The professor give us some information that was completely averse to the reasons that mentioned in the lecture.
The first reason was all about polar dinosaurs that live in the area that temperature fluctuate wildly according to season cycle. Some scientists don’t think in this way and believed that polar regions was no as rare as they are today and perhaps, dinosaurs migrate to warmer places in cold seasons or they might hibernate like other animals to get through cold seasons without much trouble.
The passage mentioned that the special position of dinosaurs legs that enable them to move fast and run is a firm reason that they are endotherms. But professor believe that their legs was positioned underneath their body because dinosaurs are very heavy animals and these legs help them to move their huge body.
Also, passage indicates that the presence of haversian canals is a good reason to categorize dinosaurs as endotherms, because all endotherm animals have this structure that allow the animal to grow quickly and continuously. But, recently scientists find another things in their bones called growth rings. This finding indicates that dinosaurs stop growing during colder periods of time and they just growing in special seasons.