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Disappointing 620 (Q48V27) - I need advice


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Dear friends,


Today I wrote my GMAT and the result is more than disappointing to me. I scored 620 - Q49(82 percentile) V27(42 percentile). My last practice scores on GMATPREP were continuously over 700, 760 being the highest. I tend to make 2 practice test a week, one on Tuesday at 13:00 and one on Saturdays at 13:00. I followed this practice, because I scheduled my exam to Tuesday 13:00. In fact last week this time I made 740 - Q50V40 on GMATPREP. I also made Manhattan GMAT practice test, where my last 3 scores are 670, 680 and 690.


After the exam I felt confident that I would score at least 700 that is why I submitted the report. I was shocked when I saw 620 on the screen, but you have to accept the realities. Unfortunately GMAT doesn't gave a detailed report so you can see where and what kind of mistakes you have made. My weakest area is my Reading, but in the exam I was focused and felt confident in each answer I made. I event felt the passages were quite easy to understand. But that could be because of wrong choice I made prior them.


At this point I seek expert advice. Please share your experience and comments with me. With this score I am far away from my dream schools. Also I am seeing some repeat questions in GMATPREP, but is it truly effecting my test score to be high.

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I am actually surprised that 620 is 70 percentile, but that is just not enough. I used Manhattan series and OG12 books. In addition I used Kaplan Verbal and OG 11th edition Sentence Correction. I solved some 1000 series questions, but I haven't found them relevant to the actual exam. I used bellcurves.com for a month, but they have too many repeating questions.


DS questions on the actual exam appeared to be harder, but I wasn't expecting 48 at all. Math is my strength and in my last practice tests I got no less than 50 with frequently getting 51. The only place I got Q48 was the Manhattan GMAT practice test, which all say that are harder than the real exam. Even so, my last Manhattan GMAT scores average 680, where my maximum is 690 a week before the exam.


I need advice guys, during the last month I tried to solve 15PS 15DS 15CR 15SC and 2 RC per day. The only strategy that I think would help at the moment is analyzing questions in more depth. Give me your comments please.

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My score is not much higher. This perhaps the worst thing for me this year!


My gmatprep scores are almost the same, which seemed to be the indication in advance.


Now my choice is that I have to re-prepare for the coming test although I have not schedule it.


I believe I can shoot up to 750!

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I studied for the exam and believe to have the knowledge. I went through all practice materials that I had, so I purchased Princeton 1012 practice questions. They started out easy but still practice source. This time I am paying close attention to each question when I review them. It looks like you need to improve Quant, but I have to improve Verbal. My score 48 in quant is still low for me. Before any preparation I spored 47. My target is Q50V40. I will use ear plugs again during both sections and try to not think how much I will get.


My AWA score came out as 4.5. I believe it is due to analysis of an issue. I figured that I am not giving enough examples to strengthen my opinion. September 21st is the big day, lets see what happens.

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Hello GMAT takers,


I decided to return to this forum and share my MBA application experience. I have taken GMAT again but got 600 :(


I targeted Canadian universities and received my first admit from Schulich. I am yet to be interviewed by Queen's and Broad MSU(the only US school I applied). I am still waiting to hear back from Rotman. So here is a little advice for your application:


1- Network, Network, Network. Spoke to alumnus and show your efforts to the admissions committee. Use it to show your interest about the school.


2- Attend information sessions and/or events. Build your relationship with the university starting from the early stage of your application.


3- Use your essay and overall application to demonstrate fit the school. Make sure you will add value, explaining it with specific examples. Make sure school fits your career goal. Describe specifically how it will help you to get there.


4- Finally, you should remain positive at all times. Until the decision is made, you never know what the outcome will be. Use this time to follow periodically with the university. Show your interest and passion.


You should remember GMAT is only one piece of your application. It very important t have a high score if you desperately need scholarship. If not, with a little below average GMAT, you still have chance. You need to focus on demonstrating fit and explain how this school will help you to achieve your career goals. Well rounded application is key to achieve our true goal, MBA degree.


Good Luck! :grad:

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