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    Test Test

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    Hello guys,
    I'm novice here eventhough i did registered for a while. My intention is to take both tests, GMAT and Toefl, this August that means i do have 4 months preparation.
    From all information and materials accquired here provide me with a vivid image of how to prepare for GMAT test. However i do have a query over Vocabulary meterial where i couldn't recall any of recommendation. I realize that GMAT doesn't have such a penetrate vocab's test like Toefl does, But knowledge over vocabulary is such a vital part for non-native english speaking like me to clearer understand whether the question, paragraph and AWA.
    Do you have any of recommmendation over vocabulary? Which material shall i get and where can i get?
    For Toefl, Many of my veteran friends told me that i should give a major concentration merely on GMAT and i will score well in Toefl, subsequently.
    What is your opinion over this thing? Is there any part of both tests interchangable?
    I believe that many of you are/were in my shoe before. May i trouble you to share your schedule?
    Sorry for such a long question. This is indeed my first, but not last, question in this forum where i promised to myself to stay active.

    Hello why i can post the tread only in this forum?
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