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Thread: How much time availbale to answer each question?

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    How much time availbale to answer each question?

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    I tried to figure out the approximate time allowed to answer each question in the listening section but I couldn't.
    all the instructions gives an overall timing information about the section including the time for the audios.

    How long can I take to answer each question in the Listening section? and Is it enough?

    Thank you


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    Each set consists of 1 conversation and 2 lectures. You will have a total of 10 minutes to answer the questions from each set. You can use the time as you wish.

    Typically each conversation has 5-6 questions, and most lectures have 6 (though maybe 5). So you can expect about 16-17 questions per set. 10 minutes divided by 17 questions gives you about 40 seconds per question then. But of course some questions take longer than others. Some questions ask to choose two answers, some are charts that you have to complete.... and some are more simple.


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