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Thread: Does note-taking really help?

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    Does note-taking really help?

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    Whenever I note-take I feel that I tend to keep up with the dialogue.

    So I sometimes just write down the "single" main word only, and some numbers only. Then it seemed I could at least keep up with it.

    But yeah, I do feel that I sometimes couldn't remember (possibly because I didn't note-take) when I answer question.

    But, failing to remember just because I couldn't listen to because of trying to note-take is also another problem.

    What should I do?

    What's your opinion?

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    Do take note my friend, unless you want to fail the listening section.
    I know at first it's hard to know what to jot down and what not to.
    My advice is to practice. You will find it easier from time to time.
    Also think of abbreviation in your mother tongue for English words that are too long, i 'd save a hell lot of time.

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