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Thread: needing help regarding speaking and writing sections in IBT

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    Unhappy needing help regarding speaking and writing sections in IBT

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    Hi everyone

    I took the test on 13 Nov. 2011 and my overall score was 92, I got 23 on Speaking and 22 on writing sections, at this time I`m
    preparing myself for another exam on 14 Jan 2012 and I wish to improve my overall score to around 107,108 and specially raise my Speaking and writing scores.

    I would be grateful to those whose scores in these section are high to do me a favor and give me some of their personal tips on these sections, how you
    tackle these sections with great score, which material you use as your first priority.
    specially I`d like to ask you if it is possible for you to upload some of your practice writing or speaking
    materials here to see how you organize your responses in these 2 sections.

    another question that I have is about writing integrated task, I wrote about 430 words in this section and
    one of my friend told me that you shouldn't write this much because this task is going to measure your
    ability in the summarizing and paraphrasing skills and when you write very much it shows that you didn't
    distinguish between important and unimportant points.is it right ? ( I just wrote one sentence from each reading paragraph and then try to explain almost all the listening points in detail but in a reworded-format)

    Thank you in advance about your help

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    If you want to increase your speaking and writing, the best advice I can give you is to join a school that offers live classes with a real teacher, and assessments of your speaking and writing samples, and templates for you to follow. Our school does that online, there are other schools that do it too, for example TOEFL Professor offers live private lessons.

    Anyway, that's how you increase your score more effectively and efficiently.


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    As long as you don't copy what was on the reading section the number of words should not matter as long as you have written the minimum and since you wrote more than the required, it should not hurt your score.

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