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Thread: Listening problem

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    Listening problem

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    Dear all
    I have a problem with the Lecture part I couldnt figure out what is the main purpose of the lecture
    However, I clearly understand the conversation part

    Any one know how to practice for the lecture? I'm totally lost right now


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    There are a number of methods and strategies, it is too long to go over here though. What prep book(s) do you have?


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    In order to grasp the main idea of a lecture you need to understand four main things:
    1- The gist
    2- The details
    3- The function
    4- The speaker's stance

    If you go through any TOEFL self-study book that you have you will find good skill explanations for each of these. If you don't have any book available you can read a brief explanation of each skills through the following link:

    ood Luck!
    Free Online English Exam & Practice http://www.LearnEnglish-Test.com

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