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December Voc .Thread From Dr. Raju


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These are the list of words from Dr. Raju website for Decemeber 08. There are some words repeated so please ignore it.


Draconian- Exceedingly harsh; very sever e

Drivel- to speak foolishly

Panache – flamboyant problem

Repertoire- The range or number of skills

Asunder-into separate pieces or parts

Meek- quiet, and ready to do what other people say

Sang-froid- Coolness and composure, especially in trying circumstances.

Futility- The quality of having no useful result; uselessness.

Muddle- To mix confusedly; jumble.

Dire- disastrous, urgent, or terrible

Lurk- To lie in wait, as in ambush

Fathomable- capable of being sounded or measured for depth

Accrue-To increase, accumulate, or come about as a result of growth

Abrasion- The process of wearing down or rubbing away by means of friction.

Bibulous- addicted to alcohol

extort - obtain through intimidation

ladle - a spoon-shaped vessel with a long handle

synergy- the potential ability for individuals or groups to be more successful working together than on their own

manumit- to free from slavery

afflatus - a strong creative impulse; divine inspiration


squall- A loud, harsh cry.


miff - a state of irritation or annoyance

chuckle- To laugh quietly or to oneself

sunder- A division or separation.

Oblivion-The condition or quality of being completely forgotten

shirk-avoid (responsibility, work, etc.); malinger

dismantle-to take apart piece by piece


seep-pass slowly through small openings; ooze; trickle; N. seepage

luscious-pleasing to taste or smell; delicious

crass-stupid and insensitive;crude(rough and simple)


genesis-beginning, origin

Spleen- spitefulness or bad temper

Solemn-Deeply earnest, serious, and sober.

Glower- To stare angrily

clamor - a loud harsh or strident noise

Ogle-To stare

Commend-To represent as worthy, qualified, or desirable; recommend.


Opulence-Wealth; affluence;profusion.

Solitude-the state of being alone

Gushing-behaving in an overenthusiastic manner

Brevity- a short duration; brief time

Judicious-Having or exhibiting sound judgment; prudent

Efface- To make indistinct as if by rubbing; rubbing

Relinquished- To retire from; give up or abandon.

affirmation - a statement asserting the existence or the truth of something

Prejudice- bias

Edifice- large building

Nuance- A subtle or slight degree of difference, as in meaning, feeling, or tone; a gradation.

Countenance -Support or approval, Appearance, especially the expression of the face.

Obfuscate-to make confusing

Perspicacious-keen discernment

Mottle-To mark with spots or blotches of different shades or colors

Buttress-A structure, usually brick or stone, built against a wall for support or reinforcement

Garbled-jumbled and confused , mixed up

Conundrum-a puzzling question or problem

Resilience -The ability to recover quickly from illness, change, or misfortune; buoyancy;elasticity

Mulish-Stubborn and intractable; recalcitrant.

Gaunt -Thin and bony; angular

Dust jacket-a removable paper cover used to protect a book

Pertain-To have reference; relate, To be fitting or suitable

Evoke -To summon or call forth

Taut -Pulled or drawn tight; Kept in trim shape; neat and tidy.

Effervesce- To escape from a liquid as bubbles; bubble up

Malaise - vague feeling of unease, illness, or depression; a complex of problems affecting a country, economy

Ruminative- to reflect on over and over again

Inept- awkward, clumsy, or incompetent

Commotion- noisy disturbance

Repudiate-to disown

Consolidate - To unite into one system or whole; combine

comprehend- get the meaning of something

Peremptory- Putting an end to all debate or action

Imbue- To inspire or influence thoroughly; pervade

Emulate- To strive to equal or excel, especially through imitation

Infuriate- To make furious; enrage

Deplore- To feel or express strong disapproval of; condemn

Ostracize-t o exclude from a group.

Exacerbate-to make worse

Thwart –to block

Stymie-to block

Vile-Loathsome; disgusting

Entrench- to fix or establish firmly

Intercede- To act as mediator in a dispute

Eavesdrop- To listen secretly to the private conversation of others.

Pliable- Easily bent or shaped;limber

Insipid- dull and boring ; lacking flavor


Minion- a slave-like follower or employee.

Petitioner- one praying humbly for something; "a suppliant for her favors

RATIOCINATION-the process of logical reasoning or rational thought

Vista- a wide range of possibilities or future events

Camouflage- Concealment by disguise or protective coloring.

