave alone one that is so strong and bleak. Moreover, the argument says that because death rate is higher among the unemployed than those with regular employment, those who will become unemployed as a result of the nation’s economy deteriorating will die soon. This seems like a causal flaw. Just because death rate among the unemployed is higher doesn’t mean that those who become unemployed will die. With this assumption proving to be wrong, the argument falls apart. The argument also says that unemployment is a significant health issue, just like cancer and heart disease, without saying anything to justify this claim. This is an analogous flaw. The argument doesn’t give any data to reach such a strong conclusion. Without knowing the comparable statistics, how are we to be sure that unemployment is as serious a disease as heart ailment and cancer. With the several flaws in the argument being pointed out, it is clear that the government doesn’t need to cut back on spending in the fear that it will affect the nation’s economy and eventually harm its citizens due to increase in unemployment. Without accurate statistics and enough information that justifies the argument’s conclusions, we can dismiss the argument as flawed.
  16. Hello guys, I was wondering if anyone could help me with this 'writing sample' that I have to submit at a few universities. It is crucial for me as it might help in establishing my Econ research abilities since I am from a Math background. I have the following questions- 1. Is it a good idea to submit parts of the MS thesis project as a writing sample? 2. What should be the length of my writing sample? While some universities 'recommend' 2-7 pages, others ask for minimum 15 pages. 3. If you're building something on old concepts, is it okay to skip details about those? In other words, to maintain the brevity of the write-up can we omit trivial (and not so trivial) details that can either be found in the literature or understood if stressed up a little? Thank you very much for reading this. It would be great if you could provide any insights on these issues. :)
  17. Hi everyone. I am an aspiring. PhD Account8ng / finance research student beginning in 2019. Can someone please help me with guidelines or template for writing a statement of purpose . Suggestions for a good research topic are also welcome. Thanks & regards Btavanhira
  18. Hi all! I'm preparing writing sample for my applications right now. The only thing I currently have is a short (5 pages single spaced) assignment. I see that the top programs have very specific page limits on their require writing samples (Harvard 15+ pages, Chicago 15-20, etc.). Does anyone know if submitting a short writing sample would be a bad idea? Thanks in advance!
  19. Hi guys.I'm applying for Accounting programs. I have went down the BYU list of probably 100 schools. I didn't notice any school require a writing sample. Some schools (not a large percentage though) mentioned writing samples as an optional material. Others don't even mention it. Therefore, I wonder how much does writing samples matter? Have any past successful applicants in this forum submitted a writing sample in this forum? Thanks a lot.
  20. Hey everyone:panda: I have my Toefl exam in a few days and I am really worried about the speaking and writing part of it. Any suggestions regarding how to tackle them would be appreciated. I want to score 110 or more as I am preparing to apply for the PhD program in pharmaceutical sciences in USA.
  21. I wrote an essay about "Do you agree that childhood is the happiest time of a person's life". I wonder if you tell my writing mistakes. Thanks; I believe that a childhood could be the best period of his/her. Although there are lots of fights which make life hard for a child in many countries, a child has many properties which make him/her happy in life. Also, I believe that a person who is friend with his/her inner child could have the happiest time at the life every moment. I enumerate the characteristics of a child which make him/her the happiest person; In childhood, there are few responsibilities which make a child enjoying his/her life more than the others. For example, a child would not think of the life charges and expenses like bringing food to a hungry family which expects him/her to feed them. Like adults, there is no burden to hold like taking care of children who always nag. A child should not take an exam, or get ready for universities entrance exam. A child is free to play with soil, make the house dirty, spit in the street and also scream. Moreover, a child forgives others easier. Consider a child has a fight with his friends. You would be surprised to see that they are friends again tomorrow morning. In Iran, we have an expression saying that a child is innocent because he/she comes from the God. This innocent person forgives others because he/she has the God characteristics. Because of that everyone loves a child. To sum up, I absolutely think a child has a fantastic period in the childhood if the adults let him/her. Many fights in different countries like Syria have taken many children to the abyss of misery. Also, I think grown-ups can be as happy as children if they know how to hear their inner child. Knowing how to handle responsibilities in life and bringing love to our lives contributes to living as happy as children.
