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Thread: Scoring the reading sections: problem with multiple points' questions.

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    Scoring the reading sections: problem with multiple points' questions.

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    Hi everybody!
    I have a question about the scoring method of the Reading Section, and I apologize if someone else already asked this.
    I'm doing some model tests, and the last question of a section - typically the most difficult ones - is worthy 2 to 4 points, instead of just ones. But how does it actually count, in the final score? I mean, if I do it right and it is a 4 points question, I should add 4 points to my total instead of one?
    To make it clearer: let's suppose i've got three reading tasks, 13 questions each, so the higher possible score is a classical 39. Considering that the last questions of all the three parts is 2 points instead of 1, someone, in theory, can score "42/39", which means that even missing a pair or questions I can still get the maximum OR have I got to calculate the score out of 42 instead of 39?

    thanks a lot in advance.


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    scoring TOEFL Reading questions with more than 1 point

    It depends to the form of question and the total points that it has.

    In the question of Organizing Information which has 3 or 4 points:

    In case of 4 point questions:
    > 7 correct answers 4 points
    > 6 correct answers 3 points
    > 5 correct answers 2 points
    > 4 correct answers 1 points
    > 0-3 correct answers 0 points

    In case of 3 point questions:
    > 5 correct answers 3 points
    > 4 correct answers 2 points
    > 3 correct answers 1 points
    > 0-2 correct answers 0 points

    In the question of Summarizing Important Ideas which has 2 points:

    this question has 2 points:
    > 3 correct choices 2 points
    > 2 correct choices 1 points
    > 0-1 correct choice 0 points

    I hope it helps.
    Good Luck!
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    Hello, chrisword87!
    I had that question too; I reviewed it from DELTA and it says that you just add points, yes... However, I am not sure yet.

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    In case of 2 point question . is ok if it was organized ,i mean not in sequence? do i still get full mark?

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