Ingratiating- Pleasing; agreeable

Truce- a temporary agreement to stop fighting or quarrelling

calcify - to change into a hard, stony condition, petrify

unflappable- not easily upset

Pellucid- extremely clear in style and meaning

Venial- Easily excused or forgiven

Gist- the main point or meaning of something:

Levy- the imposition and collection of taxes, tariffs, or fines

Nebulous-Cloudy, misty, or hazy

Caveat-To qualify with a warning or clarification

Glib - Showing little thought, preparation, or concern

Profundity - Great depth

Transitory -fleeting

Capricious -unpredictable

Trite - commonplace and unoriginal

Flippancy-Talkative; voluble.; Marked by disrespectful levity or casualness

Gravity -seriousness or importance

Lassitude -physical or mental weariness

Lofty - of majestic or imposing height

Diatribe- harsh denunciation


Blatant- Unpleasantly loud and noisy; Totally or offensively conspicuous or obtrusive

Truncate-To shorten by or as if by cutting off

Leaden-Listless; sluggish.


Precariousness - Dangerously lacking in security or stability

Quiescence- Being quiet, still, or at rest; inactive

Flannel - a small piece of towelling cloth used to wash the face

Apulia-region in southeastern Italy on the Adriatic

Manna –Something of value that a person receives unexpectedly

Assiduous -Hardworking

Quash-To put down or suppress forcibly and completely

Vindicate -to clear (someone) of guilt or suspicion

Obdurate -intractable

Jargon-Nonsensical, incoherent, or meaningless talk.

Luculent-Easily understood; clear or lucid.

Malaise -a vague feeling of unease, illness, or depression

Illicit - same as illegal

Engrossed-To occupy exclusively; absorb

Vehement- Marked by or full of vigor or energy; strong

Lament- To regret deeply; deplore

Theocracy- government by a god or by priests

Manure- animal waste used as fertilizers

Wastrel- One who wastes, especially one who wastes money; a profligate

Sophism- A plausible but fallacious argument.

Conundrum- a puzzling question or problem

Quixotic- unrealistically optimistic or chivalrousscant- Barely sufficient

Profuse- abundant

Refute-to prove (a statement or theory) to be false or incorrect

Aloof- Distant physically or emotionally; reserved and remote

Ruminative -To reflect on over and over again.

Intangible -Incapable of being perceived by the senses

Teeter -To alternate, as between opposing attitudes or positions; vacillate.

Hoary-So old as to inspire veneration; ancient

Endow -To provide with property, income, or a source of income.lugubrious- mournful, excessively sad

Immaterial- of no relevance

Pilfer- Steal

Esteem- To regard with respect; prize

Solicitous- Anxious or concerned



Ligneous- of or like wood

Osseous- consisting of or like bone

Litigant- a person involved in a lawsuit


Ordeal- A difficult or painful experience

Incursion- a sudden or brief invasion

Sedulous- diligent or painstaking

Lampoon – satire

Jabber- to speak very quickly and excitedly; chatter

Gruffness-a throaty harshness

Hearsay -gossip or rumour

Recidivism - habitual relapse into crime

Quagmire- Land with a soft muddy surface; A difficult or precarious situation

Proselytize- To induce someone to convert to one's own religious faith

Priggish- A person who demonstrates an exaggerated conformity or propriety

Peregrination - To journey or travel from place to place, especially on foot.

Facet- A small, smooth, flat surface, as on a bone or tooth.

Cortege- a funeral procession

Saunter- to walk in a leisurely manner; stroll

Canyon - a deep narrow steep-sided valley

Gully - deep ditch cut by running water



1. Tree: Bark (To misdirect one's energies or attention.)

Hiatus-a gap or separation

Retrench-To curtail expenses; economize.

repugnance - intense aversion

doltish - heavy and dull and stupid

schism- A separation or division into factions.

altruism -unselfish concern for the welfare of others

factitious -artificial rather than natural

pandemonium -wild confusion; uproar

sessile- Permanently attached or fixed and not free-moving

destitute - poor enough to need help from others

camaraderie - the quality of affording easy familiarity and sociability

gelid- very cold

revile- To use abusive language

nefarious- Literary evil; wicked

Exasperate- to cause great irritation t

Shrewd-intelligent and making good judgments

Relish-An appetite for something; a strong appreciation or liking


Mediocre-Moderate to inferior in quality; ordinary

Hoard-A hidden fund or supply stored for future use; a cache.

Ineluctable- Not to be avoided or escaped; inevitable

Loutish-Having the characteristics of a lout; awkward, stupid, and boorish.

Ensconce- to settle firmly or comfortably

Inebriation- An intoxicated person.

Trumpery- something useless or worthless

Decry- To condemn openly.

Larder- A storage or supply of food.

Indelible- impossible to erase or remove

Perdition- hell

solicitude - a feeling of excessive concern

obloquy- abusive statements or blame

palatial- like a palace; magnificent

moiety- half

untenable- impossible to defend in an argument

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