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540 (Q42, V 22), 2nd time. I won't give up. Pls advice!!


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Hey all,


I took GMAT the first time a year ago and got 500. That time, I didn't prepare well, so I deserved the result.


I started prepare GMAT again since Oct 2008. I reviewed every questions in OG11, Verbal review. I also read Kaplan 800. I've done quite a lot of practice set. GMAT set 1 - set 25.


For CAT practice, I did powerprep and GMATprep. Each test in GMATprep, I tried two times to get new questions. The result is as followed:

- GMATPrep1: 680 (Q47,V37) (1st attempt) - 730 (Q49, V41) (2nd attempt)

- GMATPrep2: 650 (Q49,V30) (1st attempt) - 750 (Q50, V41) (2nd attempt)


I took it the 2nd time on Dec 27 but last time was not my good day. I couldn't finish the AWA, got 2 minutes deducted from my break for quantitative. I decided to cancel the score.


back home, I reviewed and did more practice test to get consistent result. I felt a lot improved and confident for the real test. Today I wrote the test and got 540. I felt so disappointed about myself. I definitely have to rewrite it again. But after 3 times, I feel a little bit scare of this test and really stressed out.


Pls advise what else I can do to get a good result next time. My deadline is coming close in 3 weeks. Everything for my MBA is ready except GMAT. I'm so stressed now.

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Basically the G/Prep is the best predictor. If that was really your first time, it was supposed to show your GMAT performance. I guess it was your bad day actually. Perhaps you got too nervous, and partly because of the deadline approaching.


Thus, I would say give it another shot. If it still shows you no love, wait for next year. In that case, you will have a plenty of time to strengthen your essays, resulting in a much stronger candidacy.


Good luck!

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It looks like you need to focus a little more on the verbal. I've personally seen that the McGrwhill 2009 book has good pointers on what to look out in verbal. I picked it up from my city library, maybe you can do the same. Read the verbal section, understand every bit of what the book is trying to teach you. And lastly do every single question in the book. All the best.
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