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Thread: Toefl listening help

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    Question Toefl listening help

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    Hello everybody, I am from Tbilisi, Georgia.
    Please explain, what is included in Toefl listening part??
    Are there dialoges like:
    """Person 1) it is so hot, would you like to go to the swimming pool???
    Person 2) Sure
    what does the second person mean???"""
    Please answer, i have to take toefl exam tomorrow....
    Thank you in advance

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    Hi Akoalex,

    To answer your question, the second person means that "Yes, I'd like to go with you to the swimming pool". He or she is basically just agreeing with the idea.
    I hope that helps.
    Good luck on your test tomorrow!

    Speak Fluent English

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    OK guys lets be clear! It is not possible to master iBT TOEFL skills in a short while! Based on my experience at least you need 2 to 3 month to get prepared fairly if you have enough basic knowledge of English.

    So think and decide beforehand. Please!
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