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Don't use the same template for both essays.


Analytical Writing Assessment


Analysis of an Issue:

1) The issue of _________________ is a controversial one. On the one hand___________________. On the other hand _________________________. However, in the final analysis, I believe that ________________.

2) One reason for my belief is that _____________________.

3) Another reason for my belief is ________________________.

4) Perhaps the best reason is _______________________.

5) For all these reasons, I therefore believe that _________________________.

Analysis of an Argument:

1) The argument that __________________ is not entirely logically persuasive because it ignores certain crucial assumptions.

2) First, the argument assumes that ____________________.

3) Second, the argument never addresses _____________________.

4) Finally, ___________________________.

5) Thus, the argument is not completely sound. The evidence in support of the conclusion ________________. Ultimately, the argument might have been strengthened by _________________.

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If you are looking for templates, I have written guides for both the AWA Argument and Issue Essays that walk you through both types of essays:


They can be accessed here:


Issue Template:

How to Write an Analysis of Issue AWA | GMAT Hints


Argument Template:

How to Write an Analysis of Argument AWA | GMAT Hints


Based on my experience (and I scored a 6 on the AWA), on the actual test day you will end up adjusting your template based on the actual prompt you are given that day.

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I want to finalize one template for all type of essays. I got this lesson from Princeton Review book. Is this really workable? I hope E-rater doesn't punishes. Shall I go with a template in my mind while giving GMAT or not? Please give your opinion...

Canadian gave a great response.


Is it work able? YES! Not only is it workable, but it is something that has been drilled into the heads of US children since we were in grade school. We learn the 3 point, five paragraph, essay as a matter of being able to graduate high-school.


E-rater punishes you the most for writing very little. That said, you will do poorly if this post is an indicator of your english proficiency, please immerse yourself in the english language, it will help greatly.

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