Hello, I am a beginner, and have just wrote an essay, but I don't know if there are some problems that might interfere with getting a good score, hence this post.

Topic : "Comprehending the past is crucial is tackling the present and future obstacles."

There are some people who think that as we are living in rapidly changing society understanding the past is no longer that important as it was in the past. However I personally think that trying to harness what our past can teach us is still important because many events that are happening today have similar counterparts in the past, and there are many instances where we find clues to problems that seem to be very new and unfamiliar to us.

To begin with, if we have some knowledge in human history, we can find some events that occurred in different countries and different era, but have a lot of similarities with one another. There can be many explanations for it, but I think the reason is, although we are all different people and have different lifestyles, we are all basically the same in that we are all humans, which means that people who lived in different times with us can sometimes have very similar experiences with us and can face similar circumstances that we do now. Thus, it may be safe to say that the lessons they have learned and solutions they have found can still prove to be valid today in solving todayís problems.

But of course, there are also many problems that seem to be quite new to us, leading us to think that the ways of the past are not useful to solve them. It may be true, but if we scrutinize those seemingly new problems carefully, sometimes we will find that we can find some clues to solve them from the old solutions. There are many examples in some fields of science, such as organic chemistry, where we sometimes find that a previously unheard-of finding is obtained through combining already well-known processes in a new way, or some breakthrough is obtained by just reorganizing previously known knowledges in a more efficient way. These examples are numerous, which suggests that useful insights can be gained through deep understanding of previous knowledges, and it may possibly lead to solving current or future problems.

To sum up, as we may face similar problems that existed in the past we may rely on previous knowledge to solve those problems, and although in some case the problem can seem to lack previous examples, we still can obtain important clues to tackle them by thoroughly examining the past. In this regard, I must say that I think, the importance of comprehending the past cannot be overstated.