  22. The following appeared as part of a letter to the editor of a scientific journal. "A recent study of eighteen rhesus monkeys provides clues as to the effects of birth order on an individual's levels of stimulation. The study showed that in stimulating situations (such as an encounter with an unfamiliar monkey), firstborn infant monkeys produce up to twice as much of the hormone cortisol, which primes the body for increased activity levels, as do their younger siblings. Firstborn humans also produce relatively high levels of cortisol in stimulating situations (such as the return of a parent after an absence). The study also found that during pregnancy, first-time mother monkeys had higher levels of cortisol than did those who had had several offspring." Write a response in which you discuss one or more alternative explanations that could rival the proposed explanation and explain how your explanation(s) can plausibly account for the facts presented in the argument. The argument tries to state the relation between “the birth order and its effect on one’s level of stimulation.” It stands weakened primarily on the assumptions of the number of monkeys or humans taken up by the study and some vague claims made. First, the author does not take into consideration if the number of subjects examined gives way to a generalised view. The study considered ‘eighteen’ monkeys and performed the study on them. It does not even talk of the effects possible due to regional differences. Also it does not clearly tell the group of humans or pregnant women picked up for the study. Just because the study worked on a certain group does not generalise it for the others. Second, the assumed cause and effect may not be the only such relation. The eighteen monkeys considered could belong to a certain area and probably the observations are a regional characteristic. Also the situations taken up as checks for level of stimulation in an individual may be limited and not accurate. Moreover there could have been other reasons behind increased cortisal levels and not just the birth order. Maybe the first-time pregnant mother could have other hormonal or individual reasons accounting for more cortisal or could have been observed at a certain time, other than the other mothers, at which the level was high which might be the general phenomena but not known. Furthermore the argument uses vague language and terms and does not throw clear light on them with definitive facts and figures. It says “stimulating situations” and gives an example. It is possible that different indivuals react differently according to what is more or less stimulationg to them. Were the situations which were picked up for the study accountable and been tested upon before or not? Such questions need to be answered disntinctly. Clearly the argument relies heavily on unwarranted assumptions and ignorance of any of these would lead to a weakened or even invalid argument. The conclusion may be true but can not be proven so with the premises stated and the assumptions made. To strengthen the argument, the author can explicitly address to the direct assumptions including definitive facts and figures and probably take up a larger and varied group of subjects for diverse and more genuine observations.
  23. Hey guys! Today I've started practicing my writing for the toefl exam. I would like you to correct and rate my essay. Also, I would really appreciatte if you could give me some advices. My Essay (it's from a integrated question) The reading and the lecture talk about the decrease of sea otters in the Alaskan coast.The author of the passage believes that this problem is most likely happening because of water polluiton. However, the lecturer contradicts the theory claimed by the passage saying that predation is the only plausible reason for this to happen. First, the passage mentions that the rise level of pollution sources as oil rigs and other high level of chemicals are affecting the otters immune system, who are becoming weaker by the day. This point is challenged by the speaker who points out the lack of dead sea otters bodies by the coast, which confirms that these animals are being eaten by predators. Secondly, the author states that not only otters, but a large number of other sea mammals are being affected by water pollution. The passage declines the idea that orcas can cause the same effect by stating that these animals usually search for bigger species to eat. The lecture rebuts this argument by suggesting that orcas options of food decreased once whales started being hunted by humans. Therefore, orcas are huntting other small animals which causes sea otters to become one of their menu options. Finally, the passage mentions that water pollution also explains the unstable pattern of otter decline in the area. The author notes that this can be caused by ocean currents. But, once again, the speaker disagrees with the passage idea stating that all of this has to do with acessibility. The lecture puts forth that some regions are more dificult to access, as for exemple, shallow rocky locations, which makes harder for orcas to pass through and consequently wil be easier to find a considerable number of otters there.
  24. Hi everyone, I am preparing for the TOEFL using Cambridge preparation for the TOEFL fourth edition. My question is: In the integrated writing task, do we still get an article that has three main points and a lecture that rebuts all points respectively? In this book articles and lectures are not organized in this way so I am a bit confused. Thanks :)
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