First question: I had doubts regarding the timings for Listening questions. I have been practicing from ETS official guide version 4. In this I have observed that, for Listening i have a total of 60 minutes and the time is running when the recording(either lecture or conversation) is being played. so, 60 minutes includes time for audio playing and answering questions, is this the same format for actual test? will the time be ticking when audio is being played?

Second question: in the practice tests, I don't get any sets of 3, i just get one single section with 6 recordings, but in the forum i have read that we may get two or three sets? which is true, practice test pattern or what i see on the forums? the reason I am asking this question is, in practice tests, i always have enough time, but looking at other replies, it looks like i get limited 10 minutes per set(3 recordings).

Third Question: When people say set of three recordings, will it always be combination of lecture and conversation or can set1 be all 3 lectures and set2 be 2 conversations and 1 lecture?

Fourth question: I have seen mixed responses about "click to continue" after the recording is played, in the test will it automatically move to the questions page soon after the recording is played or i have to click to continue once the recording is played? this makes difference to me while practicing and taking real test.

Please feel free to ask me if you need any clarifications regarding my questions posted above. Any reply/thoughts/feedback is help and much appreciated.

Thank you,