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My journey from 610 to 710


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From my 1st score of 610 way back in 2005 to 710 yesterday, it has been a long journey over treacherous road.


Oct 2005 - 610 (V26, Q48)

Nov 2005 - 650 (V33, Q47)

Dec 2005 - 660 (V31, Q49)

Dec 2006 - 670 (V35, Q47)

Nov 2008 - 670 (V35, Q47)

Apr 2009 - 710 (V38, Q49)


After this long ordeal there is one only message...gmat can be beaten.


Here are some lessons that I learned from my initial tests and strategies that I used in the final one


1) Many people say that top 10 questions in GMAT are most important. There are others who argue against that statement, but I decided to go for it. In fact I raised the bar a little higher for myself and I decided to concentrate the most on the first 15-20 questions. I tried this strategy with GmatPrep and did well. However in during the actual GMAT, I was running out of time for the last few questions. So use this technique wisely. In fact, I blindly answered a whole RC passage in actual GMAT as I was running out of time. But looks like that passage was either not scored or since I had done really well in the initial questions, my final score was not affected adversely.


2) Try not to guess the answers on consecutive questions. If you have guessed the answer on the previous question and are not sure whether you got it right, then spend some extra time on the current one and try to work it out.


3) If you are able to follow step 1 and 2, then I would suggest you concentrate on the bottom 10 questions too. This will determine how much closer you can get to 800. I could not follow this step during my actual GMAT, but it definitely would be a good strategy .


My best wishes to all those planning to take GMAT.

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Congrats !! ; Your hardwork payed off...Can you tell about the difficulty level in verbal compared to Gprep..

how were the RC's


Had 2 tough RC passages....one on stock markets (tough for me) and one on political history of women (i was running out of time for this one)....apart from this, i got one very easy passage and a moderate one....

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First of all, CONGRATULATIONS, wow man you have some patience and perseverance! Hats off to you, i have never seen a persone as crazy as you.


You are an inspiration to people , not to give up easily, but at the same time i would like to advise just prepare to your best giving yourself time, and not just run one after another, but surely do not give up.


great going man.!

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